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New study: Voting barriers suppressed non-white and young voters in the 2016 election

  • In key states, including Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin, millennials had to fill out provisional ballots in outsized numbers.
  • That’s according to research funded by Craigslist founder Craig Newmark’s foundation.
  • The survey found that efforts to erect obstacles to voting had a “disproportionate impact on non-white and younger voters.”
  • Nearly one in four millennials polled had to vote with provisional ballots — usually as a result of a question about eligibility
  • That’s compared to just 6% of Baby Boomers and 2% of the older Greatest Generation.
  • “The poll suggests ways that the voices of people of color and younger voters have been effectively suppressed.”
  • Issues arose for millennial voters and people of color both in places with new voting restrictions — a result of the Supreme Court gutting the 1965 Voting Rights Act — as well as those without. 
  • Technological obstacles often played a role, as in Michigan, where there were reports of widespread voting machine failures. Read more

Obama commits to defending his legacy on race with black men and boys

  • President Barack Obama spoke before an audience of mostly black and Latino men and boys at the White House Wednesday.
  • In the speech, he committed to defending one of the crowning racial justice initiatives of his historic administration.
  • My Brother’s Keeper, launched in 2013, is a $350 million private-public partnership that leverages the resources of philanthropic groups, businesses and the federal government to provide mentorship and jobs to black and Latino young men.
  • It is one of the only initiatives launched by the country’s first black president that is focused on racial justice. Read more

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Why are we even surprised anymore? Anything these people hear, that they don’t agree with, they say it’s fake news.

I am endlessly troubled by “It’s not your place” rhetoric - you’re too young to be political, shut up. Singers actors artists should stick to what they’re good at and keep their opinions to themselves. How many times do we see “You need to keep to what you’re doing and stay out of politics.”

It is a very strange and yet effective silencing technique. Know your place. You’re not here to have a voice, you’re here to entertain us. You’re too young to understand. You’re a millennial, what do you know?

It’s an odd thing to witness. The assumption that a voting member of society can’t have an opinion because you’d rather ignore it. You’d rather like to picture your actresses as anti-feminist. Your musicians as nonplussed by racism. You believe this media was made for you, specifically, and that they can ruin it when they say unequivocally: no it’s not. You believe that the opinion of the youth is irrelevant even when they inherit the planet. You believe that anyone who speaks up against you is out of line.

Which begs the question. Who is allowed to have a voice? Who is allowed to speak up? You silence those with large platforms and dismiss the small ones. Do we all just turn a our head and stay out of politics? Leave it for the lawyers and politicians?

What’s wild is that the answer isn’t even yes to that. There are people evidently more deserving of office even if they’re unqualified, and we all know what that looks like now. And there are women who should have just stayed out of politics. Know your place.
Cenk Uygur: We’re going to shred the Democratic establishment
The founder and host of 'The Young Turks' predicted Trump would win. But he says Tuesday's result gives him 'no joy."

“We just elected a madman, an incompetent monster as president of the United States,” Uygur said early Wednesday morning after wrapping up his election night broadcast. "I did see this coming but it gives me no joy. The reason I kept telling the Democratic party that there was an iceberg ahead is not that I wanted to hit it is i wanted to avoid it.”

Uygur was an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, though he ultimately voted for Hillary Clinton.

“Here’s who 100% responsible: the losers at the DNC and Hillary Clinton and her entire staff, that’s who is responsible,” Uygur said. "We were right and they were wrong. We said pick Bernie Sanders who had a lead over Trump, but in their incompetence and corruption they said no, we all want to have jobs and Hillary will give us a job even though she’s demonstrably the worst candidate according to the polling.”

Uygur said he’s “expecting an apology” come Wednesday morning from the DNC, and said Clinton’s loss can’t be blamed on him.

“No one attacked Trump better than I did. I did 100 segments called ‘Loser Donald” in the 100 days leading up to the election. 100 videos that amassed 20 million views,” he said.

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You can’t just tell young people for the first 18 years of their lives that their political opinions are worthless or nonexistent, and then afterwards expect them to be totally politically engaged and wonder why some of them aren’t. It doesn’t work that way. If we want to decrease political apathy, we have to start as soon as possible. Make it known to young people that their political voices matter.


TYT Politics: Women’s March Grabs Trump By The Pu**Y

If it can be said that President Donald Trump’s backlash movement was intended to prevent America from becoming America, the Women’s March on Washington sent a message loud and clear: a women-empowered, multi-racial democracy is inevitable in the United States, and, despite what Trump has promised, non-negotiable.


The Young Turks:  Hey CNN Have You Heard Of #NoDAPL?