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exo's reaction to you having big boobs but having no ass

To be honest, i feel like they really wouldn't care if you don’t have an ass or not. They all love titties also as we can tell. So yeah i don’t think they would really care<3… 

Sehun:*Stares and tries to touch as much as he can.*

(Y/N): “What’s up with your obsession with my boobs?”

Sehun: “I’m a curious young boy!”

(Y/N): “You’re 21 years old, you’re not a young boy.”

Kai: He sees you over there trying to put on your bra, but struggling a little. And he smirks to you, and you notice him, and you roll your eyes, but he keeps looking like a perv.

Tao: Literally pokes your boob’s a lot in public. *poke poke*

D.O: “Boobies”

* Thinks to him self “Has she always had those”*

Chanyeol:“They look even bigger without clothes.”

Chen: When you pull off your shirt to go take a shower he immediately gets flustered and tries to distract himself by drinking something, but it isn’t working and something is happening that he can’t control…… sorry not sorry

Baekyun: “Can I touch em.”

(Y/N): “No you can’t touch them.”

Lay: He would compliment your body when you seem uncomfortable, which makes you feel much better. “Thumbs up.”

Suho: *In his mind *Guess I’m gonna have fun buying her new bra’s, huh?”

Kris: : He would get so turned on that he would get disgusted by his own thoughts he is having about your boobs and he ends up looking like this:

Luhan: * He would continuously joke about your boobs* “Plastic surgery much?”


Xiumin: He is stunned by your beauty when your naked and can’t stop looking at you.
(Y/N):“Omg Minseok, stop staring!” you say while covering up with a towel.

Xiumin:“Sorry, I just can’t get over your beauty.”

Enjoy!  If you have a request for a reaction or imagine or confession, feel free to let me know<3…