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Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!

reminder that jeno is not just a visual prince but also an amazing dancer 

OPEN LETTER....................

To Epic Records and Syco Entertainment,

Let me start by saying, you are two Labels in the Music Industry who sign young talent who want nothing more than a chance to make their dreams come true. On the face of it, that should garner you appreciation from the young talent and the fans who rally behind said young talent. That should be a wonderful trait that you possess, to want to make young people’s dreams come true. Unfortunatly, I can’t give you the accolades you think you so rightly deserve. Instead of taking young talent and working diligently to make them successful in the field of their talent and life dream, you suck the life blood out of them, and squeeze every cent you can make out of them. You turn them into “literal slaves”.

If that abhorrent behavior wasn’t bad enough, you turn the younger impressionable fans into slaves, by manipulating them into doing your dirty work for you. The Music Industry sells more lies than it does actual music. You create false narratives and PR stunts, to change images and boost numbers. It’s not something new. You have been doing it, as an Industry, for decades. It has simply become a lot easier with the help of the internet and Social Media.

I single the two of you out, not because you are the only soul sucking Labels that exist, but because you are the Labels who have contractual control over five of my favorite young female artists. They are not the first young artists you have taken advantage of, and they won’t be the last, unfortunately.

The truth is, you don’t have to destroy young people’s innocence. You don’t have to bleed their souls, or destroy their spirits. You don’t have to kill their passion. You don’t have to do any of these things, to help them become successful artists. YOU CHOOSE TO. What’s worse, you all work together to do it.

I am just a fan blog, who writes theories and tries to educate the fans about the dark side of the Music Industry. You know, the side you make everyone and their dog sign a NDA to keep their mouths shut about.

If the fans and GP knew just how much the big three work together to remain the big three, it would boggle their minds. People don’t even question how a world wide Industry, that used to be made up of thousands of independently owned record labels, first became the big six, then became the big three, If they knew just how much Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group, worked together to remain a Big Three, they would have a better understanding of the dark side of the Industry.

There are some goodhearted people out there, who are in positions of power, who actually put the well-being of their signed artists first. Those are hard to find though. Most of you are all about the money. I understand, that’s how business works. If you’re not making money, they’re not making money. I know you take a chance on investing on young talent, but you always make sure you find a way to at least break even on that investment. It’s usually hidden in the fine print of the contracts.

I get that it’s business. What I don’t get, is the way you go about destroying people from the inside out, to make that business a success. You perfected the art of doing just that, on the young and impressionable people with a love for music and the talent to chase their dreams. In the case of my favorites, you took five young talented ladies who decided to take a leap of faith and chase their passion and dream, and you managed to, in the span of less than five years, make them question their passion for music, and wonder why they ever took a chance on themselves.

You change their image, and make them conform into who you want them to became, because in your minds, they aren’t good enough as their true selves to make you top dollar. You sexualize young women, and have the audacity to disguise it as “women’s empowerment”  You parade the young women around in skimpy outfits and have them bumping and grinding on guys in music videos, even though they are uncomfortable doing so, because sex sells.

You create “feuds” between young girls, and female artists in general, because who doesn’t like a good cat fight. You do all this crap to create false narratives, and false images, not because you want whats best for the young talented female artist, but because you are an Industry run by greedy Bastards.

I wish I could just be a fan who could put my head down and simply enjoy the music, but I can’t because you lying manipulative misogynistic greedy fucks won’t change your ways. I’m going to keep trying to do what I’ve been doing. I’m sure you laugh at my efforts, so be it. I’m just one person trying to fight against a multi billion dollar machine.

I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, and you can laugh all the way to the bank. I just wanted to tell you YOU SUCK! If Epic folds, good, you deserved it. If Simon never does another damn talent show, good. You’ve sucked the life out of enough young souls. I really hope all five of the girls achieve their desired goals, and I hope they achieve that goal under any Label other than Epic/Syco. They deserve so much better.

Okay, I’m managing to do this during a hurricane and flooding so literally nothing can stop me because its bae’s birthday. I don’t know how to make fancy edits and gifs but I do know how to do this.  So LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO!

Dear, Kim Namjoon, 💗

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First, I have to thank you for everything you do. I cannot stress that enough. 💘

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From being the beautiful and fearless leader of BTS, 💓

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To producing, composing and writing amazing works of music that truly bring tears to all of your ARMY’s eyes, 💕

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And to being the amazing, dorky, and intelligent man you are, Namjoon. You inspire so many young people to follow their dreams because of your drive and passion. You’re really something special. 💖

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You always bring a smile to my face on my darkest days and I’m so happy and proud to say that you’re my ultimate bias. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. I will actually fight someone for you. 💚

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I wish you nothing but happiness and success in the furthest future. I want you to reach all your goals and go to bed without a worry in your head. I want you to be happy and take care of yourself because it’ll literally kill my heart if you’re in any kind of pain. 💛

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There’s a high chance of you not seeing this, but I want you to know that if you ever feel alone just know that ARMYs love you so much and we’re here with you. All the way to the end of the road. 💜

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I love, support, appreciate and cherish you. 💞

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Happy birthday, my lovely Kim Namjoon. ❤️

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Memories by Irina Dzhul

[[Warning, I’m dyslexic! Grammar problems]]

Title: Feeling special.

I’ve been swimming since I live next to a indoor pool, my mother was professional swimmer and I gonna be the next. I was the best in my team and won ton gold medals “you’re amazing just like your mother” my teammate said, but I don’t want to be her.. I want to be me. I cut my short to not match my mother, but still they said I just like her…

My father work at a little company who helps young people to find their dream, I saw her just same age like me “sorry, my father is bit late” I said and bows to her “right” she said and sitting down on the couch. When I finish packing my swimwear and walk though her, she was still alone. I couldn’t let her wait so I asked “will you see me swimming? We live next to a indoor pool” and become embarrassing, but she nodded and took her bag with her.

“It’s look like nobody here today?” I said and took my clothes off. “Nice body you got there” she said made me jump “ah, right.. Thanks” I said, it’s not first I heard it. All my teacher, teammate, classmates and my friends said it but they add ‘just like your mother’. I look at her and she look bored “I got some extra swimwear, wanna swim with me?” I asked, started to blush and then the strange beautiful smile come out from her face “really? Thanks” she said and took the swimwear.

Her body look also good and the swimwear suit her very well. I couldn’t take my eyes from her and when she noticed it, she just smile at me. “You’re good to swim? I heard your mother was professional swimmer, so you wanna be like her?” She asked and I look bit sad “no.. I want to swimmer too, but not as XXX perfect daughter, I want to be me” I said and look down.

She come closer to me, lay her arm around me “why talk like this? You can’t be your mother, because you’re you, thank for invited me.. I have always wanted a friend to share hobbies with me” she said and couldn’t stop look into her beautiful eyes.

We look each other’s eyes and we couldn’t see what happen around us. She just took me into her arms in the romantic way.

-the end-

'Despacito' singers veto Venezuelan leader's campaign remix

CARACAS, Venezuela — There’s a new take on the hit Latin pop song “Despacito.” And this one is not garnering accolades from its producers.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro premiered a remix of the song by Puerto Rican duo Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee Sunday, transforming the record-setting single about a slow, romantic seduction into a campaign jingle for his contested constitution rewrite.

“For the unity and peace of our country,” the remix begins. “The constituent assembly moves forward.”

Fonsi and Daddy Yankee took to social media Monday to veto the new spin on their song, which recently became an even bigger hit with a remix featuring Justin Bieber.

“My music is for everyone to listen to and enjoy, not to be used as propaganda that intends to manipulate the will of a people who are screaming for their liberty and a better future,” Fonsi said in a message posted to his Twitter account.

“What can you expect from a person who has robbed the lives of so many young people filled with dreams?” Daddy Yankee said on Twitter, along an image picturing a news story about Maduro’s take on the song crossed out in red. “That you illegally appropriate a song (Despacito) doesn’t compare with the crime you commit and have committed in Venezuela.”

Maduro is pressing forward with his pledge to hold a July 30 election to select delegates to a special assembly that will be tasked with rewriting the troubled nation’s constitution despite international outcry and a protest movement that has left at least 97 dead.

More than 7.5 million Venezuelans recently voted in a symbolic referendum against the constituent assembly and the opposition has vowed to hold a 48-hour strike in protest this week.

Opposition leaders fear Maduro will use the constitution rewrite to further consolidate his power and silence any critical voices.

Supporters of the president swayed to the catchy remix while dressed in matching T-shirts and baseball caps featuring campaign slogans Sunday. Maduro often sings and dances while giving forceful speeches aired on state television.

“Is that video approved?” he asked after the song concluded.

“Yes!” the crowd responded in unison.

Panamanian singer Erika Ender, who composed the song with Fonsi, also gave thumbs down to the new recording.

“To see a song that I co-wrote used without permission to promote campaigns tied to the regime that has a country unhappy and suffering, far from making me happy, enrages me,” she wrote on Instagram.

Jorge Rueda, The Associated Press

You Can Call Me Monster {Zhang Yixing}

Note: So I had two Yixing requests and I thought they’d tie in well together. However, as I’ve stated in other reactions I don’t write smut, so it’s implied but it’s not graphic {I’m sorry if this really isn’t what you were looking for.} Either way, here’s the drabble I hope you enjoy! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

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{y/n} loves her job. Undoubtedly. Every single working day she finds herself surrounded by her passion and amazingly talented people alike. It’s amazing really, and her work is always appreciated - always complimented and always recognised for own distinctive artistic style.

Her artistic makeup hand is very unique to her, and a lot of people can recognise her work just by seeing it.

Usually at work, she’s surrounded by young, fresh faced models that are new in the industry of television, film and music. Usually she finds herself engaging with young aspiring people who have dreams bigger than life. She’d worked with artists that are known nationally today, but back then were barely known in the town. She’d done makeup on the likes of Jung so-min before her big break in acting, she’d also worked alongside artists such as Monsta X that were now making it big in the musical world, she’d even worked with EXO during their early era.

It was uncommon for her to come back to those faces, but today was different. Today she was in for the shock of her life.

“{y/n} the model is here. You need to start on makeup, the shoot starts in 30 minutes.” An important man in the business called, running with an important looking stack of documents on a clipboard with a man in dark clothing stood behind him.

The man behind him stepped forward, presenting his incredibly good looks to her as the corner of his lips turned up to smirk.

“{y/n}, right? We meet again.”

{y/n} recognized him instantly, but the voice alone was enough to recall the image of the Zhang Yixing that she once knew. He used to look so much younger, a face with childlike features and a body slightly toning in some areas. He used to be much shyer too, his cheeks flushed with a crimson blush that dusted around his single dimple.

But that single dimple was the only thing he kept with him after all these years.

He’d matured majorly. His face was toned with defined cheekbones, hair that was already stylishly swooping across the flawless skin of his forehead. He seemed taller now too, and toned on his chest which was revealed very kindly by the tight white shirt and clinged his torso.

“You remember well. It’s been a long time.” you stated, Bowing in his direction respectfully.

“I don’t think I could ever forget.” the wink he conjured was beautiful, and it flooded back memories into your mind.

“Yeah… well we should get started. Take a seat please Mr Zhang.”  

“Come on {y/n}, you know me better than that.” He smirked at you, whispering a “much better,” beside your ears on the way down to sitting on the chair. The heat I his breath brushed your neck, and it sent a shot of sparks through your veins.

“In other words, call me Yixing.” He stated as you pulled out the equipment that you needed.

“Alright, Yixing.”

And so {y/n} got to work. Perhaps she was a little more shaky handed than usual, but that didn’t stop her from making Yixing’s already beautiful face look like a masterpiece from a museum.

Each and every of his features was brought out and defined, creating the beautiful imagery they wanted for the Monster concept. His eyes were dark and mysterious, so gorgeous they could pull any man or woman alike, yet so dark and belittling they were almost deadly.

His cheekbones had been brought out, sharp as blades and his lips were red and sexual, but menacing in all the right lighting. A few bruise illusions had been made on his face, enhancing the overall look of a Monster.

He looked amazing, and {y/n} was finding her heart wasn’t the only thing shaking, her heart was racing like the beat of a drum.

“You’re all done.” You informed him finally.

“Great.” He stood up, barely giving his appearance in the mirror a look. He took your hand, and before you knew it, you were following his footsteps like it was second nature.

“What are you doing? The shoot is that way, and I’m not supposed to come with you-”

“I never said I was going to the shoot, {y/n}.” He seemed to smirk again, but with the make up on his face it made him look darker, more powerful and dominating, it was almost intimidating, but in the best way.

He lead you to an unused cupboard, his eyes trailing the corridor to ensure the coast was clear before opening the door and pushing you inside.

“Someone’s going to see us!” You protested as he joined you inside, locking the door with the click of the lock.

“There’s no one around here. Plus CCTV doesn’t pinpoint this part of the building. I’ve done my homework {y/n}”

You swallowed hard. The room was pitch black, but the hot breath tickling your neck reassured you that Yixing was still there. The look of his irresistible eyes and lips burned at the front of your mind.  

“Why?” You questioned, and you imagined the smirk playing at his lips again, getting your heart rate up to the maximum.

“Because when I found out you’d be here, I knew I had to see you.”

All the memories you’d tried to push back came flooding back through. Images of you both younger and stupidly in love, to the sneaking around and the childish dreams of happy endings, to being forced apart by management, your hearts both ripped out and thrown and burnt to the ground. You never saw him after that, him being back finally hit you right where it hurt.

“I’m not the same person anymore, Yixing. I’m older now, I’m not stupid, and I know where I stand.”

“Do you still love me?” He questioned, and it was so blunt it nearly knocked the wind out of you.


“You said you were older and not stupid, but you never said you’ve moved on.” He stated, he’d always been direct about things, and hated sugarcoating, but now you had it all back it was so overwhelming like a flood, a tsunami of feelings washing you up.

“I haven’t moved on… I know I should have.” You admit to him, it’s always hard lying to Yixing, even after all this time.

“I haven’t either. You have no idea how many nights I’ve nearly texted or called. Sometimes I’d consider taking one of the other members phone and texting you, pretending I’m them just to make sure you’re okay. You know?” The sincerity in his voice was flowing through. It was truthful, and you knew it because Yixing had never been a good liar, not ever, he didn’t have it in him.

“So what are you saying?” You questioned.

“I’m saying that I want you back {y/n}. I’m saying that I want you and screw anyone who says differently. Back then, management had be tied to puppet strings, but I’m cutting those ties now. And I want them all attached to you. I still love you.”

You opened your mouth to respond, but no words were speakable, so you closed your mouth again. You’d never been good with words, so you used what actions you could make to prove your emotions. You raised your jaw and pressed a kiss to his lips.

The kiss was light, but barely moments later it was much more passionate, and before you could account for what you were doing, you instincts took over, and heat increased.

Touching, kissing, moans… you didn’t care as he coaxed you, you didn’t care if anyone heard.

Things escalated faster than time could tell.

He pushed you back to the old times, feeling like you were higher than the sky with every inch he pressed inside of you, not just with the obvious, but also with love and feeling.

Tears were building in your eyes as the two of you came to a finish. Heavy pants filling the small space of the cupboard as you pulled items of clothing back on to your body.

Yixing waited, then pulled you into a hug. “I wasn’t expecting that, but I’m certainly not complaining.” He chuckled.

You laughed lightly. “I feel the same.”

Yixing pressed a kiss to your forehead. “After this shoot I’m taking you out for dinner.”

“I love how daring you are now.” You giggled, “This rebellious side is pretty hot.”

“Hey {y/n}, you can call me Monster.”