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oh my god i love this


“So he uses his cool old man confidence where you just dgaf and decides to send his house in the air to go in search of his idol using a bunch of balloons.” FSDFJAKD HIS COOL OLD MAN CONFIDENCE 

 YUURI FREAKNG OU T BC HE DIDNT MEAN TO KIDNAP A CHILD LMAO SAME and ohmgyod yurio having a rivalry with jj in his boy scouts thing

“Yuuri wants to hit him and yurio is torn between being repulsed but also kinda impressed.”  THE MOST VICTOR THING


i love domestic snowbaz and baz being a gr8 chef and all but

(someone brought this point up idk who or when but they did so im sorry for not crediting you i genuinely do not remember your name or how long its been im sorry)

baz grew up in a rich family

rich as in he had maids and stuff

his family had /chefs/ okay like he never would’ve had to learn how to cook

simon lived in a care home (or something i apologize for my ignorance on this subject in advance)

from what i can tell he’s never had to cook for himself either

so when they move in together (aka when baz just starts “haunting their doorstep”) the cooking is a learning process

penny would probably be in charge of most of the meals

but whenever she was too tired or couldn’t be bothered to actually cook anything simon (and baz) would have to fend for themselves

it start small probably, like box dinners or something

and then once they were more comfortable in the kitchen theyd experiment

id say simon is probably the one who handles cooking meat in the beginning
its not that baz is scared or anything

he just doesnt like the thought of dead animal touching his skin

baz would look for recipes on his phone, definitely, finding one that sounds really good

and he’d ask simon if he wanted to try it

of c he would, he’s simon snow and he is an actual Gourmet

anyways as far as cleaning goes

theyre all pretty lax, penny makes sure the dishes are always done bc she’s lived in a house w dirty dishes sitting in the sink for a few days and its not the kind of thing she wants her apartment to go through

baz always makes simon’s bed though

he’s probably the only one who actively does laundry

he didn’t know /how/ to do laundry

im going on the assumption that their apartment has at least a washing machine

so he probably googled how to use it

and the first time he was trying to hang the clothes up to dry (maybe on a balcony or smthn who knows not me) penny walked in and nearly fainted

bc he was doing it so ??? wrong it was terrifying to say the least

wet clothes on top of wet clothes


she showed him otherwise to say the least

and then they might’ve taken turns w laundry after that bc it was definitely an Event

eventually baz buys a spearmint plant

bc he likes the smell of it

it reminds him of simon

when he had magic and even after that

beyond the cleaning though

every saturday they have a movie night

and theyll either go to the theater (or cinema or w/e)

or marathon like harry potter or disney

sunday they all sit down and pick out a dessert they want

(“SOUR CHERRY SCONES!” “Next week is your week, Simon, this week I want snickerdoodles.”)

and they make it together

as a sort of /family/

they all throw flower at each other

and giggle and just overall have a good time

and dammit they deserve it

they’ve had enough awful prophecies and traumatic father-figure-death’s for ALL of their lifetimes.

and yeah okay maybe they fight sometimes because they dont agree on something

maybe they all suck at housework

theyre young

theyre learning

t o g e t h e r

anyways yeah this is long sorry

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did someone say steamy cecilos makeouts because that shit is a dream marcia make our dreams come true and give us gay boys making out