young true

Summary: An example of how one moment connects us to the next in our minds, especially when its about someone we love.

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 718

Warnings: All Fluff…SPN Fluff Appreciation Day 2017

A/N:  I tried something a little different and wrote this from the POV of Dean. I was listening to the Bruno Mars song, ‘Just The Way You Are’ when I wrote it. Feel free to let me know what you think! **all pictures taken from Google**

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16-year-old Emma Walker and 18-year-old William Riley Gaul from Tennessee had been dating for several months when she decided to call the relationship off. Unable to accept Emma’s decision, William stalked her incessantly for two months before his stalking reached calamitous heights. On the 20th of November, 2016, William took his grandfather’s gun and drove to Emma’s home. Once here, he stood outside her bedroom and watched her sleep. He then produced the stolen gun and shot Emma through her bedroom window.

The following morning, Emma’s parents were horrified to discover her deceased in her bed, saturated by her own blood. Several hours later, William professed his love for Emma on his social media accounts, completely unaware that police had already suspected him in her murder. 

He was released on $1 million bail on 31 January, 2017, and shall remain free until his trial.

don’t get me wrong i love the idea of writing love letters or serenading a person on a balcony, but modern love is just as pure and sweet.

my best friend knew this guy and when she asked about snapchat streaks he replied “i don’t have any but you can be my first.”

my cousin’s girlfriend sent her a snap one morning of her balcony and the sun, with a sticker of my cousins face on it with the caption “u light up my life.” now it’s her background.

last year a new friend came to mine and i asked if she wanted the wifi password. she said “no, i wanna spend time with you.”

my sisters best friend moved states a few months ago and they facetime each other at the same time, every second day.

when my father travels for work, no matter how busy he is, he’ll skype my mother every night.


14-year-old John Hron had no time for bullies or racists. The teenager from Sweden went to school with several people that would fall into those categories. He was a keen canoeist and enjoyed playing the guitar.

On the afternoon of the 17th of August, 1995, John and his friend, Christian, were camping by Ingetorpssjon lake near Kode, Sweden. Shortly after they set up camp, four neo-nazis approached their tent. Ranging from 15-years-old to 18-years-old, John recognised one of the reprobates. It was Mikael Fjalljholm, a ruthless bully in his school. John and Mikael had bashed heads beforehand. John was horrified by his racist and cruel behaviour and was known to stand up to him when pushed. But now, Mikael had three friends with him, Daniel Hanson, John Billing and BM, as he was only referred to in the media.

They approached the tent and started to senselessly beat John. They told him to say that he “loves nazism” to which he staunchly refused and received another beating. They kicked and punched him in the head and smashed beer bottles over his head. The sadistic group would beat him for hours and every now and then, would pretend to be apologetic and offer him a drink before starting the attack again. It was a cat and mouse type attack. They burnt him in the fire and burnt his neck with a piece of burning wood.

At some point during the attack, John managed to break free and jump into the lake. However, the group started hollering that they would murder Christian if he did not return. Barely clinging to life, he swam back and the torture continued. When John fell unconscious, they threw him into the lake where he drowned. Christian hitched a ride back home and called police and named John’s killers. When his body was retrieved, it was said that his injuries matched those to somebody who had been hit by a train.

If the grim murder of John wasn’t shocking enough, his killers all received lenient sentences. Daniel was released after just six years while Mikael was sentenced to five years in institutional youth care. The other two received just a few months in prison. John posthumously received the inaugural Stig Dagerman Prize for free speech and world peace.

16-year-old Esmie Tseng was an honour student from Overland Park, Kansas. She kept a blog which mostly mirrored any other average teenager. She was sarcastic and she loved music. However, in these postings, she gave a darker insight into her home life. She revealed that her Chinese immigrant parents, Shu Yi Zhang and Tao Tseng, held her to impossibly high standards.

An avid and impressive piano player, they threatened to sell her piano if she didn’t win a competition. They grounded her for scoring only 96% in a test. They threatened to move state because she got a few B’s in a report card that was otherwise filled with A’s. They forced her to stand naked in the corner when she disappointed them. In fact, they often blamed Esmie for their own problems. On one occasion, Esmie’s mother was fired and blamed Esmie, saying it was her fault she couldn’t retire. Her mother even left notes on her computer in which she would say she was ashamed of Esmie and that she was lazy and a disappointment. If somebody ever complimented Esmie on the plethora of maths medals she has accumulated, Shi and Tao would correct them and say that it was nothing to be proud of and that she wasn’t intelligent.

On the 19th of August, 2005, Esmie finally snapped. In their home in a quiet Blue Valley neighbourhood, Esmie stabbed her mother to death. It was a brutal murder, with the incident spanning through several of the rooms in the home. She pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to eight years in prison. In 2012, Esmie was paroled and went on to work with the Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.


What you guys don’t know: about five years ago, this young girl (who is now a young woman) moved by herself from Seattle, Washington…She moved from Seattle, by HERSELF, to Philadelphia, to pursue dance, to do choreography. She came here to go to school, all by herself! No family, no siblings, no one, nothing. Her dance instructor–and she’s danced her whole life–her dance instructor told her, flat-out, “Kim, you don’t have what it takes, and you are a failure.”