young sombra


“Ew.” Sombra’s smile, for lack of better wording, was abso-fucking-lutely shit-eating when Jesse finally bothered looking her way. She sneered slightly when she was leveled with a rather pointed look, hands settling on her hips as she jerked her head towards the man through the window, tongue sharp. “Not only is he super out of your league he’s your best friend’s brother, you creep.”

drew some sweet college au like i said i would. sombra convinced her adoptive bro, jesse, to go to one of her dance classes because it’d be ‘an experience’ and help them ‘bond’- she really just wanted to see him struggle and maybe fall on his ass once or twice -along with let him meet his best friends bro who just so happens to be top dancer in her class.

im probably going to write a fic eventually abt this and yes hanzo is wearing a binder and very much trans you fucks can pry trans hanzo from my cold dead hands i swear



It’s McGenji, and it’s to the song A Female Ninja, But I Want To Love (English Cover) by rachie & JubyPhonic o/

Here’s the Youtube link if the vid somehow doesn’t work

Little D.Va: why does this level suddenly gets so difficult?! 내가 미쳤어!

Little Sombra: *grinning*

I wanna draw overwatch kids! Sombra is such a cool character and lots of fans had this sombra and kind of rivalry relationship when it comes to tech stuffs xD
So here’s my take and i plan to draw overwatch dads too :3

DAY 5 - Young Love

Jesse fell in love with Hanzo the moment he met him on the playground, Dad!Jack and Papi!Gabe are just the same as their kids, they just can’t tear their eyes from each other XD (including baby!Genji and baby!Sombra )

All new character descriptions

I’m almost a hundred percent certain there’s already a write-up of them out there, but I wanted to have it down as fic-reference, so here’s all the descriptions for the skins and characters currently in the PTR
New(ish) lore information is bolded.

Ana Amari
MAIN TEXT: Former second in command of Overwatch, Ana Amari uses her skills and expertise to defend her home and the people she cares for
HORUS: Ana’s call sign was “Horus” when she served in the Egyptian Military during the Omnic Crisis
CAPTAIN AMARI: Captain Amari was Strike Commander Morrison’s Second in Command of Overwatch
SHRIKE: Recently, Ana has operated under the alias of “Shrike” and is wanted for espionage, assault and theft in Egypt
MERCIFUL: Ana’s Biotic Rifle uses a modified version of Mercy’s healing technology, though the weapon was created against the doctor’s wishes

MAIN TEXT: Once a frontline combatant in the omnic crisis, this curious Bastion unit now explores the world, fascinated by nature and wary of a fearful humanity
OVERGROWN: Damaged in one of the battles of the omnic crisis, this lone bastion unit was reactivated in the black forest near Eichenwalde years later
OMNIC CRISIS: During the omnic crisis, Bastion units fought against humans in battles around the world:

MAIN TEXT: D.Va is a former professional gamer who now uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art mech in defense of her country
JUNKER: Mech battles are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Junkertown
TAEFEUKGI (SUMMER GAMES): During her time as a professional gamer, D.Va proudly represented South Korea in tournaments around the world

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Sombra is 30.

She can be 30 and still be perky and energetic.
She can be 30 and still be youthful looking. 

30 is not old. 30 is not the cryptkeeper. 30 does not mean wrinkles everywhere and/or being unable to be athletic. 

Can we please stop acting like she can’t be 30 because she’s active, sarcastic, and Millennial-esque and also stop acting like you have to make her wrinkly to make her look 30?

Your friendly, neighborhood 33 year old meme-loving, video gaming Millennial. 

Edwyn Tiong

So far the common consensus is that this one particular line is the best thing out of my latest Overwatch fancomic dub Hacks Are An Open Door. It’s said that if you play it three times on a dark and cold winter night, a door will unexpectedly close in your face and you’ll, like, bang your nose pretty bad.