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stevetrevvors  asked:

stupid questions about your not stupid writing!! (hi im that person who commented a bunch on soltea but keeps changing her url!!!!) what genre of fiction would you call trev? how many books do you think there will be?? are any of your characters lgbt?? FUN FACTS? fun hair colors? (IM SORRY THESE ARE DUMB BUT I SEE YOU TALK ABOUT TREV ALL THE TIME AND IM SUPER HYPE)

hi babe!!!!!!!! i love ur new url tbh wonder woman was the SHIT

trev is young adult!! that kind of spans genre, i’d call it a soup of dystopian alternate history fiction weirdness personally

there’s five books in total, and yeah i have lgbt+ characters!! 

-scorpeo’s the tallest at 6′4′‘
-he also plays the piano
-jake’s the oldest of my main characters at 17
-laken’s the youngest at 14
-scorpeo’s the only one who was born in boston (where the story starts)
-toni, laken, and scorpeo are all good at dancing
-rogan picks things up really quick
-bane would die if u didn’t use ur oxford commas
-toni loves sunflowers
-rogan cares. so much. rogan cares about u
-bane’s favorite subject is history, closely followed by math

bane’s hair is light/medium brown, toni’s is dark brown, rogan’s is auburn/dark red, scorpeo’s is black, laken’s is super light blonde