young sharknadoes

strawberry-kiwi-mothman  asked:

Hi! Your Jasper cosplay is so awesome! I'm cosplaying Jasper for Megacon on the 11th ((I had to made a quick change since I can't finish the cosplay I was planning in time, so it's very last minute.)) I was wondering-how did you make her gem? I haven't been able to find any tutorials online. Is it cardboard, or...? Thank you so much!

Thank you!

I made my nose gem with craft foam.

First I patterned using cardstock to make sure it fit over my nose properly.

Then cut the triangle pieces out in foam and hot glued them together on the inside.

Followed by using sealer and then acrylic to paint it. I also added a layer of gloss varnish to give it a shine.

And then to attach it, I used double-sided fashion tape. I did have to make sure there was no makeup on my nose so the fashion tape would stick. The fashion tape was nice, since it was easy to replace and i could take off the gem if i wanted to breathe through my nose.