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In Young Justice: Outsiders, the teenage superheroes of the DC Universe come of age in an animated world of superpowers, super villains and super secrets. In the new season, the team faces its greatest challenge as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy.

Praised by critics and DC fans for its impressive visuals and rich storytelling, Young Justice aired for two seasons on Cartoon Network, from 2010-2013, before it was cancelled, triggering a crowdfunding effort to bring it back. The series won a primetime Emmy for Individual Achievement in Animation for Bousassa for the “Independence Day” episode in 2011.

Following months of speculation, Warner Bros Animation last November announced it has begun  production on a third season of all-new episodes. At the time there was no network, with the series testing the marketplace, and was rumored as a possibility for Netflix, which carries the existing two seasons of Young Justice. But Warner Bros decided to run Young Justice: Outsiders on the new DC platform.

Coming in 2018.

In the midst of mine own catastrophe,
You were never mine:
To have.
To hold.
To love.
The crestfallen ash of years fizzled and faded;
Falling to the ground around me.
And somewhere deep within the recesses of my mind,
You stand:
Too alone.
Too afraid.
Too silent.
And I asked God, why is it raining?
—  Norman G. Walter

Darren Criss at Young Storytellers Foundation’s 3rd Annual Glee Big Show.  The world owes Mama and Papa Criss a big thank you.  :-)

ETA - Mama & Papa Criss were in the audience. In addition to their excellent gene pool, they also get the blue ribbon for most supportive parents.


In honor of #WorldPenguinDay, that time Darren played Tuxedo the talking penguin in Young Storytellers Glee Big Show

Writing prompt #2

I have a writing prompt book, and from now on I’m going to be posting what I’ve written for one prompt each day, as a way of practising and sharing my writing (and ensuring I actually stick to this). So today’s is:

Imagine a character at two very different ages, and describe his or her day at each age. 

Jim Moriarty. 

5 years old. 

Jim’s face is unhealthily pale, like a sheet, his mother used to say. The rest of him is weedy and thin, a ragged mix of bones that stick out and ribs that sometimes show through his t-shirt. He has deep brown eyes that make people uncomfortable. This he knows because adults always fidget with their fingers and look away. Other children stare warily before turning their back.

But what he doesn’t understand, is why. 

In fact, there’s not much he understands about the world that surrounds him. He doesn’t know why his mother is gone, and now that she is he misses her - with her mousy brown hair and faded smile - desperately. The memories he has are already starting to dissolve faster than he can stop them, cracking and deteriorating in his mind. Why wouldn’t she wake up that morning, with the glass bottle and collection of small white pills curled in her hand? And why was that hand stone cold?

He’ll never forget what that felt like.

But what’s most confusing is why she would leave him alone with father. 

Because father is horrible. 

Six feet tall, with greasy coal black hair and hunched shoulders, he’s a brute of a man. His eyes are a constant bloodshot red. Clouds of cigar smoke forever seem to shroud his face, cling to his beard. He shouts, never shaves, and almost always smells of whisky.

Jim’s not old enough to fully understand hatred yet, but he will. He’ll feel it tingling within every fibre of his being. Every minute of every day. It will burn within him like an unstoppable force, an untamable fire. Stronger than anything

As the weeks slip by he starts to spend long days and sleepless nights staring out of the window in his bedroom, his big brown eyes dark and murky, longing to hug the woman he never really knew; to sink into her arms and cry as she cradles his head, just like she used to.

But he can’t hug her ever again, and as he grows older, he realises it was his own father who made sure of that. 

And he’ll pay for it. 


28 years old. 

Jim Moriarty lets the chewing gum travel slowly to each corner of his mouth, pushing and easing it around with his tongue. He tilts his head back. Tonight is a good one. He’s lounging on the top of his very own apartment building, staring out across the purple tainted skyline, watching as the cool evening air settles over the city. Sorry, his city.  

London hums quietly beneath him. The faint sound of buses trundling across bridges and people travelling back to their homes, disappearing through their various front doors and turning the key. 

But there isn’t one of them he couldn’t unlock. Not a single person he doesn’t, or couldn’t, control. 

He takes another slow drag of his cigarette and exhales slowly, thinking, watching as the smoke swirls high into the sky above.

He hates reminiscing about his childhood. It’s always a painful and predictable experience, but sometimes he forces himself to do it.

He can’t forget. 

Because it’s good to remind himself exactly why he’s like this. Mad. Insane. Unstoppable. Smart. Intelligent like no one else is.

It’s better this way. He’s free from all the tiresome emotional baggage, from everything that could possibly make him vulnerable. He just has himself, the power of the world on his shoulders, and the occasional flashback. 

I’m sorry she’s gone, Jim. I didn’t mean to hurt her. It was an accident, she killed herself. I won’t beat you again, I promise - please don’t - 

They’re not traumatic though. Sometimes he just gets visions from the day that blood first stained his fingers. The sticky lukewarm liquid that wasn’t too dissimilar to his own, biologically of course. 

He smiles. 

Life ain’t too bad after all. 

Finished. Did you like it? Did you get it? Was it clear enough? I know it’s all a bit of a mess sorry, that’s because I didn’t have very much space in the book and I tried not to change it too much for here, but again I enjoyed writing this a lot more than I expected. Any feedback at all would be welcome, even if it’s just giving this post a note. Thank you!

On the outside, I am quiet and non-sociable.
On the inside, at the end of the day, I go bed
knowing I harbor some of the most nefariously
wicked skeletons. And this evening, I am terribly tired.
—  Norman G. Walter

Day Five: Inspirational Character of Choice–Eun Sang, The Heirs.

HEAR ME OUT! When I first saw today’s prompt, I thought, oh that’s easy, Eun Sang. She’s pretty darn inspirational–she got herself out of an abusive/manipulative relationship, she made healthy choices, on occasion she became successfully involved in film production…

And then I remembered. No, that was someone’s fanfic. That was not what she got to do in the drama. How silly of me.

But then I realized that just because the story line she was given was not so great…she has still inspired so many of us to write about her. Many of us were *so displeased* with the drama that it inspired world upon world of stories making it better/different/more interesting/more reflective of our own individuality. I was even inspired to publish (multiple) stories on it for the first time.

Eun Sang has inspired so many of us to stand up for her, recognize when someone isn’t given their due, and make her into the inspirational (in a healthy, positive way) character that she could have been. I firmly believe her character in the show was good (she often stands up for herself, she has a spark that unfortunately kim tan tends to put out, she is a good daughter, a good and thoughtful friend)–or else why would we have been so frustrated with what they did to her? Why would the ending have felt so disjointed from what we knew of her character? If we weren’t inspired in some sense by her character, we wouldn’t have cared about the ending enough to write our own versions and explore her further.

So clearly I’ve deviated from the purpose of today’s goal in celebrating inspirational ladies of the kdrama world. BUT…I will offer up the Eun Sangs that all of you have written. They’re nuanced, they’re courageous, they’re scared, they take control, they verbally spar with others…in short, they reflect the inspiration that the original Eun Sang sparked and the perseverance of you authors to write about it. Sometimes she learns to love and grow with Young Do. Sometimes she gets with sunbae in a dark room somewhere. Sometimes she says yes to Young Do when he asks her leave with him on the beach. Sometimes her wonderful relationship with Bo Na is explored, and the concept that guys and girls can just be friends is acknowledged with Chan Young. Occasionally she and Rachel are on good terms.

Regardless, she has unwittingly inspired a reaction from many people across the board. She has inspired us to think about what we would do in her situation and how we would change any fate that someone else would try to impose on us.

The World of Ice and Fire - Ser Duncan the Tall of the Kingsguard facing Lord Lyonel Baratheon in single combat.

The love between Jenny of Oldstones (“ with flowers in her hair”) and Duncan, Prince of Dragonflies, is beloved of singers, storytellers, and young maids even to this day, but it caused great grief to Lord Lyonel’s daughter and brought shame and dishonor to House Baratheon. So great was the wroth of the Laughing Storm that he swore a bloody oath of vengeance, renounced allegiance to the Iron Throne, and had himself crowned as a new Storm King. Peace was restored only after the Kingsguard knight Ser Duncan the Tall faced Lord Lyonel in a trial by battle, Prince Duncan renounced his claim to crown and throne, and King Aegon V agreed that his youngest daughter, the Princess Rhaelle, would wed Lord Lyonel’s heir.

Artist: Chase Stone


Alright, its week two of this temporary replacement for out of the stack. Here are my favorite releases for the week of October 15th, 2014.

Lumberjanes #7: Simply one of the best young adult books out right now. Issue seven is not a good jumping on point. I recommend hunting down all of the issues if you can, if not wait for the trade. This comic boast an all female cast of loveable characters at a wacky summer camp. In the first seven issues they’ve run into ghosts, hipster sasquaches, and boys ! Funny, quirky, awesome.

Jim Henson’s Storyteller-Witches #2: Don’t let the number two scare you off. This is a complete done in one story, just like the excellent first issue. The art is presented in a widescreen format so you hold the book (or tablet) sideways. The art is stunning and the story is dark but not too scary for kids. If I could only buy one book this week, this would be it.

Mile Morales-Ultimate Spider-Man #6: This is the wrap up of the first storyline of this new volume of the Miles Morales incarnation of Ultimate Spider-Man. Peter Parker is seemingly back from the dead along with Norman Osborn. Norman claims they are immortal thanks to his formula, but are they clones, alternate versions ? We’ll see more as the story plays out. This story is a little frustrating for me since “dead means dead” in the ultimate universe. I’m loving the story for the pitch perfect emotional beats. I just hope Miles continues to be the driving force of this book now that Peter appears to be back. I have a theory that the book is called Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man so that they can also have a Peter Parker: Ultimate Spider-Man book too. What are your theories ?

Ms. Marvel #9: G Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona are crafting one of the best marvel comics I’ve ever read. Having said that , this is part two of thecurrent storyline. Go back to issue eight to jump on or better yet pick up the just released volume one trade paperback. With this story arc we are delving into Kamala’s kree origin with guest spots from the inhumans. I can’t praise this book enough.

Edge of the Spider-Verse #5: I’ll confess this is the first Gerard Way Comics I’ve ever read. If this is the quality of writing Mr Way brings every time then I need to check out true life of the fabulous killjoys and umbrella academy immediately. Each issue of the edge of the pider-verse is a one shot by a different creative team. This time out the story centers around a young girl, Peni Parker, that bonds with a mech and sentient spider. I love legacy characters and female leads, this book has both. The art has a cool manga style and is full of easter eggs of some famous anime series’. This book got me pumped for more spider-verse stories !

Thanks for taking the time to read this friends. Please feel free to leave comments or questions if you have them.