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Electric Heart, Ch. 1

In which Petunia has a Quirk and Lily doesn’t, and that is really the start of everything.

Petunia Evans manifested her Quirk at the tender age of three. It  wasn’t anything fancy, all she did was get the mess she’d made eating off of her bib, and her parents registered it as a ‘Cleaning Quirk’. That wasn’t quite what it was, but she didn’t question it until later. Neither did her parents, as they were busy preparing for the birth of Petunia’s little sister.

Little Lily Evans was a lovely child, and Petunia loved her fiercely. They’d play together, would read hero magazines with riveted attention and obsess over news reports.

“Just wait until I get my Quirk!” Lily would chirp. “I’ll be the strongest hero! My name’s gonna be Tiger Lily!”

“We’ll be heroes together,” Petunia would vow.

“But your Quirk is Cleaning,” the younger Evans would then frown.

“I’ll find a way.” Petunia was young and stubborn in those innocent times. The only thing that would change about that in coming years was her age.

“It’s a promise!” Lily would cheer.

But Lily Evans never manifested a Quirk, and while she still aspired to be a hero, her heart didn’t seem to be in it anymore. But Petunia never forgot that promise, and in her idealistic child’s mind, she never considered the possibility that Lily might.

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James meets Lily's family for the first time headcannons?

James meets the Evans family:

  • Naturally, young Petunia doesn’t approve. She wants nothing to do with more magic folk.
  • Lily’s parents, however, get used to him very fast. 
  • They already know that if Lily likes him, he must be a good person, because that girl’s judgement is on point. He still worries though.
  • Because this is Lily’s parents, don’t fuck this up Prongs, and he tries to be as charming as possible.
    • “Hello Mr and Mrs Evans, I’m glad to finally meet you. Oh no, I can hang up my jacket by myself, it’s no trouble!”
  • He sits down with them, they ask him about what he’s doing after school, and he says he’s going to fight in the war to stop Voldemort an help the world.
  • And these two parents know that he’s a great boy now, because he doesn’t say he wants to fight for his future, he just wants to make everyone’s future brighter.
  • Lily is ecstatic that James is trying his best to make sure that her parents approve of him so that they can be together, necessary or not.
  • They have some tea, joke and laugh, and all is well.

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1/2 Okay but imagine this: Harry and Draco competing for the snitch, as per usual, and Harry is so intent on his race with Draco that when Draco jerks to a stop he instinctively does as well, confused and concerned. Draco barely stops in time to avoid getting a bludger to the face, and it whizzes by so close it grazes his cheek just barely. Honestly, it doesn't even hurt, but it startled him so much he can't move for a second, and almost feels tears in his eyes just from the anxiety it inspires,

2/2 and Harry can see how frightened he is and is worried he was hurt, and in a panic he remembers that when Dud was young Petunia would kiss his injuries to stop him crying and he just flies over and says, scared the other boy might be really hurt and misreading fear for pain, “Don’t worry, It’s fine, see? Better.” And kisses his cheek where a faint scratch is and Draco is so shocked. Harry catches the snitch, but Draco still feels like a winner when he touches his cheek where he was kissed.

THIS IS SO CUTE I LITERALLY JUST MADE THE WEIRDEST SOUND AH imagine this like becoming a habit between them.. you know.. just going up to one another and exchanging lil kisses when something is wrong.. because that’s totally what archenemies do, it’s how they rol l 

Jily vs Snily

Jily: James actually loved Lily, James’ attempts to get her to date him were persistent, Lily actually loved James (after a while), when Lily finally did go on a date with James he was ecstatic, they both cared about each other, the got together, they got married, they had a child, they died for each other and their family, they loved each other.

Snily: Severus knew Lily since they were young, when Petunia was teasing Lily Severus protected her, Severus cared for Lily, when they went to Hogwarts they were separated and Severus hated that, Severus was bullied for seven years by a boy that the girl he ‘loved’ was falling for, Severus talked shit about the Marauders when he was with Lily, Severus tried his hardest to get back at James, Severus called Lily a mudblood, Lily gave up on her friendship with Severus, when Lily died Severus was in pain, Severus only went to the light side because he was obsessed with Lily, Severus bullied Harry because he was his fathers son, Severus never forgave James even after school, Severus died in 1997 still hating a man he could have forgiven, he brought his hatred for James into adulthood and hated an innocent child because his childhood enemy was just being a teenager. And he only waned to bang Lily.

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Can you do Harry and Ginny and ♖:Having their hair washed by your muse? one of them washing each other's hair :)

I know that the haircut scene is movie-verse only but BEAR WITH.

Harry had never really given much thought to washing his hair. When he’d been very young, Aunt Petunia had washed it for him, which had mostly involved yanking and tugging and very cold water and stinging chemicals in his eyes. As soon as he was old enough to open the shampoo bottles by himself, she’d made him wash his own hair and, like brushing his teeth or putting on clothes every morning, it just because a practical task, something that was just done, nothing special.

At least until two weeks after the war’s end, when Ginny had fixed his hair with a Look over the breakfast table and told him that today she was going to sort it out, once and for all. His time on the run had left it tangled, knotted and dirty, and even living back in a proper house with actual sanitation (a luxury he still wasn’t over) it hadn’t recovered yet. Physically, the rest of his wounds were well on their way to healing: he’d been lucky, in the end, to escape with mostly superficial injuries to his body. His mind was a different story, however, and his hair seemed to want to reflect that. It looked as terrible as his nightmares felt. No matter how much he washed it, it would not get clean. It was as though his hair was trying to be a metaphor for his whole mind, he tried to explain to Ginny.

“Alright, Lady Macbeth,” she said, filling a bowl with warm water.

She led him out onto the yard, sitting him in a garden chair and wrapping a towel around his neck. Then, she got to work. She rinsed and shampooed his hair over and over, working her fingers through the knots and tangles with such ease and gentleness that it was almost like having a massage, so far removed was it from the rough scrubbings Aunt Petunia used to give him. She was tender and patient but thorough, and as she rinsed, again and again and again, Harry felt as though it was more than just his hair she was fixing.

The water stayed at just the right temperature, warm but not too hot, and she was using her own shampoo, the smell comfortingly familiar to him. The sun warmed his face, and the only sounds he could hear were the chickens clucking around them in the garden, the occasional bumblebee humming lazily past them. They were the only two people in this world, and if he closed his eyes, he could pretend, just for a moment, that everything that had happened, hadn’t.

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severus snape?

OOOOOOooooooOOOoooOOOh boy okay here we go.

  • How I feel about this character

So I’ll start by saying that Snape’s childhood was really sad. He didn’t deserve such malicious bullying towards him. That being said, I don’t think he ever deserved for Lily to reciprocate his love for her because it was so selfish. Snape didn’t consider any of the people that Lily cared for: he made a tree branch fall on a young Petunia and hurt her, he didn’t mind suggesting Lily be saved from Voldemort in exchange for the murder of her infant son and husband. And his mindset was so contradictory and frighteningly obsessive - he was so in love with Lily yet he could not put aside his prejudices towards muggle-borns. He aspired to be a death eater. I think he did amazing things in the war, however I think he really only did them in an attempt to reconcile his inability to save Lily, and not because he truly believed that it was the right thing to do to fight against Voldemort.

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character

I don’t think I’ve ever thought of Snape being romantically involved with anyone besides Lily, and that was only because the idea of the couple made me sick to the stomach.

  • My non-romantic OTP for this character

His loyalty to Dumbledore after defecting from the death eaters definitely made for interesting relationship, but I’m not sure I’d call it an OTP.

  • My unpopular opinion about this character

It was so wrong and creepy of him to tear apart the photograph of the Potters and only keep the part Lily was in. It really created a visual representation of how much he disregarded her feelings and loved ones. (idk if that’s unpopular but its not as commonly discussed)

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

That he’d learned to disregard pureblood fanaticism and the dark arts?? That he’d understood how to love someone while still accepting their free will??

Send me a character for this!

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Lindsey, what do you think Lily's flaws were? And do you think the prejudice was widely outspoken during her time? Idk, is it like Hermione's or more?

Oh, darling, you made my day with this.

Lily is revered as Saint Lily Potter in our fandom. Always the Mary Sue, never the real-and-complex-character-with-flaws.

That’s not entirely fair, many people write brilliant Lily. (cough*Katie*cough)

Now I love and adore Lily. I am self-appointed captain of my own Lily EP Defense Squad (aren’t we all?).

But she is not perfect.

I was joking with Ida about this the other day because we very clearly  and very easily see her canon flaws. I said something like give Lily a real flaw, not something you’d tell a prospective employer in a job interview.

So, some of Lily’s canon flaws?

Let me say that not all of these are ‘flaws’ in the sense that they’re horrible or I hate them. Some of them are my favorite things about her. They’re just things that make her a slightly less than perfect/moral person.

1. She can be a snob/prim.

“‘That’s not a very nice thing to say to somebody!’ She turned, nose in the air, and marched off toward her sister…The sisters considered him, united in disapproval…” -Lily to Snape, Prince’s Tale, SWM


“Lily sat up, rather flushed, and looked from James to Sirius in dislike. ‘Come on, Severus, let’s find another compartment.’ James and Sirius imitated her lofty voice..” -Lily, Prince’s Tale, SWM


“Harry saw Sirius move up the bench to make room for her. She took one look at him, seemed to recognize him from the train, folded her arms, and firmly turned her bakc on him.” -Prince’s Tale, SWM

I maintain that this was mostly in her younger years, largely under Petunia’s influence. In fact, you can see, if you read Prince’s Tale, how very desperately Lily loves her sister, wants her approval and love, and most of her snobbishness, which adult Petunia Dursley is famous for, can be attributed to that. I think this is one of the things she largely grew out of as she grew up.

2. She has a quick temper.

Obviously she has quick temper. Does this need to be proven, canonically?

In SWM she tells off James.

In the Prince’s Tale, she tells off Snape multiple times for multiple reasons, both before and after SWM.

She loses her temper with young Petunia when she calls her a freak.

She loses her temper with young Snape when he hurts Petunia.

She’s the one to stand up and leave the compartment on the train.

I’m not saying that she is an irrational, hateful, spiteful person who can never keep her cool ever. It’s actually the opposite-she’s provoked almost every one of these times. It’s not like she’s flying off the handle at every little thing, you know? She’s vivacious, cheeky, according to Slughorn, and quick witted, as proven in her letter to Sirius. I think sort of the territory of all those things is having a bit of quick temper and it has a lot less to do with being a bitch and a lot more to do with not being afraid of people and not taking bullshit.

3. She has a bit of a cruel/vindictive streak.

 “And I’d wash your pants if I were you, Snivellous.” -Lily, to Snape, SWM, OOTP

I’m not saying Snape didn’t deserve that, because I absolutely believe that he did. Lily is completely in line for responding the way she did-I probably would have punched him. But what she does here is hit him with a triplefold attack on what she knew as his mate were his deepest insecurities. She brought up that he’s poor, that he doesn’t take care of himself, and in calling him the name that James & Sirius always used, she affirmed that she agreed with them. And she did this all very publicly. She said that last word with special emphasis-hence the italics. She used Snivellous on him like he used mudblood on her, a curse word, effectively ending her friendship with him the same way he did for her. She could have just said bugger off, it’s over, or nothing at all. Instead, she essentially fuck you to hell on a broken pogo stick (with style).


“I wouldn’t go out with you if it was a choice between you and the giant squid.“ -Lily, SWM, OOTP

“Messing up your hair because you think it looks cool to look like you’ve just got off your broomstick, showing off with that stupid Snitch, walking down corridors and hexing anyone who annoys you just because you can-I’m surprised your broomstick can get off the ground with that fat head on it. You make me SICK.” -Lily, SWM, OOTP

Again. She could have, you know, just told him no. She went after the fact that she’d rather go out with the most repulsive thing in sight-the giant squid-than him, publicly blasted his personality faults, and, lowest blow of them all, insulted his broomstick.  The horror.


“‘You didn’t think it ws such a freak’s school when you wrote to the headmaster and begged him to take you.’ Petunia turned Scarlet. ‘Beg? I didn’t beg!’” -Lily to Petunia, The Prince’s Tale, DH

Now, again, she could have just walked away, taken the high road, but she didn’t. She preyed on her sister’s insecurity here-lashed out at it, wanted Petunia to know that she knew about the letter.


I will never not bring up Petunia and the damn vase. She is delighted that the hideous vase was broken from Harry’s broom and was laughing her ass off about it in a letter to Sirius.

I think it’s really important to note here that Lily didn’t start any of these confrontations-it was in retaliation every time she bit back after being provoked. She didn’t strike first, she just didn’t walk away gracefully. I think that counts for something.

4. She bends the social norms/rules/laws/whatever. They’re more like guidelines.

Jumping off the swing as a nine year old, despite the fact that her mum forbade it and testing the limits of this magic, despite the fact that it freaks her sister out.

She gives zero fucks that she is a Gryffindor and her best friend is a Slytherin despite the fact that it just isn’t done andthat her friends don’t understand, at all, why she maintains it.

She married a marauder, for fuck’s sake, and an illegal animagus to boot. It didn’t bother her.

She fought in a subversive vigilante group that operated outside the law.

She had zero problems with James using the invisibility cloak, despite the fact that they were supposed to be in hiding.

There are more-that Lily can hold a grudge, that the disintegration of her relationship with Petunia wasn’t entirely Petunia’s fault, that her sentimentality/love made her overlook things she shouldn’t have in Snape…but this is more than enough. :)


Lily does have flaws.

The extent of these flaws? I can’t say.

We’re told that everyone loves Lily, so these couldn’t have been her primary traits. In fact, we see them come out most in the two people with whom she has the most complicated and volatile relationships-Snape and Petunia. Which, you know, definitely leads me to believe it was more isolated to them than the Lily is a bitch aaaggghhh we see so often in ff.

But, yeah, this is what Jo gives us.

What do you mean, you still haven’t watched it?!!!

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Instant Idiot (Just Add Water!) “with standards” Lord Poshington Granty and his flaming gonads!


Baudelaire and Shakespeare like you never heard them before


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  • the essence of petunia
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  • Heterosexual tension of the planetary scale




You’re gonna cry like a little girl, even if you are a little girl.


Sorry I’ve run out of exclamation marks

rly tired of people demonizing petunia evans without thinking about it…. like lily got her hogwarts letter when petunia was probably about 13. that means she grew up in a household where her sister was special and she wasn’t. (“but for my mother and father, oh no, it was lily this and lily that, they were proud of having a witch in the family!”) the early teens are such critical years, especially for young girls, and petunia quite possibly based the entirety of her self-worth off of the fact that she didn’t have magic, like her sister. and because of all of the wizarding secrecy laws, she wasn’t allowed to talk about how she felt to anyone who would listen.

of course, the way petunia treats harry is horrible and disgusting, but it’s very likely that the reason she did what she did was because she wanted to feel valued by someone (vernon, who was often harsher towards harry and the magical world than petunia ever was). when we first meet her, we don’t see her act in a way that’s anything but cruel to harry, but that is after ten years of balancing fragile power dynamics within the dursley household. not to mention the fact that vernon was a controlling, abusive, sexist, and racist husband who probably further perpetuated petunia’s feelings of inadequacy by constantly putting down her nephew and family to her face.