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New video is up!: In which I partake in the #DrawThisAgain challenge, featuring Cheshire! On the left is the original piece from 2014 and the redraw is on the right!

Check out the time lapse video here! 💚

anonymous asked:

Who are your favorite superheroes/villains besides the X-Men?

Mystery Incorporated. Hands down.
(okay in all seriousness lol if the New Mutants don’t count, the Young Avengers or Young Justice! I like teen crime fighters, my favorite video game is Persona 4, it’s a thing.)

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Here I have drawn & colored THOR for someone who donated to our #PlayLive charity video game event for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Come watch us play the Young Justice video game live today starting at 2PM Central!

Watch me be bad at video games, talk about comics and cartoons, get some original art, AND help sick kids!