young liz lemon

Our first ever #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) is Amy Poehler!

You might know Amy from her starring role in Parks and Rec, from movies like Baby Mama, from Saturday Night Live, from hosting (and winning!) the Golden Globes, or from her groundbreaking turn as a Young Liz Lemon. But did you know that Amy was one of the founding four members of the Upright Citizens Brigade? 

In other words, she’s the FLOUCB! (Get it? maybe?…First Lady of UCB, come on, people…)  

Not only is Amy Poehler an extremely influential member of the comedy world, but she is also a role model, starting her own site and Youtube channel “Smart Girls at the Party.”  Starting tonight, she will be adding “producer-of-a-hit-Comedy-Central-show” to her list of accomplishments when Broad City premieres!  

Click here to see Amy and lots of other UCB talents in this behind-the-scenes look at Asssscat from UCB Comedy!

Check out Amy’s UCB Page:

In other words, we love Amy Poehler and that’s why she is our first #WCW! 

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