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One typical day at the Phantomhive manor
  • Sebastian: *enters Ciel's room and slams the door* WE HAVE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY
  • Ciel: what the hell is wrong with you again Sebastian.
  • Ciel: which people? Claude? The rippers? *rolls his eyes and keeps reading*
  • Sebastian: BAD PEOPLE
  • Ciel: *closes the book and sighs* WHICH PEOPLE???
  • Sebastian: The squirrel mafia.
  • Ciel: That's it, get out of this room. Now.
  • Ciel: OUT. NOW.
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you ever see something really beautiful, like truly beautiful and amazing?  it stirs your heart a little and you feel warm and comfortable and inspired. like you see a wheat field at sunset like looks like the ocean’s waves. you see an old squirrel sharing his food with a young squirrel. you tell a great joke and everyone laughs. your microwaved mac n cheese is done and now all you gotta do is mix in the cheese and let it cool

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a one-reel 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon short directed by Hugh Harman, about a post-apocalyptic world populated only by animals.

   Two young squirrels ask their grandfather (Voiced by Mel Blanc-uncredited) on Christmas Eve who the “men” are in the lyric “Peace on Earth, good will to men.” The grandfather squirrel then tells them a history of the human race, focusing on the never-ending wars men waged

Why was it forgotten?: AGE,  RELIGIOUS OVERTONES

This is a classic piece of MGM animation that has kind of gone to the wayside despite being a major award winner in its heyday. It’s also quite a striking piece of animation that any fan of the medium should consider seeing with its bold depictions of the horrors of war and the folly of humanity. It doesn’t pull any punches in how it depicts war and what causes war, and does it all from a perspective that doesn’t understand why humans waged wars.

The whole thing is gritty and well animated, and it book ends the whole thing in a layer of whimsy and delight that frankly is actually  quite indicative of classic MGM when they weren’t doing Tom & Jerry. So what gives, how come this was so rarely seen, even when Cartoon Network ran loads of the old MGM shorts? 

That’s pretty easy to imagine in that it has some very religious overtones to it. That isn’t to say that the cartoon is religious just that religion plays a hefty role in it. In the end the animals discover what is implied to be a bible in a collapsed church no less and read the phrase “Thou shalt not kill” among a few other verses from The Old Testament. They even go so far as to call it a book of rules which the bible is to some people who take it literally, sometimes too literally if you know what I mean.

It’s understandable why that sort of thing could be off-putting and why Cartoon Network wouldn’t be very keen on a cartoon that basically calls the bible a strict book of rules to follow.

In the end though, it’s still a good cartoon with some amazing imagery, if a bit heavy handed though.



The cartoon was actually remade in 1955 by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, and Fred Quimby in his only non-Tom & Jerry related cartoon before his retirement. It’s actually more of a companion or sister cartoon rather than a full blown remake, and ya know what, I’m gonna link it right here! Also, the Deacon mouse in this cartoon is voiced by none other than Daws Butler


Tumblr, meet the squirrel that I rescued. Introducing Riker, a young male Eastern Grey Squirrel. I am thinking seven weeks to eight weeks old, but I have never worked with squirrels before, so I am not sure, and I will be consulting with my exotics vet. Going to see if I can start him off on a diet of Esbilac Goats Milk, and then wean him over the next few weeks, as his teeth are coming in, I have joined like, four squirrel forums since yesterday, and I am overloading with info even though I am dog tired. I will have to work with him on biting, he nibbles my fingers and my rings, but he hasn’t bitten down yet. Also, yes, I have him in a shirt, and no, it’s not stupid. It’s one of my shirts that I wear often, and I am using it to create a scent familiarity. Oh, and look.. TINY FEET AND A NOSE!!! OHHH OHH, and he makes very interesting grunting/purring/buzzing noises, which are apparently a good sign. He is very tame for an orphaned squirrel. If anyone has ever worked with rehabilitating squirrels, or has any helpful info, pleaseeee feel free to message me.

Angry, but like… fashion angry.


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