young man what would your mother say

She didn’t want to make this decision right now. If she told him to stay what would happen next? If she said she just wanted to be alone right now, would he ever call her again?  She searched for something to say. She was tired of letting sims like Chloe, or Nina Caliente, or her mother, or anyone else for that matter, intimidate her. She WAS a lovely young lady, watcher help her,  and this man was interested in her. So why not get to know him better?

‘Because you’re just a wallflower.’

‘You don’t deserve someone like him.’

‘Besides, he’s only interested in woohoo.’

‘He’ll break your heart.’

‘It’s safer to be alone.’ 

Her eyes fell and she noticed his hands.

“Why are your fingernails purple?” she blurted out, not sure what else to say.


She gestured towards his hands, not trusting her voice.

Don wasn’t sure why they were talking about his fingernails after he pretty much begged her to give them another shot, but here they were.

“Uh, there was a little girl, in pediatrics. She was scared, so I told her she could paint my fingernails if she was brave and let me take some blood.”

Cassie’s heart melted a little bit inside her chest.

“There’s a number for take out on the fridge.”