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Due to popular demand, making actual refference sheets for these two ♥ This almost feels like a real AU now XD I was never friends with refs, so these are kinda’chaotic? Anyway, I tried to explain and show (and joke a bit). The kind of..disclaimer (?) up there is only to clarify some things. So people wouldn’t go on teasing Boru or Junky about Frisk, when they aren’t really a thing in the original! (yet….it might happen eventually, there was a Chisk lurking near G! in Junkpile’s version, ended up little Frisk…but they keep evolving G! in their way, making many cool headcanons there…. (like him apparently playing piano!). So these are made for the Echotale AU, if anyone is interested . Maybe I’ll make a headcanon post one day too ;) I am very happy this AU is embraced and loved, thank you so much for your support! Have fun with it! 

Message to my girls.

Girl’s don’t need to wear dresses, skirts,cute tops, leggings, a blouse, heels, earrings, makeup, necklaces, bracelets, stockings, hair all out, wearing these nice sun hats. Girls can wear ties, bow ties, dress pants, suit, beanies, hoodies, snapbacks, t-shirts, sweatpants, cargo pants/shorts, plaid shirts. Girls can be anything they want to be or dress what they want to dress. Love who they want to love. Want to be girly go ahead, Want to be a tomboy go for it. Be who you want to be. Pass this on to my girls who want to feel the comfort and the okay that it’s fine to dress differently . 

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How is Lars trans?

I wanna open this up by giving full disclosure that this is all fan speculation and while I will be citing various sources from SU canon, nobody associated with the show has outright stated that Lars is transgender. I (and others) just personally believe that, with the information we currently have, it is HIGHLY PROBABLE that Lars is trans (ftm… or at least AFAB). Still, just a headcanon!… but a fairly well supported one, imo.

Also note that I’m gonna be drawing from my own experiences as a trans person and the opinions of other trans folks I’ve heard chime in on this when commenting on the info we have to go by, and I’d love to hear other trans peeps’ opinions on these interpretations!

Anyhoo, now that that’s outta the way, here’s my personal reasons for believing he’s trans! (WARNING: spoilers for “The New Lars” under the cut!)

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