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RuPaul’s Drag Race has been renewed for Season 10! I’m really excited, and I wanted to share my picks for the upcoming season. Even if they don’t get picked, you should still pay attention to them. 

1. Evah Destruction x
2. Soju Love x
3. Aquaria x
4. Citrus Pastel x
5. Art Simone x
6. Eva Young x
7. Monét X Change x
8. Chloe Knox x
9. Trannika Rex x
10. Skim Burley x
11. Mayhem Miller x
12. Anaol Fetale x
13. Blonde Benét Ramsey x
14. Miz Cracker x
15. Biblegirl666 x
16. Meth x

Kings & Queens

So my lazy ass finally got around to posting this for @orphanbrigade monthly challenge. Hope you enjoy!


First, it starts with Burnie Burns. He is born in the city, grows old with it. He starts small, petty crimes committed by a boy with the ambition of a man capable of burning the whole city down.

He gets older, more experienced. He traces the city streets like veins leading to the massive beating heart of the city. Burnie learns the names of all the great bosses in Los Santos, the glamorous men and women that run it through the underworld. He sets his sights on them, on that big beating heart, and he attacks.

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Evan Ramsey began serving his 210-year sentence in a maximum-security cell, which is next door to the cell in which his father served 10 years, at the age of 16. Ramsey grew up in a remote town in Alaska. He came from a broken family and was considered an outcast by his peers. He was slightly built, shy, and recalls, “I got stuff thrown at me, I got spit on, I got beat up. Sometimes I fought back, but I wasn’t that good at fighting.” As his peers continued to pick on him, Ramsey reported them to the teachers, who initially punished his tormentors. “After a while, the principal told me to just start ignoring everybody. But then you can’t take it anymore.” Ramsey later shot dead the principal and a star basketball player.

Devils Run When A Good Man Goes to War || The Sequel to The Vagabond

Title: Devils Run When A Good Man Goes to War
Ship(s): Mentions of Freewood; Platonic Geovin
Rating: M
Warning(s): Mentions of Major Character Death, Mentions of Alcohol Use, Mentions of Minor Character Death
Words: 3,411 words
Summary: For a moment, Geoff couldn’t see a difference between the Vagabond, and their British hacker.

“Jesus Christ.”

And that terrified him.
Notes: Well, this thing has been ten months in the making, I think. Better late than never, right? Enjoy the feels! |D

Read The Vagabond.

They were all mourning, in their own ways. They were trying to cope with the hole left behind in their ranks, the loss of that steady strength they had come to rely on. But no one was suffering as much as Gavin, as the young man Geoff Ramsey, infamous leader of the Fake AH Crew, had basically adopted as his own son. No one was as broken upon hearing the words “The Vagabond is dead” than Gavin was; Geoff had watched the spark fade from his foreigner’s eyes as they all watched the newscast in horrified silence.

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DIGGLE IS CONSUMED WITH GUILT AND SEEKS REVENGE – As Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) look for a magical solution to defeat Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough), a vengeance-driven Diggle (David Ramsey) gets a lead on Andy’s (guest star Eugene Byrd) whereabouts and heads off to confront his brother. Meanwhile, Alex (guest star Parker Young) takes Thea (Willa Holland) on a vacation that quickly turns into a nightmare. Gregory Smith directed the episode written by Oscar Balderrama & Emilio Ortega Aldrich (#420). Original airdate 5/4/2016.
—  Arrow 4x20 Genesis Description
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