young thalia

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my crush on nico transferred to bianca when i realized i was gay lmao

thats literally my exact emotion at this very moment gay culture is looking back on ur gay moments in ur youth before u realized u were gay

Thalia realizing Jason barely remembers her 💔

an annoyed older nico looking at his sister being all lovey dovey with thalia in the distance (to be drawn later stay tuned xoxo)

~bianca survives au~

Super Villain au

And to complete the Lost Hero trio, I give you, Jason:

Jason Grace:
- Age: 24
- Publicly known as: Tempest
- Power: Ability to fly, control over weather (winds and storms) and is able to manipulate electricity.
- Area most targeted: California (San Francisco) - Crimes: Inconclusive evidence for anything other than extreme terrorism.
- When convicted: 2015
- Sentence: Currently serving a life sentence in Belle Reve Prison.
- Relationships: Deceased Mother (actress Beryl Grace), distant Father (estranged businessman Jupiter Olympus), sister ran away when Grace was young (Thalia Grace, lieutenant of the Hunt*), known to be in a relationship with Siren.
- Description: White, light, blond hair, above average height, bright (electric) blue eyes. Usually seen sporting expensive clothing (suits).
- Extra notes: Grace’s unusual upbringing may have caused some of his obvious mental issues.
Grace inherited his Father’s business empire and consequently gained a high social status.
He has most of California wrapped around his finger- most are to afraid to do otherwise.
Grace’s relationship with Siren is one to be feared, keep separate at all costs.
Ensure Grace is kept in a non conductive environment.

*I’m thinking of making the Hunters a superhero team like the Avengers, what do you think? I already know that Team Statue™ are going to be the good guys (see Piper’s profile).

I love Jason so much, why am I doing this to him? I think I sort of based him on the Joker but I don’t think that Jason/Piper is like Joker/Harley, that will come up soon (whispers: percabeth). I don’t know anymore but I’m blaming the inner fan girl. I can’t wait to finish these profile things so I actually have something to write about!

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Hey! I am absolutely in love the ichor group au! It is amazing. But would Will be in it? And Michael Yew and Lee Fletcher? (Especially Will tho) and would be be close with Nico (solangelo forever otp #1)? What about the others? How would he fit in?

Also. Would Artemis’s lieutenant be one of the girls at her school who has shown herself to be exceptional and represent what Artemis stands for, and she becomes her heir because she has no kids? So she chooses Thalia? Then Jason becomes Zeus’s heir?

ok I’m gonna try to address all the questions as best I can lol 

As far as Apollo’s kids, Lee and Will are present at Odyssey Hall. Will and Nico know each other but don’t really hang in the same circles so they’re not close or anything. (sorry to disappoint, I’m not a big solangelo shipper and I think there’s an age gap there). Lee and Will are half siblings and are fairly close, but don’t spend a ton of time together outside of school or functions they both have to attend for/with their dad. 

As far as Artemis, her lieutenant’s role is really to effectively run her companies while she teaches at Huntress Academy. She picks highly skilled women who are impossibly capable of handling all kinds of things, and she trusts them to run her empire so she can pursue her passion project i.e. continuing to train and educate promising young women. Thalia has always rejecter her father’s wealth, until it came to needing him to pay the tuition at Huntress Academy because she finally found a place where she felt she belonged. Even so, Jason was always Zeus’s primary heir because he’s a patriarchal prick who thinks his first born son is the one who should carry on his legacy. 


Percy Jackson Dream Cast

I re-watched the movie and I literally could not physically or mentally will myself to fall asleep because of how much it bothered me. So here I am at 5 am putting this together because it just puts my mind at ease. 

All actors are roughly the same ages as described in The Lightning Thief [because in my mind, the only way to do this series justice is by starting with young actors and aging them up through the films/show, instead of hiring a 30 year old to play a 12 year old

Percy Jackson- Jared S. Gilmore (15)

Annabeth Chase- Raffey Cassidy (13)

Grover Underwood- Terrell Ransom Jr. (13)

Thalia Grace- Katelyn Mager (15)

 [Ok so Katelyn was cast as young Thalia in the Sea of Monsters film but she got like three seconds of screen time and then they made her older, which was stupid, and Katelyn Mager should just play Thalia. As is. Un-aged.]

Luke Castellan- Robbie Kay (20)

Clarisse La Rue- Chloë Grace Moretz (19)

Again, this is my personal dream cast. I do not own these characters or these gifs/photos.