young shion

The day Nezumi decided to cut his hair

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“You have a dust mop on your head, Nozomi!”

“No, it’s a paintbrush. A paintbrush!”

Cackling laughter erupted. Two boys with short dark hair held their bellies as they cracked up. Nezumi sat on the ground and ignored them as good as possible while his little fingers fumbled on the integrated circuits of a toy robot.

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“What kind of person was he?”
“The person you took under your wing. I was just wondering what he was like. I’m curious to know ― but you wouldn’t tell me, right?”
Shion’s body shrank away from her as if he had been stung. His pout and his flushed cheeks struck her as so humorous that Karan couldn’t help but smile.
“G'night,” Shion mumbled, and with the expression still on his face, hastily trotted out of the room. Even after the rickety door had closed with a loud noise, Karan was still smiling.
—  NO. 6 - Vol 3 Ch 2 (a)
My experience with Google’s voice search recognition  and Uta No Prince Sama Characters
  • Otoya Ittoki: Potato Key
  • Tokiya Ichinose: Calculation of Sex
  • Masato Hijirikawa: Lady Gaga
  • Ren Jinguji: Bending the G
  • Natsuki Shinomiya: Not too Shabby
  • Syo Kurusu: Shih Tzu
  • Reiji Kotobuki: Pikachu Hoodie
  • Ranmaru Kurosaki: Can Barracudas Hockey
  • Ai Mikaze: Tine Cafe`
  • Camus: Chemist for you
  • Eiichi Otori: Katy Perry
  • Kira Sumeragi: Maserati
  • Nagi Mikado: Baby Mikado
  • Eiji Otori: Yugioh a03
  • Van Kiryuin: Thank You Young
  • Yamato Hyuga: Metallica
  • Shion Amakusa: Show Me Mother's Day
  • Shining: The Shining
  • Raging Otori: PG-13
  • Haruka Nanami: Heart Anatomy
  • BONUS:
  • HAYATO: How To Eat USA
  • Satsuki Shinomiya: How To Teach Anime


The city was never truly quiet but around these alleyways, most pedestrians didn’t feel safe and steered away. It was sort of a privilege to cut through the dark twists and turns on the way home. Usually Shion walked right past anyone she saw and since the alleys weren’t anyone’s specific territory, she was ignored. Besides, she dressed and carried herself more like a young woman returning from a day at the office. Today however, a familiar face at the stairway near her exit caused Shion to stop.

You. It was a matter-of-fact statement, not malicious or fearful, a little surprised if anything. The young girl who Shion escaped the factory with when that new gang attacked. It wasn’t really something she liked to remember. The kid was pretty difficult but Shion held nothing against her. She continued to speak with a casual tone, just two acquaintances coming across each other on a Tuesday night.What are you doing here alone this late? …Isn’t it past your bedtime?


No. 6 manga sceneries and backgrounds

No. 6 - City and Moondrop | No. 6 - Chronos, young Shion’s house | No. 6 - Chronos - Twilight House | No. 6 - Lost Town & Karan’s Bakery | West Block | West Block - Market | West Block - Inukashi’s Hotel | West Block - Correctional Facility | Mao Forest


Shion and Nezumi’s families are neighbors and close friends. They live in Lost Town, a district of a city called No. 6. The boys grow up like brothers and know each other since they were born. But the older they get, the more feelings they develop for each other…

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