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Just A Bunch Of Movies That People Should See One Day

Alright so I went way overboard but when I set out to make a list of films people should check out I’m gonna take it a little to seriously.  That being said here’s a shit ton of films that I think everyone should check out if they can. I’m definitely missing a lot but every single one of these is in order by year of release. So here it goes.

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In the BBC special celebrating Sir David Attenborough’s 90th birthday: ‘Attenborough at 90’, broadcaster Kirsty Young asked what he thought of the Monty Python sketch, 'The Walking Tree of Dahomey (with David Attenborough)’ — “Did he capture something of the spirit of you, do you think, in the impersonation?”


hey, reptiblr, i could use some help.

today, an accident happened. my enclosure for him has always kept him safe and shut, but it somehow got broken today, and my young ball python nagini got out. my cat had him cornered when i found him, and as shown in the images above, left some scratches and scrapes on him. ive never had anything like this happen, and i dont really know what care to give him. there are no herp or exotic vets anywhere near me. if anyone could give me some suggestions on what to do, i would highly appreciate it.

so far ive made sure hes in a safe place. ive cleaned his wounds with warm water, and made sure his surroundings are clean as well, with no bedding to harbor any bacteria. if there is anything else i could do, please, PM me.

i take full responsibility for this happening. i understand what i did wrong, and i feel terrible for letting this happen, but i need help, and i dont want to make further mistakes with him.

Ji Young Kwak & Helena Greyhorse for Harper’s Bazaar UK August 2014 

Outfits, python skin and patent leather boots all by Gucci

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Photographer: Erik Madigan Heck
Stylist: Leith Clark
Hair: Raphael Salley
Make-up: Pep Gay

Reptile Keeper Gothic
  • Your gargoyle gecko never moves. But food still disappears. Poop still appears.
  • Your baby leopard gecko is screaming. Its mouth isn’t open. You don’t know what it’s screaming at.
  • Your ball python hasn’t eaten in six months, but never loses weight. At night you swear you feel it curl up against you, but you know the cage is locked. 
  • Your crested gecko suddenly hates its food, the one that it loved for its entire life. What does your gecko know that you don’t?
  • You try to tell what sex your snake is, but it keeps writhing. Not the snake. The snake is perfectly still. But your vision won’t focus.
  • “It’s not a mean animal,” the keeper says defensively as the young reticulated python clamps down on their arm. “They’re just tooth hugs. It’s just aggressively affectionate. Isn’t it cute?” they say as the blood runs on the floor.
  • One day you realize your bearded dragon isn’t watching you. It’s looking slightly to the left and over your shoulder at your shadow behind you. What does it do when you can’t see it?

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am hoping to get a ball python in the near future, as my first snake. I have read up a lot on them and their care, but see alot of different opinions on alot of different things. I was curious if you had any advice on a slightly inexpensive (I am willing to spend some money but not break the bank), beautiful, but most importantly healthy and happy habitat.

Hello anon.  Good to see you are doing plenty of research on your first snake. :) You have probably already come across this in your research but ball pythons have a reputation for being fussy eaters and fasting for sometimes very long periods of time. Make sure you are prepared for this as it can be quite stressful for new keepers!  

As far as enclosures are concerned.. You are very right! There is a lot of different info out there and lots of different ways of doing things.. You don’t say if you are wanting to get an adult ball python or a baby one. So I’ll address both.

Adult ball python-  

As a rough guide your ball pythons enclosure should have a length + width equal to or longer than the length of your snake. So if you have a 5ft male ball python… an enclosure measuring 3ft x 2ft would be the minimum size.  What type of enclosure you use depends on whats available to you but this set up by reptiliaherps is one of my favourites.  For royal pythons I am a great fan of heat sources that also raise air temperatures- (which heat mats do not really). 

If you are getting a baby ball python- 

Putting a young snake in to its adult enclosure is possible. I talk about this more in this post .

It’s important if you try it the snake has loaadds of cover to hide in and make it feel secure. Though it would be more expensive to do this it would potentially save you money in the long run instead of buying different sized tubs and heat mats ect.  Plastic cages like the one posted above are easier to make into very stimulating and enriching environments for snakes.

For convenience most keepers prefer to grow their snakes on in tubs. This is a really good guide for setting up a tub for a young ball python by bendragon-cumbersmaug.  The thing I like about these tubs is they have provided enrichment using different textures, a substrate to burrow in and a water dish to soak in ect.  Tubs are a much cheaper than plastic cages or aquariums (though aquariums aren’t ideal for snakes without some modification)  but unless you can find really big ones they are unlikely to be able to house your animal happily forever.

That dosn’t mean they can’t make great starter homes though.

Feel free to check out some of my tubs too. On that page you’ll find some more info about the large 145L that I keep my ball python in which you may find for sale here if they are available in your country..    

Sorry if that is a bit information overload!  My main advice is to try absorb all the info you can and work out what works best for your current situation. 

Good luck and feel free to get in touch if you have any other specific questions.

I figure most people know this, but if you didn’t—chocolate frogs in HP are a riff on this hilariously disgusting Monty Python sketch.