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A quick little birthday pic for my sister, who turns 24 today! Happy Birthday, Sis!!

She recently adopted a young blue-eyed ball python and named him Arthas … so naturally this happened. It looked far more badass in my head, but I had a deadline.

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Nico is a snake person

Not very original, but I have to start some where

  • He’s very shy around animals in fear he’ll scare them off
  • Tamed hellhounds, like Mrs. Oleary and Cerberus have no trouble being around him, it also doesn’t hurt that they’re two big softies
  • Any other animal will either growl or run away from him
  • He tries to not get hurt over it, but it really stings when even the most friendliest of cats hiss at him
  • Not even offering a treat helps the situation
  • Eventually he talks to Will about it, who is over joyed to help
  • Will suggests going to a pet shop and seeing what animal reacts the best to him
  • Nico thinks that it’s a terrible idea, but he goes along with it, telling himself not to get his hopes up
  • It’s very clear the moment they walk in that cats and dogs are out of the question. 
  • Will suggests birds and they head towards that section
  • Nico thinks they squawk too much and it gives him a head ache
  • Off to the rodents, and it isn’t much better. The mice and rats are too small to play with, though Will informs him that you can teach a rat to jump through a hoop. Nico isn’t impressed.
  • The ferrets have an unpleasant odor, rabbits have a lot of dietary rules, and one of the guinea pigs bit his fingers
  • One of the store clerks sees him struggling and suggests a python: they don’t need constant attention, only needs to be fed once a week, and are very docile
  • All of this sounds great to Nico, but it all depends on if the snake takes a liking to him. The clerk takes one of the young ball pythons out of its enclosure and gently puts the ball in Nico’s hands.There’s no hissing or biting. It just calmly flicks its tongue at him and blinks.
  • Nico falls in love immediately
  • After seeing how starry eyed his boyfriend was, Will agrees to buy the snake and all the requirements for its care
  • They find a perfect place in the living room of their apartment and fill the terrarium full of hollow rocks (and a plastic skull) to hide in
  • Will insists on naming it “Noodle” Nico thinks it’s cute
  • Once Noodles is fully grown they find out it’s a she since she’s a foot longer than what a male is suppose to be
  • During one Christmas she escaped from her enclosure and they had to spend the entire morning looking for her, only to find that she somehow made it on top of the fridge. Will was the one who found her and it startled him half to death
  • To this day he reenacts the event every Christmas, dramatically telling everyone how he went to the fridge to get a glass of water for Nico, who was very distressed, and the sneaky snake lowered herself to eye level with him, flicking her tongue over his nose
  • Will teases Nico for thinking that someone robbed them in the night, but only took the snake. He’ll deny it every time, but he makes sure all the doors and windows are locked before he goes to bed
  • Every now and then when Will and Nico are cuddling on the couch, they let Noodle join them
  • She likes to curl up in a ball on Will’s neck, sapping his body heat, Will says that Nico and Noodle has that in common
  • I could go in to more detail, but this is already a lot
  • just,,, nico with a snake ya’ll
  • it’s so cute
Just A Bunch Of Movies That People Should See One Day

Alright so I went way overboard but when I set out to make a list of films people should check out I’m gonna take it a little to seriously.  That being said here’s a shit ton of films that I think everyone should check out if they can. I’m definitely missing a lot but every single one of these is in order by year of release. So here it goes.

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It is NOT normal for young ball pythons to go off feed

I don’t care if you have 25 years of breeding experience or 2 weeks: if your hatchling ball python goes off feed for more than one meal something is wrong and you need to find the source of the problem.


In the BBC special celebrating Sir David Attenborough’s 90th birthday: ‘Attenborough at 90’, broadcaster Kirsty Young asked what he thought of the Monty Python sketch, 'The Walking Tree of Dahomey (with David Attenborough)’ — “Did he capture something of the spirit of you, do you think, in the impersonation?”

Um, so the people who know a lot about ball pythons, can you please give me some advice? This is my fancy ball python who is still young and small. I just received them today as a gift, something I wish I had been told about so I could research about them. I have done some research in the last hour or so, but I’m still a little worried. I am used to dogs and cats, so a snake is a huge change. If anyone could, I would appreciate some advice and tips for a young ball python. Thank you! (´∀`)