young mariah carey

Snapchat: Its a shame that fat shaming is still so blatant and in a medium so readily available to so many young people today.

Mariah carey is a strong, beautiful woman who has worked tremendously hard for where she is today. The Daily Mail chose her body, not her merits, deserved the spotlight today.

On today’s Snapchat story, this was prevalent. On the cover story, Ashley Graham, plus sized model being praised, then not a few swipes to the right, an entire outlet slamming someone for gaining weight and having the gall to link it to possible emotional, and mental health troubles linked to a past romance.

This stands as a perfect example of corporate sale of our pride as women, seeing beauty in others, then tearing down another. Completely shameful on the part of daily mail.

If anyone has the time, please.

Reach out on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

ask ASHLEY GRAHAM how she feels, no doubt being used to having herself pitted against other women against her choice by such ignorant entertainment outlets.

Ask THE DAILY MAIL if they feel ashamed, embarrassed for their contradictory, greedy, classless sell out fashion.