young saeng


HAPPY 7TH ANNIVERSARY SS501! ♥ [2005 - 2012 & COUNTING.]
It’s SS501’s 7th Anniversary, time flies. it was only their 3rd anniversary when i got to know them…

Really THANK YOU SS501 for letting me know more friends, friends who share the same feelings, and happiness after becoming a Triple S.
although they’re not doing activities together now and kyu’s enlisting into the army soon, we’re going to wait for them right? our dream came true when they finally reunited few days ago (120603). we waited for this day to come for 2 years, why not wait another 2 years for kyu to finish his service and see their next comeback as 5 again. remember what the hyunjoong said?
let’s keep the faith and wait for their comeback 2 years later or even longer than that. :’)

더블에스501 & 트리플에스 사랑해요. ♥


“Ever since our debut, we heard many times that Young Saeng hyung and I should be excluded from the group before the group can succeed. I drank a lot with Young Saeng hyung back then. Both of us chatted over drink and talked about everything and anything, and said ‘next time we must laugh while talking about this day’, and those days, we had our concert in Tokyo. At the ending of the concert, we sang “Wings of the World” and both of us burst out crying. At that time, members held on tightly to me and gave me lots of strength.” - Kyu Jong