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So i love all the various things you've written with Gavin as Geoff’s fake son/young gav etc would you be interested in the idea of Gavin who’s not even in the crew really, is just the young son of the boss of the criminal empire, so always around the crew and totally spoiled by them all (think like the daughters in mob movies)?

Hahah oh my god yes – except unlike the pampered ignorance of those typically helpless characters Gavin is absolutely neck deep in Geoff’s world no matter how hard they try to keep him out (just until he’s older of course, there’s not one member of the FAHC who doesn’t know Gavin’s got a spot waiting for him when he’s grown up.)

Gavin wasn’t exactly innocent when Geoff found him, sneaky little street brat already dabbling in the darker corners of the city, but petty crime has nothing on the atrocities committed by and for the city’s ruling gang and Geoff’s tried his best to keep Gavin somewhat separate. It’s not just to keep the kid safe, though that is of course a major concern, but also to keep his options open, to maintain the possibility, no matter how far-fetched, that Gavin could choose a normal life if he wanted.

Not that Gavin ever wanted, oh he doesn’t want that at all, has grown from a child accidentally wandering into situations he shouldn’t be in to a meddlesome teenager always poking his nose where is doesn’t belong, constantly underfoot despite everyone’s best efforts. Geoff’s rules keep Gavin sheltered from the brunt of the crew’s dealings, safely tucked away from anything too dangerous or unpredictable, never left around contract hires or lower tier members of the empire, never outside the supervision of Geoff or one of his trusted inner crew. Which is honestly something of a problem in and of itself these days.

Ramsey’s inner circle have become altogether too fond of the boss’ kid and as Gavin gets older, growing smarter and sneakier by the day, it becomes harder and harder to wrangle him. Jack’s just as firm on the rules as Geoff, and Ryan takes some serious wheedling before he’ll capitulate to Gavin’s whims, but the kid has the younger members of the crew more or less wrapped around his little finger when it comes to finding ways to entertain himself.

Of the Lads Ray has the easiest time laughing off the teenager but Michael and Jeremy can’t help but get pulled in time and time again. They do put their foot down occasionally though, especially after that one time Geoff caught the Lads stupidly letting Gavin tag along to some arms deal gone bad; Jeremy was legitimately sure Geoff was going to shoot all three of them that night, old friends or not the man was furious, big bad Ramsey reading them the riot act while Jack escorted a pale, blood-spattered Gavin back to the penthouse. It’s a tense week, full of reminders that Gavin’s still just a kid, a kid whose dumb idea blew up in his face and frightened the life out of him, whose dad is so angry, was so scared, whose idiot friends should have known better, should have remembered he’s not on their level yet no matter what he says.

It is there though, the bare bones of what Gavin will grow into, the terrible magnificent monster he will be, currently expressed and explored through the medium of being an utter brat. He really is, especially with anyone outside the inner circle, completely abusing his position to get his way no matter how petty he has to be - up to and including flat-out name dropping and perfectly timed blubbering crocodile tears.

Gavin has developed the most most horrifying ability to look someone dead in the eye, calm and calculating and so deceptively clever, and just flick on the waterworks, play small and hurt like he isn’t something wicked, like he’s not disturbingly amused by their frantic scramble to appease him. And it is frantic, lord knows there’s no pleasant outcome for anyone caught upsetting Gavin; Ramsey’s boy is never alone, not really, and any who draw his ire are quickly faced with either one of the most loyal Fake’s, always bloodthirsty and furiously protective or, worse, the big man himself. Ramsey’s always been a kill first, sigh in exasperation later sort of man when it comes to Gavin’s welfare, a fact no one knows better than Gavin himself.

One thing Gavin does share with those fictional mob daughters is the fact that he is utterly spoiled, showered in everything he could ever ask for and rarely reprimanded for anything outside of risking his own safety. It was rough, in the beginning, having come from nothing Gavin struggled to trust the world of opulence the Fake’s were desperate to give him but over the years he has well and truly come to terms with it. Now there’s nothing stopping Gavin from swanning through a closed-door meeting to relieve Geoff of a wad of cash, or asking for a car, or whining about a problem he wants taken care of. It’s no less common to see him trying to wheedle something out of Jack, chasing after Ray, dragging Michael and Jeremy out the door or clambering all over the Vagabond, all without consequence or anger, with little more than fond exasperation. The ferocious FAHC, vicious rulers of the most wicked city, each member with innumerable unspeakable atrocities to their name, all utterly beholden to the passing whims of an errant child.


The year is 1974. The Gravel Wars are over, Grey’s robot menace is subdued, and Miss Pauling is finally getting a handle on her new role as President and CEO of Mann Co. when a wholly unexpected threat emerges in the form of a doomsday cult calling themselves Rise & Shine. Convinced that the end is near, they want nothing more than to purify the world of the taint of weaponry and violence through… more violence. (But it’s okay when they do it! Don’t ask.) The destruction of Mann Co.—the world’s largest supplier of guns, ammunition, and novelty hats for some reason—is their #1 priority.

This new enemy is decentralized and mobile. A threat could pop up anywhere in the world, so Team Fortress must step up their game. Mann Co. pays the bills, and the boss lady says these Risers must be stopped.

You are the Driver.

Wherever the team needs to go, you can get them there. You also provide vital support in battle, which is no longer confined to neat little bases. You’re an expert navigator, capable in every kind of terrain, always on your toes. You know how to drive most land vehicles, and the ones you don’t, you’re pretty sure you could figure out within 15 minutes. For this job, you stick with the company car. 

Your vehicle, aside from a setting for awkward road trips, is a home away from home once your mission begins. When fully set up, it’s the place where your teammates can top off their health and ammo or, in worst case scenarios, respawn. Guard it with your life.

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@urboiroy you asked for this

“Shut up you two” Zeb yells from the other room. Sabine and Ezra stop laughing and set down their cards.

“Dirty cheater” Ezra grumbles.

Sabine smiles and crawls into bed, after kissing him goodnight.

Ezra settles in his own bunk, drifting off to sleep. “Night Bine.”


He wakes up, but he’s not on the Ghost. Ezra groans in various types pain. The immediate harsh pain, sore pain and stinging pain.

His hands are above his head, cuffed together above a beam. The binders dig into his wrists.

Ezra recognizes his surroundings. It’s his old tower. The helmets and his makeshift cot. The musty smell.

Thrawn is there. Ezra wants to scream but he can’t. He can’t even move. Death Troopers advance on him and he can’t even brave himself for the first blow.

Definitely not the first judging by how he felt when he woke up.

Fists meets skin over and over. Knees too. Ezra feels cracked ribs, a spilt lip and fractured wrists among other things. Questions are asked between blows. But Ezra can’t answer. Or more likely won’t.

He doesn’t know what’s going on. He should be on the Ghost.

Thrawn says something and a fist makes contact with his temple and everything goes black.


Ezra wakes up again. This time to the sound of alarms and lights. He’s on an imperial ship.

He runs effortlessly to the bridge. He still can’t control his body. Lyste is there.

The two men walk down to the bay hangar as a ship is pulled in.

Stormtroopers escort a young mercenary out…why does he remember this?

The mercenary is revealed to be Ezra.

This is when he went to save Kallus. This is how Kallus saw things.

But events turn immediately. Instead of Ezra being led to the cell block, Ezra (or rather Kallus’s face) betrays the slightest emotion of recognition. Lyste shoots Ezra, leaving his broken body on the floor.

Ezra panics. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. He should have saved him. Lyste turns on him.

The air is hot and humid. Ezra can smell the dirt close to his nose. He’s dazed and confused. His ears ring.

Smoke chokes his lungs. Why is there smoke in a jungle?

Ezra knows it’s pointless to try to move, so he resigns himself to witnessing the horrific events.

Bodies lie around him. Most of them crying out in pain. They’re injured.

Zeb walks out from the smoke.

Not Zeb, but another Lasat.

Some of the imperials beg. Some scream for help but all of the voices are silenced by two quick shots of a rifle.

Ezra knows he’s next. He can’t move. His friends, Kallus’s friends are being killed and he can’t even reach for a gun. It’s too far out of reach.

This time Ezra can cry. Feeling the full weight of fear and grief. But it’s someone else’s tears entirely.

Ezra, or Kallus, is aboard the Ghost. In the hold surrounded by rebels. Some give him, and the imperial uniform, distasteful looks.

Ezra feels uncomfortable. Out of place. These people hate him. They should.

Suddenly he wants to defend Kallus. These people don’t know what he’s done for them. What he risked…

Kanan walks by. Ezras glad to find a familiar face. He feels a hand on his shoulder-


Ezra sits straight up in bed, breathing heavily. He doesn’t hurt, but he’s covered in a cold sweat nervous. He calms himself.

What the kriff just happened.

Ezra thinks about what just happened. Seeing things though Kals eyes. What he felt. Memories more than nightmares.

He silently reaches out with the force and finds he’s not the only one awake. Ezra understands that somehow, through the force, he had found his way into Kals dreams. He’d have to ask Kanan.

He stays awake awhile.


The next morning Ezra taps Kal.


“I don’t think I ever thanked you…for everything”

“It wasn’t much trouble”

Ezra didn’t say how untrue that was


Me: mmkay they requested sub!Lucio how should i do this

Muse: striking me in the head with a baseball bat mercenary!Lucio getting wrecked by MC who’s a more experienced mercenary because young(er) Lucio liked getting rekt

Me: with a bloody nose well damn that’s a good fucking idea

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Random trivia from Rocket Raccoon comic characters (warning: spoilers)

-In all the comics where Lylla has appeared so far, she got kidnapped a grand total of TWICE. First in the Hulk comic (where Rocket and co. debuted) and second in the 1985 miniseries. The first time she got rescued by Rocket, but the second time she got rescued by Wal Russ. Both times she was kidnapped by Blackjack O’Hare.

-Lylla might be a “distressed damsel”, but she punched Blackjack in the 3rd issue of the miniseries when he tried to kidnap her again. She hasn’t been kidnapped in any other appearance since then.

-Lylla is not a princess (despite her clothes and role). In those comics, she’s the heiress of the planet’s biggest toy factory (long story).

-One line indicates Lylla is underage. Rocket’s age isn’t stated, but he’s most likely an adult. Huh. She’s also shown skinny-dipping, though no naughty bits are shown because of the art style.

-Wal Russ has prosthetic tusks that can be swapped for laser cannons. He also uses mechanical arms from a front pouch on his clothes.

-Wal Russ is considered Lylla’s uncle, despite being from different species. They never specify whether it’s a honorary title or if their species can cross-breed.

-Blackjack is a wildcard and switches from side to side at the drop of a hat. 

-This is how Blackjack looks like without his helmet:

-The tortoise Pyko has blasters stored into his shell that can shoot beams (of course). Unlike how he appears in the GotG cartoon, he’s NOT a bad guy in the comic (he’s not completely good either).

-The villains of the story are Lord Dyvyne (a lizard) and Judson Jakes (a mole, who also got Lylla’s parents killed). Both of them want to marry (or kill) Lylla to get her money, but they’re both defeated in the end.

- “Annihilators” (2011) retconned the 1980′s comics as false memories inserted in Rocket’s brain to keep him from going back to his planet (a giant psychiatric hospital), and all his friends are shown working as part of the staff, with Lylla as head nurse and Blackjack as chief of security (and a good guy). Since Rocket’s origins change from series to series, I have no idea if this is still considered canon.

-Judson Jakes appears in one issue (in a straitjacket) and has visions of an evil psychic returning, then his head gorily explodes (!)

-In those comics, Blackjack and Lylla are married and Rocket takes it really well after being told. Though after this series, Lylla hasn’t reappeared nor has been mentioned in another comic, while Blackjack has (to various levels of canonicity)…..

-Wal Russ, Pyko, Lord Dyvyne (who looks like a frog) and Blackjack all appear in a Free Comic Book Day special in 2014. Blackjack is back to being a mercenary with a brigade of rabbits. No mention of Lylla at all. In her place, there’s a new character named Princess Lynx.

-Blackjack appears in the RR solo series by Skottie Young as a mercenary with a brigade of bunnies (again), attempting to kill Rocket out of revenge for causing him to lose his chance to kill a princess for money. He has metal feet for some reason.

-He also dies, in a really anticlimatic way (he shoots a missile at Rocket, who deflects it back at him with a wrench). Once again, I have no idea how long will this last or if it’s considered canon (I don’t, for several reasons).

-Lylla is mentioned in Rocket’s rap sheet in the first movie. 

-Wal Russ, Blackjack and Pyko all appear in the GotG cartoon episode “We Are Family”, though their story is very different from the comics. Also Rocket has a biological family here, who were also mutated/enhanced. 

-Blackjack shows up in one of the Rocket & Groot animated shorts, “The Space Race”. He has the same design as in the Young comics (metal feet and all) and his only lines are laugher/giggling.

-Lylla shows up in the Telltale GotG game as part of Rocket’s backstory, complete with a more realistic design. She helps Rocket escape the laboratories, but dies before Rocket could confess his love to her.

Dating Derek Hale would include:

- Derek having difficulty admitting his feelings for you. Or really talking about them at all. Mostly, due to the trust issues he’d have because of past relationships.

- He just wouldn’t be romantic. But he would definitely do things like show you when a certain planet is visible or when you’ve had a rough day, he has chocolate ready…that would be his way of saying he loves you.

- You’d teach him how to trust again.

- Letting him come to you with displays of affection so that it is on his terms and he will feel more comfortable.

- He starts to become comfortable with more public displays.

- Asking him questions but when he starts to clam up, you back off and don’t push. Teaching him that it’s his choice to let you in.

- He does.

- Finding out you’ve become his Anchor.

- Derek being really territorial. Flashing his wolf eyes when people get a little too friendly with you.

- You doing the same for Derek.

- Having to deal with a jealous Braeden….but she doesn’t stand a chance because she’s an inexperienced and young mercenary, who doesn’t realise her shotgun is mostly used when you don’t have good aim. (Big spray of projectiles).

- Probably a few arguments about trying to make you stay out of the fight because Derek doesn’t want to lose you.

- Lots of growling and snarling at each other when that happens.

- You go along anyway.

- When you’re alone, there’d be a lot of physical attention from him. Holding your waist/hips, pulling you close to him/onto his lap. Most definitely trapping you against the kitchen bench to kiss you.

- Sex. Lots of it. Especially on full moons.
He’d be firm but gentle for the most part and you’d probably be the one in charge. But when the full moon peaks, it’s a whole new story. Because you can both heal quickly…there would be no holding back. Teeth, claws, pinning each other, probably being slammed into the wall once of twice.

- Dealing with the rest of the pack coming to the loft and immediately sensing exactly what went on the night before. You very rarely get out of being teased.

- The pack being shocked speechless when you tease Derek…and he laughs.

Yearnful Memories

 “Inigo, this is silly.”

 “No it’s not!” Joyfully he exclaimed as the man admired the braids of her brilliant blue hair. Hands then gently slid to her shoulders, Inigo leaned closer until his chest bumped against her back. “If anything, it makes you look far, FAR more beautiful than any goddess in this world!”

 He stifled a chuckle to hear a single scoff slipping out of her lips.

 “Sometimes it helps without the exaggeration.” Tints of red kissing her cheeks, Lucina sheepishly looked down and avoid his doting gaze in the mirror. Pursed lips slowly turned to a delighted smile, the young woman once again looked upwards, only to see a dumb, swooned smile tugging the corners of his mouth.

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can you please do 🖤 for lucio/julian :3 (completely unrelated, but what do you think about a theory that battlefield medic julian and merc lucio knew each other and that's why lucio invited him to the palace?)

oh man oh man oh man, i’ve heard of the theory where they did know each other, but i’ll ramble at the bottom!

Lucio had strode over battlefields like he was a god of war walking his dominion. When Julian was just Junior Medic Ilya Devorak—hardly what anyone would call an adult, with scraps of cloth over his mouth and nose that were wringing-wet with peppermint oil to fight the stench of decay in the medical tents—he was positive he’d never seen anyone that blood-crazed.

Maybe it was a mistake to amputate the young mercenary’s shredded arm.

Because he lived, became a Count, got sick with the plague (the actual PLAGUE), and decided to call on his dear, old friend Doctor Julian Devorak to find a cure!

For the PLAGUE!

Julian isn’t sure what egregious crime he committed in a previous life, but he’s sure as hell paying for it now by playing Lucio’s nursemaid. With the masquerade coming up (months from now, but it’s Lucio’s favorite fixation since he’s become largely bedridden), Julian has the distinct ‘pleasure’ of trying to work and ignoring most of Lucio’s ramblings.

“Doctor, come sit next to me,” Lucio calls, as if Julian isn’t in the middle of decanting what might be a volatile tonic–he really, really hopes not, his chest hair regrown all the way since the last one. Maybe he should close his shirt while he works…

When Julian doesn’t immediately hop-to, Lucio barks so loud he startles the hounds sleeping on his legs into barking, too, “JULIAN.”

Before he knows what’s happening, Julian is sitting on the edge of Lucio’s need like an obedient child, getting a beaked mask tied to his face as he steadfastly ignores the growling dogs sniffing his ears and neck. Lucio affixes one to his own face, then lies back against his pillows, grinning sharp. “How do I look, Doctor?”

Likedeath. “Very, er, dashing, Milord. Dashing indeed.”

There’s a moment of perfect stillness that makes Julian picture a snake preparing to strike, and then–

AUGH!” Julian tries desperately to pull away from Lucio’s grip on his neck, Lucio’s bite against his mouth, Lucio’s breath on his face. He’s laughing, the sick bastard is actually laughing, and he’s pulling Julian closer.

The dogs start barking and howling, scratching mercilessly at Julian’s back while he flails in his panic. Lucio’s sick, he’s so sick, he’s literally ill, and he’s, what, kissing Julian? Can you call this a kiss? He doesn’t want to get sick, he doesn’t want to be one of the hollow-eyed walking corpses at the Lazaret, he doesn’t want to be a nameless body in one of the burn pits—

Julian slides off the bed in his struggle, and only then does Lucio let go, cackling until he throws himself into a coughing fit. “Your face, Julian! Ahaha! You should’ve seen it, my god!”

“You’re sick,” Julian gasps, stopping himself from wiping his mouth–he needs to wash it, “you’re sick, you’re so sick–”

Lucio sneers and scoffs, “No, I’m bored.”

rambling: so, like i said, i have heard of the theory where they knew each other from the battlefields, but never that lucio invited julian to the palace bc of it? honestly, i love it. it makes a lot of sense. so, maybe julian saved lucio’s life back in the day just by being the sawbones whose table lucio landed on, and then years and years on, lucio gets the plague. 

why SHOULDN’T he call on the guy that saved his life once before (even if all he did was hack off a bodypart)? he’s smart, lucio might even like this jittery little sub and the way he squirms, and if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll pull a cure out of his ass.

this is badly worded, but i love it. if you have headcanons, i would love to hear them!!

Allison- I’m Not

Request-  Imagine being the Alpha from a rival pack and you end up falling for Allison

A/N- Next up is a Liam imagine. 

You set your tray down at an empty table in the corner of the cafeteria, one that had a perfect view of the one where Scott and his pack were currently sitting. While you were supposed to be spying on all of them and figuring out what you could, there was only one girl you were currently worried about. Allison Argent was leaning across the table, laughing at something one of the guys, most likely Stiles, was saying. Her smile was bright and infectious as she laughed, and you could see the imprint of dimples on her cheeks.
You were so engrossed in her that you didn’t even notice your hair slipping into your food.
“Your hair’s in your macaroni,” a voice said in your ear, causing you to jump in surprise.
You looked over to see Aiden staring down at you, wearing that familiar cocky grin. “Were you staring at the hunter again?”
You quickly looked down and pulled the ends of your hair from the sticky substance on your tray, grabbing a napkin to wipe them down.
“Maybe,” you told him, eyeing him in disdain as he sat down next to you. “Am I not supposed to be?”
“In the way you are? No,” he told you, raising his eyebrows.
“Shut up,” you told him. “Like you’re not fooling around with Lydia.”
“Well if you were fooling around with Allison I wouldn’t object,” he told you. “But having sleepovers and falling in love with her dimples are both different from having sex in Coach’s office. And I’m pretty sure the first two are things Deucalion definitely doesn’t want.”
“I’m gaining her trust,” you insisted sullenly, but you knew Aiden could see right through you. “It’s none of your business how I get close to her.”
Aiden looked at you like he didn’t believe you, but before he could argue, you asked “Where is Ethan anyway?”
“With Danny,” he told you with a roll of his eyes. “You’re both getting too wrapped up in this for your own good.”
“It wouldn’t kill you to actually be happy for once,” you grumbled. “You know Deucalion is just going to make us leave again. Then it’s off to kill more people and do his dirty work for him.”
“Is that such a bad price to pay?” Aiden asked you quietly. “He saved our lives, Y/n.”
You shook your head. “To do what? Kill people for him? To make sure we can never be kids again?”
“Keep your voice down,” he hissed. “And you know we aren’t kids anymore.”
“We never were, were we?” you asked. “At least not to him.”
Aiden sighed. “I guess not. But there’s nothing we can do about it.”
You sighed too, pushing your tray away from you as you felt your appetite start to disappear. You thought back to the night you had met Ethan and Aiden, when you had both been running from a pack of territorial wolves. You were all orphans, you all had nowhere to go, and when you finally found a pack willing to take you in, it had only been as omegas. Deucalion had only been interested in Ethan and Aiden at first, in the power they could give him.
But they hadn’t always been as ruthless as Scott’s pack would like to believe, and they insisted that if they were going to kill the alpha, you would have to help them too. They had vouched for you and brought you with them into Deucalion’s alpha pack. You were an alpha too, a direct effect of the events of that night, but it wasn’t a choice you would have made if you had had another option.
You had been wondering a lot lately about what would have happened had you not followed the Twins, especially since meeting Allison. You had learned from a young age that hunters were vicious and cruel, but not her. From spending time with the Argent, you learned that her family had taken a break from hunting for a while and they didn’t do it the way they had in the past.
The tall brunette had changed your perspective and you were beginning to think that maybe you were on the wrong side. Of course, you had always known that your fellow alphas weren’t saints. You weren’t either, but spending time with Allison had made you feel like you could do a hell of a lot better than Deucalion and the others. You wanted the same thing for the Twins, but you knew you could never tell them how you really felt. Deucalion would kill you in the blink of an eye if he suspected any disloyalty, and you didn’t know if Ethan and Aiden would go that far to protect you.
Things hadn’t been the same between the three of you since the night Kali killed one of Derek’s pack members. Deucalion had intended to kill the blonde girl and the others slowly, but she had decided to fight back one night. You couldn’t blame her and you knew you would have done the same, but Kali hadn’t been so understanding.
No matter how hard you had insisted that killing the girl (whose name you later learned was Erica) wasn’t a good idea, the others hadn’t really cared what you thought. The Twins had held you down, insisting that they were doing it for you own good, and you couldn’t do anything as Kali snuffed out her life.
You didn’t know why you had fought so hard to try and save her. After all, you had seen plenty of people die and you had even helped to kill your alpha, but the girl had reminded you a little bit of yourself.
You didn’t know that much about her, but you knew that she had probably been thrust into this life, just like you. She was young too and she had probably seen enough violence to last a lifetime. You just hadn’t wanted her to end up like you, miserable and wasting her life, but she had ended up worse.
You brushed off the thoughts of the girl and picked up your tray, intending to head to one of the trashcans.
“Where are you going?” Aiden asked. “You barely ate anything.”
“I’m not hungry,” you told him.
“Well, I’ll eat it if you won’t,” he said, reaching for your tray.
You sighed and handed your tray back to him. “Fine. Here.”
“You shouldn’t go to Allison’s tonight,” Aiden advised as you snatched your bag from the ground.
“And why is that?” you asked him.
“Just some advice,” he told you.
You huffed and tightened the bag on your shoulder, casting one last glance toward Allison’s table. “I don’t want your advice.”
Aiden shook his head as you walked away, wondering what the hell your problem was. Ever since Kali had killed Erica and you had started going to school at Beacon Hills, you had been different. It wasn’t like you were ever that enthusiastic about the alpha pack to begin with, but he could tell something had changed, and as he watched you walk away, he knew your new attitude had everything to do with Allison.
“Hey, Y/n!”
You looked to your right as you walked through the cafeteria, only to see Allison herself calling out to you with a smile on her face. One look at her warm brown eyes had the bad mood Aiden had put you in instantly lifting.
“Hey,” you told her as she walked up. “What’s up?”
“I just wanted to tell you that I don’t think the sleepover tonight would be a good idea,” she said reluctantly.
“Oh,” you said softly.
“It’s not anything you did,” she told you hastily, noticing the expression on your face. “We can definitely reschedule, I just remembered that I promised my dad we could hang out tonight. Things have been hard for him…for both of us since my mom died. I’m really sorry, but I hope you can understand…”
“Of course,” you told her. “I totally get it. Have fun tonight.”
“Thanks,” she told you, that beaming grin replacing itself on her face. “I’ll see you later, then?”
“Yeah, definitely,” you breathed.
You felt your chest tightening as you watched her walk away, but it wasn’t in a good way. Her tone was genuine when she told you the cancellation wasn’t because of you, but you couldn’t help but hear the skip in her heartbeat when she mentioned her plans that night. You guessed she really wasn’t spending time with her father, but you never would have confronted her about it.
She was probably doing something with Scott and the others, you realized. Something that most likely involved plotting against Deucalion and the others, and, like it or not, you. It didn’t matter if she had genuinely told you that she trusted you, because you knew her friends never would. No matter how much you wished for things to be different, you were still a part of the alpha pack, and that meant you were their enemy.
You stood there for a few seconds until you suddenly felt the uncomfortable tingle of someone’s eyes on you. You looked over to see Aiden staring at you from his seat with that familiar “I told you so” look on his face. You narrowed your eyes as you looked into his brown ones and shook your head in annoyance.
He knew how you felt about Allison. Any idiot would, purely because you hadn’t even tried to hide it. You just hoped she would never be close enough to your other pack members for them to figure it out. You knew that if they did, they wouldn’t hesitate to use her against you, or you against her. If you could help it, you were going to make sure she was safe.

“Why are we here?” you muttered to Aiden as you followed Deucalion and Kali into the abandoned bank.
The alphas were using the empty building as a sort of homebase to keep Derek Hale’s beta and sister locked up, and they had used it to hold Isaac before he had escaped. Deucalion had been upset, but he had figured that with two other werewolves to torture, losing one beta wasn’t a huge loss. What he didn’t know was that when you had caught the young mercenary leading him out of the bank, you had chosen to show them the quickest way out instead of turning them in.
You knew he suspected someone had helped Isaac and you hoped he didn’t suspect you, but if you were being realistic, you were number one on his list. He already didn’t like you and you knew it. That much was evident by his response.
“We’re here,” he announced before Ethan or Aiden could answer you. “To make sure that our guests are comfortable for the full moon tonight. It shouldn’t take long, but if you’re that impatient, I suggest you wait outside.”
You were silent as you froze, pausing in the middle of the large bank lobby. Deucalion had stopped in front of you and even though you couldn’t see his face, you could tell he was angry. Yeah, he definitely knew you had helped Isaac.
Before you could even think of an apology that would mean nothing to him, he spoke again.
“Y/n,” he stated. “That wasn’t an offer. It was an order.”
“Yes, sir,” you told him, slowly backing away as Kali smirked at you over her shoulder. She had never really liked you.
The Twins cast a few nervous glances at you, but you just shook your head and headed down the hall. You turned a corner and walked toward the back exit, all the way on the other side of the bank. As you turned down the third dark hallway, you started to question why you hadn’t just left the way you came in. Just as you were blaming it on your haste to leave the others behind, you began to hear footsteps coming toward you.
You blinked, wondering if Ethan or Aiden had come looking for you, but these footsteps were too light to belong to the twins and they definitely weren’t Kali’s. You froze as a shadow came around the corner and you quickly grabbed its arm, but as soon as your fingers touched skin, an arm lashed out at you.
You gasped and quickly blocked the blow, which was quickly followed by another one. You spent a few seconds parrying blows and trying to land a few of your own, before you finally grabbed the shadowy blur by the arms and pinned it against the wall.
Now that your senses weren’t caught up in the blur of movement and darkness, you realized that you knew the intruder. At any other moment you might have been happy to see her, but the fact that she was there at the particular moment caused fear to constrict your chest.
“Allison?” you breathed.
“Y/n?” she asked, sounding equally shocked.
“Oh god,” you told her. “You can’t be here.”
“Why?” she demanded. “What are you planning?”
“It’s not what I’m planning!” you whispered frantically. “It’s Deucalion. And he’s still here with the others! You have no idea what’s happening!”
“Then tell me what’s happening,” she hissed. “Y/n, I don’t care what the others say. I know you don’t want to be with them!”
“Shh,” you hushed her. “Allison, please. I like you. I really like you, but you can’t be here.”
“Why?” she asked. “Y/n, please just tell me what’s-”
She froze at the sound of your gasp and when she looked into your eyes she saw genuine fear in them. What Allison didn’t understand was that it wasn’t fear for yourself, but fear for her, and all because of the several steps of footsteps you heard coming closer.
“They’re coming,” you whispered, grabbing her wrist and gently pulling her down the hall. “Hide in that closet over there. It’s got bleach in it. Pour it down to cover your scent and…and try not to look in the corner.”
You opened the door and gently pushed her inside. “Come out when you hear fighting.”
“What?” the brunette asked. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Just, please, do it,” you begged her. “ And I’m sorry you got mixed up this.”
You began to shut the door, but Allison reached out to stop it with her palm. You stared at her questioningly, until she leaned forward and smile. “I’m not.”
You blinked as she reached forward and grabbed you by the shirt, pulling your lips onto hers in a quick kiss. You could have stayed there forever, reveling in the softness of her lips and the fact that she smelled like fresh detergent and something else uniquely her own. She pulled away all too soon, knowing that forever was something neither of you had.
“Go,” she told you. “I’ll be okay.”
You nodded and watched as she backed into the closet, and you slowly shut the door. You headed back down the hall and turned, still thinking of the feel of Allison’s lips on yours. When you slammed into a firm shape, you realized you were a little too distracted.
“Jesus,” you breathed as you stumbled back in the dark.
“Y/n, what the hell are you doing?” Ethan asked. “I thought you were going to wait outside.”
“I-I was,” you told him. “I just…thought I heard something.”
“Did you?” a voice asked from behind you and you turned to see Deucalion striding down the hall with Kali and Aiden by his side.
“No,” you told him. “It wasn’t what I thought it was.”
You had gotten good at lying in all the time you had been on your own, but Deucalion had a way of sniffing them out. It could have been because you played it off confidently or that Deucalion didn’t think it was relevant, but either way, he didn’t mention detecting a lie.
“Well, if you’re done wasting our time, I believe we should leave before the moon rises,” he announced. “Kali?”
The other alpha offered her arm, casting a suspicious glance toward you before she led him away. Aiden and Ethan fell back to walk beside you, but your happy attitude wasn’t lost on your pack members.
“Hey,” Aiden whispered when Kali and Deucalion were far enough ahead. “Why are you smiling like that?”
“What?” you asked, looking over at him.
“You’re smiling,” he stated. “Why?”
You thought back to Allison sitting in that cold, dark closet. She was probably terrified about the cryptic answers you had given her earlier, but you hoped she was thinking about you as well. You wouldn’t have left her there if you thought she would get hurt, and even though you weren’t supposed to, you promised yourself you would come back for her later. And if you were being honest, after that kiss, you could never dream about leaving her behind.

The Oak Chronicles Part 1

Just a young boy at the age of 12, Sly lives in a post nuclear war world. His parents have taught him how to take care of himself physically nearly since he was old enough to walk. He was overly skilled with weapons, and much more dangerous than most adults in the Wasteland. After all, his parents were Gunners: hired murderers. Or at least that’s how Sly saw it…

As he grew older, into his teen years, he came into his own and started to really notice that his parents weren’t ever actual parents for him, they were simply the people who conceived him. Sure, he had dark hair like his mother and light blue eyes like his father, but that’s pretty much where the similarities halted.

To be completely honest, the young mercenary hated who he was and what he was. By the time he was 18, he wanted out, but it’s never that simple. In fact, his own father wanted to go toe to toe with him, saying that the Gunners gave him a home and he needed to repay them.

“I’m getting out of here, and I’m going somewhere that isn’t so damn cruel!”, the younger man snarled before storming out of their small shack, gaping at the sight before him.

A young woman kneeled on the ground; cuts on her arms gaping open and bleeding out, bruises on her face swelling up, a gun pointed to her forehead.

Sly gritted his teeth as a larger, muscular man whipped her across her bare back with rope. He imagined that bright red whelps would form from how hard the man swatted her. Hearing his father screaming and seeing the young woman being beat, he weaved through the crowd towards her, running on pure adrenaline. He ran to the center of the crowd, hurrying the nearly naked girl to her feet and trying his best to start running again as there were bullets and blades flying towards him.

Stray bullets shot into his right arm, causing him to scream out in agony as he slung the tortured girl over his left shoulder. He tried to drown out the noises of her cries as bullets pierced into her and blades cut into her skin. By hearing the girl cry out in pain, it was almost easy for him to forget what came his way.

Sly wasn’t sure what happened between that moment and the next, but he did remember waking up at the doctor’s office in Diamond City. He slowly sat up and his muscular body was moaning out in pain.

“You two are lucky to be alive, I’m glad I found you in time.”

The bright eyed young man looked over to see a mildly tattered synth dressed in a fedora and trench coat standing before him,”Then I suppose I should thank you…”

“Nick Valentine.”, the synthetic man smiled and extended a hand out.

“Sly Oak, nice to meetcha.”, he gripped onto the cold, metal hand and shook it firmly.

The golden eyed robot cleared his throat and looked at the woman on the bed beside him,”And that’s—“

“Cinder.”, the woman grumbled,”I can speak for myself…But thank you, for saving us…”

The young woman had a long cut over her eye, her dark eyes and dark hair complimenting each other wonderfully,”And thank you, Sly, for saving me fo begin with.”

Sly snickered and went to stand up, only to plop back down on the hospital bed, obviously too weak to move just yet,”It’s no problem, it was the right thing to do…”

Nick smiled warmly and lit a cigarette, mumbling with the cancer stick between his lips,”You two sure are a mess, but at least you’re a mess together, hm?”

“We hardly know each—“

Sly glanced at Cinder then back at the synth before him, interrupting her,”Yea, together for sure.”

Although the beautiful young woman was staring daggers into him, he knew that she needed him and he needed her. He wasn’t entirely sure why he had that feeling, he just did…

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Au soulmates: Winterhawk for the head cannons!

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Soulmate AU

  • You’re born with your soulmate’s first words to you tattooed on your skin. Before your soulmate is born, the words are faded. They fill in with bold color the day your soulmate is born, leading to a society that catalogs people by birthdate first and foremost. The majority of the population knows the birthday of their soulmate by the time they’re eight. When your soulmate dies, the words are scarred into your skin.
  • Bucky and Steve both have greyed out words when they meet at age nine. The older they get with no change in color, the closer it bonds them. Every birthday that passes, they get a little more worried that their soulmates, platonic or otherwise, are never going to be born.
  • Bucky’s soulmate’s first words are going to be Yippee ki yay, motherfucker! The tattoo curls up around his left bicep. Both him and Steve think it’s an odd phrase, but at least it’ll be unique.
  • When America enters the war and Bucky gets drafted, he secretly thinks that this must be it. He’s going to meet his country boy soulmate on the battlefield half a world away and chances are, they’re going to find each other just in time to watch the other one die.
  • After Bucky falls from the train, Steve spends a night trying fruitlessly to get drunk and thinking listlessly that at least there’s no mysterious soulmate waiting for Bucky to come home after the war, ‘cause from what Steve knows of watching others–from their neighbors in Brooklyn to the showgirls he toured with–there’s nothing worse than the pain of your words scarring over before they ever even came in all the way.
  • When Steve wakes up from the ice, his words are finally blocked all the way in, and it’s one of the things that confuses him the most. After the Chitauri, he’s driving aimlessly around the states, kipping over in rundown motels when his body finally starts to give out on him, letting the TV play in the background because the silence is too much. And then one day a particular phrase jumps out at him: Yippee ki yay, motherfucker. Completely floored, he goes to the nearest library to use a computer and Googles the movie, only to discover that Bucky’s words are a thing. A 21st century thing. Steve starts to hope, to pray, that through some miracle of miracles, Bucky somehow survived too.
  • Meanwhile, sometime in the early 90s, the Asset is on loan for a mission in the US, holed up in a motel with his handlers cleaning his weapons. The handlers are watching some American film that the Asset is barely following because as much as he understands English, there’s something painful about the language, and he finds it easier to just think in Russian. But a bit of dialogue cuts through the meditative fog he’s slipped into (“Do you really think you have a chance against us, Mister Cowboy?” “Yippee ki yay, motherfucker.”) And the next thing the Asset knows, he’s locked himself in the bathroom with his handlers banging on the door, his head tucked between his knees while he tries to catch his breath.
  • On the other side of it all, there’s Clint, whose words have been fading in and out all his life. One day, they’re bright red, stretched across his chest. A week later, they’re grey and washed out again. A few months down the road, they fill in purple for a couple days. The first time he can remember the color fading from his words, he mostly remembers what his dad had to say about it: “Ha! Looks like they changed their mind!”
  • From an early age, Clint develops a habit of never going shirtless, and once he takes up archery and starts to bulk up, he rips the sleeves off most his shirts, but keeps his chest decidedly covered so that he won’t get his hopes up like an idiot every time the words fill in.
  • His words aren’t all that nice to look at anyway, even when they’re inked in so vibrantly: You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. He accepts early on that he’s always going to be a disappointment, which works out okay really, because then he never has to bother with living up to any expectations.
  • When Hawkeye, young aspiring mercenary-cum-vigilante, finds himself on the run from multiple intelligence agencies and a few too many crime syndicates, he holds on to the fact that he’s got a soulmate out there somewhere. A shitty one who apparently isn’t gonna like him much, but a soulmate nonetheless. Never mind that words are no kind of guarantee in life, plenty of people die without meeting their soulmate. Still, imagining all the derisive ways his soulmate’s going to try and cut him down keeps Clint angry enough to not give in, desperate to prove the asshole wrong.
  • When Bucky and Clint meet for the first time, it’s when the Avengers have been called in to head off a force of robots that keep self-destructing in very explosive ways. Steve, afraid to let Bucky out of his sight, brings Bucky along, and even trying to stay on the edges of the fray, the chaos is just too widespread.
  • Bucky’s trying to dismantle a robot with his own, vastly superior, cybernetic arm, when another robot carcass crawls out from the bowels of the building it’s robot buddy brought down, the high-pitched beeping meaning another explosion is nigh getting incessantly louder. But then an arrow cuts through the air and pierces it’s power source, and it powers down with a sad little whrrr as Bucky hears somebody shout behind him, “Yippee ki yay, motherfucker!” Bucky wheels around only to be confronted by the most gorgeously cocky grin and sparkling blue eyes he’s ever seen.
  • Clint swoops in on Cap’s brainwashed buddy, ready to gloat about how he totally just saved the guy’s (glorious) ass, when the guy cuts him off with, “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” Unlike how he always imagined those words would be uttered–in disgust, disappointment, loathing–the words come out awestruck.
The Start Of Criminal/Vigilante Au

I was talking about this Au in the @asanoya-net chat with @battle-goats
Kuroo( territory,Tokyo.)
Aiteru(Territory,Miyagi(One side))
Oikawa(Territory,Miyagi(Side 2))

Kageyama(likes to street fight,only one able to touch him is Hinata.)


Ennoshita (Works with Yamaguchi,Gets info from Akaashi.)
Takeda(Gets info,and Warnings from Ukai,Works with Ukai as an outside intell for jobs.)

Kenma(Works for Kuroo.)

ME(Medical Examiner.)

Bokuto(Works for Kuroo/Best friends)
Tsukkishima(Takes marks just so hr can see cute ME.)

Akaashi (Street Name- Jade owl,Gives info to the cops if the right person asks)

iwaizumi(Protects, A mob-Boss.)
Kyoutani(Is security for the Thieves/mercenary bar.)

Noya(Owns/works at the thieves/mercenary bar.)

Tanaka(At Noya thieves/ mercenary bar.)

Suga(Young Sniper.)
Kiyoko(Young Sniper,Has a crush on cute ME)
Ukai(Mercenary,War veteran)