young nathan will always be my favorite

i was having a lovely scroll through the nathan prescott tag and as usual, i found myself easily pissed off at people putting in their two cents about “nathan stans.”

idk how many time people have to say this, but most of the time us people who love nathan are aware of how shitty he is! we literally call him trash. im sure there are definitely fans out there that ARE biased and excuse nathans actions, but i feel most of us aren’t like that. i personally just always fall in love with such complex characters like nathan- who happens to be in one of my favorite video games, therefor i made a blog about him. that doesn’t mean i’d fucking sacrifice my first born for nathan!! hes not even fucking real!

people in this fandom always tend to excuse chloe’s actions with the reason of her dad’d death and somewhat abuse from david- and then go on to say that we can’t make excuses for nathan. they aren’t even excuses! just reasonings! and i think what we try to prove is that IF he was given the right treatment and support from a young age, he would’ve been amazing.

and the thing i love about this fandom is that its so up for interpretation. theres a million headcanons and most posts on here have to do with people’s own interpretations of the characters! most times posts even have characters slightly ooc! but thats just how we see them.

ALSO i think we should focus less on the people who stan nathan and more on the people who stan jefferson????? like i actually see people on here writing jefferson fics and it makes me uncomfortable.

anyways, (i didnt expect this to be so long), i think we all need to respect peoples opinions and ships and whatever. i feel like theres no need to voice your hatred toward something. like that doesnt do anything??? do you enjoy hating on things others like?? idk im just one of those people that hate being rude, like theres no point. just let everyone enjoy the beauty that is life is strange and dont ruin it for them by putting down their interests