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On 22 July, 1995, 15-year-old Elyse Pahler was lured from her home with the promise of drugs by three teenage acquaintances - Jacob Delashmutt, Joseph Fiorella, and Royce Casey. They took her out to a forest in Nipomo Mesa but the group of boys suddenly turned on her once they were in a secluded area.

First of all, she was strangled with a belt but this proved unsuccessful, so Casey held her down and Fiorella pulled out a hunting knife and began brutally stabbing Pahler. The other two joined in and they took turns stabbing the young girl. All three raped her before and after she died and returned to the corpse in the following months and committed necrophilia with the body. Her body was finally found eight months after the murder. She had been stabbed at least 12 times but none were fatal indicating that she had bled to death.

After the boys were apprehended they had claimed that killed Pahler as a sacrifice to the devil. For their defence, they stated that believed this sacrifice would make their band, Hatred, go professional. Casey reported that Pahler cried out for her mother and prayed to God thought the horrendous ordeal. They were all sentenced to 25 years to life. The movie Jennifer’s Body is loosely based on the crime.

Protect younger fandom members.

Protect younger fandom members who are made fun of for their “over enthusiasm” for the fandom.

Protect younger fandom members who are ridiculed for their “mary sue” OCs.

Protect Younger fandom members who are shamed for not have 100% accurate, high quality cosplay.

Protect younger fandom members who are harassed because their art is too “weeby” or made in MSpaint.

Protect younger fandom members who are told that they’re too young to be included in the fan community.


Age Headcanons for the Undertale Characters

Frisk; 10-14

Toriel; 34-45

Flowey; satan

Sans; 15-19

Papyrus; 20-24

Undyne; 24-29

Alphys; 19-22

Asgore; 36-47

Asriel; 9-12

Chara; 10-14

Gaster; 32- 39

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i'm writing a poem about young jesus meeting satan right now thank you for inspiring me and many others to express themselves through poetry

thank you for supporting and enjoying my poems. that means the world to me. my best wishes for your writing! xx