young raptor

Imagine if when the raptors were little Owen would always yell encouragement at them whenever they first started chasing and eating their pigs.

“You almost got it Charlie! Just barely missed!”

“Alright Delta! Make sure to watch you step next time!”

“Way to go Blue! You caught it! Oh god- Blue- Blue baby not the- that’s gonna scare the interns.”

“Where’s the pig? Where’s Echo-”
Long moment of silence

“Are they cuddling?”

“It seems so. It seems so.”

On Call

This is a shorty because I really wanted to post something for you guys and I wanted to do it today since it’s the 2 year anniversary of the blog. Hope you like, I’d be more than happy to continue it sometime with a part two maybe.

Anonymous said to imagineowengrady:

Can you do a fic where one of the raptors are injured and reader and Owen have to spend more time at the paddock. And they get to know each other better or whatever, thanks!!


estel619 said to imagineowengrady:

Hi! Just found this blog, while looking for Jurassic world stuff. How about an imagine that’s reader x Owen, and something has happened to Blue, as she is my favourite raptor, and the reader and Blue bond over it? Rating etc, I’ll leave up to you. Thanks!


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Baby Red-shoulder has had enough of the rain, and your shenanigans. 😡

I stumbled upon this little guy by accident while searching for another bird. These young raptors don’t know enough of the world yet to fear humans, so I rattled off a couple of shots and left him alone to grump in peace.

allyinwonderlnd  asked:

Hey I saw you wanted some Owen Grady request and do you think you could do like a jealous Owen one please? Like there's a new intern who is always near you or something?

A/N: This is really long and for that I apologize. I decided to use a Vet instead of an intern, I hope that’s okay.

As with all of my writing, this is in honor of my late sister, Heather (2/17/1987-10/27/2014).

I hope you enjoy!

Title: Jealous Owen

Rating: T for one cuss word

“Good morning, girls!” You greeted cheerfully, your (E/C) eyes watching as Blue, Delta, and Echo raced to the fencing to watch you’re approach. “Where’s my Charlie girl?” you asked the three raptors, concern filling you at the absence of the youngest raptor. You loved all four of the raptors but felt closest to Charlie. They each replied with purrs and soft chirps, they’re heads turning to glance at the thick foliage towards the back of the paddock.

“Charlie’s feeling off today, (y/n). The vet is on their way here to check her out,” the voice of your longtime crush and fellow trainer, Owen Grady called down to you. You glanced up and met his gaze from where he stood at the top of the stairs causing butterflies to erupt in your stomach and your hands to get sweaty. You feel your cheeks begin to warm as he smiles down at you.

“I’ll sit in with her until the vet gets here,” you call up to him, your eyes watching as he comes down the stairs towards you. “Gotta take care of my girl, you know?” Owen’s smile brightened as he nodded, his green eyes still focused on your eyes and face. A gentle breeze blew, pulling a few strands of your bangs into your face. You jumped slightly as Owen reached up and brushed them back behind your ear, his fingers lightly brushing your cheek in the process.

You could tell by the slight widening of Owen’s eyes that he was surprised by his own actions but just as quickly as the surprise appeared, it was replaced with his confident, flirtatious smirk. The same smirk that made your body thrum and your lungs forget to breathe. The former Navy member opened his mouth to speak, his hand still resting on the side of your head, his fingers lightly massaging your scalp, something you were sure he was doing unconsciously, but you interrupted, not certain you could deal with the man’s flirting when you were so worked up.

“What,” you begin, your voice shaky and breathy making you clear your throat and break the staring match with the handsome man in front of you, “what is wrong with Charlie?” Owen’s mouth closed and he sighed, his hand dropping to his side as he glanced at the raptor paddock. 

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Starling: Chapter Nineteen

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He couldn’t tell if it was the gravity, the jet lag, or his very first hangover, but the next morning Roy was groggier and achier than ever. Everyone else was in as sour a mood as he was, and Ms. Holloman was annoyed with all of them for it. Possibly she knew about the drinking and wasn’t willing to send them all home on their very first day, or maybe that was how he made himself quit worrying about that. Kira, at least, was a champ, as chatty and energetic as always; her only tell was the measured, determined sort of way she ate her continental breakfast.

Dr. Chan more or less shoveled them out of their seats and outside to the parking lot for the morning’s roll call and briefing. 

The air had the chilly bite of early spring. It was strange to see his classmates all assembled and out of uniform like this, especially in heavy boots and windbreakers, especially on solid ground. That the horizon was the wrong size and the sky the wrong color were almost afterthoughts.

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photograph | clawen
  • WHO: owen grady and claire dearing
  • WHEN: post jw
  • WHAT: in which raptor parents discuss becoming real parents?
  • WHERE: mainland costa rica
  • NOTES: thank you anon for this prompt!! this is honestly so cute, and even though i got your prompt before the one before this, i thought i’d better switch them around to make everything a lil easier for everyone. :-)) thank you ily and i hope ya’ll enjoy! UGH AND WHILST YOU READ THIS PLS LISTEN TO ‘PHOTOGRAPH’ BY ED SHEERAN AND U WILL CRY OK i mean i don’t wish sad tears more like happy tears?? tears of joy!! ALSO i think i drawled this out a lil bit more than i was supposed to?? and i’m having major feelings rn so i think i’m going to go make a clawen mix and then cry for a lil bit :-) i hope all of ya’ll enjoy :’-)

“so you can keep me / inside the pocket of your ripped jeans / holding me closer / till our eyes meet / and you won’t ever be alone / wait for me to come home”

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What if there had been a fifth raptor named Foxtrot and All five of them were babies but Foxtrot was like the runt and was the smallest- and the raptors liked and helped her as they were young. Owen coddled her and made sure she always felt included.
But what if she got sick- not by a dinosaur disease but by something that plagues whatever she was spliced with.
And even as she’s still a baby, Owen held her as she took her last breath with Blue sitting by and Charlie and Delta whimpering in the back ground.
That’s when Owen changed plans- he distanced himself and didn’t want to be attached.
That day the raptors changed from ‘my babies’ to 'wild animals’.