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People saying nice things about Sebastian Stan -  7/?

Stuntmen James Young (The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes) and Aaron Toney (The Falcon/Sam Wilson) about Sebastian’s badass-ness.

“I worked with Sebastian a lot during prep, training him to do the fights. He never fought like this before on film! And he gave me a lot of confidence, as well - like: ok, sweet, I need to overlap this. I need to walk like him…”


Excerpt from an article on Dork Side Of The Force entitled: Here’s the reason we need a Luke Skywalker Star Wars standalone film

“We have the perfect actor to play a young Luke Skywalker in Sebastian Stan, with the important blessing of Mark Hamill himself. There are plenty of stories to be told of Luke post Return of the Jedi and to me its a no brainer.”


🔫◆Be careful little hands what you do. My lady◆🌷

Dating Sebastian Stan and being younger than him would include...

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A/N: I love Sebastian way too much and it’s probably not healthy

  • Him being insecure sometimes, thinking that you will find someone your age and leave him
  • You reassuring him that “that’s definitely not happening”
  • And him reassuring you too because you know, he’s always working with a lot of gorgeous women
  • Sebastian wanting to take things really slow
  • Definitely not putting you on the spotlight of fame
  • So he’s really protective over you
  • Calling you “baby”
  • Taking you to meet his mom and telling you that she’s gonna love you
  • You spending way too much time on his place
  • Him eventually telling you to just move in already
  • Travelling with him to places you’ve never been before when he’s on vacation
  • Him teasing you whenever you can’t do something
  • “Here, let me do this, you’re too young”
  • Sebastian covering your eyes whenever you two are watching a movie and there is a sex scene
  • Lazy make out sessions in the morning before he goes to the gym
  • Him supporting the career you wanna follow, it doesn’t matter which it is
  • “You know, when we get married…”
  • But knowing that you want to wait a little bit before actually getting married
  • You always sitting on his lap because it’s just too comfortable
  • Cooking for him 
  • And him definitely teasing you if you mess something up
  • “Kids are not supposed to play with stoves, babe”
  • You teasing him back whenever he calls his mom because he wants to eat something but doesn’t know the recipe
  • “There’s something called internet, you old man”
  • Romantic and passionate sex
  • Sebastian loving to take showers with you so he can wash your hair
  • Taking pictures of you but never posting them because he doesn’t like to share the cute and simple moments he lives with you
  • Defending you whenever someone says shit about you and/or the age gap between you two
  • Him taking you to meet Romania and the whole Europe on your birthday
  • Nose kisses
  • Long bear hugs before he has to leave/when he arrives
  • Him showering you with small but cute gifts
  • Talking about movies and cartoons from when he was just a kid
  • “Okay, that’s too old, Seb”
  • Tickling fights
  • Basically him always taking care of you because you’re the most amazing thing that ever happened to him
16 Years

Pairing: Sebastian x Young!Reader

Warnings: age gap

Summary: Sebastian really likes you. A lot. But he can’t find it in himself to ask you out seeing as you’re literally 16 years younger than him until something happens that changes his mind.


‘Wow. I probably look like a creep.’ Sebastian thought as he looked at you dancing. In his opinion, you’re the most intelligent, brave, beautiful girl. And the fact that you can dance without a care. Seeing as everyone hadn’t been too much in contact lately, a night was planned to go dancing with the cast of Civil War and whoever they wanted to bring. You being Elizabeth’s plus one, though you had met the cast many times before. The club wasn’t packed, thankfully, but there were just enough people to have fun with. 

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