young star!


Black men are so fine when they don’t even be trying 🍫✨😍

When you expect a little but you receive a LOT 

I did this a week ago but then forgot about it and i know its crappy but its already done so here just take it



some more star pics!! this time its a whole buncha moon and toffee! cause i rlly rlly like both of these characters ok,, and they’re both pretty fun to draw

Pretty much me looking at the fandom right now.

After Battle For Mewni aired I expected a big influx on young Moon fan art since we haven’t got any footage of her other than the comics. Was pretty excited since she’s quite an underrated character in my opinion (and her young voice was amazing).

Turns out that Golden Star (Godmode Star) and Tomstar stole her spotlight which is unfortunate because she’s god damn adorable.

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