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mom took me out and i noticed so many people staring at me and smiling and so many people wanted to just talk to me and complete strangers were just having full on conversations with me and asking me for my phone number and to hang out and out of nowhere this young woman told me I was glowing and that my soul was so bright and beautiful that she just didn’t want me to leave and I told my mom what she said when we were leaving and she said everyone in there was pulling her aside to tell her the same things about me and telling her how beautiful my smile was and all this. Then we went to the furniture store and the lady helping us there said that I lit up the room just walking in. idk what’s happening but it’s making me weep I just am being overwhelmed everywhere I go by people ive never even met before and it’s just idk it feels so nice and im not deserving of any of it but my heart is so full.

I’ll never  forget the first time I brought Justin to the music studio. We walked through the glass door into the classroom. A shiny drum set occupied one corner. The teacher, Lee Weber, had his back toward us as he shuffled paperwork on a desk in the opposite corner. ‘’Hi, Mr. Weber,‘’ I said. ‘’Justin Bieber’s here for his first lesson.‘’
With his back still turned toward us, the teacher let us know he’d be with us in a minute.

  I hoped the minute wouldn’t be longer than five. Sitting and waiting? Definitely not Justin’s forte.Before we even had a chance to sit down, Justin made a beeline toward the drum set. ‘’Justin!’’ I shouted, just as he hopped on the stool and grabbed a pair of drumsticks. Mr. Weber, still buried in paperwork, heard the commotion. Without looking up he assured us, ‘’It’s fine, Justin can play.’’

I bet he was expecting to hear some little four-year-old kid bang away on the thing like a toy. Justin started doing his thing. As he pounded out complex rhythms, he started attracting an audience. Students of different ages gathered around the open door, trying to get a peek at who was playing. When Justin banged his last beat, the teacher had already dropped whatever he was doing and was standing next to me.

His mouth stretched to the floor in shock. The kids outside the door went wild. One of them squeaked to Mr. Weber, ‘’That kid is amazing! If you’re his drum teacher, I want you to give me lessons!’’

Mr. Weber shook his head and lifted his hands in disbelief. ‘’This is his first day. I haven’t even given him lesson yet. That’s all him!’’

—  Pattie Mallette, Nowhere But Up.
Where Family Is || Taehyung || Oneshot

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Word Count: 3584

Genre: angst, based loosely on the Spring Day mv and hyyh mv’s, tw; suicide, depression, abuse, alcoholic

Summary: Warm days will come after the winter storms…

The chug of the train had long left the area and silence had settled over the train station. The frozen branches hung over the stained tracks like gargoyles, protecting the spot and watching those who come by it with a wicked eye. The body had long been moved and now a young man sat at the train station, his feet placed heavily against the white snow, his arms resting against his thighs as he leaned forward and his fingers hooked to each other. Once in a while, this young man would stand, wrap his arms around a column and lean his cheek against it before leaving the wood post and hopping onto the ground. He would sit on the tracks and run his fingers absentmindedly over the rusted and blood-stained rails. He had been in this state for several weeks and he hadn’t left his post. He didn’t want to eat or sleep—in fact, he found that he couldn’t. He didn’t need to.  

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Family — Wonho AU | Part Three

A/N: ahhh I’m so sorry for how late this is. I was sick and then all these weird work schedules were taking up my time. But I wanted to get this out to you all before the weekend so here it is! Thank you all so much for the patience and your interest in this story~ I’m planning for maybe two more parts so please continue to look forward to it. Also I’m so sorry for mistakes and if this seemed rushed, especially the more emotional part, like I suck at mushy talk haha

Characters: Single Father Wonho, Reader, Female OC

Length: 4270 words

Parts: Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

It was a rare day off and you had promised to watch Mari after school while Wonho worked. The two of you were at the zoo enjoying a rare dare of sun. You let Mari do the leading, but as the afternoon wore on you were starting to regret it. You were still young but had nowhere near the same energy levels as the young girl.

As you were eating a snack you noticed her energy slowly dwindling and you knew it was time to head home. Gathering your things, you took her hand and started to lead her towards the exit.

“Y/N…” Mari trailed off. “I really like being with you.”

“I really like being with you too.”

“Please don’t leave.”

You stop and look down at her. “Mari, why would I leave?”

“I don’t know. But I don’t want you to.”

With a soft sigh you continue to walk. “Listen to me, I won’t ever leave you. Besides who else am I going to buy sugar cereal for?”

Mari giggles and you know you’ve done the right thing in lightening the mood.

The drive towards Wonho’s place was quiet. You played Mari’s favorite radio station at a low level but when you didn’t hear much noise coming from her, you looked back at her and found her asleep. Turning off the radio, you continued the drive in silence. As you drove around the corner, you felt your car slow on its own. Frowning you look at the meters on the dashboard start to drop. You press your hazard lights and carefully pull over before shutting off the vehicle. Quickly, you peek behind you and find Mari still peacefully napping in the back. You quietly climb out of the car and walk to the hood. Propping it up you study the multiple parts and pipes and end up staring blankly at the engine.

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You allowed me to breath. You let light linger in the dark place I was in. When I was stranded with nothing and no one. Where the dust and rubber and the piles of waste live. You supply my oxygen of which I needed to survive at that time. In face you send me your warmth and you guided me all those times I was lost. I appreciate everything you do for me and one day I hope to repay you my love and saviour.
—  @poetpastry