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A World of Color

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Request: “ This idea came from new-fanfic-order’s Marvel blog, but I think it would be really good! A soulmate fic where your soulmate is the only person you see in color, but since kylo’s clothes are monochrome, only he knows you’re meant for eachother.”

Summary: Soulmate AU: (Y/N), princess of Lysatra, has been cursed from a young age by the infamous Supreme Leader Snoke. In hopes to end the last of the Resistance’s allies he happily awaits the day for his curse to enter the last phase. With all things going according to plan Snoke sends his most trusted knight and apprentice, Kylo Ren to finish the job. Little do either of them know however, that things are going to take an unexpected turn.

A/N: I really seriously love this concept haha, I hope I did it justice. I also remember someone requesting something along the lines of a Sleeping Beauty AU (I unfortunately cleared it cause my requests are closed but it’s meshing into this one) and it seemed so perfect for this. Hope you all like it!

In the dim light of the seemingly grand but bare hall Kylo stood with all his attention focused before him. Despite Starkiller’s destruction, Snoke assured he still had a space in which he could speak to his apprentice. Though rather than a hologram, Kylo was looking directly into the sunken eyes of the humanoid he called master. 

Snoke shifted his boney hand slightly, observing it for a moment before he spoke.

“Do you know why I have called you here today?”

Opting not to nod Kylo simply stared at his master, “Yes.”

Snoke smirked as he turned to face Kylo. Though Kylo was accustomed to his masters appearance, the sight would send chills down anyone else’s spine. 

“As I knew you would. …Today is the day in which we get one step closer to destroying the Jedi, as well as the Resistance.”

Snoke straightened himself in his seat as a more mischevious but subtle smirk settled onto his face.

“Lysatra has long been a sympathizer for the Resistance and a known home to force users and former padawans alike.”

Instantly Kylo stopped the horrid memories from playing in his mind once again. It was as if his subconcious was programmed to replay the fateful evening every time the word was uttered. What was done was done and he was onto a far greater path. Wasn’t he?

“Their beloved princess is not only intelligent, but a rare force user. A balance within herself. Mastering both the light and dark without claiming either as a refuge. Word has already surfaced that they wish to send her to Skywalker, further train her in her abilities. With her Skywalker would double his odds of defeating us. That is where you come in, my wise apprentice.”

Kylo straightened his shoulders, as if in an interview for the first time.

“As you know, in my own ability, I placed a curse of the force upon her through a tainted kyber crystal. Now after years of waiting, she has finally fallen into a deep, unshakeable sleep. That, however, is not good enough. We need to be sure Skywalker gains no more assets whatsoever. She must be rid of.”

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Where’s my DCMK kids acting like the sarcastic jerk teen friends most of them are?

Shinichi and Sonoko being judgmental of classmates they dislike and guys that hit on Ran at the beach

Kaito and Aoko just casually taking each other’s food and belongings from their bags and houses because “yeah i didn’t want to do laundry today so i just grabbed one of your sweaters”

The teen detectives milking the “sorry i ran into a mystery and had to help the cops” excuse when they’re late with homework/chores/etc

Kazuha blackmailing Heiji into buying her ice cream so she won’t tell his parents he’s using that excuse

*Aoko does something unladylike* “young lady what would your mother think if she saw you!” “i don’t have a mom”   It doesn’t actually bother her but seeing them try to backpedal is great

*Sera does something embarrassing* “no it’s okay that how it works in America*

Hakuba having a conversation with someone in English, probably saying something unflattering about Heiji. At the end of the conversation Heiji comes in with his opinion on the matter. In perfect English.

Et cetera.


Summary: Despite his youth, Eren Jaeger is one of the best and most popular doctors of the Kingdom. Among those interested on his services is included a recognized criminal clan, which does not hesitate to use the youngest of the Ackerman as bait. Eren never imagined that this “harmless” girl in red dress would get him into so much trouble, turning his world upside down.

N/A: since I deleted my blog back in March, the “read more” of my old posts is not working anymore, so I decided to re-upload chapters 1 and 2 together to make things easier for anyone who’s interested.

Art by Dani ♥ the full version of Lawless’ cover is here and there’s more related fanart here - I still have to reblog everything again, so the tag will collect more beautiful things done by Dani soon. You can also read the rest of the chapters on

Chapter 1. Crimson

Mikasa crashed against the wall backwards. Despite the hit, the coldness of the bricks did little against her accumulated body heat. Today’s training had been tough, since she had to battle against the stockiest and tallest man at Kenny’s service.

Said beast was face down on the floor, knocked out. From her position she could see how the blood dropped from his broken nose. They called him Will.

“Is he dead?”

The girl shook her head slightly, without even looking at the man approaching the scene. She needed to catch her breath and calm her heart rate. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with her forearm while she thought that yeah, she could have killed him. The idiot would have deserved it only for trying to be too clever.

“He should be dead, huh?” murmured the man in an expressionless tone, but Mikasa knew him well enough to perceive his simmering anger.

“The fucking pig”, Levi turned Will over easily with a foot, without any care at all, so he could check his face. Mikasa had done a good job wrecking that stupid face, the guy was going to look uglier than before. Usually when a training session ended like this, it was because the practice puppets had said something disgusting to her or tried something they shouldn’t have.

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i have a request! i dont have a preference of rfa members tbh but seven, jumin and yoosung are my favorites so you can do them if youd like or whoever! mc just joined the rfa (probs day 2 or 3) and dont know what each other look like (tho i guess seven would? they just dont say it?). mc goes shopping and runs into the rfa member. they dont recognize each other or their names but start hanging out (and dating?), but on the day of the party, they meet each other as members. their reactions?

Hey! Well…Today I don´t feel like shit and now I can get out of my bed…I´m sorry if I haven´t been active for some time but now I´m feeling pretty  good.So let´s stop my depressing story and let the Hc begin.


  • Seven needs a refill of HBC.
  • Seven sneaks out of his house because Vanderwood and he goes to his favorite convenient store.
  • He can buy his HBC online but he likes the experience of going to that specific store.Why?
  1. Because in that store the chips are a lot more cheaper .
  2. The chips are in the perfect temperature and there are not broken (but he is the broken one.Ok no…)
  3. THE DRAMA some times he just sit in the chairs of the store and he waits for the drama,I don´t want to enter into details but lets just say the the Boy that works in the store has a very interesting life like a tenelovela/ soap opera(HINT:It involves a dog,2 girls,his grandpa,bubblegum,a lot of calls.Just do the math )
  4. Vanderwood never will find him here.
  5. He likes the music that is in the store.
  • In day 3 he goes to the store and he goes directlly to the the aisle were the HBC are.And when he grabs one bag of chips he notice someone´s hand is grabbing to the same bag that him.
  • Sorry for such cheesy and cliche moment

-“Oh sorry” seven and you say at the same time and see each other.

-”Wow!”seven say with a sparkle in his eyes.”I love you´re hair.” He scratches his head and with a smile says “Sorry if it sound weird but…” he clears his throat “It reminds me of HBC”

-You give him a big smile and with a spark in your eyes too and you say “You notice?! You are the first one that sees” “because I actually dyed my hair inspired on The HBC” you put your head down “My friends say that is a stupid reason but I love HBC so much”

-”It is not stupid! I think it looks very good on you”

-”Really? Thank you,I have not posted a picture online of my new style because it seams like no one likes it”

(That´s why he didn´t recognized you,plus You had big ass glasses)

-”Do you want to sit and eat HBC.I invite.” said seven

-”Ok but I put the the Dr.pepper soda”

-”I love you”


-”ahh…I said that I love my HBC with Dr.Pepper”

  • From that moment on you to saw each other every night,eating HBC and Dr.pepper,trying new candy that was in the store,seeing the boy of the store with his drama,you told him about some kittens that lived right around the corner and you two played with them.
  • You two never told each other´s name because there was so much other things more interesting to talk and you all ways forgot.
  • First it was like:

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But then it was like:

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  • How? he didn´t notice ?
  • Well it doesn´t matter now you to are together.

Lets say that the whole saeran in your apartment didn´t happened and seven didn´t had security cameras in you apartment…there is so many wholes in this HC but n djn ckesnskdinewkjm just use YOUR IMAGINATION.(I´m sorry)
nothing is PERFECT ok? :(


  • You were on your work.In Walmart.
  • And 2 costumers come with cleaning supplies,clothes and Healthy food.

-“Yoosung! Come here!” the woman says

-”Mom,I don´t need new cloths…”a young man with a cap and sunglasses

-”But you look so cute in them”

-”Mom,I´m a man now I don´t need to be cute”

-”well you look handsome,What you think?” the women says and looks at you.


-”I´m sorry…you don´t…”

“Yes, You look handsome in that clothes”

“would you date him?”  said the mother

“ahhh…Of course” You see that people are waiting in the line “so are you going to buy it?”

“only if you give your number to my son”

“OMG Mom?!?!!?” He is so red in this moment

“ahhh” people are getting angry because the line doesn´t move and your manager is seeing you.”ok” you write your number and give it to yoosung and as fast as you can,you are registering all the things “it will be 209.50″ 

“son pay, I will wait in the car”

The mom lefts 

-”I´m sorry You did´t had to”

-”don´t worry” you say and at the same time you give him the change

-”take” yoosung gives you the paper with your number

-”you will not called me?”

-”What? You want me to call you?” he is red and confused

-”Yes, that´s why I give you my number.” ”well…Thank you Sir. for your purchase”


  • Eventually he called you and the first date was a little bit awkward but fun.
  •  the second was calm and funny
  • the third he planed to inviting you to the RFA party but than you told him that you were organizing the party 

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In the party he  just was bragging of who he already knew you before every one else (I am talking about Knowing in person) but he stopped when you mention who you to meet.


CAT protect + mc architect and cat lover + cat store + Elly = Happy jumin.

 so yeah…

For Jumin is much of the same.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Matchups: Here /Masterlist: Here

Not The One

Authors Note: I present you with a imagine similar to arranged marriage but it just has a twist ;) Also, I just hit 1k followers so I’m giving away personilzed headcanons and imagines!!! Enjoy the imagine ;D

Word Count: 1230

Draco x Reader

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A/N: Short little repost, working on stories to queue all week for you guys!

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“You really said that!?” you threw your head back laughing, your grandfather had the best stories. He continued laughing “Of course I did, what else was I suppose to say” he said laughing with you. 

Most days didn’t go this well, but this was one of those days that went so well that it made you forget that he was even sick. Your eyes surveyed the room, this was it, this is how he would spend the rest of his life. You didn’t feel any shame, you had done what you felt was right for him. Your eyes met with a young man across the room, you had seem him a couple of times of times, he was always visiting an older lady, most likely his mother.

He was tall, handsome, his smile lit up the whole room, every time you found him you couldn’t look away. But it seemed silly, how do you even start a conversation here, “Hi, both our family members are mentally unstable?”

It was too strange so you never bothered. Still those eyes haunted you, the way his hair fell into his face, his lips, his hands, everything about him set you off into a frenzy. You had spent days dreaming about him no matter what you did you couldn’t get him about of your head.

You had been sitting alone in the café, working on the never ending paper trail that was involved in your job, when suddenly you saw a familiar face “Is this seat taken?” his voice was shaky, you looked up realizing who it was. It was him, it was him, it was the guy.

“Yeah, yeah sit” you said nervously.

“I don’t think we’ve met before, my name is Spencer, Spencer Reid” he said.

“Hello, my name is Y/L/N” you said with a small smile.

There was a moment of silence, a moment of hesitation between you both. “I’ve seen you before” you had seen him before, he was the guy you couldn’t keep your eyes off.

“Yes, I’ve seen you at my grandfathers care facility” you said before he could say anything else.

“Yes, that’s it” 

“Is it your Mom?”  you blurted out.

“Yes, it’s my mom”

“She’s always so happy to see you” you added.

You both opened up about your family, how they both ended up in the same place. Spencer told you about his mother, her past, her illness, his childhood. You shared the same details of your life, it was good to finally talk to some who understood. Someone who had shared the same experiences as you, it was easy.

You couldn’t believe it, after all  this time you were talking to him. You had spent to much time wondering what it would be life, what his voice would sound like, what he would have to say. Now here you were in that position you never thought you’d be.

“I’ve been looking at you forever” Spencer said with a nervous laugh “I know that sounds crazy but, can I take you out to dinner?”

You blushed at his request, “Yes, dinner sounds good” you said smiling.

“Well then it’s a date”

Mr. Admirer [Lafayette x Reader]

Length: 2579 words

Genre: Fluff

AU: HamilTime

TW: None

You heard a knock on your door, peeking out to find no one. You were about to close the door when a white envelope on the floor stopped you. You raised an eyebrow as you picked it up. 

“Who is it, darling?” your mother asked you.   

“No one. Just a letter,” you replied. It was addressed to you.   

“For who?“ 


“Oh?” your mother looked over your shoulder. “From whom?" 

“I’m not sure.” You carefully opened the envelope, your eyes landing on the bottom of the page which just says ‘Eternally yours, An Admirer’. Your eyes widened, and you jumped to the beginning of the letter.   

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           Steve and Bucky grew up hearing Yiddish as often as they did English, knowing that Mrs. Rogers made the best matzo ball soup and that Mrs. Branes would always stretch the money so they had a decent Shabbos meal and a tiny challah.  Power outages, or the power being turned off, meant searching for the old cheap candles and making sure not to use the ones specifically for Shabbos.  Everyone knew that they couldn’t take a full day of rest, or else they wouldn’t have enough money to make rent.  But Steve knew that Friday he got to go over to Bucky’s with his ma for dinner, that he got to watch Mrs. Barnes light the candles and hear the chanted prayer in words he didn’t quite understand.  Friday nights often meant that Steve would sleep over, and if they boys were good Rebecca would tell them a story,

           The Maccabees were always Steve’s favorite to hear about; the small family defeating the large Greek army and taking back their temple.  The little guy won it that story, though Steve quickly learned that it didn’t hurt to have a bigger friend there to help you out sometimes.


           They matured quickly, noticing how Shabbos meals got smaller and smaller.  First the depression came, and Bucky started working instead of studying or playing.  He was smart as anything, so grades were never something he worried about.  He had too much else to worry about.  His parents were getting their hours cut, Becca was in love, Steve was constantly sick, Steve’s ma was working way too much to try and afford the doctor visits he needed… No, Bucky didn’t have any time to worry about things that didn’t help those he loved.

           When Mrs. Rogers died, Bucky told his ma that Steve would be moving into his room, that they’d chair, that if she didn’t agree then he was moving out.  Mrs. Barnes just looked at Bucky and smiled fondly.  “There’s no way I could break you two apart,” she laughed quietly and walked away.  With that settled, Steve moved into Bucky’s room.  Bucky insisted that Steve sleep on the bed, and Steve insisted that Bucky not sleep on the floor.


           Officially, James Buchanan Barnes was drafted.  But if you asked him, he would tell you that he volunteered.  Saving the world, fighting for the right thing, helping his people, all those good reasons.  The pay didn’t look like it was half bad either and they wouldn’t have to feed him anymore…  Bucky rationalized and rationalized, fighting against his every instinct he had that screamed to him to stay and protect Steve.  But Bucky shoved it down and smoothed down his jacket; this was to help Steve, to help everyone.

           He knew, of course, that Steve had been trying to get in.  But he was reassured by the fact that no one would take him.  A small, sick, Jewish boy?  No, Steve would never be allowed to join up.  That thought comforted Bucky as he watched the skinny form move through the crowd and away from him.  Bucky didn’t know what would happen to him over there, but at least Stevie would be safe…


           “Your tags are being made,” Doctor Erskine told Steve.  “With your correct information, not what you put on that form.”  There was a slight pause, “is there anything you wish to be change?”

           “I’m Jewish,” Steve blurted.  He hadn’t put that on any of his forms recently, not since everyone laughed and said they had enough lazy Jews to meet the quota.  But this was different, he was in.  They wouldn’t send him back now, right?

           The doctor just nodded and smiled slightly.  “Never be ashamed of that.  We must fight, however we can.”


           The small “H” on Steve’s tags made him feel powerful and powerless at the same time.  He was like the Maccabees now, a small man against a large army.  But how could one person win the war, especially when all he was doing was performing on stage?  He felt like nothing more than a dancing monkey, not worthy of the title “Captain America”.

           Going overseas made Steve feel like he might actually make a difference, cheer up the men who were doing actual good.  Perhaps, perhaps he’d even get to see Bucky.  Wouldn’t that be something, he might even be the taller one!


Rescuing Bucky was never a question, Steve would do it.  With or without any help.  That was his same attitude when he Howling Commando’s and told them what he was going to do.  Bucky was the first to stand up.  “You aren’t going in there without me.”  There was understanding there, a knowledge that they could be related to the people they would save.  The rest of the Commando’s stood up with echoes of “We’re with you, Cap,” and “I wouldn’t expect anything else.”


           Pietro and Wanda growing up in a different world, though not one with less fighting and hatred.  They know they’re Jewish but not really what that means, except that they had latkes and their parents sometimes whispered about it not being safe. They remember their grandfather having numbers on his arm, but never knowing what it meant. He died before they learned about the war, understood their parents fear of hatred coming back.

They had mixed emotions about letting a German scientist experiment on them. It was hardly a week after their parents had died, not knowing why they needed to wait a week but knowing it.

“You know what Mamma and Papa would say.”

“They’re dead. Maybe he’s different.”

And so, they made a choice to save their people.


           Steve spent a lot of time at Jewish retirement homes, at first just listening to everyone and letting the familiar language and smell remind him of his childhood.  It felt so good to hear people conversing in Yiddish, to smell matzo ball soup again, to watch women lighting candles every Friday night.

           It took Steve a month, but eventually he started talking.  Once everyone got used to the fact that he was Captain America, they found that they liked Steve.  These people were about his age, and they understood growing up without in a way that Steve was immensely glad that his new friends knew nothing about.


           When Steve got Bucky back, the two of them started going together.  Steve was able to watch as Bucky slowly let down his guard and as his halting Yiddish came back.  It was part of their routine, to visit once every week.  They had found a place where it was alright for them to be openly affectionate.  One of the men there said that he had seen enough hate in his life to last a century, and that no one here had it in them to take away the happiness they had obviously found.


           One day, a woman in her mid-twenties walks up to them.  She stammers as she explains that “My Zadie… grandfather.  He saw you two, Captain Rogers, sir, and your friend.  He said that you saved him.  If you came over it would make him so happy…” She finally met their eyes.  “Please?”

           The two men shared a look, nodded, and were led over to a small group of people.  The old man in the middle started beaming, jabbering excitedly about “you saved me, I remember.  You and your friends, Baruch Hashem!”

           The young woman went to sit next to her grandfather, taking the place of her mother.  “You two are heroes,” she told Steve and Bucky.  Sensing the protest, she cut Bucky off with a look.  “I don’t care what the news says.  My father says you saved him, and even if you didn’t you’ve done other wonderful things.  So, you’re coming over to our house for Shabbat dinner.”

           Both men started to object at the same time, but a raised hand made them fall quiet.  “No.  You won’t be an imposition, you’re coming.  Tomorrow night, six o’clock.”  She rattled off an address and before they could question it, Steve and Bucky were pulled into a conversation with the family.


           At six the following night, Steve rang a doorbell and glanced nervously at Bucky.  They had both dressed up, though in clothes much more comfortable that what Tony would consider dressed up.  Their nerves left them as the door was opened and the smells that bombarded them said “home”.

           The rituals hadn’t changed from their last Shabbos dinner, candle lighting and the Hebrew, a good meal and even better company.  By the end of the night, the two had eaten the large meal and were instructed to return whenever they wanted.  It was like a part of their lives had been dug up and filled again, a part full of flickering candle light and laughter and the best food either had ever tasted.

           Going to the Schwartz’s for dinner became part of their routine, and other Avengers occasionally joined.  Natasha surprised them all by humming along to the blessing; Clint shocked everyone when he started talking about his bubbie.  Tony brought an amazing blintz, that he said was his mother’s recipe, and Bruce showed up wearing a kippah from his bar mitzvah.


           Steve and Bucky don’t show up one week due to a mission running late, and arrive back home to worried voicemails from their new family.  After assurances that everything was alright and that they’re “so sorry, it won’t happen again, I’m sorry ma’am,” they make sure to bring flowers to the next dinner.


           Wanda and Pietro, after the world calmed down, decided to take the opportunity to learn more about their family.  Their parents never talked about the past, and their grandparents were gone before either knew to ask questions.  One Thursday night, Wanda approached Steve.  “That family you go have dinner with, they’re Jewish.  Pietro and I… our grandfather was Jewish.  No one ever talked about it.  I want to know more.  Can you ask them if we can come next week?”

           “I’m sure Mrs. Schwartz would have no problem with another two coming, whenever you decide to.”


           Their lack of certainty only showed to the other, and anyone who noticed their tightly grasped hands.  If Bucky and Steve did, they didn’t say anything.  Mrs. Schwartz greeted them both with large hugs and acted like their mother.  She worked her magic with food and stories, getting the often closed up twins to talk.


           There was a Hanukkah party at Avenger’s Tower, just friends and family.  Mrs. Schwartz took over the kitchen and directed everyone like that’s what she was born to do, only stopping when dinner was ready (except when she was surprised by her father showing up, something that Tony had arranged).  Everyone brought their own traditions, from different menorahs to what toppings were appropriate to put on latkes, to the all-important question of if a matzo ball is better if it’s a floater or a sinker.  Just for one night, the world didn’t need saving; they could relax and be happy with the family they had found along the way.

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Hey, ummm, could you do a HC of the RFA+V+Saeran meeting MC's parents and her mum is really excited to meet them and her being quite overwhelming. Thankyou, I really love your blog.

Oooh, my mother would be like this too so I tried to imagine it like this wwww And thank you so much, sweetheart <3 <3 <3 I hope it’s fine like this D: 


  • This boy is so nervous. Even if he already talked with your parents via messages or facebook, Yoosung would ask you to help choose his clothes and think how to introduce himself. 
  • While your boyfriend was this nervous, your mother was so excited and she decided that having dinner at home would be the best. 
  • He was a little scared. But he had some nice time and asked your favorite foods and your mother’s recipes. <3 


  • He would prepare some jokes just for this situation. And even if he tried to be normal, Seven would be nervous because??? After all that happened with their daughter, what should I say?
  • Your parents know a lot about Luciel after all you said, so your mother said about going to an amusement park. 
  • No time to rest. Saeyoung would be dragged by your mom all day. When he was back, his voice was hoarse. 
  • They become best friends and would go out at least one time every month. Don’t ask what happened that day. 


  • Zen, we will be late. It has been 4 hours, let’s go!”. Some extra time getting ready, new shoes and clothes he bought just for this day. And his hair was shinning more than usual. 
  • Zen would chose some cool restaurant. Not too expensive. But your parents were surprised by the place. And obvious by your boyfriend. 
  • If your parents didn’t watch his performance, this is the time. Just show the video on YouTube.  
  • They could make an album with all the photos your boyfriend and mother took together. She was so happy you found a perfect prince. 


  • We know this man. He tried to take your family to the most expensive restaurant you could find. After some talk, it would be a dinner at his place. With some famous chefs. 
  • He made sure everything was perfect. Everything was perfectly clean. Jumin was using his best suit. And Elizabeth 3rd was also perfect as always
  • Your parents didn’t know what to say. This man can talk about anything. He is perfect. Just be welcome to our family.
  • Jumin would be really happy if you had a brother or sister and they liked Elizabeth 3rd. It would make his day that your family also likes cats. 


  • She was lost. Just ready to explode any moment. Jaehee had a script about how she should introduce herself and gain your parents trust. 
  • The lunch would be at her apartment. Made by you two. You told her how perfect it was. But she was still nervous about everything being okay.
  • Even if your parents weren’t sure about Jaehee, after this night… They would ask for her to be part of the family.
  • The food was perfect. She was such a nice lady and good at so many things. And her coffee… Oh, god. 


  • He decide a picnic would be the best idea. And he chose such a nice park. You and your mother decided that to cook. 
  • Your parents were worried about him being blind, but they found it so nice how you two could make anything together. And he also told them about Jumin helping him about the surgery. 
  • V took his camera and would be glad to explain to any of them about photography. They couldn’t deny his was a good teacher.
  • It would be a normal thing to do this every month. And more members of your family would appear like ??? 


  • Okay. How hard was to make this boy meet your parents? It took 2 months. Almost 3. He would say how they wouldn’t like him and…
  • So one day you took him to have some ice cream and your parents were there. “MC, RUN. NOW.
  • Your parents were a little surprised, but after some time they just started treating him like a lost son? “Hey, I am here too.
  • Saeran would have ice cream for a month because your parents would send it every week. What about you? NOTHING. But Saeran would share sometimes.
EXO React To Going To See Their Child At School Because They Were Naughty

This is my first EXO Reactions post and I hope its okay and it would be super cool if you guys could send me some requests!!!!

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would be stood trying to keep a serious face while his son’s teacher is explaining what has happened but as soon as he hears his son mumble out a sarcastic comment under his breath he can’t help but break out into a small smile and hold in a laugh (but going back to a serious manner after) as he knows full well what had happened wasn’t his son’s fault and therefore he shouldn’t be mad at him.

Chanyeol: When Chanyeol found out the reason why he had been called down to his daughters nursery he started laughing almost instantly, much to the teachers disgust. However chanyeol didn’t seem to care as he was still laughing on the way out. “I cant believe you poured water over him” Chanyeol giggles, taking hold of his little girls hand and she pouted. “He was being a meanie to me” she huffs, stamping her foot. “I know princess, It’s okay I’m not mad” he says crouching down and placing a kiss on her forehead.

Chen: “Buddy, what have I told you about this?” Chen sighs, crouching down beside his son and he pouts at him. “That I shouldn’t play kiss chase with girls who don’t want to play” he says, crossing his arms and sulking. “But she is pretty daddy!!” he exclaims, jumping up and down and Chen smiles. “I know she’s pretty, but that doesn’t mean you can just grab her” Chen explains and his son nods. “I’m sorry” he says and Chen nods his head. “Hey it’s okay! We just need uncle Sehun to teach you some good aegyo, then you can try and get the pretty girl” Chen winks which makes his son giggle. 

D.O: “You’re in so much trouble when we get home young man, how dare you skip your classes? I thought I taught you better than that” he says sternly to which his son rolls his eyes at him. This only made the the anger bubble inside of D.O even more and he snapped. “Don’t you dare role your eyes at me, you wait until mum finds out that you’ve been skipping classes” he snaps, standing up and pushing his chair in with enough force to make a loud noise. “I’m very sorry Sir for my son’s behavior, I can assure you that he won’t be skipping classes again for a very long time”

Kai: As soon as you told him that your little girl had gotten into trouble at nursery he was straight out the door to go see what had happened. He was more concerned about if his little angel was okay, not what she’d done to get herself into trouble. “Don’t cry” he’d say to her, giving her a smile and taking her into his arms when he arrives. “Daddy’s here now, tell me what happened” he smiles, letting her sit on his lap when they go and speak with the teacher, always hearing his daughters side of the story first.

Kris: “Sorry he did what?” Kris asks and the teacher nods. “I’m so sorry, is the child okay?” he mentions after, completely shocked by his son’s behavior. “She’s just a bit upset, but it’s nothing too bad” She explains and Kris nods again, not really knowing what else to say. “YOU CUT ANOTHER GIRLS HAIR?” Kris yells down the corridor where his son was stood. “You best be pleased I’m not telling your mother about it and you better stay on your best behavior from now on young man”

Lay: “My little unicorn did WHAT?!” he gasps, completely shocked with what the teacher was telling him. Lay wasn’t really listening to what the teacher had to say after that, he was just so shocked that his little girl started a fight in the playground. “I’m very disappointed in you” he would say to her while they’re walking down the corridor and she would just bow her head down, looking towards the ground. “I’m sorry daddy, they took my skipping rope” she whispers and Lay nods, picking her up and leaving a kiss on her head. “It’s okay baby, just please no more fighting okay” 

Luhan: Luhan is a very protective dad. So as soon as he found out his little boy had gotten into trouble at school he dropped everything and rushed down there. When sat at the desk with both the teacher and his son he would notice that his son continued to butt into what his teacher was saying and not being very polite so he would raise his eyebrows at him, trying to get across to him that he needs to be quite and wait for his turn to talk. Luckily he understood and nodded at Luhan, placing a finger on his lips and waited for his turn to explain what had happened.

Sehun: “Wait.. so she started a food fight?” Sehun asks, completely shocked by his daughters behavior and the teacher nodded. “ I’m very upset with you Y/D/N… I thought mummy and I taught you better than that” Sehun says, sitting down beside his daughter after he came out from the office. “But daddy, I was so much fun” she smiles and Sehun sighs. “That’s not the point baby, you made a mess of your classroom and now your teacher has to clean it up, you wouldn’t like it if I threw food in your bedroom would you?” Sehun explains and she just pouts, looking down at the ground and shaking her head.

Suho: We all know that Suho is well known for his high level for maturity when it comes to serious situations. However this time, that maturity seemed to disappear. He was stood in front of his son’s teacher and she held a few sheets of paper in her hand. “I am very sorry for my son’s um.. explicit drawings?” Suho says, trying his best to not laugh but as soon as he looks at the drawings again he starts to laugh; much to the disgust of the teacher in front of him. “I can assure you madame that my son will not be drawing anything like this again, nor will he be spending any more time with alone with Chen” he says, nodding his head but once again, starts to laugh.

Tao: He was already in a bad mood after you sent him out to deal with whatever nonsense had happened at your daughters school this time. He knew full well it would be once again something to do with the group of girls she’s been hanging around with and he really wasn’t in the mood to listen to what they’d argued over this time. “Dad finally, th-” his daughter starts but he shakes his head. “Just let me talk to the head teacher, I haven’t got anymore time for this nonsense” he sighs, rolling his eyes slightly and looking down before walking into the office.

Xiumin: “You’re telling me that she had no right to smack him when you know he was pulling her pigtails and pushing her around? oh yes how dare she stand up for herself after she asked him nicely to stop and leave her alone” Xiumin says, the sarcasm dripping from his tone and the teacher sighs. “Sir that doesn’t give her the rig-” the teacher starts but he cuts him off. “Are you serious? I’m done with this meeting, come on we’re going home” Xiumin says, taking hold of his little girls hand and leaving the room. “Thank you” she mumbles out and just for a few seconds the anger in Xiumin dissolves and he smiles down at her. “No need to thank me, just making sure that no one upsets my princess”

Hephaestion - Companion

A/N. Probably the whole historical information is wrong and the language isn’t time accurate and blah blah. Honestly this whole plot sounded better in my mind but still… I hope you like it

Your name: submit What is this?

“I said no. You are not going to force me to do that!” I yelled at my parents.

“It’s settled, honey. I really don’t understand why are you reacting like this.” My father told me.

“You just told me that I am going to marry a complete stranger! What did you think I would say?” I shouted.

“It’s how things work honey. Your father met him. He is a charming man. He is also the army general and a close friend to the king. It’s the perfect marriage.” My mother explained.

“For you, maybe. Why can’t I marry someone I love?” I asked softly, wiping my eyes.

“It’s better this way. It’s a parent duty to find a husband for his daughter. You are too young to take such an important decision. And besides, love comes from living together.” She said.

“What do you know about love?” I huffed and went to my room, closing the door with a loud thud. I threw myself on the bed and let the tears flow. I knew that this moment will come but I always hoped that I will be able to convince my parents to let me marry someone I chose. I heard steps approaching my room.

“Please leave me alone.” I sobbed when my mother appeared on the door.

“Give him a chance. You might like him.” He said.

“No.” I breathed between tears.

“Well… you’ll have to calm yourself because he will pay us a visit this afternoon to meet you. I will come in a hour to help you prepare.” She said.

“GET OUT!” I yelled and threw a pillow in that direction. I got up and sat on the window frame. I used to stay there because I had a marvelous view of the sea. Whenever I felt nervous or sad, that was the place where I found the calmness and the serenity I needed. I didn’t even notice how quick the hour pass. My mother arrived with her make-ups.

“Don’t worry. Just a little eye-liner.”  She smiled. After applying it, she looked at my hair “I think the hair is good. I thought that it should be a little more curly but it’s beautiful this way.” She said combing it.

“Whatever.” I answered.

She sighed. “Please put a smile on your pretty face, Y/N. You should be happy. Not every girl has the luck you have.” She said and hugged me.

“Is this how my life is going to be? Faking a smile everyday, pretending that I have a happy life? Is this luck?” I asked.

“I’ll send a servant here when he arrives.” She said and went downstairs in the living room to make the last preparations.

I did nothing the whole time. I just paced my room, replaying various scenarios in my mind until Olympia, my servant knocked on my door.

“Lady Y/N. You should go downstairs. And please don’t be sad.”  She said.

“My life is planned right now and I have no word in it.” I said, looking one last time in the mirror. I was wearing a white long dress, with a belt around my waist and a silver bracelet on my upper arm.

I was slowly advancing towards the main room of the house. Loud laughs and voices echoed through the chamber. The moment I entered, silence fell. There were my parents and a stranger, who I supposed was my future husband.

“Oh, perfect timing honey.” They got up to greet me and I could see him more clearly. He had long brown hair and the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. I couldn’t deny that he was attractive. Every girl’s dream. Maybe it would have been mine too if I wasn’t forced to marry.

“Hephaestion…she’s my daughter.” My father introduced me. The man smiled and took my hand to kiss it. “It’s a pleasure, my lady.”


I was lost in my thoughts when I felt my mother kicking my leg.

“What?” I snapped.

“Hephaestion asked you a question.” She said, a little angry.

“I can’t do this, I’m sorry.” I said getting up and running towards my room.

When I was between the familiar walls of my chamber I took a deep breath to calm myself. I heard someone following me.

“I’ll be down in a minute, mom. Please don’t…yell at me.” I turned around only to be met by those perfect blue eyes. “Sorry, I thought-” I tried to explain but he cut me off.

“I know. You don’t have to be sorry. Can I come in?” He asked.

“Yes.” I answered.

“You are not really excited about this, are you?” Hephaestion asked, sitting on the edge of my bed.

I sighed and sat next to him. “Look… It’s not because of you. You seem a nice man it’s just… I don’t know you. This noon I just received the news that I am promised to someone.” I said.

“I understand. I am sure it is hard for you to accept it, but maybe I can help.” He said.

I let out a sad laugh. “How?”

“You want to marry out of love. Give me two months to show you that I can make you happy. I can talk to your father and postpone the wedding for a short period of time. How does it sound?” He asked.

“Post pone? You already set the date?” I asked shocked.

“In two weeks.” He said.

“And you would agree to move it a bit later?” I asked.

“Whatever makes you comfortable. Honestly, I am not keen on marrying a stranger either. Even though this stranger has some eyes in which you could get lost for hours.” He said.

“Nice start. Fine then. You have two months to conquer my heart.” I said.

“It will be the hardest but the most enjoying quest I had in my life. Can I see you again tomorrow?” He asked. I slowly nodded.

“And don’t cry. Everything will be alright, you’ll see”. He wiped one tear from my cheek.

“Have a good night, my lady.” He said bringing my hand to his lips.

That night it was hard for me to sleep. After being scolded by my parents for my behavior I have spent the whole night thinking about the following day. I couldn’t lie and say that I wasn’t excited. After actually talking to him and learning that he didn’t want to rush me into this marriage, I felt as if a huge stone was lifted from my heart. Even thought I didn’t completely come to terms with this idea I decided I will give it a try.


“What do you have in mind for today?”

“I am going to take you to the theater.” Hephaestion said, grabbing my hand and guiding me towards it.

“But women are not allowed there.” I said.

“Stop worrying. You’re with me. I’m Alexander’s best friend. No one will stop us, trust me.” He reassured me.

(A/N: First date ideas: Breaking the ancient greek laws with bae.)-Sorry I had to

He was right. Some people looked strange at me but no one dared to question my presence there. It was the first time in my life when I saw a play. The actors, the masks, the music, everything was exquisite. From time to time I could feel Hephaestion’s eyes on me, carefully studying my expressions. The way back home was mostly silent.

“You liked it. I could see it in your eyes.” He smiled.

“I have to admit, it was something different.” I answered.

“I will be away for a few days with some work to do so I won’t be able to take you anywhere.” He said.

“Don’t worry. If the next meetings are as amazing as this was, I am looking forward to them.” I laughed.

“I’m glad I could bring a smile on your face. I will see you in a week.“ He said.


I was impatient and really curious to see what he planned next. So that was his way to win my heart. Letting me think, anticipating so he never leaves my mind. I started to feel a little ashamed for not even giving him a chance at first. When I saw how good he treated me I felt a pang of guilt in my heart. He was really trying to ease me into this marriage stuff. The days passed agonizingly slow. I only met him once and I started wondering what did I use to do before that. One day I was combing my hair when I heard a voice coming from the door.

“Are you ready?” I turned around and saw Hephaestion leaning against the frame of the door.

“Of course.” I said throwing the comb away.

We were walking down the streets when i finally asked what are we going to do today.

“I will take you to the palace. I want to show you something I am sure you’ll like.” He said.

After we entered the palace I couldn’t help but stare in aw. Everything was so beautiful. I think I was here just once or twice in my whole life and that was in my early years of childhood.

“Wow.” I said.

“I know, right?” Hephaestion said. “Look it’s Alexander.” He gestured towards the end of the hall.

I started to feel nervous. After all, he was the king. Without realizing it I grabbed Hephaestion’s hand and hold it tightly. I could see a small smile forming on his lips. “Don’t worry. He is friendly.” He reassured me.

He saw us and waved at Hephaestion. We went to him and I tried to be as unnoticeable as I could.

“Who is your little guest?” He asked, looking at me while smiling.

“She’s my fiancée.” Hephaestion answered and wrapped one arm around my waist.

“You must be special. He refused every woman he was ever introduced to.” Alexander laughed.

“I want to show her something. Maybe we will meet later.” Hephaestion said to the king and guided me towards another room. The room was a library, with giant shelves full of books.

“How did you know that I like books?” I asked watching the room carefully.

“I saw them in your house. You can come here anytime you want and take whatever book your heart desires.”

I turned around so I could look at him. “Thank you.”

He smiled and encouraged me to search through the shelves.

I think we have spent a few hours in the library. I was flipping the pages of countless books, while Hephaestion looked at me. We discussed different stories and authors. I didn’t even felt how the time passed.

On our way back home curiosity was killing me.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure” he answered.

“The king said that you refused the women who wanted to marry you. I was wondering…why did you choose me.” I said.

“I’m going to tell day.” He said smiling.

“This is your way to keep me intrigued?” I laughed.

“It might be.” He winked.


The promised months passed fastest than I thought they would. I’ve spent so many beautiful moments with him and I couldn’t be more grateful. The wedding was in three days and everyone in my family was preoccupied with the last details. I was watching outside the window when I saw Hephaestion near my house. He was waving, gesturing for me to come outside. I didn’t take a moment to think and I left the house.

I hugged him and then said.

“Everyone is so busy that they didn’t saw the bride sneaking out.”

He laughed.”I have one last surprise for you before the big day.”

He grabbed my hand and together, we went towards the sea. After climbing over some rocks we arrived on a patch of beach surrounded by rocks. It looked as if no one has ever set foot on it.

“It’s beautiful.” I whispered.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder. I’ve found this place a week ago. It reminded me of you.” He kissed my cheek.

I laughed. “Why?”

“I think the sea is the perfect description of you. Beautiful but so wild. Nothing can tame you.” He said.

“I’m not that reckless.” I said.

“Trust me… You are. One month ago you asked me why I chose you to be my wife.” I left his embrace so I could look at him.

“What would you say if I tell you that we have met before?” He said.


“One year ago I was in a tavern, drinking with some friends. Things happened and I ended up fighting with a man. I just come from a mission with Alexander and I was really tired. That man had a sword and he hit me multiple times.I had cuts on my chest, legs, hands. I’ve lost so much blood. Of course the others weren’t sober enough to help me so I left that place and wondered around the city. I was feeling how I am losing my strength and collapsed in front of a house.” He said.

“It was you.” I whispered slowly remembering the past events.

He nodded. “You saved me. You ran outside with some bandages and tended my wounds. And then you stayed with me until I could stand up on my legs.” He placed his palm on my cheek.

“I was so scared that night. I thought that you will die but then you could go home on your own. It was incredible. Now I know why your face seemed so familiar when I first saw you. I had a feeling that I recognize you but I ignored it.” I admitted.

“I knew that your father was a soldier because of the area where your house was, so the only thing I had to do was to found out which one.” He laughed. “Then, I’ve met him. He told me that he has a daughter ready for marriage. I knew how other men treat women. The truth is, it’s not easy to be a woman in our society. You have to stay home and do all the chores while the man has all the privileges. I wanted a better life for you. You saved me once so I wanted you to have all the good things in world. That’s why I’ve told him that I am looking for a wife.” He said.

“The thing is… I’m not searching for a wife. I am looking for a life companion not just someone who washes my clothes and cooks. I want you to be my greatest confident. I want you to trust me. I want to find love home and not go seeking it in other places like most men do. So what do you say? Are you ready to start a new life with me?” He asked, putting his hands on my hips, lips inches away from my own.

“Well…. The wedding is already planned and it would be a shame to waste that cake.” I teased him.

“It would be a shame to waste this moment.” He whispered and gently pressed his lips against mine. And there, with the warm breeze blowing between us and the sound of the waves crushing against the shore; with my hands tangled in his hair and him keeping me as close to him as possible, I knew that this marriage duty ended exactly the way I wanted.

Solstice - Chapter 3

This is Chapter 3 of my entry for @sincerelysaraahh‘s So This is Love January Challenge.  


Summary: The reader is on a cruise to Alaska - her graduation present from college - when she finds out that she is to marry someone of her parent’s choosing.  Can a stranger on the ship help her find happiness and escape her family’s expectations?

warnings: angst, arranged marriage

word count: ~1620

Your mother had texted you another eight times as you sat silently with Dean watching the land disappear – until the ship was far enough off shore for your cell phone to lose service. You finally decided to head back to your room to change for dinner, as you had a formal meal scheduled in the dining room that evening.  With a short and simple goodbye to Dean, you left the peaceful eighth-floor deck.

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White kids are ruthless af

So in sixth grade my class went on an end of the year field trip to Six Flags amusement park. My parents were working late so one of my friend John’s mom agreed to take me home because they lived two houses down. Fast forward to after the trip, we arrive back at the school and John’s mom is there waiting for us in her typical suburban white mom minivan. John and I get in the car hype af and just start talking about all the rides we went on. John’s mom accidentally cuts John off while he’s talking about a ride he went on and asks, “did you guys eat?” John yells, “WHAT THE FUCK MOM? I WASNT EVEN FUCKING DONE TALKING AND YOU JUST CUT ME OFF. WE OBVIOUSLY ATE. WHY THE HELL WOULD THE SCHOOL NOT FEED US ON A FIELD TRIP?” Side note: you ever witness a white kid say some disrespectful ass shit to their parent and you automatically start thinking what your parent would do if you ever did some shit like that? Fam, I kid you not when I say that I felt a slap on my cheek from my mom just for thinking about doing that shit and she wasn’t even there. Anyways, John’s mom responds, “Jonathan! I’m your mother don’t talk to me like that! I thought you were done speaking. This is strike one young man” I’m sitting there with my jaw on the ground thinking, “Strike one? the hell? You better strike his disrespectful ass with a baseball bat since you in the mood to play sports.” This nigga just cussed his mom out and she said it was only strike one. What the hell would be considered strike three?

Thank You - Robb Stark x Reader

Originally posted by besidethewall

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Robb Stark & Grey Wind {Mentions Jon Snow, Bran Stark and Theon Greyjoy}

Word Counter- 419 Words 

Drabble Friday- Just a fluff drabble where the reader has had a bad day and maybe Robb cheers her up?

You had returned from a walk with your mother who had lectured you on hanging around with the Stark children during your stay at Winterfell. Upon your return you changed to a more comfortable dress, rather than the huge thing your mother made you wear and you sat down on the edge of your bed. 

You loved the Starks, in particular the eldest Stark. You got up slowly and looked out the window, you saw Robb and Jon laughing as Bran shot arrows at the targets and Theon Greyjoy most likely telling them all he was the best. 

You watched Robb look round for you and finally his eyes found you and he smiled. You moved away from the window and lay down on your bed. 

About 15 minutes later you heard a knock of the door. 

“Come in,” You call and the door opens and there stands Robb Stark. 

He shuts the door behind him and walks over to your bed. 

“You look sad, are you okay?” He asks and you look at Robb. 

“My mother told me I shouldn’t talk to you or your brothers,” You say and he smirks. 

“If she doesn’t know about it, she can’t take it away,” He says before walking round to you and he takes your hands and pulls you into a stand. 

You smile as he pulls you into a tight hug. 

“If you ever need me, I’m always here for you (Y/N), you don’t have to sit up here on your own, you can talk to me,” He says and you look up at the handsome young man. 

“Thank you Robb,” You say and he lifts your chin with his finger and places his soft lips onto yours. At first it startles you, but your hands are soon laced in his tight curls and your pushing your lips back onto his. 

“I’ve been wanting an excuse to do that for awhile,” He says and you laugh. 

“My mother would disapprove,” You reply and he pushes a loose strand of hair behind your ear. 

“I don’t care what she thinks, I don’t care what anyone thinks, you’re mine, and I am yours,” He says and you smile. 

“You’re mine, and I am yours,” You say back and he pushes his lips back down onto yours harshly and you smile under his lips. 

“Thank you Robb Stark,” You say and he smiles. 

He smiles and before he pushes his lips back to yours he says, “No, (Y/N), thank you,” 

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The brothers [Mukami and Sakamaki] reacting to their children asking where babies come from {Awesome blog btw, Keep it up!~}

Ayato: hah? why do you wanna know about babies for? alright well fine, you get a baby by putting the carrot with the peach and blending it up a bit! *later that day* what the hell are you doing?! why on earth would you make a carrot and peach smoothie? that’s disgusting!!.. what do you mean you’re making a baby-….

Laito: ah Daddy thought you might be asking that question soon~ well here’s a little education book. come over to the couch and sit down, Daddy with explain everything to you, and if you have any questions you can just ask me okay?

Kanato: what do you wanna do that for??? Ne teddy they’re just a baby them self… either way it’s not like i’m telling you! go ask your mother or Laito or something, i’m sure they’ll tell you..

Reiji: *sighs* i knew that was what you were going to ask. alright well you see babies are made with love. when a man and a woman love each other dearly, they might decide to create proof of that love by spending nights together. now if you were hoping for a more detailed explanation you’ll have to wait until you’re older

Shu: jeez.. of all the questions you could have asked me today, it just had to be that one.. let me go over it with your mother first, i’m not sure if she would approve of me telling you. you’re still quite young you know.

Subaru: what did you just say?? you want to know where babies come from..? uh..w-well you see (”is it from sex?”) WHAT? WHO TOLD YOU THAT?! (”uncle laito..”) Tch! of course that bastard did. i’ll have to have a word with your uncle

Yuma: babies huh? i tell ya what, i heard that a farm down the street has some pregnant cows, i’ll take ya there when their calving and you can witness the miracle of birth first hand! any other questions i’ll have to answer when you’re a bit older heheh

Kou: b-babies?? ah haha.. well.. let’s go look in uncle Ruki-kun’s library, i’m sure he will have some sort of book that can help me explain it to you. who knows maybe Ruki will even be in his library and he can help us find the book. your Papa never seems to be able to find what he’s looking for..

Azusa: ah… hm… well you chose… a difficult.. question to… explain but.. how about you… try to imagine this… after your mommy… and i decided we were… ready for a baby… your mommy’s..tummy started getting bigger..and bigger each month.. until one day.. she had to..go to the hospital.. and she brought you… into this world with… beautiful.. powers only.. women have

Ruki: this is the forth time you’ve asked me today.. are you sure you want to know?.. alright well if you would go and bring me that diagram over there, i’ll show you exactly how the miracle of child birth happens (”ew”) don’t ‘ew’ me, you’re are the one who kept asking

Maid To Serve

TITLE: Maid to Serve

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirty Six

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES: Well this got darker than I thought it would. I better out a trigger on this chapter for drugging. 

“And you have allowed this?” Loki stood in utter shock at what King Njall had just told him.

“I have no proof.” He argued. “Those that are targeted, they are not of great note in society, a few tavern wenches and cheap labourers, transient and uninteresting, no one cares to greatly for them.”

“You are aware these are your children you speak of?” Loki stated in disgust at the king’s attitude.

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Upon his return from Kentucky, Harry had developed (and rightly so) a more intimate knowledge of the mortality of himself and his fellow agents. If one payed close enough attention, they would notice the changes in his demeanour. Small things, sincere congratulations on a mission well-completed, words of encouragement to new Knights, going out of his way to thank the myriad of staff that helped Kingsman run like the well-liked machine it was. In short, simply an increase in things he had done regularly before his death and miraculous resurrection.

One Gary Unwin - newly knighted Excalibur after the retirement of Harry’s previous codename until a much later date, the irony not lost on anyone who knew either Eggsy or Harry well - seemed to be an exception rather than the rule that Harry was abiding by.

It started slow, as all such things did. Merlin noticed first, as whenever he dropped off reports for Arthur’s signature Eggsy was there, sprawled in a guest seat with his legs slung over the opposite chair, thoroughly engrossed in his own work (once or twice a fortnight had become thrice weekly and eventually a daily occurrence when possible). Next it was Harry always having some of Eggsy’s favourite pastries on hand for tea. Roxanne let slip that the man had even dropped by to visit Michelle and Daisy with Eggsy and herself (his excuse was to finally make amends with the lad’s mother, who had accepted him as a part of her son’s life with few questions, though she had given him a thorough tongue-lashing for the grief he caused her son after V-Day - the flower crown he sported with Daisy on his lap in Eggsy’s cellphone home screen said otherwise).

But by far the most noticeable was the worry that creased his face whenever Eggsy was sent out on a mission, even those with relatively low risk of personal injury. “Be careful, won’t you?” He would say softly, both men standing far closer than would be strictly necessary otherwise. It was always met with some variation of “Course I will, I have people to come back to, yeah?” just as soft, and to anyone eavesdropping it would seem less like two agents of a secret espionage agency and more along the lines of a couple saying their goodbyes at the airport before a business trip.

Harry’s worry seemed to be well-founded, however, when what should have been a routine software transfer in Tokyo landed Eggsy in the medical ward with a dislocated shoulder (easily rectified, if painful) and more than his fair share of second degree burns (increasingly painful, not as easy to fix).

Because Harry’s life was not particularly caring when it came to his personal emotions, by some sick twist of fate the medical staff had decided that if he was going to take up space in their department, he may as well make himself useful, and thus how he got stuck with a jar of burn cream and was struggling to maintain polite conversation while confronted with more of Eggsy’s bare skin than he had been since witnessing the man punch through plexiglas during his trials.

“You really need to be more careful in the field, darling.” Eggsy tried not to stiffen at the endearment, and gripped the edge of the bed tighter.

“Yeah, well, promising to be careful ain’t gonna change the nature of the job. You can’t protect me from this, Harry.” He sighed heavily and set the jar aside and wiped off his hands, resting his forehead gently against Eggsy’s spine.

“I know. No matter how much I wish that I could secret you away and keep you safe, I know that I could never take you away from this. You chose this life. It wouldn’t be fair to you.” His hands rested gently on Eggsy’s hips, careful not to dip too low. “But you need to understand that there are people who will be extremely hurt if you don’t keep yourself safe in the field. Your mother, and young miss Daisy, and Roxanne, and -” he cut himself off, swallowing thickly. “And me.” His voice was barely audible, even in the quiet of the empty ward.

“Harry, what are you saying?” Eggsy’s eyes were closed, trying to process what was happening, as he shifted carefully so he was facing the other man. “Is this why you always ask me to be careful before I leave on a mission? Because you’re afraid it would be the last time?”

“I’ll admit that after Kentucky I’ve been prone to allowing myself to become attached. Tethering emotions seem less… bothersome, I suppose, in the fleeting thing we call life.” Eggsy took Harry’s face in his hands gently and peered up at him.

“Tethering emotions? What does that even mean?” Eggsy’s brow scrunched in confusion, trying to make heads or tails of what was coming out of the man’s mouth. Harry looked at him as though he was trying to memorize his face, a resigned look in his eyes. He closed them and turned his head away.

Love.” He said quietly. “I understand that it isn’t what you wanted, but you’ll have to forgive an old fool his romanticisms. I was content with giving you whatever you wished, so long as you would continue to allow me to keep you company. I never wanted to burden you with this knowledge, you see. I apologize. I sincerely hope you won’t let it change things between us.”

“Burden me - Harry, no. You’re not burdening me by telling me this.” A warm smile spread across his face. “Of course it’s going to change things. All this time we could have been doing it differently, we could have been happy, Harry, we could have been happy.”

A stunned look shaped Harry’s features, as though he couldn’t quite believe what the other man was telling him. Eggsy leaned forward, crowding into his space, and his body’s natural reaction caused him to lean back far enough that they were both sent tumbling onto the mattress beneath them. Chuckling from his position tucked under Harry’s jaw, Eggsy pressed a kiss to the soft skin near his collarbone before lifting himself up on his elbow so he could look down at Harry’s face.

“I’ve already lost you once, I’m not going to let it happen again.” Eggsy murmured, kissing him softly. “You’re not going to have to go through what I did.”

“Promise?” The moment wasn’t right to make a crack about how Harry was reminding him of his little sister - it was too serious, and Harry’s fears were very real. He took one of Harry’s hands and held it over his heart as he kissed him again, deeper this time.

“As long as this keeps beating.”

She didn’t want to make this decision right now. If she told him to stay what would happen next? If she said she just wanted to be alone right now, would he ever call her again?  She searched for something to say. She was tired of letting sims like Chloe, or Nina Caliente, or her mother, or anyone else for that matter, intimidate her. She WAS a lovely young lady, watcher help her,  and this man was interested in her. So why not get to know him better?

‘Because you’re just a wallflower.’

‘You don’t deserve someone like him.’

‘Besides, he’s only interested in woohoo.’

‘He’ll break your heart.’

‘It’s safer to be alone.’ 

Her eyes fell and she noticed his hands.

“Why are your fingernails purple?” she blurted out, not sure what else to say.


She gestured towards his hands, not trusting her voice.

Don wasn’t sure why they were talking about his fingernails after he pretty much begged her to give them another shot, but here they were.

“Uh, there was a little girl, in pediatrics. She was scared, so I told her she could paint my fingernails if she was brave and let me take some blood.”

Cassie’s heart melted a little bit inside her chest.

“There’s a number for take out on the fridge.”

Flowers and First Loves

Jungkook X Reader Fluff
You meet Jungkook in a flower shop.
Word count:1,679

Hey guys! So I wrote a thing and I wanted to share it with y’all. I’m a bit new to the whole writing scene so if you have any comments/suggestions I would love to hear them! I have a part 2 in my mind already so expect that at some point. Xx -3-

Your fingertips run along the delicate petals of the white Lilies in front of you. You had always loved Lilies. There was just something so smooth and elegant about them. You start to lose touch with the world around you as stare at the flowers only to hear your name being called from somewhere on the other side of the shop.

You look up and take in your surroundings once again. Your grandmother’s birthday was in a few days, so you and your mom had gone out to buy her a gift and somehow wound up in a quaint little flower shop. You don’t know why you had never noticed it before. You had been passing it on your way to school for years.

“Y/n!” You hear your mother call again. “Come here for a second.”

“Coming.” You sigh as you make your way to the main counter at the back of the shop.

When you get there you see your mother looking at two different bouquets. One was filled with colorful Tulips and Peruvian Lilies. The other with pale pink Peonies and white Roses.

“Which do you think she would like better?” She asks, not bothering to look away from the two flower arrangements.

“Who, Grams? Um…” You study the flowers for a moment. “I think that one.” You say as you point to the white Roses. “She would like those, but I feel like there’s something missing.”

“I wanted to put Lilies in it but my mother here wouldn’t let me.” A deep yet boyish voice chuckles.

You look up to see a dark haired young man, about your age, coming from what you would assume was the back room, carrying a large bucket of Daisies and a roll of brown wrapping paper. He hands the older woman behind the counter the paper before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. Ah she must be his mother.

You catch yourself staring at the boy for a few moments before shaking yourself out of it and clearing your throat.

“Is that all you need?” You ask, looking over at your mom.

“Yep.” She nods. “Thanks for your help.”

“Mhm. I’m going to go look around some more.” And with that you turn around and walk back towards to center of the shop.

As you make your way through the flowers you inhale deeply, taking in the scent of the air. If you closed your eyes it almost felt like you were standing in the middle of a meadow in the springtime. You found yourself stopping at the Lilies again, just staring at them.

“Do you need any help?” You hear a familiar voice say.

You look up to see the dark haired boy standing a few feet away, his feet fidgeting and his hands playing with the pair of gardening gloves he was holding.

“Oh um…uh no I’m just looking around.” You stutter, looking at the floor.

“Oh right. Um okay. Sorry to bother you.” The boy says quickly before turning to leave.

“If it’s any consolation I think Lilies would have looked very nice in the bouquet.” You blurt out, not wanting the boy to go.

He turns around and smiles at you before rubbing the back of his neck and taking a few steps towards you.

“Thanks. You know, out of all of the flowers we grow here I think Lilies are probably my favorite.” He chuckles as he reaches out and touches one of the petals.

“Really? Lilies are my favorite flower too.” You smile. “There’s just something about them that I’ve always been drawn to.”

“Yeah me too.” The boy says quietly before trying to steal a glance at you. “I’m…uh…I’m Jungkook by the way.” He says a bit louder, trying to end the lull in the conversation.

“Oh I’m Y/n.” You smile as you tuck your hair behind you ear and look up at him.

“Well Y/n, would you maybe want to–“

“Come on Y/n! Let’s get going!” You mother calls, interrupting Jungkook.

“I guess that’s my cue to go.” You sigh as you roll your eyes. “I suppose this is goodbye.” And with that you turn to leave, giving Jungkook a nod and a wave.

“Wait!” You hear him stammer and turn around to find him pulling a Lily out of the bucket before handing it to you. “I’ll see you around I guess.” He says, rubbing the back of his neck once again.

“Yeah, see you around.” You blush. “Thanks for this.” You mutter, motioning to the flower.

“Yeah no problem.” Jungkook chuckles as he backs up a bit, playing with the hem of his shirt. “Bye then.” He waves before turning around and quickly walking back to the counter, hoping that you couldn’t see the blush rising to his cheeks.

As you walk out of the shop your mother notices the flower in your hand.

“What’s that?”

“It’s nothing!” You say quickly, hiding the flower behind your back.

“Alrighty then.” She responds, laughing slightly under her breath as you two head back to the car.

The next morning started like any normal morning. You woke up, took a shower, got dressed and headed out the door, giving your mother a quick kiss on the cheek. 

As soon as your feet hit the pavement you move at a quick pace down the street. It wasn’t that you were in a hurry. You were actually quite early this morning. You just weren’t one for leisurely strolls.

A few minutes later you find yourself walking into a local coffee shop a few blocks away from your house. You had been a frequent visitor there since freshman year when you first started passing it on your way to school.

“Morning, Y/n!” A voice rings out.

You turn towards the counter to see a smiling young man, about your age maybe a bit older, waving at you. He was wearing a dark pair of large glasses and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. His red hair became a bit disheveled as he ran his fingers through it then wiped his hands on the rag over his shoulder.

“Hey, Jimin!” You answer back with a smile. “How are you this morning?”

“Oh I’m swell.” He replied, a little smile tugging at his lips. “But you know, the more early mornings I have, the more I realize I’m really just not a morning person.”

You let out a soft chuckle and nod your head in agreement.

“You and me both.” You sigh. “I would love to just sleep in all morning.”

You straighten up from your spot against the counter as Jimin puts the lid on your drink.

“But sadly life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to.” He mutters.

He slides the drink over to you as you fish out a few bills from your pocket and leave them on the counter.

“Thanks for the coffee, Chim.” You say as you turn to leave.

“Yeah no problem.” He smiles. “I’ll see ya tomorrow morning.”

You continue down the street, drink it hand, when you feel a buzz from your phone. You pull it out of your pocket to see Jimin’s name on the screen along with the notification for one unread message.

“What does he want now?” You giggle to yourself as you open the text.

From: Chim Chim :P

Uh hey Y/n. There was actually something I’ve been meaning to ask you. Would you maybe wanna—

Suddenly you phone flies out of your hands as you run into someone. You both fall to the ground as whatever each of you were holding does as well. The two of you stand up and begin to dust yourselves off when the other person speaks.

“Are you alright?” A familiar voice rings out.

You quickly turn around to see who the voice belongs to, though you were already pretty confident you knew.

“J-Jungkook?” You stutter.

Of course you had to run into him. A boy finally takes interest in you and you go and mess it up by knocking him off his feet. Literally. As you look up you notice you’re standing in front of the flower shop from yesterday.

“You know I think this is fate telling us that we should really get to know each other better.” He laughs lightly before reaching his hand out and pulling a few flower petals from your hair.

You both blush as he looks down at his feet, noticing a rather disheveled looking phone on the ground.

“Oh man.” He mutters, leaning down and grabbing it. “You phone looks pretty beat up.”

He tries to turn it on several times but with no success.

“I’m so sorry.” He says, a hint of panic in his voice. “I’ll give you some money to get a new one.”

“No no it’s fine.” You protest. “It’s my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

You take the phone from his hand and slide it into your pocket, hoping your mom won’t be too mad when she sees it. That’s when you notice the flowers strewn all over the ground.

“Oh my gosh! H-Here let me help you pick these up.” You stammer, bending down and picking up a few flowers.

“No no no it’s totally cool. I got this.” Jungkook says with a smile, grabbing your shoulder.

“At lease let me pay for the damaged ones.” You sigh, standing up and facing him.

“Tell you what,” He states, leaning down and grabbing a rose off the ground. “How about you stop by on your way to school with coffee in the mornings and we’ll call it good.”

You giggle, suddenly feeling a slight blush rise to your cheeks as you nod.

“I think that sounds fair.”

“Great! I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then beautiful.” He winks, handing you the flower.

He then turns around and heads into the shop.

“See you tomorrow.” You whisper, smiling to yourself as you continue your walk to school.

Part 2 Part 3

Chocolate Cake: Chapter 1

[So i finally decided to write a fanfic and of course its for Miraculous Ladybug :3 Also i’d really appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism so i can improve my future writings. I know this chapter is far from perfect, so i’d really like to know how i can make it better. Thanks so much and i hope you enjoy it :) ]

Description: Adrien offers to help Marinette while she’s taking care of the bakery on her own.

Word Count: 2514

Rating: K

~        ~        ~        ~

“Okay Mari, did you get all of that?” Of course she had gotten it Marinette thought to herself. And her dad knew it as well, but it would still comfort him nonetheless to hear his teenage daughter repeat his instructions for the third time. The baker had had his daughter repeat his instructions first in her bedroom, secondly in the living room, and lastly in the bakery as the two adults headed out.

Marinette made sure to sigh dramatically before answering to emphasize that this was the last time she was repeating anything other than goodbyes.

“Okay, so you and mom are going to England for a week to visit this bakers convention thing and I’ll be in charge of the bakery until you get back.” Marinette looked at her father to see if that hurried explanation was good enough for him, but it clearly wasn’t. She sighed again and added, “You called some of our regular customers to let them know so it would be easier on me. And-” She hurried before her dad could interrupt, “I’ll call you and mom or close the shop if things get too rough.” Her father quickly dropped his expectant gaze and sighed with relief. Marinette assumed this meant she was finally done with all of the repeating.

Keep reading