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Graves/Credence playlist on Spotify that I made. 

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tracklist: Off to the Races Lana Del Rey - Into You Ariana Grande - Hypnotic Zella Day - Coming Down Halsey - Gods & Monsters Lana Del Rey - Overtime Brika - No Good Ivy Levan - I’m Not Calling You A Liar Florence + The Machine - Dark Paradise Lana Del Rey - Killer The Ready Set - Like a Prayer Maya Solovey - Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1) AURORA - Soap Melanie Martinez - Drumming Song Florence + The Machine - Lovefool Postmodern Jukebox ft. Haley Reinhart - Hold Me Down Halsey - Unique In Its Madness of Verona - Magic Coldplay - Killing You Ivy Levan & Sting - Young God Halsey - Perfect Illusion Lady Gaga - Bedroom Hymns Florence + The Machine - I’m A Ruin Marina and the Diamonds - Daddy Issues The Neighbourhood - Out of My Head Digital Daggers - Never Forget You Conor Maynard - Various Storms & Saints Florence + The Machine - Monster Imagine Dragons - Ghost Halsey - Dark in My Imagination of Verona - Who Can You Trust Ivy Levan - Nothing’s Broken Digital Daggers - The Haunting (Acoustic) Set It Off - Which Witch Florence + The Machine - Immortal Marina and the Diamonds

anonymous asked:

I've seen you give health advice in addition to writing advice on here (no soft drinks or booze, etc) -- have you struggled with your weight during your life? Has it affected your writing and/or self esteem? If yes, how?

never struggled with it until i hit 40

 it bums me out.  the guy in the mirror isn’t the guy who looks like a young sting in my head :)

i was and am an avid bike rider, sometimes riding for hours a day, so i was always good to go all through my 20’s and most of my 30’s but my metabolism ground to a fucking halt at forty. it happens to a lot of people but it BUMMED ME OUT.

it sucks that you can’t eat the stuff you did as a younger person but you just can’t.

but as my doctor said it’s better to be chubby and active then skinny and immobile.  a lot of us sit at our laptop all day.  i mean ALL day, and according to my doctor thats the least heathy thing you can do in the world.  that is heart attack city.

you gotta walk, run or ride.  you gotta. i have little kids so it’s easy to be active when i’m not sitting.  today we went trampolining for a couple of hours.

worst thing i do is late night eating.  don’t do it.  my bio clock is set to this and its a nightmare. do not do it. i’m eating a pomogranite instead of a candy bar but it doesn’t seem to make a fucking difference! 

but, yeah, ugh!! 40 sucks!!

nightlingbolt  asked:

Imagine Sting calling Erza on a Lacrima, saying he wants to give her tips on being a guild master, but really he just wants Sabertooth and Fairy Tail to be closer. He calls every couple days, and eventually they start having calls with each other to pass the hours they spend doing paperwork, telling random stories and stupid jokes and generally talking shit about their guildmates.

Ahahaha I bet Sting insists that she call him “senpai”


For those who don’t follow my instagram, I’ve been working on a bunch of portrait sketches here and there. Just to warm up/cool down each day and to practice capturing likenesses. Some better than others, of course. 

If you want to see more be sure to follow me on instagram! @jdombrowski

springtime of life

Prologue - Rated: T
SasuSaku AU
“love is about growing together.
as a couple; 
learning about each other and not giving up.”

His shuriken are sharp, aimed towards their target, and hitting dead center. A sigh of relief brushes over his lips and he smiles, acknowledging that his mother’s help was something he definitely needed.

When he plucks the ninja tool from the wood, his body responds with a startled jump from a shrill whine. The young Uchiha’s head whips towards the sound and he drops his multiple shuriken, sprinting in the direction of the scream.

“Faster, faster!” He yells to his legs, willing them to carry his small body to the alarming shriek. When he finally arrives, his brows pull together and he puffs his bottom lip out, upset with the scene in front of him.

Three boys, older than both him and the girl they’re picking on, continue shouting vulgar insults at the pink haired child. She sits on the ground, her knees pulled to her chest, and tears streaming from her eyes.

“You’re so ugly!”

“No one will ever like you,” their insults sting the young child, and Sasuke feels the anger within him start to boil over.

“Hey!” He shouts, running towards the crowd and shoving the leader aside. He plants his body in between him and the girl, throwing his arms out to his sides to protect her at all costs, “leave her alone.”

The boys glare at the Uchiha before continuing, “what? Are you her boyfriend? Ha! Whatever,” they turn on their heel, kicking rocks towards the couple. The boys begin to back away, until Sasuke swings his left foot underneath the leader’s legs, knocking him off his feet.

“Kio, are you okay?!”

The other boys scurry to lift their leader from the ground, glaring at Sasuke, “let’s go.”

He watches as the boys leave, smirking to himself before turning to check on the girl behind him. She looks at him with doe eyes, rimmed with red from her tears, and dirt smudged across her cheeks.

“Are you okay?” Sasuke questions as he kneels down to check on her. Her small knees covered in scrapes and mud, while the bottom of her green dress is ripped on the bottom. 

She looks to him before nodding. The tears from earlier begin to dry up, and Sasuke finally smiles, “I’m-”

“Sasuke Uchiha,” she finishes the sentence for him. He backs away, the shocked ‘o’ taking shape on his lips. He hadn’t seen this girl around before, so how does she know him?

Her pink strands of hair blow in the breeze, the bangs that frame her face brushing the pink eyelashes on her eyelids. Sasuke finds himself gawking at the female, lost in silence.

“Who… Who are you?”

A small blush rises to her cheeks, covering the bridge of her nose and coloring her skin in a shade of pink, “my name is Sakura Haruno.”

Onyx orbs stare into emerald, before Sakura finally smiles at him, “thank you for coming.”

Sasuke finally rises and offers a hand to the pinkette. She places her small hand in his, pulling her weight from the ground and begins dusting the dirt from her legs and dress, “my mother could probably fix your dress if you wanted.”

Sakura’s eyes widen at the offer and she smiles, “would she really? I mean- my mom can do it, but that was nice to offer.”

He realizes the way she looks away when she mentions her own mom, her emerald eyes glazing over with melancholy, “hey, what’s that look for?” He takes a step towards her, but she backs up.

“Oh, it’s nothing!” She offers a sheepish smile, waving her hands in front of her. The dirt on her face is still there, and Sasuke realizes that there’s a small scrape as well.

“You’re bleeding a little. Are you sure you’re okay?”

The Uchiha is persistent and can’t help his curiosity, but this girl is stunning and the need to protect her courses through his veins, clouds his mind. Before she answers, he hears a familiar voice, Itachi’s.

“Sasuke? Is that you? Mother is looking for you!”

“Oh,” he realizes that he disappeared without notifying his family. He looks to Sakura one last time before smiling, “we should hang out sometime.”

Sakura’s face lights up at the remark and nods, and Sasuke does the same. He turns and runs towards his brother, who isn’t much taller than him, but they look so much alike, that it’s surreal.

“Okay!” He calls back once more, “bye, Sakura!”

He’s standing next to Itachi now, smiling to his older brother. They begin their walk back towards the Uchiha compound in silence. The orange rays of sun indicate that it’s getting late, and dinner would be ready soon, but Itachi finally breaks the silence, “was that a friend?”

Sasuke threw the question around in his head, gnawing his lip before answering, “yep.”

Itachi smiled to his brother, enjoying the fact that he finally had a friend, whether it be a boy or girl, his brother was finally branching out.

“Well I’m sure mother would like to meet her sometime.”

Sasuke smiled once more before sprinting off ahead of his brother, leading the way back, “I bet I’ll beat you home!”

Itachi simply smirked, before taking off after his brother, laughing at the youth that coursed through his younger brother’s body. Within time, Sasuke would grow up to be an outstanding shinobi, and take over leading the Uchiha clan with pride.

FT Christmas Week Day 1

Day 1: Winter/Snow
Pairing: Gray/Natsu, Gratsu

“Gray, let’s go home! Our job is over, I’m cold, and I could really go for some food right now…” Natsu groaned as he locked eyes with his partner. Snowflakes fell from the sky as white puffs of snow formed on the ground beneath them. 

“Don’t be a dumbass. We came this far for this mission and I’m not going back so quickly. Quit your complaining! I don’t want to get back in the train and watch you get all sick. Seriously, if I wanted new shoes, I would’ve asked. You didn’t have to freakin’ puke all over them!” Gray shot back.

“Well I couldn’t help it!” Natsu pressed his forehead against Gray’s.

“There was a window right there, Fire Hazard!”

“I didn’t have time, Ice Princess! You think I’d do that on purpose?!”

They turned away from each other, frowning. Their petty arguments were becoming more common by the day, and they found that they were getting more and more frustrated with each other. Without Erza around to stop them, it was really getting out of hand. 

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Clexa Fic Rec Masterpost (2/?)

it’s only slaughter (we’re only liars, it’s only love) by possibilist | M | 2021

“Fuck you,” you tell her, and she nods, and your skin burns in all the places you want her to touch you, and her eyes are green, young, eternal, and yours sting with tears like smoke.’ // drabble w lots of angst & minimal efforts at plot based off of the s3 trailer 

Bound By Something by dryswallow | T | 8710

“Clarke does not forgive Lexa right away. In fact, she may never forgive her. She may let the pain pass enough to interact with Lexa again but reaching the level of relationship she had with Lexa prior to the betrayal will take months if not years. The reconciliation is as long as it is painful; betrayal is not betrayal without things broken and love lost.”

here we go by jennyquill | G | 1558

clarke and lexa ft. suburbia, dark, and heaven. three stories.

When I Picture You (i think of your smile) by heartshapedcandy | T | 6322

five times that Clarke wanted to kiss Lexa (and one time she did)


a college AU

I’m just a soul whose intentions are good by cassini_regio (emclainable) | T | 2570

That meet-ugly where you had my car towed so I keyed your car in retaliation but you caught me.

Or Lexa gets increasingly more frustrated at having her parking spot stolen and finally does something about it.

She’s a Screamer by Chrmdpoet | Not Rated | 1769

Lexa likes to act tough, but Clarke sees right through her. (Haunted House AU)

only bad people live to see their likeness set in stone (what does that make me?) by possibilist | M | 6947

lexa’s biopic headcanon, or: what one loses to win wars.

People have told you that you’re the commander—Heda, Heda, Heda; you are not Lexa any longer—but you aren’t sure what that means, not yet, at least. On your sixth birthday you begin to understand when you see an army ride into Polis. There are wounded with arms and legs ripped off; they smell like metal and dirt.

“This will be yours one day,” he explains as you sit on his shoulders so you can see them better over the crowd. “Heda, these are your people. You must protect them, because they are yours.”

What you realize on your eighth birthday, after you have done nothing but excel at everything everyone has taught you: you are theirs.

it’s nothing you thought of yourself by tamaraface | G | 2320

The end was this: Lexa was going to be a Jaeger pilot and she was going to be fucking great at it.

No, the surprises come later.

Incongruity by Woodface | M | 2152

Lexa had known this moment was coming. In a way, it had been inevitable. Clarke felt too much; she felt too deeply. This world wasn’t kind to those that did.

on the night before i sent this by Overdressedtokill (SkyeStan) | E | 1174

clarke + lexa + fingering.

only hell knows me by wariangle | E | 3390

The kiss, the hard press of Lexa’s mouth against hers, the twinge of pain as Lexa twists her fingers into Clarke’s hair, is unexpected, and at the same time it feels almost unavoidable, as if the angered tension running high between them is a tether pulling them unequivocally, hopelessly, together.

a thousand rainy days. by lordvoldyfarts | G | 1425

Clarke’s lost inspiration. She goes to a museum to find it. She finds Lexa instead.

Say You Want Me by snowtamale | T | 3538

Prompt: We’re stuck in an elevator together and I’m literally pressed up against you this isn’t awkward at all.

Clarke meets the new partner at her firm in one of the most awkward ways possible.

orpheus, alone. by clytemnestra | T | 2078

“Here. Here is simple and happy. That’s what I meant to give you.”

if this isn’t a kingdom then i don’t know what is by forcynics | G | 2082

There is a girl on the ground and a girl in the stars…

Clarke fell to the earth from the sky, from the stars above them all, and the first time Lexa sees the other girl she thinks that she still glows with it, like the stars burn inside her, feeding her anger and her righteousness and her desperation to save her people.