young sparrow


i know tHiS probably looks rushed and cruSty aSF but i juSt thought it would be fuNNy if this was how (my poorly drawn) Zenyatta found out Genji was dating Mercy ;-))) 

 so you can probably tell how lazy i drew Zenyatta’s floating tennis balls 

 also it was suppose to be cyborg ninja Genji but i just really like drawing Sparrow Genji hope u don’t mind :-)))<3 

 yo Mercy lookin thi c c ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

 the beach theme wasn’t an excuse to draw Mercy in a bikini i don’t know what you’re talking about


Genji: If I were there I would have convinced the Dragon to just give the gold back!
Hanzo: Genji, this is not like our Dragons…This is evil, you can’t just domesticate it!
Genji: NAH! I can tame any Dragon!

Or: Hanzo reading The Hobbit with Genji and trying to explain him the difference between Smaug and the Shimada Dragons

And this is how to make me cry over my own stuff at 5am

Bye, I’ll be in that corner over there.