young saeng

“日本デビュ-10周年 記念party.
ひらやまさん あざす。
メンバも あざす。
スタプも あざす。
ファンのみなさんも あざす。
오랜만에 옛 영상들 봐서 부끄러웠지만 좋은 추억이네요~ㅋ 감사합니다.^^”

“I was embarrassed to see the old photos after such a long time but they are good memories~ ke thank you.^^”

Their legends are told

Turned not to dust, but to gold

They’ll go down in history

Remember them for centuries

-adapted from Fall Out Boy’s Centuries

SS501 member banners + one-line member profiles

These were made because I got jealous of the banners I saw for other groups


Or maybe this is just how they attract mates, who knows? 

ヾ(○・ω・)ノ☆ Young Saeng can have me.

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The feels.

HJL always knew the right things to say.


Note: You guys should watch the whole concert. It’s so much fun, and they were all in such a great mood!