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A Cage

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Title: A Cage

A/N: This takes place during X-Men: First Class. This is my first one shot in a long time, I hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Charles Xavier x Reader
Words: 1,690
Rating: T (?)
Warnings: A little angsty toward the end.

You could feel his piercing blue eyes stare at you attentively, even with your eyes screwed shut. You could feel everyone in the house. Their feelings, but you needed to focus on the man in front of you. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for you, the chocolate haired telepaths feelings and presence always comforted you, but today was different.

Hank had recently been working on a cure for himself and Raven’s looks, and even thought they were on the other side of the house their emotions rang in clear; nervousness, excitement, thrill, happiness. It was difficult to tell where ones emotions ended and the others began. Sean was only a few rooms down, presumably with the suit Hank made him on, you didn’t need to be a telepath to know he was contemplating jumping out the window to try and fly. He was feeling very conflicted, also a feeling of dread and slight anxiety kept washing over him. Darwin had seemingly just woke u, seeing as how the kitchen was practically radiating with sleep and grogginess. Angel was still asleep, you knew without even reading her, it was way to early for her to be up. These were the normal emotions for this time of morning, albeit some of them felt a bit stronger than normal. But that could be caused by your agitation.

Every morning around this time, Charles helped you hone your power. During this time the residents of the house did various daily things. Today however, Erik had decided to you this time to train as well. You always hated when he used his powers because he always drew from anger, hate, and rage. Anytime he trained it took a toll on you, today was no exception, but it was amplified. Clearly he was using what Charles had taught him yesterday, as his emotions teetered between rage and serenity. Whatever memory he was using was powerful, though your eyes were closed you could feel tears well up behind your lids. Gritting your teeth you tried once more to concentrate on Charles, having more than a little difficulty as Erik’s emotions kept interrupting and butting int, this only caused you more agitation.

A warm hand encased yours over the wooden desk, your eyes snapping open finding blue eyes staring into yours. You felt him everywhere, your powers always amplified on contact. He was comforting, patient, understanding. His presence calmed you, reassured you. No words were exchanged, through thought or otherwise. They weren’t needed. You could tell his emotions were willing you to relax, to take you time, concentrate. Letting out a breath you gave a slight nod to him. A faint smile graced his features as he let your hand go, placing two fingers to his temple. Almost instantly you felt him in your mind. He never did anything other than observe, he would speak words of encouragement every once in a while or even tell you to relax, but other than that he left your mind alone. It wasn’t that you minded him there, quite the opposite actually, but he was to polite-only ever using his power when needed.

Blinking a few times you focused on clearing your mind, feeling Charles do the same with his emotions. You focused on a happy memory. It was the first time that you had met Raven, the two of you talking like you were long lost siblings. Remembering that you two had talked for well over three hours at a pub while Charles talked to ladies made you smile. Raven had seemed so lonely then, but not anymore. Honing in on the cheerfulness of the memory you made to project the feeling to your telepath friend. The memory never faded as memory Raven laughed loudly at something you had said, your laughter chiming in shortly after. Your hands tightened on the arms of the chair as reality hit you that Charles wasn’t laughing with your memory.

Try a stronger memory. His voice interrupted your thoughts and though you knew he meant well, were slightly discouraged. Changing tactics you focused on a different memory. This one of Hank and how ecstatic he was to find he wasn’t alone. You clearly remembered the lop sided grin he wore as he showed off for the first time. The thrill of no longer being alone, or having to hid. For once being among friends. The way his heart beat quickly in excitement as he did a back flip only to catch himself on the hanging model plane. You’re trying to hard. Glancing at your hands that had long since turned white from the grip you had on the armrest of the chair, you let out a frustrated sigh as you withdrew into yourself clearing your mind. The emotions should come naturally. Make me feel what you feel. So far you’ve shown me memories and feelings.

You looked back to him, puzzled, Isn’t that what we’re going for? Your thought came out much harsher than you expected. Charles only smiled at you.

You didn’t make me feel those emotions. It was like watching a movie, I can see how they were feeling by the way they acted, looked. You are getting better I promise. He added quickly when he heard the starts of bemoaning. This time the emotions radiated off you. If I was closer to you, you would have succeeded both times. Start off small, use the emotions you’re feeling now and project them to me. Then after a bit we can try using emotions from memories.

Huffing you looked into his blue eyes seeing the compassion there. He’s only trying to help, you thought quietly, forgetting he was still in your mind, but which feeling should I project?

Perhaps your agitation, love, or your annoyance toward Erik. He chuckled lightly in your mind, startling you. This only cause your annoyance to grow turning into anger. Couldn’t he see that you were trying your hardest? Start of small, he said.

FINE! You practically screamed in your head, causing Charles to flinch. You didn’t even clear your mind or give him anytime to recover from your outburst. Determined to make him feel something you focused on him. Using Cerebro to touch all those minds, your stomach flopped over on its self at the thought of being useless. Bile rose into your throat as you continued on your path, Charles helping Sean understand how his scream actually breaks things. Telling him that his voice is a muscle that can be trained too. Tear welled in your eyes as you felt everyone grow into their powers, leaving you behind, not bothering to wait for you or to help you. Charles was an intelligent man, who seemingly mastered his powers already. Why was he even bothering with you? You had no real power, nothing that would be useful in a battle.

Slowly you relaxed your grip on the chair, your glance falling to the floor as you saw the shock on the telepaths face. A single tear fell from your face hitting your lap. Though you slowly retracted your emotions from him, the feelings still raged on inside you. You felt Charles slowly leave your mind. His fingers just as slowly leaving his temple. You felt his eyes on you and noticed him shift away from you slightly.

“Is that how you feel about me?” His voice cracked ever so slightly, and he seemed slightly breathless. “Every time you see me doing anything, is this how you feel?” You looked up in confusion, seeing that he was fighting back tears.

“No.” You shook your head lightly, not looking away from his face.

His laugh was cold, he didn’t believe you, “Then explain that?” He gestured to you.

“Charles… It’s not-” pausing you looked for the right words. “It’s not you.”

“It’s not you it’s me?” He sounded so detached, on top of his emotions. Betrayal, and hurt. You felt like your heart was being ripped from you causing more unwanted tears to fall down your face.

“I’m nothing.” Finally you spit it out not wanting to hold his gaze but not able to break it either. His face fell. Guilt instantly washed over him. “In comparison to you, to any of you, I’m nothing.”

Charles quickly stood in front of you, touching your hair. “That’s what this is about?” You finally broke his gaze tears still streaming down your face, and nodded. Within a second you were in his arms, he held you tightly, pressing hard kisses to your hair and forehead. Relief, it felt so strong. It couldn’t have just been yours. “Is that what you’re so afraid of? Why you try so hard, sweetheart?” He didn’t ease his embrace any so you felt his chest rumble with his words. You hid your face in his shirt shaking your head.

I fear a cage. Being left until old age and death come for me, not being able to help anyone at all. Just watching while others I love die. The words couldn’t leave your lips, you didn’t know if you wanted them to.

“You’ll never be caged, love. And you help everyone here as much as I do.” You were surprised, you didn’t even feel Charles slip into your mind. “I think that I’ve just discovered another of your abilities.” He commented off offhandedly, smiling. You looked up at him, your face still puffy from crying. “I wasn’t trying to read your mind. I think that you can amplify others powers.”

“Really?” You asked dumbly. When he nodded you jumped up and hugged him. “Do you think we can practice amplifying powers soon?”

“As soon as you’d like, love.” You smiled at him. Charles touched your cheek and smiled as you thought of how handsome he was. You blushed ever so slightly before he met your lips in a passionate kiss.

Maybe you weren’t as useless as you thought. And if Charles says that you’ll never be caged then you would believe him. He had never steered you wrong before.

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you.” — Acts 1:8
Is this promise only for the early Christians? What do the scriptures say? “The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off” (Acts 2:39). Jesus said, “If you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!” (Luke 11:13). Acts 2:17 In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people; your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.
This promise is yours for the asking. Ask and you will receive so that your joy may be full.
Lord , fill us with Your Holy Spirit and with Your power so that we can bring Your good news everywhere. In Jesus’ Name we ask, Amen


BTSMafia!Au: All members

Summary: You lived a very comfortable life; You had a very loving and successful husband, your beautiful kids were now turning into responsible young adults, and you had more than enough money to live without worries. You were very lucky, right? You had never stopped to think about where all of this was coming from, and how it would impact your family later on in life. Now, you didn’t even have time to think. Your luck had run out.

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It all happened so fast. In a matter of weeks, your life had gone from being so perfect to… this. You had it all; a perfect hardworking husband, a supporting family, and a beautiful set of children – all who were grown up already and were turning into the most promising young men.

You had married Namjoon, a man you met at a café 16 summers ago in California. You were alone that day, and he approached with the kindest smile, and a coffee in each hand. You didn’t like coffee very much, you were actually just there because you liked that café’s hot chocolate. But he didn’t know that. He seemed so professional, with his white long sleeve shirt and black tie. His sleek haircut and silver blond hair seemed so cool. It was love at first sight and it didn’t matter if you liked coffee of not; you drank it anyway.

You we’re afraid of a new relationship because your first love had left you pregnant with your first child at the young age of 15. But this wasn’t because he bailed on you- it was because your first love, the father of your child, was killed. His family had been involved in some shady things, drug trafficking to be exact, and he, who was already 18, got himself too involved in things. His father was the one who got him involved. He asked him if he could do favors for him. Unfortunately, those favors were the ones who got him and his father killed. Growing up in Texas, you knew there were a lot of drug trafficking problems around you, but you didn’t know they were going to impact you in some way. The worse thing is, you didn’t even know what was going on. He never told you. Jonghyun never said anything. He just stopped visiting you one day and then his sister called you to break it to you. He was your high school sweetheart, but it left you with such a bitter taste.

You were a mess. So you didn’t expect Namjoon to even want you.
But he did.

You eventually found out he also had kids from his first relationship. Two of them, actually. Seokjin and Yoongi. They were already 5 and 6 when you met them. And they were the most adorable kids. They immediately got along with Hoseok – your 4 year old.

Fast forward to the most beautiful moments in your life: your marriage with Namjoon.

You married Namjoon and moved with him to Seoul. There you found out he was more than loaded with money. He worked for a huge electronics company and would travel a lot to different places. Sometimes he was gone for weeks, so you were left alone to take care of little Seokjin, Yoongi and Hoseok. From what Namjoon had told you, he had inherited a huge amount of money from his father, and that explained why he didn’t hesitate when buying anything for you or the kids, no matter how expensive it was. You were living in luxury.
His first wife, according to him, had cheated on him and left him with two kids. He later found out she was killed by some gangsters in an attempt to rob her. He said karma had gotten to her. Then he smiled so wide you could almost hear his face contorting.

You had three more kids; twins Taehyung and Jimin, and baby Jungkook. Namjoon was so happy to have such a huge family, and you were happy about the fact that even if Namjoon was gone for so long, you still had plenty of company. You had learned Korean to get by, but you didn’t go out very often. Namjoon said it was better to stay indoors anyway, so he made sure you had everything you wanted and needed in your home. Your family was not well off at all, so at first this change was huge for you. And you thanked every day for this change. You were lucky, right?

Fast forward to today.

You found yourself crying on the side of your bed. Yoongi, now 19, stood in front of you, waiting for you to finish crying, so he could continue to explain to you that Hoseok would be fine, and he would turn up soon.

“Don’t worry. You trust me.” He said, but that didn’t calm you down. It brought memories of when Jonghyun had disappeared.

“Yoongi, where is my baby?!”

I was having dinner with my family one night and they started talking about Spanish Mafias and Mexican Cartels. They told me stories about how whole families would disappear sometimes without a trace. It was very interesting to hear this and it inspired me to write this. I have read several (really good!) EXO and BTS Mafia!AUs so I thought it’d be a fun experiment.I really want to keep the story concentrated in actual cartel doings, though, because they are pretty scary and realistic. And living here in Texas, I get to hear all these stories and tell them to you guys. I hope you guys like it!


Yellowbirds release new video for “Young Men of Promise.”

Catch Yellowbirds live at:

JUNE 5 Yellowbirds Alecia Chakour
JUNE 12 Yellowbirds Jocie Adams & Arc Iris (from Low Anthem)
JUNE 19 Yellowbirds The Philistines Jr.
JUNE 26 Yellowbirds Superhuman Happiness

A jury just declared gay conversion therapy to be fraud.

On Thursday in Jersey City, a jury returned a unanimous verdict declaring that Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH) committed fraud by promising four young men and their parents that the non-profit could change their sexual orientation from gay to straight. The jury also ended the question at the heart of nearly every debate over gay rights.


Hey, there’s my painting! And those are my bird-friends up there!

The Yellowbirds new album, Songs from the Vanished Frontier, comes out May 28th. I couldn’t be happier to finally have the chance to work with Sam on some visual stuff….and a video too!   

You’re gonna love it. In the meantime, give your ears a peek with the first single, “Young Men of Promise." 

I say “I am an MRA”
and you laugh
because “Men have rights already”

And while you laugh at this movement
you are laughing at the millions of young men worldwide who must promise their lives to their country to be recognized as its citizens
you are laughing at the boys and men paying child support to their rapists
and at the men who are victims of domestic violence
and at half of all rape victims in the United States
and at all of the people in the world who are discriminated against
because of something as simple as their gender

and in turn, I laugh at you
for your lack of an understanding
towards a movement that affects you
and everyone that you know and love

But I do not laugh at your rape jokes
I do not laugh when you tell me to “Cry some more male tears”
I do not laugh at your utter negligence to an issue as important as this

Because basic human rights are not funny
The very real experiences of those victimized
solely due to their sex
is not laughable
The suffering of my entire gender
is not a fucking joke that you are allowed to make.

so stop treating it like it is.

Lieutenant Thomas Arthur Letters
2nd Gordon Highlanders
Killed in action
Source : University of Glasgow

Like many young men, he put his promising education on hold to fight a war and instead of returning to University to continue his medical studies in the session 1914-1915 he took a commission as Second Lieutenant in the 3rd Battalion of the Gordon Highlanders. The initial news early in 1915 was that Tommy was ‘missing, believed killed’. Confirmation that he had been killed in action followed, but few details. The life and death of Lieutenant Tommy Letters is commemorated at Le Touret, among the names of those whose graves are unknown.

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Dean Winchester is a young bisexual man in a town that is still stuck in 70s. He wants out but there’s nowhere to go, so he resigns to staying in the closet forever. until he meets Cain, the mysterious man who makes promise after promise. He takes young men in and gives them shelter; to Dean, it sounds too good to be true, but after moving to Little Meadows, Minnesota, he isn’t so sure.

A Story of 2 Shounen Mangakas

Let me tell you a little story that may or may not have happened. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (Japan), two shounen mangakas with publications (featuring mages, ninjas, teenagers, and other cool shit) in different magazines (both with titles that include Weekly and Shounen in their titles published some intellectual property than was scanned and translated throughout the land.

Now, apparently, these two gentleman, who we’ll call “Kishima” and “Mashimoto” for privacy sake, determined that they were going to include an influx of fluffy, fluffy shipping things in their mangas targeted to young men. In one of these moments, dark young men with a checkered past made promise via a forehead tap. Meanwhile, in a different Alternative Universe, another young man lost his zombie Daddy, shoved his face in some boobs, and experimented with cohabitation. Shippers rejoiced, anti’s complained, and neutrals kept griping that there was “no room for their pairing shit in a shounen.”

Weeks and months later, these two mangakas seemingly hatched a terrifically trollish scheme at the same damn time. Suddenly! Abandonment! Ill women! Promises broken! Who’s my Daddy? Has a protagonist gone to the dark side…no he hasn’t but….?

Cliffhangers and questions and messing with ships, oh my! (Oh yeah, and right before Golden Week so you have to wait longer than usual….)

Tl;dr: I’ve got 99 problems and Gruvia and Sasusaku ain’t one….they are TWO!