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Deanee on “Regular Girls” part III

Here we are: the weekly appointment with “Regular Girls”!

Compared to last time, Renee has mentioned Jon (Dean Ambrose) several times and it was really nice.
Above all, Renee was pretty chilled: she had a nasal voice and sometimes I had a bit of difficulty to understand everything right away…

So she has stressed that she is the kind of girl who buys everything.
(Renee, I understand you perfectly)
Jon, for this reason, impresses himself by the amount of things that Renee buys. It is obvious: Jon has five things who he always uses, like any man and they can never understand our dilemma 😂

Moreover, when they have to go to watch a movie, Jon complains. Why?
Renee takes a long time to choose the clothes and makeup.

Jonathan, it’s not our fault if we want to be perfect.


In addition, Renee said to consider herself lucky: Jon likes when she wears jeans similar to his or high waist pants.


(Remember when he congratulated her for the high-waisted pants)

Renee said that, last year, she and Dean went to Miami. She had bought a swimsuit to wear it there, but she didn’t like it. Eventually, she and Jon did a fairly relaxing holiday 💕 Eventually, Renee said Jon has in his cellphone (yes, even Dean Ambrose the asocial has a cell) the ugliest picture of her 😂 Since he does is pull out that photo, Renee was thinking of putting it on a plate or other 😂 I really love their relationship 😍

And it’s all I listened, I hope you like the summary!

anonymous asked:

your post about the girl that left hob got me thinkin and not to be Dramatique™ but like I've always kind of had this theory that maybe she's one of the reasons hob always mentions someone who "only loves me" as his ideal type and how in his singles interview he said love should make you someone who "only knows that one person" like he said he really did like her and she left him for some other dude and like that must have hurt wow I wanna kiss his face and tell him how much I love him and :/

akjdksf please to be all Dramatique™ i really am tearing up and a second from crying gooshshsh just the thought of hob getting hurt makes me wanna puke i don’t even want that word to be in a sentence w his name sjkhfdskj but yeah :( probably? but honestly if u ask me, hob would be the type of guy that would be so infatuated w his s/o even if that breakup didn’t happen w the girl :( like that sweetheart has so much love in him the oceans couldn’t contain it even if they try :( like i remember that one interview when he was asked what would u do if u’re not in bangtan and his answer was “in a relationship. bcs im a passionate guy” pleasenjdh hes the most precious thing? and he said he loves melodrama and his favourite movies are pained and if only and he cries when watching them and that honestly speaks volume of how soft and gentle and loving he is tbh :( he’s so affectionate too like? he really kisses his members like it is the most normal thing to do imagine if he is in love jkashd and!! even his sleeping habits is him touching himself hes so touchy im gonna d*e aksjdhsjf but yeah he’s sensitive and very loving so that breakup must have hurt like a b*tch i hope that girl ch*ke and the thought of her hurting hob haunts her for the rest of her life and afterlife too

ok but philip shea literally comforted and supported lukas through his PTSD without breaking down himself because “i kept my cool for my mom, i can do it for you too”, he forgave lukas for all of the asshole things he did because he knows lukas was terrified and didn’t mean any of it, he kept everything a secret just for lukas even though he didn’t want to, and then when lukas was finally comfortable with himself and his relationship with philip, philip took cute polaroid pictures of him and made them a playlist to listen to while they cuddled in a barn. get you a philip shea he’ll treat you right.

don’t talk to me about even meeting isak in that locker room after taking the courage to break up with his four year girlfriend for this boy and then having to hear from that same boy that he decided his life would be better off without mentally ill people around him,,, dont fucking talk to me about even realizing what that meant. about him having to make a decision right there, for both his and isak’s sake. don’t talk to me about even looking isak in the eyes and saying “i think they would love you” while knowing that might be the last time they ever spoke to each other

Dean calling Renee pretty

Dean saying Renee looks good in high waisted pants

Dean complimenting Renee’s red lips

Dean saying he ain’t Renee’s daddy and she can do what she wants while giving her heart eyes

Dean telling Renee she doesn’t need to apologize and that bryan loved it

Dean defending Renee when JBL asked her if her dating Dean was a conflict

Dean not slapping JBL so he wouldn’t ruin Renee’s show and make her angry with him