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Blunt Drama Recap 2014 (Part 2 of 4)

Empress Ki

I started as a warrior, maid, consort and then an empress. Because of some evil people, my life in the past was so crazy miserable. So I spent the rest of my life for a big revenge and I did it, but everybody I love died in the end. 

The Night Watchman 

I can see ghosts and together with my ghostbuster team I’m going to get that scumbag shaman who killed my parents and live happily ever after with my shaman girl. 

Miss Korea

This is my rough journey to be a Miss Korea back in 1997 with some guidance from my ex-boyfriend. He helped me to become a Miss Korea and I helped him to revive his cosmetic business. In the mean time, waikikiiii~! 

Cunning Single Lady

I left my husband when he’s poor. Now that he’s rich, I got him back. But don’t worry, he understands coz I have my own legit situations and reasons to divorce him back then. 

A New Leaf

I’m a bad lawyer. But after suffering from amnesia, suddenly I’m turning into a good one. It’s so good to be good. 

Fated To Love You 

My drink was spiked and I slept with this unattractive girl by accident till she got pregnant. We have our ups and downs but she turns out to be very attractive and my real destiny. HEUHEUHAHAHA…

The Spring Day of My Life 

I left my fiance after I got a heart donor from a lady that makes me fall in love with her husband and children. I didn’t make it far but I’m happy and that dude haz to become a widower again. Sorry.  

Mr. Back

I’m a filthy rich old grandpa who swallowed this piece of meteor by accident and suddenly I get to be young, wild, and ready to love again. But I still find it hard to text with smartphone. 

Come! Jang Bo Ri 

I was a princess in a legendary hanbok maker house. But then I lost my memories after jumping out of my mom’s car in an accident. My parents then adopted this devil bitch aka my foster sister who insanely turned my life upside down. But I survived and even reunited with my parents and the love of my life. 

Hotel King

I’m a hotel general manager. Imma get a revenge to the hotel chairman who I thought was my father, but turns out the vice chairman and the senior manager are my real parents. I get to marry the pretty hotel heiress though.

> Written Ship <

                                      Kwon Soon Young / Hoshi

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I see Hoshi getting along well with motherly people, and of course, friendly people. Not to mention, since he’s a dancer, it would be nice for him to have a partner who enjoyed it as well; that would be your thing. Just dancing together, if not cuddled up in a corner somewhere.

SF9 / 에스에프나인
                                      Kim Young Kyun / Hwiyoung

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[ I’m so sorry, none of the admins are super into SF9, so we’ve been doing our best to wing ships with them, with very little information; I apologize! If you would like to send in some basic information, we would truly love, and appreciate it! ]

NCT / 엔시티
                                      Kim Dong Young / Doyoung

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Another person I see getting along with the motherly type, just for the simple fact, he often nags and takes care of the minis. Doyoung strikes me, also, as the kind to really just want a family when he’s older. I believed he’d like spending time with them, going out, and exploring.

BTS / 방탄소년단
                                      Park Ji Min

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You seem like a soft person, so I can easily see you with another soft person- and, in BTS, Jimin has always been the softest [ to me ]. I believe he would enjoy the constant reassurance through skinship, and I’m almost positive you would have like, five puppies, and he’d adore having a family.