young tim allen

  • Jaime: Have you seen Bart?
  • Tim: -without looks up from his laptop holds up a cheeto which vanishes in a second-
  • Jaime: Uh....
  • Tim: He got into my Monster stash, has yet to slow down.
  • Jaime: Shouldn't we call, like, The Flash for help or something?
  • Tim: Nah, this is the most work he's gotten done in ages. He already has all his homework for the school year done and is now tackling the RNA folding problem.
  • Jaime: The what?
  • Tim: -points at white board across the room- I don't know, man. You try to keep up with his thought process.

Superhero Aesthetics // Teen Titans Pt.1

And that’s what we are– not just a team, but a family. One day we might be the Justice League– But for today, we’re Teen Titans.