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SNK Characters as. . . SPONGEBOB QUOTES

Eren Jaeger

“Goodbye everyone, I’ll remember you all in therapy!”

Mikasa Ackerman

“Once upon a time, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end.”

Armin Arlert

“Knowledge cannot replace friendship. I’d rather be an idiot than lose you.”

Jean Kirstein

“A five letter word for happiness… money.”

Marco Bodt

“Am I a pretty girl?”

Annie Leonnhardt

“Can I be excused for the rest of my life?”

Reiner Braun

“Fine, I guess you’re gonna miss the… Panty Raid.”

Bertholdt Hoover



“Take it easy it’s just a drawing.”

Krista Lenz/Historia Reiss

“Ymir, go away! Can’t you see I’m trying to forget you?”

Sasha Blouse


Connie Springer

“East? I thought you said wheast.”

Erwin Smith

“Remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets.”

Levi Ackerman

“Hey pal. You just blow in from stupid town?”

Hanji Zoe

“Look at all the hip, young people eating sal…ads.”

Mike Zacharias

“Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells… Smelly.”

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  • 顽固 (wángù)-stubborn
  • 用功 (yònggōng)-diligent;studious
  • 胖 (pàng)-fat
  • 漂亮 (piàoliang)-pretty
  • 聪明 (cōngming)-smart
  • 笨 (bèn)-stupid
  • 帅 (shuài)-handsome
  • 矮 (ǎi)-short
  • 高 (gāo)-tall
  • 懒 (lǎn)-lazy
  • 丑 (chǒu)-ugly
  • 开通 (kāitong)-open minded; liberal
  • 大 (dà)-big
  • 小 (xiǎo)-small; young
  • 老 (lǎo)-old(used w/ people)
  • 新 (xīn)-new
  • 旧 (jiù)-old(used w/ objects)

myth-or-echo  asked:

I see you answering a lot of angry asks lately. I somehow missed the controversy they're talking about, but from your responses to the angry asks I just wanted to say it sounds like you're doing a good job learning from it, and also I'm glad to see you're back. You're hilarious. And I missed your corgi.

I get a ton of nice messages. Many more than the negative ones. However answering the nice ones publicly often seems boring or less compelling so I try to just respond to those privately as my energy allows. I don’t want people to get the idea that all I get are negative messages constantly. Sorry if anyone got that impression. 

I tend to air out the negative ones because it helps me deal with them. I can respond, publish, and after it is sent out into the world I get a sort of catharsis. The content of the message no longer festers inside me, creating a toxic mix of emotions that end up exacerbating my depression. This works for me, but it may not have the same effect on others. I’ve had one artist friend completely give up on tumblr because she couldn’t find an effective way to drown out the loud minority. And that makes me sad, but I respect her decision. 

I’ve made 2 major snafus in my tumblr career. 

A few years ago I was trying to explain how it’s hard for women to escape being harassed. It follows them around like a dark cloud. My best friend and I had discussed it shortly before and her stories of day to day life constantly dealing with unwanted attention from men really opened my eyes. But when speaking about it I got a little carried away. In a moment of sheer stupidity I ended up victim blaming a young man who shared his experience. I knew it was wrong the moment I hit publish and in a panic I tried to delete what I had said. Someone had screencapped it though, and there was no way to undo what I had said. 

I shouldn’t have deleted it in the first place. I should have owned up to it right away and apologized on the spot. I did my best to apologize to the young man. I publicly apologized to everyone as best I could. And I vowed to never victim blame any gender ever again. A promise I feel like I have kept. But it made some people pretty mad and even years later I guess they check my tumblr and send me messages telling me how terrible I am. I do wish we could move past this and come to some sort of resolution, but if them sending me angry messages once a year is my punishment, so be it. It’s really not that awful considering the stupid thing I said. I do think people who say I deserve to be sick and they are glad I am stuck in a bed take it too far. I wouldn’t wish my medical situation on anyone. 

My other mistake I feel was more of a misunderstanding. You might have heard of the famous M&M’s quote that got passed around like wildfire. It was a short blurb from a much longer post that someone turned into a graphic and published without any context. It made it seem like I told women to think of all men as monsters. My intention was actually to inform men that many women feel in order to be safe, they have to think of all men as dangerous in order to protect themselves. I didn’t say this was right or wrong. I just implied that this was a thing that was happening, largely due to a growing toxic rape culture. Women in my life would tell me they grip their keys between their fingers as they walked to their car at night. If a man approached they might try walking on the other side of the street. They would be super careful about their drinks in bars. Stuff like that. Should women fear all men by default in order to feel safe? I understand why some might, but I never really said that was the preferred solution to this problem. I just said it was happening as we speak and maybe we should deal with it. It was a complicated topic that was boiled down into a TL;DR of disastrous proportions. 

To make matters worse, my out of context quote was then changed to Skittles and the GOP used it to encourage people to fear muslims. People got SUPER angry at me then. That’s when the death threats started pouring in. People wishing I was dead. Telling me if I never existed then people wouldn’t fear muslims as much. Which I feel is probably a bit overboard. The GOP has no problems making idiots fear muslims. My little quote was not that integral to their “fear muslims” strategy. 

That’s a hard one to apologize for. While I am sorry it was perverted to do bad things, I’m not sure how much of that is my fault. I think having a discussion on the topic I originally spoke of was important, but I’m not sure the fallout from what happened was worth it. I suppose I just wish people could hate me for that without telling me I deserve to be sick or that I should die or that I should never have existed. 

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I can't stop thinking about the moment when Lucretia meets the boys for the first time during Moonlighting and sees them up close for the first time in ten years and realizes just how much she has really changed them and just how badly she has damaged Taako in particular

sigh. SIGH. god. why do you anons keep coming into my askbox with the exact situations i am obsessed with thanks for enabling me, darlings.

yeah! like! jesus. i dont think lucretia was able to keep track of the boys consistently - and she probably didn’t realize just how badly she had fucked ‘em up and how much the interval of time and what had happened to them….also fucked them up.

let’s fuckin talk about lucretia, who stares across her office at three of her very best friends in existence (here is merle, who patched her up a thousand times on a hundred worlds; here is magnus, who taught her hand-to-hand; here is taako, who teased her about her lack of cooking ability and taught her to make an omelette). And they look the same and they look different, they’re beat-up and wearing faerunian clothing instead of red jackets and they look at her like she’s a stranger, they stand like they’re wary, like they don’t quite trust each other or her, there’s no easy familiarity. she wants to wrap them in a hug, she wants to tell them she missed them.

but instead she speaks to them with the dramatic professionalism that people expect out of Madame Director (and she slips up, of course she slips up, how can she not? this is her family), and they speak back, and the dissonance increases. They’re different. There’s something wrong.  

Taako tells her that he’s an idiot and she’s startled enough to contradict him and he dismisses her with an easy humor, and that’s wrong, taako was always fiercely proud of his skills, him and lup, they were fuckin prodigies, they were two of the smartest people lucretia has ever known.

Her friends keep telling her that they’re incompetent. She doesn’t know what has happened to them. She wonders whether this is her fault. they’re all surface-level jokes and banter, but there’s no heart. they talk about destruction like it’s commonplace, like it doesnt matter (and by the end of the century, it was normal, but the first few worlds had wrecked all of them)

She offers them the test. Which of you is the smartest? Which of you is the strongest? And the bravest? The answer seems obvious to her — but they pick differently. and she knows they are not the same people she recalls in her memory.

…okay so pseudo-fic over, but i still have Thoughts so this answer is just gonna keep going the text train does! not! stop!

like. ive talked about this maybe a thousand times but christ, imagine lucretia realizing how much she royally fucked taako over. because magnus and merle get most of their childhoods intact, right? everything up until the journey. merle’s like a whole goddamn adult when the story begins, and so is magnus. but taako? taako gets lup erased. and i think it’s sufficiently established by the canon that lup and taako were, for a long time, both the biggest influences on each other and the only constant things in each other’s lives, and to take that away, like christ, no wonder taako’s furious at lucretia in the finale. here’s ripping out half his mental architecture, here’s getting rid of one of the lenses through which he perceives the world.

because well, the relationships you have as a kid and the way you learn to interact and socialize with others when you’re young define the way you end up interacting with people for the rest of your life, to some extent. so. of course erasing lup erases a lot of who taako is.

i think lucretia probably realizes this pretty quickly after the boys join the bureau – magnus and merle are a little off, but they’re a relatively straightforward extrapolation of the men she met on the starblaster, just arced in a different way. but taako? taako isn’t even like how she remembers him at the beginning. taako thinks he’s stupid, taako is mean, taako is careless and thoughtlessly cruel and refuses to care, taako is still immensely likable. but. there’s something absent there. and its not like he was a saint before, there’s superficial similarities between the man he was before and the man he is now, but once lucretia starts poking at the whole construct she realizes that he’s working from a completely different mindset than she remembers. i think she feels really bad about this. i think once taako remembers he’s not sure how to feel about the person he is without lup.

im probably overdramatizing. but. jesus. you know?

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‘ Jin, sweetheart…you’ve been wondering why I’ve been acting so weird these past couple of weeks, and I thought that now would be a better time to tell you than any other…I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a father :) ’

After reading the text you sent him, Jin nearly choked on air. He felt many emotions at once - from shock, to relief, to joy, he was just the epitome of happiness. Seeing his shocked expression, his hair dresser stared at him in confusion through the mirror, asking him if everything was alright. In the heat of the moment, and without hesitation, he shouts: I’m having a baby! Not even caring about the weird looks he was now receiving. 


‘ Don’t know if you’re awake or not but…when you get this, the reason I’ve been distant lately was because I didn’t know how to tell you this. Min Yoongi…I’m pregnant, with your child…get back to me when you can, take as long as you need to process all of this. I love you. ’

He didn’t even need to comprehend the rest, his mind was purely focused on those five words that changed his whole world for the better. ‘I’m pregnant, with your child,’ this was all that he ever wanted, to be a father - granted that it happened earlier than he had planned. But, it didn’t make him any less excited. The studio was surprisingly going to have to wait for tonight, as he grabbed his coat and keys and practically sprinted out the door to come home to you. After all, his family came first. 


‘ So, got back from the doctors and it turns out I’m not coming down with the stomach flu haha…nope. Turns out - funny thing - I’m 3 weeks pregnant. ’ 

Namjoon laughed as well for only a few seconds, until it finally hit him that you weren’t joking. He nearly fell off of his chair, luckily Taehyung and Jin were there to catch him and sit him up right, while the others merely stared at him with ‘wtf’ expressions. At first, they thought this was just Namjoon being Namjoon, but seeing that his attention hadn’t left his phone yet, they knew something was up. 

“You know how Y/n calls me daddy sometimes?…well she’s not going to be the only one pretty soon.” 


‘ I understand if you don’t want to stick around, because of ARMY and how big you guys are becoming in America and your dream is coming true. I don’t want this to make you feel like you have to do anything, I’m so sorry - I should’ve been more careful…Hoseok, I’m pregnant…we haven’t even mentioned kids, I don’t even know if you even planned on having any with me but…this is happening and I want to keep it and…I will support you in any decision you make. I love you. ’ 

The fact that you even felt the need to apologize for something so amazing is what hurt him the most. You’re about to give him something that he didn’t want from anyone else but you, of course he was going to stay. It broke his heart to think that you thought that this was your fault or that you ruined something for him, because that was far from true. ARMY understood that he loved you very much, and just because BTS was growing popular everyday didn’t mean he wouldn’t forget what was most important to him. After crying to his hyungs, they, too, were happy for him and you; even encouraging him to get on the next flight back to where you were so you two could talk in person. Because, come on - you can’t get rid of Jung Hoseok that easily. 


’ Hey, ChimChim! Hope rehearsal is going smoothly, and that you’re hydrated and well! Can’t wait to video chat tonight - im pregnant - and tell the boys i said hi !! Love you !! ’ 

He almost didn’t even catch the bomb you just dropped on him. Almost. Choking on the water he had in his mouth, everyone around him had to pat him on the back to re-open his windpipe, all exclaiming in alarm at what on earth caused him to choke. Not answering a single question being thrown at him, Jimin stared at the phone with both bewilderment and affection. A baby, a mini him and you, a child of his own…he wanted to be pinched, because he was sure that he was dreaming. It wasn’t until you sent an ultra sound a few minutes later that he finally lost his shit and started running around, screaming his head off while waving his phone in the air. The elders eventually got him to calm down as they boxed him in, allowing him to take a few deep breaths, as he stares deeply at the ultra sound. Prepare for some intense aegyo when you chat tonight~


‘ You know how you’ve always told me you loved kids, right? Well how does having one of your own sound? ’ 

Knowing Tae, you probably should have been a little more blunt with your big news; he merely stared at the text in slight confusion. 1) because it was a random thing to ask him on a Thurday afternoon, 2) why were you asking him that on a Thursday afternoon? After a long few minutes of him just sitting there, in his thoughts, a light bulb thankfully went off when he realized that today you were supposed to be visiting the doctor, due to you throwing up a lot lately. Now, if he remembered correctly from high school, sex made babies; and you two have definitely been active in that very activity. Throwing his arms up in victory, he was proud of himself for solving your ‘riddle’, soon letting you know that you just made him the happiest man in world. 


‘ Kookie, don’t freak out. I’ve taken like five tests today and they’ve all come out the same…I’m pregnant, and you’re gonna be a father. Like I said before, don’t freak out, I know this is a lot to take in, and I completely understand if you need time…’

Now, some people say that because of his age, he would freak out - and sometimes I would agree. But, other times I think that honestly, he would be pretty chill about it. He’s not stupid; he knew the girl texting him was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and now was probably scared for his reply - pacing in the bathroom, but Jungkook wasn’t scared at all. In fact, he was happy. Excited, even. Call it unrealistic all you want, but Jungkook, even though being young, felt the role of being a dad was the ultimate masculine thing to accomplish. And he couldn’t wait to rub it in his hyungs’ faces. But first, a phone call home to reassure you that everything was going to be alright, and that he planned on staying for a long time.

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I work at a gas station. It always bugs me a little when people hand me their money to prepay for gas, tell me a pump number, and then just walk out before I’ve even finished putting it in the system, but I had one today that really got me.
This girl comes in, can’t have been older than 17 as it was right around when the high school day ended and she looked pretty young. So, only a little younger than me, and trying to treat me like I was stupid.
Customer: Can I get $5 on– *loud noise from someone getting ice from the fountain drinks*
Me: I’m sorry, what was that?
Customer: *rolls eyes and waves the bill under my nose* ummm, $5 on pump 14? *drops it and walks out*
I then left her bill on the register and served another customer. Just as she was coming back inside to ask what was wrong (undoubtedly politely, I’m sure, as she had been nothing but), I quickly put the money on the pump. Her friend called her back to tell her it was working and she flipped her hair bitchily as she walked back to the pump. I almost regretted not waiting just one more second to see what she’d say.
We ask all our customers if they want their receipt and they usually say no, but they print out either way. Well of course since she stormed out at my apparent insolence she didn’t get her receipt. I wrote a curse on the back basically saying she’d have hearing problems for a fortnight and instead of support she would be greeted with disdain and condescension. I put it in my pocket and at the end of my shift I went to the restroom and flushed the receipt. Overkill? Probably, lol. Still satisfying. 👍

A Winter’s Night

a/n: this fic is a soulmate AU; inspired by @justfandomwritings return to tumblr and the soulmate AU she wrote a week ago (and our undying love for soulmate AUs). This is my first Hamilton Imagine (imagine in general) and I’d reeeaaaallly love some feedback. without further a do…
Soulmate AU where everyone (with some exceptions) is given a compass when they are born;every compass comes with it’s own pair and when the soulmates are close to/have found each other the needle on the compass spins out of control. Written in second person, starts in third person then shifts to second person. (I mark where the shift is)… No warnings. 

Y/n did not want to go to the ball. She wanted to stay in her room and read her books and write until the candle burnt out. It’s not that she didn’t like balls. They were actually quite pleasant, she would have just rather have been in the warmth and comfort of her home, instead of introducing herself to strangers and making polite but meaningless small talk with them and dancing all night with possible suitors, who would possibly step on her feet and brush it off as if she had no feelings. She did not want to have her stay suffocate her and and cause her to almost faint if she was to be spun one too many times. This, however, was her father’s way to climb up the social ladder, so she had to suck it up (and suck it in) and smile and accept dances from all of her possible suitors. Nevertheless, y/n picked up her skirts and followed her parents into their carriage. 

It was a chilly evening. The trees were bare and the snow crunched under the boots and heels of the men and women arriving at the Burr residence. Before getting out of their carriage, y/n’s mother gave her a once over. She fixed y/n’s hair and ran her hand down the side of her face. ‘Y/n sweetheart, I want you to be on your best behavior. This night is very important to your father. I don’t want you to embarrass him. Accept all of the dances, understand?’ Y/n nodded. Y/n’s mother harbor the idea that y/n would embarrass her family. Y/n was the only child and as much as her parents loved her, she felt as if her parents resented the fact that their only child was a woman and the family name would not be continued through her. She plastered a toothy smile on her face. It didn’t reach her eyes but it satisfied her mother. 

Once inside, y/n was taken away from her parents by Angelica Hamilton. Angelica was y/n’s best friend, y/n liked to believe Angelica thought the same. Angelica Hamilton was a strong headed girl but still maintained to be very appealing to the opposing gender due to her beautiful looks. It’s not as if she were jealous of her, quite the opposite. She admired Angelica’s beauty, she had beautiful straight brown hair, that framed her freckled face wonderfully, she was lean and always looked beautiful. She was the second child in her family, she had 6 siblings and one on the way. Y/n had met all her siblings but one. Philip. He had always alluded her. First and foremost because he was sent to boarding school in New Jersey and followed a rigorous schedule that his father set up for him to ensure that Philip would live up to his potential. Secondly, Philip had been injured during a duel with George Eacker. Angelica had been grief stricken. She loved her siblings dearly but Philip was her role model. She looked up to him and though he was often away she cared for him deeply. From the way she talked about him, you felt as if you knew him.

(Change in pov; from third person to second person)

You were lost in thought when Angelica shook your shoulder. ‘Y/n did you hear what I said?’ You blushed and shook your head. ‘No I’m sorry I was lost in thought.’ You said. 'What were you thinking about?’ She asked. You reached up to your neck to grab your compass. 'I was thinking about my soulmate.’ Angelica nodded. She knew how much you longed to meet your soulmate. Since you were a little girl you longed to meet them. At times your compass would spin, as if your soulmate was close to you. Mostly, it would point south east as if it were stuck.

Your parents never let you follow your compass. They didn’t believe that a compass would lead anyone to their soulmate. They would try and take your compass away from you but it would always come back to you. Who were they to say that, you would think. Who are they to tell me they don’t believe in this when they found each other through their compasses. You would often stay up at night, wondering who your soulmate was and if they were alright. When you were nervous you would trace the design on the lid of the compass.

Every compass had its own counterpart, the pair held the same design, the initials sometimes etched on the back of the compass but the initials were always on the compasses of those who had already met their soulmate. Your compass had a small rose on it. Coincidentally, roses were your favorite flower. You didn’t have your soulmate’s initials engraved on your compass, not yet. You never showed anyone your compass, not even Angelica. Angelica, however, had shown you hers and by mere chance she had met her soulmate, John, that same day. You thumbed the design on your compass.

In comparison to Angelica’s compass yours was tiny. Angelica’s compass was big and bulky, her soulmate’s initials already carved into the compass, yours was small enough to fit on a chain, small enough to be worn as a necklace. ‘Forgive me Angelica, what were you saying?’ You asked. ‘Oh! Philip will be attending! As well as John.’ She replied. She was practically beaming. ‘Your mother finally let Philip attend an event?’ You teased. ‘He begged. He said he felt as if today was the day.’ You smiled. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was the most amazing woman you had ever had the pleasure to meet. After all she had been through, she still managed to do more than what anyone had expected her to do.

‘Y/n you’re wearing your compass! Are you finally going to let me see it?’ she teased. You reached to unclasp the necklace. Angelica looked at you skeptically. You laughed and looked at your compass. ‘It’s a little smaller than yours,’ Angelica scoffed, ‘but it holds my whole world.’ You looked up at her and handed her your compass. The whole ordeal seemed rather intimate. You were rather nervous, no one had ever seen your compass except for your mother. You watched Angelica’s face turn from excitement to confusion and then to an unreadable emotion. She went pale, paler than when you we’re 8 and you fell from the tree you were climbing. ‘Angelica are you alright? It seems as if you’ve seen a ghost.’ You asked, worry laced in your tone. ‘Y-yes I’m alright. Excuse me I have to go find my mother.’ She gave your compass back. You watch as she runs to her mother and you look back at your compass. You wondered why. What about your compass had scared her so much? You started to feel self conscious but it was quickly brushed off when a young boy asked you to dance. You forced a smile and accepted his offer.

You got lost in all the twirling and gliding and half heart felt dances. No one you danced with made you feel alive. They all stepped on your toes and looked the other way when you grimaced. They spun you too face, pulled you too rough, tried to make small talk but ended up making it all about their so called achievements which usually included their rank in society and were actually mostly their father’s achievements rather than their own. They bragged about how rich their family was and how they could better your standing in society. You lost count of how many boys had asked you to dance. None of them mattered anyway. When you had the opportunity, you would ask about their thoughts on soulmates. “Have you found your soulmate?” you would ask. “The idea of soulmates is very complex, don’t worry your pretty little head over it.” They would respond. One young man had told you that soulmates were stupid and you would have rather get the idea out of your head before you married him. Needless to say that he was not happy when you excused yourself to find your mother.

You walked through the crowds and small groups of people to find your mother. When you finally found her you saw she was speaking to Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, they seemed to be discussing a serious matter; both your father and Mr. Hamilton”s faces her twisted in confusion. Your mother seemed to be in shock and Mrs. Hamilton, well she looked over joyed. You smiled and walked towards them. Your mother was the first to see you. She pulled on a tight smile and motioned towards you. “Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton! What a pleasure to see you tonight.” You said. Mr. Hamilton took ahold of your hand and kissed the back of your hand. You tried to suppress the blush that rose to your cheeks, he always greeted you in such a manner that would leave you as red as your mother’s favorite dress. When you asked him why he greeted you and his daughters in such a way, he smiled and said “I want you to know how you should be treated by your future husbands.” Mrs. Hamilton greeted you by giving you a tight embrace. “I’m so happy to see you, Y/n.” she said with a smile so wide you believed she was genuine in her words. “Pardon me Mrs. Hamilton, but have you seen Angelica? She had gone to find you and I have not seen her since.’ You asked. ‘Oh! I assumed you already knew…’ she trailed off. ‘Angelica will be in the gardens. You know how much she loves the winter weather.’ She smiled. ‘Thank you Mrs. Hamilton.’ You excused yourself and walked to the gardens.

The gardens were always your favorite place of the Burr residence. In the spring, when the flowers bloomed, it was an array of colors far and wide. In the winter it was just as beautiful. You could almost paint a picture of it. It was the place where you first fell, where you shared your first kiss. You smiled, how foolish were you then. You had shared your first kid with a boy you don’t even remember. You sat down on one of the benches. You could look at the whole garden from this bench. You unclasped your compass and held it in your hand. Was it foolish to wait for someone who you didn’t even know? Was it foolish to give your love to someone who you’ve never met before? You shook your head, sometimes in the darkest times, these thoughts clawed their way in. Your deepest fears, your deepest insecurities were swept in. You opened your compass. It was spinning. They were close by. Your heart raced. What if they’re here… what if they don’t want to see you? You looked up and looked around. Where are you? You looked back down at your compass, it was pointing North.

You followed your compass past the dried bushes, the cold nipping at your nose and the snow crunching under your boots. You came to a stop by small pond. You sat on the small wooden bench there. You could see the lighted windows of the Burr residence from the bench. The laughter was faint and the music low. You looked back down at your compass. It was spinning and spinning and spinning, much like you had been earlier in the night. “I don’t suppose you’re looking for Angelica as well?” a voice questioned behind you. You gasped and turned, dropping your compass in the process. There stood a tall, handsome man.

His hair was wild, it was curled and twisted. He was beautiful and you were speechless. “Pardon me, I did not mean to frighten you.” He said. “It’s quite alright I just wasn’t expecting anyone to be out here, it is cold after all.” You replied. “Would it be alright if I sat down with you?” He asked. You nodded and he sat down next to you. He bent down to pick up your compass. “I’m sorry for scaring you…” he trailed off. “Oh, y/n. I can only assume you’re Phillip?” He nodded. He sat up and looked at your compass. He swallowed, “You know my mother said that when the needle of your compass keeps spinning it means you’ve found your soulmate..” He handed you your compass. You muttered a small thank you. You both sat in comfortable silence until you realized something and spoke up. “I haven’t met my soulmate yet.” You looked at him. His hazel eyes bore into yours. Your heart pounded. Could this be it… He swallowed and took a deep breath. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” You let out a laugh at the way he phrased his sentence but nodded nonetheless.

You closed your compass and handed it to him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his compass and handed it to you. You looked at it and gasped. It was your compass. Well, it was his compass but it was the exact same. The design, the shape, the color… everything. Your initials were under the rose. You looked at Philip. He had a small smile on his face. He turned to you. You handed him his compass and reached out for yours. When he handed it back you noticed the way his fingers lingered, and the initials under the rose. P.H.

“I remember watching you fall from the tree when you were 8. I remember Angelica and Elizabeth thinking you were going to die.” You smiled. “I remember asking my mother about soulmates for the first time. She had told me that my father was not her soulmate,” your eyebrows shot up, “she told me her soulmate was a soldier. She believed he was dead when my father and her married. She loved that man, she begged my father to ask for him to have an honorable death after she found out that he was a British spy. Sadly she did not get her wish.” You were speechless. “My mother’s soulmate never courted her and my father tried to console her to his best abilities, he didn’t understand the pain of losing a soulmate since he didn’t have a soulmate of his own because he was born a bastard. They aren’t soulmates but they had each other in their time of need and they love each other. I believe everyone has someone out there. I’ll never forgive my father for keeping a mistress but he makes my mother happy. I’ve had my doubts about this…about my soulmate and now… I don't…” he trailed off, you could feel his gaze on you.

“I gave you my heart before I even knew who you were,” you chuckled, “and yes, I’ve had my doubts, but now” you looked up at him, “now I know my heart will be in great hands.” You finished with a smiled at him. “My name is Philip, I am a poet and I’m a little nervous and I can’t help but show it, I’m full of pride and I can’t hide, having you in my life, it’s do or die.” You laughed, how could it be that this, that he, was going to be with you for the rest of your life. “Well Philip, I’m so happy to have finally met you.” Philip smiled. “Likewise Y/n. Would you like to go share the news with our parents?” You nodded. “Only if you dance with me for the rest of the night.” Philip stood up and pulled you up with him. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He laced his fingers with yours and you both made your way into the ballroom. Oh how lucky you were.

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I think your post about why antis are young is pretty good, but I'm not sure there's really been a change. When I was a young shipper I remember the stupid harry potter ships were just as vicious, heated and stupid. People just dress it up with a moral panic now.

Honestly I think about this a lot, anon.

I also believe that at its heart, most anti-shipping is just window dressing on ship wars. (that’s a link to a post I did a while back talking about my thoughts on it.) And the ability to use moral panic to discredit enemy shippers has incredible appeal and power, certainly. (here’s a link to an amazing reddit post where somebody breaks down the history of social justice as a weapon in fandom from the dark side of Racefail ‘09 to the present.) Any single anti-shipper strikes me as being very similar to any single shipper, to be honest: we’re all in fandom because we’re so passionate about a piece of media that we’re driven to talk about it and create for it and think about it with some consistency, and we all have things we just cannot stand about other fandom members. That’s nothing new, I agree.

I’m not really trying to assert that there’s something particularly new about the fandom motivations behind anti-shipping - it’s all the same passions at work. And anti-shipping as a phenomenon probably would never have gathered steam the way it has if it weren’t for the structure of social media on Web 2.0 in general and Tumblr specifically: I’m hoping to make a post about that sometime soon.

But now that anti-shipping is here being a noticeable force in fandom spaces, I think it’s gathering steam particularly among younger people (especially Americans) because it has built itself into a perfect storm of social forces:

  • Its surface motivations are appealing and pretty (enforcing social justice); 
  • the underlying motivations have base appeal (crushing things that make you uncomfortable or that you don’t like for personal reasons);
  • the methodology gives an illusion of power (intimidating others into doing the ‘right thing’); 
  • the dogma is familiar and simple (black & white thinking, some people are Good and some are Bad & you can never cross from Bad to Good, clear in-group/out-group designations); and
  • you can never leave once you’re in (a completely insular social web that enforces cutting social ties with defectors and non-believers). 

At the same time, anti-shipping is influenced/shaped by outside social forces such as:

  • rising authoritarianism in western society, 
  • post-truth society;
  • valuing ‘safe spaces’ over personal freedom; 
  • anti-intellectualism;
  • TERF/REG forces within queer spaces; and
  • religious dogmatic structure

to name a few.

Basically: anti-shipping is like the mutant child of ship wars, web 2.0, and the world being a very very shitty place to be right now. It’s a new coat for an old phenomenon, yes, but that coat is a coat of authoritarian armor, and it’s rampaging through fandom spaces in a somewhat terrifying way.

A post about Hetalia

I get too many asks like this so I’m going to tell you some more in depth shit okay so get ready, this is the last time I try to explain why I try to avoid this show even though i like some of the characters and some of the ideas of the show.

The idea of the show

The concept of Hetalia is really cool, maybe it could be good. A bunch of characters that are the representations of entire countries full of people that then have to interact and try their best to get along and make the humans behave while also teaching the audience about historical events and culture in various countries. Sure it’s really complicated and weird, but anime is always like that and the idea sounds kinda interesting. The show is very simple and silly and the characters are all goofy and funny. Nothing violent ever really happens its pretty much just the characters interacting and giving us some historical lessons full of jokes.

Is Hetalia offensive and racist?

I would say Hetalia could be a lot better, both in how its told and how its made, If you’re a person who has never read the manga or seen the anime the idea of it probably sounds very problematic but it’s actually not that bad. Dont get me wrong, parts of it are pretty bad but not as bad as you’d think, at least not the original Japanese version. The show doesn’t necessarily touch much on the very sensitive historical events its not like we see actual war scenes or characters dying, rather it tells us facts about the countries, about the culture. As a person who always loved history and culture I’d have to say some of the jokes in the show can be pretty funny and maybe even clever (but most of the time its just Italy running around and making weird noises). It’s safe to say the original idea for this show was probably for it to simply be an educational and fun way to learn world history, whether it actually is what it tries to be is up for debate.When it comes to racism the English dub however does have a lot of pretty terrible jokes, obvious stereotype accents and so on that many may find offensive, but that’s just the English version. But that’s not really the point, what makes Hetalia really offensive and annoying are the fans, and I feel bad for saying it but its true

The Hetalia fans

The show in itself may actually be pretty okay, some may hate it but the show in itself isn’t actually the worst show to ever be created on this earth believe it or not. But the fandom blows things out and create so much bullshit that it does make the show seem really bad. 

Anyone can tell that things are about to get problematic if you have fan girls shipping countries that in real life have been in war with each other. I wouldn’t say its wrong to ship the characters in the show they are fictional after all, but the fans go way out of hand and they bring their weird fan girl stuff into real life. I have literally met fans of the show that dressed up as Nazis, I have met people who drew so much problematic fan art, I have met people who constantly joked about horrible real life events and used them as content for their shippings. I can maybe understand if its events that took place a long time ago (many shows and comedians do that kinda stuff, Hetalia isn’t the only show that jokes about Hitler and nazis) but the Hetalia fans have a tendency to also use horrible things that may have happened very recently, events from which many victims are still grieving or events that are still going on right now and it’s very disturbing.

Not to mention that for some reason the hetalia fandom in particular is very good at creating loads of fan content that involves incest and rape, I’m not sure why but I have never seen so much of that kinda content in any other fandom. Usually I dont care what kinda weird creepy shit other people draw or write, but when there’e so much of it it kinda creeps me out.

Why are they so annoying?

Hetalia fans in most cases, are pretty young, about 13 to 17 years old, of course younger and older fans exist but this is just based on the many people I talked to for years. Also I personally liked the show from when I was 14 to when I was about 18. Because of this its understandable why many of the fans are considered reckless, uneducated and annoying, because that’s what people are like when they are teenagers. I was stupid when I was a teen as well.

The show can also be brought up at all times because the show is literally about the entire world. The fans appear as so annoying because they bring up Hetalia in every fucking conversation and it makes me want to die. Almost all anime fans are a bit like that, we like to bring up our fave anime, I’m guilty of that as well, but hetalia fans are the best at it for sure because you can almost always find a way to sneak Hetalia into any topic. I’m not saying thats some kind of excuse for hetalia fans behavior but at least there’s a bit of an explanation to why they can seem so obnoxious.

Personal experiences

I’m not saying all hetalia fans are bad people but many of them are annoying and many of them do things without thinking first. About a year ago at a convention I met a friend and she had a big group of hetalia fans. At one point one girl asked me if I was the person who made the “the adventures of potatoboy” comic and the fan art and such, she recognized me from selfies I had posted on tumblr. I told her that yes that’s me and then kindly asked her not to tell people about it because I don’t like getting too much attention. However only minutes later she had told the entire group and started showing my comic to everyone, about 30 people. They all started talking to me, that’s cool I guess but I have social anxiety so I wasn’t really feeling it. I clearly stated I wanted to leave and go to my friends and started walking away, but some girls followed me and asked questions about the comic; that is not cool. I ended up having to distract them and then literally run and hide for about 15 minutes until finally I met my jojo group and hid behind them for the rest of that day, that is absolutely not cool. They were never necessarily rude to me but I was really scared when several people started following me and didn’t want to leave me alone despite the fact that I told them multiple times. And I’m not saying all Hetalia fans are like them but many of them seriously are and I know because I have met them many times. 

Ever since I stopped posting Hetalia content and moved on to other shows the amount of drama, arguments and anon hate I used to get involved in without even trying has basically gone down to almost zero. Also my art doesn’t get stolen as much anymore, when I drew Hetalia my art got reposted by other people so much to the point where someone even made an instagram account and pretended to be me in order to gain more followers. Also people would sell my art on redbubble without asking me. If that’s not fucking weird then I don’t know what is.

So do I actually hate Hetalia?

No, I dont. I always liked the characters, they are silly and fun to draw. Yes the animation is probably the worst I have ever seen in an anime and the show certainly isn’t perfect in fact it’s pretty shit. But I don’t hate it and I dont hate people who like it, however I don’t trust the Hetalia fandom and I dont want to be a part of it ever again. All they do is argue, get into fights, act stupid in public and make me scared to go to conventions. If you like Hetalia that’s fine, if you think it’s racist and offensive then yeah that is your opinion and I understand that. For me what made me stop liking it was the fans, and yeah maybe I just had bad luck and kept running into the fans that steal and harass people but it made me very tired, and probably a main reason is also the fact that I got older

Only Us


It hit him gradually, all the ways in which Dan had grown.

He couldn’t pin point the moment it dawned on him. The moment when he looked towards the person next to him and realized, oh shit, he’s an adult.


Phil is starting to think that maybe what he has to offer Dan just isn’t enough anymore.

words: 4827

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It hit him gradually, all the ways in which Dan had grown.

He couldn’t pin point the moment it dawned on him. The moment when he looked towards the person next to him and realized, oh shit, he’s an adult.

There where the obvious signs, the obvious physical attributes, the once that were noticeable straight away.

The way he got taller, wider, and sharper over the years.

The way he started to fill up his cloths, and the way Phil’s university hoodies started to get a little too tight on him.

The way Phil’s mom started saying “oh my! Did you get bigger again? Look how handsome!” every time they came over to visit.

The way he could almost rest his head on Phil’s when he was hugging him close.

All those changes were there and they were obvious and visible and Phil could easily name them and write them down on a list if he wanted to.

But there were other things, maybe less visible from a first glance, but they were there none the less.

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My Opinion On Mikey's Smash or Pass video

I just watched it and wtf literally What. The. Fuck.

First of all I’ve heard of this trend but I’ve never seen a vid about it and I saw that everyone started talking about it so I said “what the hell? Let’s watch it, it can’t be that bad,right?”

Boy I was wrong.

But before I tell you guys my opinion I want to clarify that I have no intention to hate on Mikey or anyone of the Buttercream Boys, I support them, yes, but I need to get this out of my chest.

For starters I couldn’t even finish the video, I just couldn’t see three grown up men classifying women that way, I get the point that everyone have different tastes and all but you’re literally saying if you would fuck or not a girl based on her looks? It’s okay if you do it privately with all your mates but doing that on a video that you know young girls can see it?

This kind of stupid trends are one of the reasons why most girls are insecure, why I WAS insecure, through the course of history, us girls, have been TAUGHT to be submissive and be gorgeous and be at our husband’s disposal. We were LITERALLY taught that our only purpose in life was having kids and clean the house.

This kind of trends are male chauvinist, and worst of all is that people think is a joke. But IT ISN’T

They’re TONS of young girls who have committed SUICIDE because their self esteem was on the ground, why? Because they weren’t pretty enough, they weren’t skinny enough, simply because they couldn’t reach the impossible standards of this rotten society.

Instead of doing this stupid trends that subconsciously encourage male chauvinist we should teach young girls to LOVE themselves, to SUPPORT themselves.

Because this doesn’t just affect female’s self esteem, this has also made us attack ourselves, we bully the “fat chick” or “the weirdo” we have been denigrating ourselves because of the smallest stuff; instead of supporting ourselves because we know how hard it is to be a woman we DESPITE ourselves.

One of the things that shocked me the most about Mikey doing this video was Jack’s obvious uncomfortableness through the whole thing, because while in other vids he used to make some witty comments or funny faces he was serious through this whole video.

I mean seriously Mikey, Jack’s you’re best friend, you should have noticed it. He was literally counting down the seconds for that video to end.

To end this up I’m just gonna say this

“Mikey you’re fucking 24 years old, and you’re doing THIS kind of things? You’re so much more creative than this, hell, there’s TONS of challenges or tags out there and out ALL of them, you picked THAT one?”

  • Okay, so I was going back through all my humanformer stuff, and I realized I hadn't quite used that much stuff to describe what they look like. So here is a proper list
  • Rodimus: Gangly. Has a birthmark on his face that he claims is shaped like flames, but everyone else sees just a blob. He's Puerto Rican/Korean, with naturally brown hair that he dyes outrageous colors. His hair is never neat, it sticks up and a comb does nothing to tame it. Nor does hairspray or Drifts attempts to flatten it down. His chin is very pointy, and he does have asthma. Hazel eyes. Wears ugly ass bright orange Adidas jumpers. Looks hella good in skinny jeans. Pretty sure he only owns one pair of shoes, orange converse, becasue its the only pair of shoes he ever wears.
  • Drift: Used to be concerningly skinny, but put the weight back on in muscle when he was taken in by Megatron. When he moved into the Lost Light apartment building, however, he lost that weight, and the only person who noticed was Ratchet, who then made sure he was eating properly. Now he's rocking thunder thighs and a killer ass. He's Hispanic, and started dying his hair white, with one stripe of red (Which, unknown to everyone else, is in memory of Wing) in it. His natural hair colour is black. He's got the prettiest chocolate brown eyes you will ever look into. He grew his hair out pretty long, and wears in in either a messy bun or a ponytail. For some reason, his hands are always cold. Wears a lot of baggy pants and Nike singlets.
  • Ratchet: Black. Sort of chubby, wears a lot of orange and red. Has really nice hands. Surprisingly soft too. Thick af. Grows a beard on and off, tried a mustache once and Drift laughed himself silly. Large nose, and when he does smile (instead of scowling or frowning), it's the warmest fucking thing you will ever see in your life. Also has hella dimples. Dark brown eyes. Will pierce through your soul. Gap teeth. Doesn't give a shit about fashion, in the winter he wears what's warmest and in the summer he wears what's coolest.
  • Soundwave: Indian. Hardly ever speaks so you won't ever see those pearly whites. Has a long scar across his throat. Has large, dark blue glasses. Neatly styled hair that never gets messed up. It's always neat and perfect. Even the wind won't move that motherfucking hair. Quite tall and lean, has legs that go for miles. His twins did not inherit his height. Very, very dark brown eyes.
  • Chromedome: Muslim, with a fucking awesome set of hair. It sticks up naturally and it looks good, Rewind is forever jealous. Wears glasses, and has very thin lips and hella good looking jaw line. Super tall, super skinny, except he slouches a lot. He's sort of shaped like a dorito. Broadish shoulders and a body that slowly slims until you get to his twig legs.
  • Wears yellow Nike shoes a lot. Very long, spindly and skinny fingers. Needs to cut his nails. Goldenish eyes. Wears white jeans and actually looks good in them.
  • Sideswipe: People keep asking him 'what he is'. Stop. It's rude, and he'll kick you out no fucking problem. His mother was Japanese, and his father was black/Latino. (They both, unfortunately, died when he and Sunstreaker were young)Black fuzzy curly hair, and killer green eyes. He and Sunstreaker have very dainty hands. Average height, muscled. They both have really deep, cute dimples, and a killer jawline. The twins both have pretty long hair, and they both have a fair amount of scars. Mostly because of some bad choices (also from Sideswipe doing too much stupid shit for the vine) that neither of them are proud of, but they moved on from Megatron, and made their success. Has a nose piercing, and his ears pierced. Always wearing a red cap.
  • Sunstreaker: See Sideswipe XD They are identical twins, who some newer people still think are the same person.
  • Megatron: Polynesian. Fluffy hair, sprinkles of cute moles, and lots of scars. He has one through his eyebrow, a particularly nasty one on his cheek, and others on parts of his body that he can hide with clothes. Very, very tall. Broad, muscled and toned as fuck. Huge hands that will punch you so fucking hard, and then turn a page to a book with the utmost gentleness. Thick lips, mesmerizing. Sort of pointy chin, and a crooked nose from getting it broken so many times.
  • Grey eyes. Has lots of tattoos on his back. Owns many pairs of the same shirt and jeans that he wears every day. Black shoes, jeans, and a tight a grey, long-sleeved shirt. Wears a long black overcoat if it's cold.

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Do you have any headcanons about why Mello has the the hair cut he has? And why he chose to keep it, albit shaggier, after L died/the explosion?

Mello has his hair cut for two reasons. One, it was easy to maintain and two, it give him the illusion of androgyny. He finds it easier to manipulate people when they think he’s a pretty, helpless young girl. They’ll usually volunteer information because Mello looks cute and surely that means he’s stupid. No one suspects the young girl at crime scenes and no one notices when he vanishes. It’s simple and easy because no one looks at him twice, he’s just a background object when posing as a girl. No one knows what he’s capable of and mobsters are all too happy to get close enough to jam a knife in their eye without a second thought.

After the explosion, there was no point. He was noticed wherever he went unless he put his hood up or wore a mask. He was conspicuous and he knew it. He would never again have the kind of invisibility that he had when posing as a young girl, so why wouldn’t he let his hair grow and make himself look more masculine, more fearsome and intimidating. If he couldn’t get his way through manipulation he would force his way through with fear.

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It's honestly so unbelievably frustrating when people keep insisting to use the fact that snape was a death eater as a 'gotcha' for how he's a terrible human being, because snape changed, he showed regret, he tried to fix his mistakes, and those people refuse to see that. How awful to be so unwilling to forgive, to insist that one action is enough to condemn someone forever. And it's so damaging to see that, because they're telling us that no one should forgive us for our mistakes.

it’s definitely a symptom of tumblr culture to look at his character like that tbh. in tumblr morality, the moment someone does ONE problematic thing (regardless of the “level” of problematic) they’re immediately and forever a Bad Person EVEN if they apologize for the problematic thing or if it happened years ago when they were younger and didnt know better and theyve done way better stuff since, and so on. it doesn’t matter bc all tumblr culture judges people on is if they’ve DONE a problematic thing, not the circumstances around it, the time it happened, the level of remorse the person feels for having done it, the badness of the problematic thing, and so on. 

so yeah, for tumblr the fact that snape joined the death eaters trumps the fact that he left, that spent nearly half of his life actively working against them, that he was instrumental to their demise, that he shows clear signs of no longer believing in their ideology. none of them matters bc he did the problematic thing. it’s the same with the mudblood incident - bc he said it to lily, it doesnt matter that he apologized for it, that he clearly regrets it, that he hates the use of it afterward, that he was under pretty heavy emotional stress at the moment when he lashed out, and so on. 

when it comes to call-out culture, nuance means nothing. complexity doesn’t exist. forgiveness is a foreign concept. all that matters is: this person/character did something Bad and therefore we must hate them and if you like them then you’re clearly a terrible person or ignoring the Bad thing they did. 

the fact of the matter is that yeah, snape joined the death eaters. he was young, he was stupid, and rowling makes it very clear to us that many of the young people who joined the de have little to no idea of what it actually entails. he makes a pretty huge mistake that ruins the rest of his life. and when he gets out, he doesn’t run away or hide or try and cover up his mistakes… he joins the order. he protects harry, he follows dumbledore, and he spends twenty years undermining the death eaters and helping to defeat voldemort. he changes. he’s a very different man when the series starts than he is when he was 20, and an even more different man when he dies. so it’s beyond frustrating to have people freeze him when he’s 15, when he’s 20, and refuse to see the adult the became - who is still flawed, no doubt, but who doesn’t hold the same beliefs and doesn’t follow the same regime. 

but anyone who’s stuck in call-out culture is never going to be able to accept that and it’s sickening and frustrating and it makes it really hard to discuss snape with them.

10 Reasons Why LORD JOHN GREY Is Amazing

You can tell at the first sentences Lord John Grey says in Dragonfly in Amber that he is gonna be good. Stubborn, stupidly brave, proud and smartmouthed, but also selfless, compassionate and honest. He then completely lives up to expectations! When he returns in Voyager, he is no longer a 16 years old and 10 years has passed, but he he still a complicated and compelling character. So here is why I find Lord John Grey amazing and why I want to help build his fandom:

1. He is funny, in a witty and sarcastic way. 

2. He loves books and he is a total nerd in denial. (the “get excited about pirates and unexplained mystery”  kind of nerd)

3. Yet, as user @electricalice once said, he is a total Scully, “ disbelievingly sassing his way through nonsensical mysteries in the europe of 18th century.”

4. He is adventurous and curious. (don’t expect him to wear good breeches without them getting ripped and covered in mud by the end of the day)

5. Tragic things happens to him  (deaths of loved one, rape, mortal wounds, I think he had depression twice) and he doesn’t let that define him and he is so brave and honest about it. 

6. He praises himself for his logical mind (he is highly logical and smart), yet he is also very Romantic, emotional and sensual  (”get over youself Grey, before you start to wax poetic” ) 

7. You want him as a friend; he is incredibly loyal and will do everything for his friends (well, he will do everything to help everyone, tbh, like even ennemies, exes, strangers, pretty boy on the street, he can’t help it, he is this nice,)

8. He has a very strong moral compass. And a sense of honour that makes him do stupid things.

9. Also, he is respectful of people. In a non-macho “I won’t patronize kids nor women, or men in women clothes, or prostitutes” kind of way. He is also very very Gay

10. He is beautiful. Like Hugo’s description of Enjolras meets Wilde’s description of Dorian beautiful or something…(so the classic young looking, thick golden locks, blue eyes, long eyelashes, full mouth, good teeth, lean, good bone structure, pretty)


[Why I Love] - Chpt. 9


Negan x Addison 

A/N: If you guys ever have any suggestions don’t hesitate to let me know! I could always use inspiration. xxx

Chapter 8 || Masterlist 

Originally posted by londoncapsule

Catherine watched Annie aggressively beat the raw dough with her hands. She knew kneading relieved stress, but Annie was using it as her punching bag. 

“What’s with you?” 

“Nothing” She grumbled. 

“Come on, talk to me to me. You’ve been in a foul mood all day” 

Annie slammed the dough onto the table, placing her floured hands on her hips. “Something happened last night” She said. 

Annie considered Catherine her best, if not her only friend at the Sanctuary. She knew that most of the other women couldn’t stand her, but Catherine always had her back. 

“What happened?” 

What started off as an incredibly satisfying punishment by Negan, turned into a night Annie wanted to forget. “So you know how Negan came to my room last night?” 

Catherine rolled her eyes, “I think we all heard you two, but yes continue…” 

“He called me by someone else’s name” Annie replied, folding her arms over her chest . Everyone knew she was Negan’s favorite, and Annie was stupid enough to allow herself to fall for this man. She enjoyed fucking Negan, especially on the nights where the two of them would lay naked together afterwards. 

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You Make Me Smile

Maggie was having a pretty rough day. The teenager she had been helping get through the flawed, racist system had gone to prison for a stupid amount of time. She knew for a fact that if the boy had been white, the system would have given in a slap on the wrist and kept it moving.

She hated watching young people of color receive the short end of the stick simply because of their race, ethnicity, or sexuality.

All she wanted was to go home and have a nice, cold beer and not think about it.

She pushed the key into the lock of Alex’s door and went to open it, but paused when she heard music played on the other side of the door. She could have sworn she heard Alex singing along with the upbeat rhythm that Maggie recognized as These Words by Natasha Bedingfield.

Maggie quietly opened the door and her heart swooned at the sight.

Alex was standing in her living room in Ninja Turtle pajama pants and a tank top folding laundry while loudly singing along to the lyrics. She caught sight of Maggie as soon as she walked in and her smile got wider, but she didn’t stop singing.

These words are my own. From my heart flow. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! There’s no other way to better say, I love you, I love you…” she sang loudly, extending her arms towards Maggie and scrunching her eyes with the emotion of the song.

Maggie could feel her heart doing somersaults in her chest, but she rolled her eyes and laughed to cover it up.

“You’re such a nerd, Danvers.” Maggie stated, walking to press a kiss to Alex’s waiting lips.

“What? Can’t a girl say I love you?”

Maggie couldn’t help the smile that widened on her face. “I love you, too.”


Maggie knew Alex loved corny jokes.

Like loved corny jokes.

Maggie could remember the first time she’d ever told Alex a pun “Hey, Danvers, what do otters drive?” “No clue” “Ottermobiles” and Alex nearly threw up from laughing so hard.

And so Maggie took to learning every single corny joke there was.

“Danvers, how many tickles take to make an octopus laugh?”

“…eight? I have no idea.” A light chuckle.

“Nope.” Maggie let a dopey smile cross her face. “Ten tickles.”

Alex snorted loudly in the middle of the DEO at that one. And it earned Maggie a small kiss which was always a great payment.

Alex’s favorite had happened after they’d worn each other out in bed one night. Alex was falling asleep quickly due to Maggie lightly rubbing her back. “Who was the roundest knight at the table?”

Alex’s head lifted up to seek out Maggie’s face. “What?”

“The roundest knight at the table, Danvers, who was it?”

“Uh…humpty dumpty?”

“Noooo.” Maggie laughed. “Cir-cumference!”

Alex’s eyes lit up at the math joke (nerd) and she laughed pretty loudly. It made Maggie’s heart swell.

And so she told Alex a joke every chance she could get. She loved hearing the bursts of laughter from Alex’s mouth and it prided her to know that she was the cause of it.

“What do you call a crocodile in a vest and a knack for research?” Maggie asked one day as Alex jotted down notes in her lab about whatever she was seeing through the microscope. Maggie would’ve been bored out of her mind if it hadn’t been for Alex in that white lab coat and those damn glasses. Instead her mind was in a frenzy and her body was on fire.

Puns helped to calm it down.

“Hmm?” Alex threw a quick glance at Maggie before returning to her notes.

“An investigator.” Maggie grinned largely waiting for Alex’s laugh.

Except it never came.

“Ehhh. That’s not funny because crocodiles and alligators are actually very different. Crocodiles live in more saltwater areas while alligators prefer freshwater. Also, Alligators have wider, U-shaped snouts while crocodiles are shaped like a V. So, I can’t laugh at your joke because it’s scientifically incorrect.” Alex stated very seriously.

Maggie was at loss for words. “…Are…are you kidding?”

“No.” Alex stressed with wide eyes. “Science is never a joke, Mags.”

Maggie watched her a moment before realizing that her girlfriend was actually dead serious. A laugh bubbled up and out of her mouth before she had a chance to stop it. “Woooow. You’re a bigger nerd than I thought, Danvers.”

“Whatever.” Alex chuckled, turning back to her notes.


Alex knew that she couldn’t dance. Like at all. But Maggie loved with Alex danced because it never failed to amuse her.

And so Alex danced all the time.

She does a little dance in the morning while Maggie watches her get ready for work from the bed they’d both slept in. She shimmies into her pants with while humming an upbeat tune and doing little extra jazz hands and things complete with facial expressions. The whole 9.

Maggie loved the mornings now.

She does a little spin move and sings dramatically into the shower head on the mornings Maggie joins her in the shower.

Maggie gives her a loud laugh and wet shower kisses for that.

Alex shakes her butt a little as she’s putting in the dvd for the night and Maggie watches on with her lip between her teeth and a smile on her face.

She only breaks out into laughter when Alex places her hands on her knees and really gets into it in a really dorky way.

And so Maggie always urges Alex to put in the dvd.

When she brings Maggie’s lunch to the precinct because Maggie has abused her paperwork for a day too long and her captain is on her ass about it, Alex places the take-out container on Maggie’s desk before doing a quick Michael Jackson spin and finishing off the move with finger guns.

Maggie nearly tips her for being the best delivery service in town. She kisses her in thanks instead.

To get Maggie to stop crying after she has to watch the man who murdered an innocent alien refugee walk free and couldn’t do anything about it, Alex does the silliest shoulder shimmy while making a goofy face and singing a Britney Spears song in an over-exaggerated nasally tone.

Maggie watches her dork of a girlfriend through watery eyes and she tells herself that she’s not gonna crack, but her girlfriend is persistent and she finds herself giggling at Alex’s actions.

“God, I love you so much.” Maggie whispered, tears still falling, but her sadness was eased a little.

“I love you more.” Alex smiles and leaning forward to capture Maggie’s lips.

Maggie’s favorite, though, is the dance that Alex does when she wins any kind of game.

During game night, Alex wins the game of Scrabble that had been going on for most of the night. She beats Winn by 4 points and she was up on her feet in the blink of an eye.

“Ha! I win! Suck it, Schott!” Alex cheers, thrusting her hands into the air and gently rotating her hips.

Maggie can’t help but laugh at her.

Fuck, she loved that woman.


Maggie loved to cook.

Growing up in a large family, Maggie had been forced to learn to cook from a young age.

And now, having to feed both of the Danvers, her cooking skills were coming into use.

And so she made a deal with Kara and Alex that if they picked up the groceries she needed, she would make dinner every night.

Needless to say, Maggie found herself spending quite a lot of time in front of her stove, Alex’s stove, and Kara’s stove.

She didn’t mind though. Most of the time she had some eager helping hands. Kara came in handy when she needed things chopped quickly and Alex was useful for measuring the proper amounts of ingredients.

They all made one solid team.

She also didn’t mind the silly things that went along with cooking dinner for her newly formed family. (It felt so amazing to even be a part of a family again.)

Most of the time there was some kind of music playing.

Kara preferred that they play Disney songs when they were at her place and Maggie spent her time watching the sisters break into slightly off key renditions of their favorite duets. (It came as a shock that Alex was usually the soprano and could hit most of the notes with ease.)

When they were at Alex’s place, Maggie found herself listening to anything from show tunes, It Takes Two from Hairspray and Maria from Westside Story were Alex’s two faves, to old school P!nk. Of course, she had her alternative rock bands thrown in there too.

Who would Alex be if she couldn’t tell Maggie to pour some sugar on her? (Cue silly dance)

Maggie, on the other hand, was more into old r&b love songs. Usher, Boys II Men, Shai, Alicia Keys, and Destiny’s Child filled the playlist. Maggie often times found herself singing the songs to Alex and finally understanding what the singers were talking about when they sang about love.

(Kara cooed each and every time Maggie sang along to the songs and Alex’s face turned into that dopey smile that told the world that she was in love.)

Sometimes, when Kara was otherwise occupied by being the DJ or checking her Snapchat, Alex moved to stand behind Maggie before she wrapped her arms around Maggie’s waist and whispered sweet things into her ear. This never failed to make Maggie melt back into Alex’s body and let her eyes fall closed at the feeling of being so close to the woman she loved.

Alex, though, would ruin the moment seconds later when she blows a loud raspberry on Maggie’s neck making Maggie shriek and push a laughing Alex away from her.

Fucking loveable brat.

And so cooking was always an adventure with the Danvers plus one Sawyer.

Laughs filled the kitchen along with the enticing aromas of whatever Maggie was cooking that night.


Humor had been a constant in their relationship.

It was the only way that they could cope with the constant threat of one of them dying in their unbelievably dangerous jobs.

And so they kept each other laughing any chance they got.

And proposals were no different.

Alex dropped to one knee one night after Maggie had gotten out of the shower to find the room filled with candles and rose pedals all over Alex’s huge bed. The ring she held out to Maggie had to be one of the most beautiful rings that Maggie had ever seen.

To say Maggie was shocked was an understatement.

“Maggie Sawyer, there are a million things I could say right now. I could go on and on about how much I love you or how much I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I hope you already know that because I do my best to tell you and show you every day.”

“I do. I know.” Maggie let out a watery chuckle.

“Hey, no ‘I do’s’ yet!”

Another chuckle.

“But I’m glad you know. What you don’t know is that I want to spend the rest of my life making that beautiful smile cross your face every day. I want to dance and sing in the shower with you every morning. I want to sing show tunes and Disney Princess songs with you. I want to take a Slow Ride with you and Cater to You like Destiny’s Children sing about. I wanna be your favorite delivery woman and your personal raspberry blower. I want all of it with you and only you, Mags.”

God, Maggie was a sobbing mess at this point.

“So, will you please let me put a ring on it? Marry me?”

Maggie couldn’t stop the laugh that bubbled out of her throat. “Yes, baby, you can put a ring on it.”

Alex placed the beautiful ring on Maggie’s left ring finger before standing to thrust her hands in the air. “Yes! Take that, Yonce!” Cue silly dance move.  

Oh, how Maggie loved this dork.

High School Band AU: Ch. 9

Hope you like this! ^^

In your defense, you were really trying to pay attention. You really want to learn everything about Isaac Newton and the three laws of motion. Well, not everything, just… enough to pass the test tomorrow. You’re really trying, but the crumbled paper balls falling in your desk in the studying room aren’t letting you focus.

You didn’t unwrinkle any of them, if the sender notices you’re not having it, they’ll stop. Or that’s what you thought before the sixth or seventh little ball fell in your book. What the hell?

You look over your shoulder, there’s only one person sitting diagonally from your desk, but you can’t see who it is, because they are hiding their faces with a book. Well, trying, a few strands of hair at the top of their heads aren’t being covered. Red strands of hair.

So… Saeran or Saeyoung? Even though Saeran was becoming way less unbearable in the last few days - and it was about him, you’re pretty sure it has nothing to do with you trying to be more patient since he basically prevented a rape from happening with you – you two aren’t that close to the point of him trying to get your attention like this. Well, you’re not that close to Saeyoung either, you just forgot he doesn’t know that.

But it is Saeyoung, of course it’s him. And knowing the little you know about him, you better read one of these little balls or he won’t stop being a third wheel between you and Isaac Newton.

“Watchu reading?”  or… something like this, his handwriting can be a little hard to decode sometimes.

“Isaac Newton and the laws of motion.” You throw one of the balls behind you , nobody notices. Because, can you imagine, some people use the studying room to study.

“Spoiler alert: he dies in the end. Would there be more laws of motion if he hasn’t died? It’s open to interpretation.” You muffle a giggle and look at him, still using the book as a disguise.

“I know it’s u behind me and u r not really reading ‘Basic Principles of Genetics’”

“How dare u accusing me so unfairly? :O” did he really draw an emoji? Oh God…

“The book is upside down, Saeyoung.”

You look over your shoulder to see him turning the book to the right position and adjusting himself in his seat. Rolling your eyes lightly, you muffle another laugh.

“See? I’m learning EVERYTHING about Mendel and peas. In your face, MC!”

“Good, so go back to studying the peas and I’ll go back to Newton.”

You avoid looking behind you, you know it would just encourage him on keep exchanging notes. And though it’s fun, you really need to study right now!

And he apparently gets it, as the balls stop flying. You’re relieved! And… bored. Seriously, so bored… your eyelids are almost getting heavy. Where’s Saeyoung and the paper balls attack to keep you awake?

“Ok, tell me more about the peas.” You see him smirking when your paper plane lands on his desk.

“I know shit about the peas. Can I kidnap u in 15 minutes?”

“Such an improvement from when u used to kidnap me without asking me first.” Now he is the one holding his laugh, but he’s less discreet and some other students glare at him.

“I’ll be waiting for u next to the exit.” He lets the last note when passing next to your desk before leaving the room.

Well, you’ll apologize for ditching Isaac Newton. See, it’s not you, it’s him. It’s just not working and you think you should see other people. Saeyoung, in that case. He might be a handful sometimes, but he’s definitely not boring.

“I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“I really shouldn’t, to be honest. But this book is almost making me sleep. Especially now that you told me the end.” You stick your tongue out and he laughs softly. “So, where are we going, mr. kidnapper?”

“What kind of kidnapper would I be if I told you that? It’s a secret! Come on!”

You two take the bus. And you were worried about not having much to talk to him, but Saeyoung lets almost no blanks. He always has something to say about some place you’re passing by. And that is pretty comforting, actually.

“That’s our stop.”

“Usually it’s mine, indeed.” Yes, your uncle’s record store is just a few streets ahead. You noticed between all his blabbering that the way was being very familiar.

“Mine too.”

“Really? You live nearby?”

“No, I work nearby.”

“How come I never saw you before if we take the same bus?”

“Because you usually sit right there with your headphones and a resting bitch face that make people think you don’t want them sitting beside you.” Well, you really do use your phones and the… resting bitch face in order not to be bothered, especially by boys. But Saeyoung is a boy and he never bothered you. How long have you two been taking the same bus? How long has he been observing you? “And here we are.”

He stops in front of a store. A little bigger than the record store you work, the glass window and the light tones of yellow and white in the front gives even more depth illusion, but it’s an old building, for sure. And judging from the movie posters in the window, it looks old on purpose. It’s a video rental store.

You heard about this place before, actually. You passed by in your way to the record store and couldn’t help but thinking there is another shop lost in time very close to yours. You would imagine if the people who worked here were aware that the owner looks for nostalgia rather than profit, or would they really hope having a lot of customers.

“You’re not the only one in the band dealing with obsolete medias, MC.” Ah, so Saeyoung knows, just like you. “Come in.”

“Wait, it’s closed. Won’t your boss get mad?”

“It’s fine. He gave me those keys so I can come whenever I want. He doesn’t want to lose his only employee, after all.”

“And what do you do here?”

“Look at all these movies! What do you think I do?” you look around, yes, there are a lot of movies… how many of them did he watch? “I mean, I watch them, but there is another thing, come with me.”

He guides you to the back of the store, where the poster of a semi-naked lady is doing the shush gesture in a sexy way, and the warning “Do not enter if you’re under 18 years old.

“Come in, MC.”

“Ugh, the sign…”

“It’s a sign, not a cop. Come in.” he grabs your hand and brings you inside.

You look around and most of the movies are piled in the corner. Oh, thank God, you were so sure it was going to be walls stuffed by VHSs and DVDs covers of women being filled in holes you’re not sure they should be filled… instead, there is a pair of DJ pickups, a sewing machine, two mannequins, and records. Lots of records.

“Recognize some of them?”

“You got them at my uncle’s store?”

“Most of them I bought online. I must say the hip-hop’s selection at your uncle’s store is not that vast. I even wrote a note and put it in the suggestions box you have there.”

“My uncle neverreads it, sorry. So… you’ve been there before I joined the band?”

He smiles while turning on his equipment. “I was looking for Tupak and you told me there wasn’t much hip-hop, but I could look it up.”

“Then you asked me for help, but I didn’t know where the hip-hop albums were, because… it was my first day.” He nods, putting his headphones. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“We’re not that close.” Oh, so he knows that. “And I don’t want you to think I’m a yandere stalker or something like this.”

“Well, this room is very yandere-ish. The mannequins, the pink light, I mean… I think the phantom of the opera would have something like this if he lived in the90s.” he laughs loudly.

“You know what’s funnier than your joke? Saeran said exactly the same thing.”

“He did?”

“Yes, you two have a very similar sense of humor. Too bad you don’t really like each other, you would have fun together.”

“I… I don’t really hate your brother, Saeyoung.”

“I know, and he probably doesn’t hate you either. He’s just… he doesn’t know how to express his feelings too well, I… think he meant something completely different when you told us that Rika wanted to kiss you.” And you know that by now. You could tell him you do, but… you don’t really want to remember that night…

“Gosh, when you put it like that, it makes me feel really ridiculous for even considering that.”

“It’s not ridiculous. Maybe you and Rika has that… hot rivalry tension like Crystal Connors and Nomi Malone in Showgirls, you know?”

“I can’t believe you’re saying something in my life resembles such an awful movie, Saeyoung.”

“Hey! It’s a great movie! Great quotes, great dancing moves, great, uhm… breasts.”

“Of course you liked the boobs.” Even under the pink light, you can see him blushing. “But it has a pretty cool sex in the pool scene… I guess.”

“MC, you’re 15! You can’t watch things like that, young lady!” and you know he’s teasing, since he basically dragged you to the porn section of the store.

“Tell that to my uncle. I swear he has no idea how to deal with a teenage girl.”

“Especially one like you, I suppose.”

“What is that suppose to mean?”

“I mean, you’re very… well, you’re very unique, MC. You know a lot about culture from past decades, and… you’re a salty little smug, and… stupid people can’t really hold a conversation with you for too long.”

“You know you could easily be describing yourself right now too, right?” another blush under the pink light, from both of you now. “So, uhm… the pickups, huh? So vintage, do you remix?”

“I try, but it isn’t as easy as doing in the computer. Here, listen to this.” He hands you one of his headphones, and you immediately shake your head according to the rhythm.

“Public Enemy.”


“That’s so cool, Saeyoung.”

“Thank you! My stuff in the laptop are better, to be honest.” He grabs his laptop in his backpack and sits on the floor, you lean your hands on your kness and bend down when he connets the headphones in the laptop. “See? I asked Yoosung to play the piano for me and I basically recreated the base in No Diggity by Blackstreet.”

“And the waves here are you singing?”

“Yeah. It’s me trying to… rap, actually.”

“Oh my God! Let me hear this!” you press the play before he can protest.

“It’s going down fade to Blackstreet. The homeys got abby collab creations, funk like acne.
No doubt I put it down never slouch, as long as my credit could vouch, a dog couldn’t catch me straight out. Tell me who could stop with Dre makin’ moves. Attracting honeys like a magnet. Giving them ig-asms with my mellow accent. Still moving his flavor with the homeys Blackstreet & Teddy: the original rump shakers”

And you could laugh and make fun of him, but all you do is:

“Shorty get down, good Lord. Baby got ‘em open all over town. Strickly biz she don’t play around, cover much grounds. Got game by the pound, gettin paid is her forte. Each and every day true player way”

He joins you in singing: “I can’t get her outta my mind.I think about the girl all the time”

And he moves to the second part of the song: “She’s got class and style. Street knowledge, by the pound. Baby never act wild, very low key on the profile. Catching villians is a no, let me tell you how it goes. Curve’s the word, spin’s the verb. Lovers it curves so freak what you heard.”He’s… he’s looking straight at you, like… he’s singing to you, like he means it.

Who knew he actually knows how to sing? You remember Saeran teasing him for not playing any instrument, but the thing is he doesn’t even need it. Look at what he has here, he sews the outfits for the band, reproduces beats for famous songs in modern and traditional equipment, he… knew you almost since your first day in this town. And yes, you weren’t close, and that’s a shame.

“So, uhm… pretty lame, huh?” he asks, taking you aback.

“Well, I don’t know if it is ‘ig-asms’ material… yet.” He laughs, and you chuckle from his laugh.

It’s just in that moment you realize how close you are, you can almost fell his breathing against your nose, his… exhilarating breathing, actually. Your eyes lock with his, and you’re so glad those guys couldn’t do anything to you at that party, because, if they did… this wouldn’t be your first kiss…

And it isn’t, because Saeyoung lowers his head and looks back at the computer.

“Don’t let yourself be carried by where we are, MC.”


“You’re sorry, I know.” Oh… not really what you were going to say. “Don’t worry. I… I won’t tell anybody about this.”

“Saeyoung, I…”

“It’s fine, MC, really. Oh, it’s late, I… should walk you home, you have a physics test tomorrow, right?” what is he doing? Why isn’t even looking at you?

Of course he’s embarrassed, you would be too if someone tried to kiss you and you didn’t really want to, but… if he says it’s fine, why doesn’t he even act like it’s fine? Again, why doesn’t he even look at you? Like you’re not worthy of it?

“I can go home by myself.”

“Are you sure? It’s getting dark and…”

“I can take the bus, I’ve done this before a lot of times, you know?” he does.

“MC, you don’t…”

“Goodbye, Saeyoung.” You gather your stuff on the floor and walk out of there.

What happened? You could swear he wanted this to happen as much as you did, it’s like… it’s almost like… he was waiting for you to make a move just so he could push you away, why?

You were so close to him, but, then again… you and him weren’t really close.And he knows that.

Chapter 8 | Chapter 10  

marycanchola  asked:

Hi!! I love the way you write and i was hoping that you could make a fic where JD plans a surprise date for Veronica where he cooks pasta for her (because you know, he "learned to cook pasta" in freeze your brain :3). Maybe he can attempt to cook Veronica's favorite dish spaghetti with loooooots of oregano lol xD. Ps. Keep up the good work, i live for your blog tbh

Awww! This was such a nice message to see in my inbox! Thank you so so so so much for your support and thank you so so so so much for the nice words and request! I love getting requests like this and this one was so much fun to write! I hope you enjoy!

JD shook the container into the large pot of pasta. Veronica always talked about how it was her favorite; pasta with lots of oregano. He finished off the entire bottle of the spice and then opened up a jar of sauce. He smiled big and dumped the entire thing on the big pot of pasta. Pasta was pretty easy to make depending on what you wanted on it, and as for Veronica, she liked lots of sauce and lots of oregano.

“JD, what smells good?” Veronica asked, stepping into the kitchen.

“Don’t, you ruined the surprise!” JD laughed a bit and tried to gently shove her out of the kitchen. Veronica giggled and moved away from him, looking in the pot.

“Aww, you’re making me dinner?” She asked, taking her boyfriend’s hands. Veronica smiled and gave JD a kiss on the head. “This is so sweet! I never had a boyfriend make me dinner before, especially none as good as what you made me.” She laughed, taking a bite of the pasta before it was even ready.

“Well I make pasta better than anyone.” JD grinned big, making his girlfriend laugh. “Sit down.” He told her. Veronica smiled and let him pull the chair out for her. She took a seat and he came over with two bowls and made up a dish for her. “Be careful it’s hot.” He warned. Veronica smiled and he sat down across from her.

“This is really nice, JD.” Veronica smiled. He reached out under the table to hold her hand. “What’s the occasion?” Veronica giggled a bit. “I mean you were working on dinner for a while now, and you set the table up really nice.

“Can I not just do something sweet for my girlfriend?” JD ask, winking. Veronica smiled and they continued to eat in a comfortable silence. They would exchange little winks and smiles through the meal. Until JD rubbed the back of his head nervously and spoke up. “Well… I actually had some plans for tonight but…”

“What was it?” Veronica asked.

“It just didn’t really fall into place.” He explained. Veronica looked confused at how nervous her boyfriend became all of the sudden and he continued. “Well I had plans for the two of us tonight… but I was talking to Heather, Heather and Heather and they were all on my case about how stupid I was being.” He spoke.

“Really?” Veronica laughed a little. “What was your plan?”

“Well I had a gift for you.” He explained. Veronica pointed to herself.

“For me?” She asked. JD nodded. “Well what was it?” Veronica asked excitedly, sitting forward.

“It was dumb… it was a stupid idea.” JD explained. Veronica motioned for him to continue and JD reached into his pocket. “I was sort of thinking of giving you… this.” He the pulled out an object that made Veronica gasp.

A ring.

But not any ring. It was an engagement ring, with a diamond and everything. “You were gonna give me a ring…?” Veronica asked. JD nodded.

“Y-yeah… stupid right?” He asked, laughing a little bit.

“What… what would you have done with it?” Veronica asked. Jd shrugged and got up.

“Well… before the Heathers told me it was dumb I… I was sort of planning on doing this.” He spoke softly and got on one knee in front of her. “Then I sort of thought I might put it on your finger like this.” He continued, doing so. “And then I think I would have asked you to marry me.” He finished, looking up at her.

“Oh… oh my god…” Veronica breathed out. “I… this is happening really fast.” She was trying to catch her breath.

“Yeah… that’s sort of why they said it was stupid.” JD played with his hands. “It’s stupid, right?” He asked. Veronica looked at the ring on her finger.

“Y-Yeah.” She nodded. “It would have been really stupid and… then I would have said yes…. Which would have been stupid, right?” Veronica asked. JD just looked at her.

“Y-you would have said yes?” He asked. Veronica nodded.

“And then what would you have done?” She asked. JD thought for a moment and took both her hands, giving her a kiss.

“I would have done that… and then… I would have married you I guess.” JD spoked. “Is that dumb?” He asked Veronica shook her head and grabbed JD by the collar of his coat. She pulled him down and covered him on kisses, forcing him to hold her by wrapping her legs around his waist. JD laughed and spun her around.

“It’s not dumb at all! Yes! Yes! I’ll marry you!” She cried. JD’s face lit up and he tackled her down on the couch covering her face with as many kisses as possible. They giggled for a while and they kissed each other. “It’s not dumb at all! Not at all! I can’t believe this!” She cried out. JD latched onto her in a tight hug and didn’t let go.

“You would never believe how happy I am that you said yes!” JD cried. “I thought you’d think we were too young and… You said yes!” He cried out. They grabbed each other and kissed, until JD pulled away and got a serious look. “Wait, wait, wait. Ronnie, we can’t tell anyone. Everyone I’ve talked to told me I was being stupid.” JD explained.

“Okay, you’re right.” Veronica decided. ‘I mean… we’re only seventeen, that’s pretty young. I don’t think we’ll be getting too much support. I don’t want people to think we’re making a mistake.” She agreed.

“Let’s figure everything out, and finish high school, and then tell everybody and you’ll have the engagement party and dress and everything you deserve!” JD told her. Veronica smiled big and pulled him in for another kiss.

“You’ve already given me everything.”

“You’re too young to understand.” Is such a stupid fucking argument. I’m pretty sure 13 year olds can understand the fact that you want to hurt them and other even younger children so since they know that fact, they won’t like you for even thinking about it.