young pong

Tom (In dramatic voice) : And the battle begins!
Tom (In dramatic voice) : Oh, my worthy opponent, are you prepared to ping the pong?
Marco (In dramatic voice) : I am prepared, young schezuan, your pong is no match for my ping
Tom (In dramatic voice): AWWWW, do your worst!! *serves*
Marco: HIYA! *Hits it back*
Tom : HIYA! * Hits it back*
Marco: HIYA * hits it so hard it breaks a window behind tom*
Marco: *Makes a panicked face*
Tom (In dramatic voice) : You smashed the window of transparency!


Wow Sorry furikass this took a while << plus I was a little lazy ahahaha oops

Here you go

Shadow - Thresher Shark - I made her a shark partially because Chase was a shark and you know shark family and stuff - uses her tail to stung her prey and can make U-turns, which is pretty wonderful for sharks. (/v\ I had problems on deciding what kind of bra she would wear, wanted her to go topless *shot*)

Ping Pong - Goldfish - Partially because of the glasses which reminded me of goldfish, and also since Omi is a Koi Fish, so they are similar enough other than their big round heads (plus goldfishes are cute >v<)

Chase just wanted a family walk with his children,pet Gecko dragon and whatever the hell omi is to him IDK YET but Shadow tried to keep it from happening by changing chases pants to pink then inviting jack to go on their walk. It didn’t work as now they are on their walk and chase is internally threatening to kill jack for touching him so much.
Xiaolin Dragons
A graphic novel for people who love dragons, drones, ghosts and Kung Fu! A NEW mystical adventure from XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN!

Xiaolin Chronicles didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, but I’m still eager to see what they plan on doing with this. I may even send in some money. Maybe this new series will bring the Xiaolin fandom out of the ashes. If you’re a fan of Xiaolin, at least take a look at this page.