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YA Lit Meme: The Finishing School [3/10 Book Series]

After every unladylike action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Consider the necessary, analyze the consequences, clean up the mess.

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Could you please translate the rest of the omake if it's possible?

The rest of the omake proper is young Kanou being a jerk to young Ogura, the two people I’m not particularly interested in. So I won’t be scanlating those pages.

I’ll do one more part with Qs/Matsuri when I get back from my vacation (I’m away from my laptop until Wednesday!)

i just got back and an actual psych specialised in personality disorders said that i am, an 18 y/o, even still most likely too young to give a proper diagnosis for a personality disorder because it’s about symptoms that go from puberty and get worsened

i told her about 14 y/o tumblr kids who self-diagnose with bpd and she said it isn’t possible because they’re way too young and their personality is starting to develop

so lmao i knew it

mcu young avengers

arden cho ↭ kate bishop
anjli mohindra ↭ kamala khan
madeleine mantock ↭ america chavez
titus makin jr. ↭ david alleyne
eli goree ↭ eli bradley
katelyn turner ↭ cassie lang

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          Upon entering the large house he hoped to buy , the last thing Dorian expected to find was a young man already there.   Was he a real estate agent?   No , too young.   Nor did the proper attire clad his body.   He was more curious of him than frightened.   At first glance the boy looked like a cherub no less , with his blond curls   &   baby face.   Yet he had prominent cheek bones   &   a well-defined jawline.   (   Along with dark eyes   &   pink , pouty lips.   )   PERFECT.

          Dorian’s head tilted with interest   &   he smirked , taking a few steps closer.   His eyes gazed over his figure.

                              ❛   Do you come with the house?   I would sure hope so.   ❜


Robin has a face 🤗

I don’t know if that will be her “official” face, I just didn’t wanna waste too much time on the character creator on a time-limited trial so I chose the cutest preset to match the character I had in mind and tweaked it the slightest bit. This one looks proper young and cocky, which is what I wanted.

If there’s a chance to change her looks later in-game I may try the two shorter hairs or the teal colors (which I didn’t want Robin to have from the start for story reasons but would like her to use after the cutoff point), otherwise… ah, she’s cute enough. ✌

demons have better things to do than lurk on young girls, don’t they?” questioned quietly as fingers busy themselves, fumbling through the pages of a book; a journal though, not hers. she speaks as if she is just that, young and proper but she’s approaching twenty quite rapidly and though it may seem that she was still quite young, the siren was but immortal. she may as well be dead


So let me just tell you what watching TV in Holland is like

Okay so there’s this Dutch tv program named Temptation Island and there are two camps, a girl camp and a boy camp and they are all in a relationship with each other but this is like a sort of test. And there are like these seducers and one night this girl get’s the footage of her boyfriend cheating on her so she goes to the seducer in her camp and the seducers like: ‘you know what, your boyfriend is just to young to be a proper man like me.’ and then the girl asks how old he is and he says 25 and she just goes ‘my boyfriend is 26.’ 

This is the pearl that is Dutch television. This is what was on the news this morning.