young pong

Tom (In dramatic voice) : And the battle begins!
Tom (In dramatic voice) : Oh, my worthy opponent, are you prepared to ping the pong?
Marco (In dramatic voice) : I am prepared, young schezuan, your pong is no match for my ping
Tom (In dramatic voice): AWWWW, do your worst!! *serves*
Marco: HIYA! *Hits it back*
Tom : HIYA! * Hits it back*
Marco: HIYA * hits it so hard it breaks a window behind tom*
Marco: *Makes a panicked face*
Tom (In dramatic voice) : You smashed the window of transparency!
Xiaolin Dragons
A graphic novel for people who love dragons, drones, ghosts and Kung Fu! A NEW mystical adventure from XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN!

Xiaolin Chronicles didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, but I’m still eager to see what they plan on doing with this. I may even send in some money. Maybe this new series will bring the Xiaolin fandom out of the ashes. If you’re a fan of Xiaolin, at least take a look at this page.