young sheperd


The world needs more happy Tommy Sheperds and definitely more awesome dancing moves. why not with some Uptown Funk.


He woke up, drenched in sweat. Same old bed, same old room. Same old nightmare that had left nothing but voices, always unwanted companions.
He stared at the ceiling, the remains of the dream lingering in his head.
Why did that “me” felt so out of place?
He could still hear the echo of that ugly mantra.

And then, once more, he asked himself if he really was nothing more than “Just Billy’s Twin”.
Like always, the answer didn’t come.

ahelpfulpeach  asked:

Klaus + “The dog takes up more of the bed than I do.”

“What is that beast doing on my bed?!”

“May, calm down. He isn’t a beast, his name is Henry and he is a refined young German Sheperd.” Amelia smirked over at her wife.

Amelia and Klaus knew Maylin was not going to be happy to find a dog in her home, but they just couldn’t resist. One of the few things they could get along on was their love for the creatures.

“You can’t call him a beast if we can’t call Amelia one. He has much more developed manners.” Klaus allowed a sly smile to slip onto his face.

Amela’s blue and green eyes narrowed as she grumbled, “I thought we were on the same side here?!”

Klaus smiled innocently as he nodded, “Ja, we are. I am just saying that if she loves you, then she will love the dog. Especially since Henry would actually listen.”

“Get it off my bed, now.” Maylin growled with narrow brown eyes at the two.

“May, Henry is a ‘he’ not an ‘it’, and he likes the bed!” Amelia protested as she stubbornly crossed her arms in defiance.

“We washed him and dried his fur before he roamed around the house. He likes the bed to rest…”

Maylin’s gaze turned to Klaus as she shouted, “That beast takes up more of the bed than I do! This is not up for debate, you guys know I hate dogs, now get it off of my bed!”

Amelia and Klaus sighed, disappointed that she was refusing to negotiate with them.

Henry whimpered, understanding the tone of Maylin’s voice meant his new owners were not very happy.