Love letters.

Looking at you reminded me of everything sweet. It was like walking into a candy store but everything was named after you. I had a feeling that the store would give me a stomach ache but I’m pretty sure those are actually butterflies instead. I never would admit that I see you in my dreams and wake up wishing we lived in a movie so I could rewind one more time. Your eyes make me forget how much I loved the stars because you outshine them any day of the week. My name flows out of your mouth so lovely, like you were made to say it. There is an empty space in my bed that would fit you perfectly. I can almost see you laying there already, head back mid laugh, love has never looked so good. Cursive handwriting makes anything look more romantic, that’s what you told me last time. I think of you in pretty words and postage stamps and love letters sent in July.

Maybe you and I were never meant to be together. We had our chances to be together, but the time was never right. I know that we are still both young, but what if I have lost my chance to be with you because I was too scared to admit what I felt about you?

in the beginning,
i loved your copper hair
i loved the way you flexed your arms and the way you used to stare
and then i fell,
i fell for the constellation of freckles on your face
and the little crease by your eyes when you’d smile
i looked into the pools of green in front of me
which held the storms of time,
the storms you let me see.
you touched me, felt me, as if i was oxygen and you couldn’t breathe.
and then the clouds disappeared
and the sun came out
because the storm had consumed me,
wrecked me
i was just a piece of debris caught up in your affairs
and i realised why hurricanes were named after people

- // hurricane
a.j.e (via @smells-like-teensluts)

Tell society no.
Demand respect.
Burn like the brightest fire you’ve ever seen.
Glow like the sun itself is burning beneath your skin.
For once be the opposite of graceful.

Don’t become “just a girl”,
Become a statement.

—  international women’s day
Loving the wrong person is what I am scared of. I was never scared of loving another human being, I never was.
—  If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.
Do you ever sit and think about how you were never anyones first choice. No one saw you and thought ‘I need her in my life’ from the get go, it was never like that, it was more of checking every other option off then settling for you…
—  You don’t deserve to be the one they just settle for. {G.M}
You didn’t want to hurt me, but you did. I was falling for you harder than I anticipated and you couldn’t catch me. I will miss you for all the time we will be apart. I hope that you will find yourself and heal. It was selfish for me to want you to feel the same way for me when you clearly not ready. I’ve got closer to you these past few weeks. You can’t just expect me to let it all go just like that. However, I do want it all to go back to the way it was. Where it was all simple, where it was just you and me; I want my best friend back.
—  how did we end up like this?