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Thanksgiving with the Team
  • The week of Thanksgiving M’gann research traditional Thanksgiving.
  • Wally has Thanksgiving with his family.
  • Artemis spends time with her mother.
  • Robin also leaves the cave.
  • This leaves M’gann, Conner, Kaldur, Wold, Sphere, and You
  • M’gann wakes everyone up dress up like a pilgrim.
  • You can’t help but laugh.
  • Kaldur is very confused.
  • Conner just kisses M’gann cheek.
  • M’gann smiles and starts cooking.
  • You turn on the tv to the Macy’s Day Parade.
  • You know all about the parade.
  • Kaldur and Conner ask you about it.
  • You tell them the history about it on commercial breaks.
  • When you see the Snoopy balloon you tear up.
  • You remember watching this with your aunt every year.
  • Snoopy was her favorite balloon.  
  • You help M’gann with some of the food.
  • Artemis shows up to the cave first.
  • Followed by Robin.
  • Then Wally.
  • Wally turns on Christmas music.
  • Artemis tells him to turn it off since it’s not Christmas yet.
  • It doesn’t happen.
  • You and M’gann sing.
  • Wolf tries to steal the ham.
  • You pop him with the wooden spoon.
  • “Conner. Get Wolf or I’m putting him in time out.”
  • Conner pulls Wolf away.
  • Artemis sets the table.
  • Afer the parade the guys go to football.
  • Artemis is very into it.
  • Once dinner is ready football get turned on low volume.
  • Everyone says something they are thankful for.
  • “I’m thankful having an awesome group of friends. Even you Wally.”
  • “Gee thanks.”
  • There are no leftover because of Wally.
  • After dinner, you all seat in the living room and watch tv.
  • Huge group nap.

The fact that Kaldur is undercover and Artemis isn’t dead is the biggest secret of season two and no one can know. No one at all, except for Kaldur, and Artemis. And of course Dick and Wally. Clearly.

And I mean of course we couldn’t keep that secret away from M’gann – a telepath who loses her shit every time Artemis sprains an ankle. But it’s not like anyone told her. She found out herself by crushing Kaldur’s mind. It couldn’t be helped.

And then of course Artemis then needed to kidnap M’gann so she could fix what she broke, but we can’t have Superboy, and Lagoon Boy try to rescue M’gann so now they need to know too. 

It’s fine.

It’s not like everyone knows. Only a few people.

A few people like Cheshire and Sportsmaster who were let in on the giant secret no one could know about so they didn’t end up killing Kaldur and Black Manta and ruin everything. And since the villain family members know we have to tell her mom too. To be fair of course

BUT NO ONE ELSE CAN KNOW. It’s a secret.


Kid Me

Imagine getting turns into a child and the team tries to take care of you but you causes a lot of trouble and likes Connors attention the most so Kaldur your boyfriend gets jealous. 

Relationship: Friends Lovers

Character: Team (2010)


Gifs: Found on Google.


You and Zatanna were trying out a spell when it backfired and turned you into a child. You quickly burst into tears as you sat on the floor.

“Shoot! Ummm.” Zatanna walked over to you. “Hey. Hey, it’s ok Y/N.” You stopped crying and looked up at Zatanna.

“Egnahc N/Y kcab lamron ega.” Zatanna spoke only to see you still as a child. “This is not good. Ekam sethols ot tif N/Y.” Your clothes quickly changed to fit your size. You put your arms up telling her that you want to be picked up. Zatanna kneels down and picked you pick before walking out of her room with you on her hips.

“Hey, Zee!” Robin walked up then saw you. “What’s with the kid?”

“It’s Y/N.”

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Being the youngest girl in Young Justice team would include:

- getting picked up Aqualad in his motorcycle after school so you can get to the cave.

- the kids in your school always wondering who that mysterious guy is. 

- “It can’t be her brother, cos she’s the only child !!”

- always hanging out with Robin because he’s the only guy near your age

- developing a habit of asking Robin to help you with homework, cos he’s just so smart

- Robin practicing the pick-up lines he learnt from Wally on you so he can judge their effectiveness from your expression when you hear them.

- “Hey y/n?” 

“Yes, Robin?” 

“Are you a camera? Cos every time I look at you, I smile.” 


- Wally trying the same ones on you, because he has no idea Robin already did.

- “Hey y/n! Sometimes I wonder if you’re a camera…” 

“Wally, you don’t exactly smile every time you see me, in fact, you frown when I steal your chips.”

- Wally gaping at your response, seriously wondering if you do have psychic powers.

- You and M’gann constantly having sleepovers in each others’ rooms.

- Whenever you have friendship problems, you always go to M’gann cause she always know what to say and what to do.

- M’gann asking if she could hang out with you to watch animated films because she feels awkward to ask Artemis.

- Artemis being the coolest big sister ever, playing chaperone whenever you throw a party. She even helps to prepare food, making sure Wally doesn’t steal any.

- Artemis insisting on always being your sparring partner, because the last time Superboy sparred with you… let’s just say you couldn’t go to school for a week because you had a limp.

- Superboy being very sorry because he underestimated his strength.

- Also, who knew Conner was great at playing the stalking overprotective big brother when you go out with a date?

- Secretly shipping all the possible couples in the team. Because the moment Zatanna arrived, you knew you had another ship to start sailing

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- Basically, being spoiled and loved by all members of the team.

(including Batman and Superman worrying over you whenever you go out on any field missions with the others)

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One Of Us

Relationship: Team members

Character: Team

Warning: Reader’s Death

Gifs: Found on Google.

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I was born in the League of Shadows, raised to kill. Both my parents were assassins then one day they went on a mission and never came back. After that, Talia took me under her wing and trained me. Soon I was one of the best assassins in the world my newest mission was to act as if I left the League of Shadow and get in the Young Justice Team so that I could destroy them from the inside out. The plan worked, I got into the Team, but as my time there got longer I started to see them as my family.

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Being The Youngest Member on the Young Justice Team.

Could you post an imagine of how it would be like to be the youngest and newest female on the young justice team (the season 2 team please)- @nauroracrystal

Here you go @nauroracrystal. I hope you like it. I’m literally sick while I was writing so I hope it’s not bad. 

  • You’re only eleven ½ years old
  • Which sets the record for the youngest person to join the team since Dick.
  • Though you make that up with your extremely high IQ.
  • Which is how you got on the team in the first place.
  • That and hacking into Batman’s satellite, breaking into secret data files, and supposedly figuring out everything about the Justice League.
  • Let’s just say you’re not a big fan of Batman.
  • You started off with being in the sidelines for missions since you have no fighting training whatsoever.
  • But you were fine with just being a computer girl/guy.
  • Even though you are the youngest, you don’t take no BS from nobody.
  • Which is why nobody on the team liked you at first.
  • Well except for Beast Boy
  • He was scared to approach you at first since you were so intimidating.
  • But over time he kind of sense that you just didn’t want people to think you were a child.
  • It took some time but eventually (with Beast Boy’s help) started to warm up to the team.
  • They even treated you like a little sister.
  • Since you are the youngest and the shortest, they love to pick on you.
  • Especially Bart.
  • Every time you get frustrated with something and you are very cranky, he tends to have a very smart remark.
  • “Aww does the wittle baby need (his/her) nappy wappy?”
  • You retort with a threat.
  • “No but if you don’t get away from me now, you won’t be able to go back in time and fix what I have done to you.”
  • You were tough…for an eleven year old.
  • Literally the first day Nightwing started training you, he came into the kitchen with a couple of bruises.
  • “Oh my god. Nightwing what happened?” asked M'gann.
  • “I don’t want to talk about it.”
  • “He got beat by an eleven year old.” you said.
  • “Yeah, well I was going easy on you.”
  • “Yea…sure.”
  • He really was going easy on you.
  • Everybody was very protective of you.
  • Super protective.
  • If you got hurt or something, they would always find ways to make you feel better.
  • Or beat the crap out of whoever it was.
  • Whether it’s M’gann making you cookies, everybody watching a Star Wars Marathon, everybody just hanging around, they were always there to make you feel better.
  • And you love being apart of your family/ team. 
Snow Flash

Imagine having ice power and being scared of hurting the team.

Relationship:  Friend

Character: Team(2010)

You had nearly hurt Wally with your ice powers, of course, no one on the Team blamed you. You were still learning how to control your powers. The person that was hard to you was yourself. As the team got back to the cave Kaldur gave the mission report leaving out you almost killing Wally. Once Batman let you all go you quickly went to your room and locked the door. As you took a set on your bed you saw the ice start to crawl around  the floor and your bed.

“Control your emotion Y/N. Stop letting them get the best of you.” You took a deep breath and watched as the ice disappeared. In training, your could control your powers but when it came to a real fight and your teammates were in trouble you always  seemed to lose all the control that you had.

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Headcanon that after so many years with the Young Justice team, Batman sort of accidentally adopted them all. Obviously Dick is his son, since he adopted him after his biological parents died, but he’s so close to Wally that they’re almost like brothers. Then Wally started hanging around at Wayne Manor so much that he has a room and everything, leading to him thinking of Bruce as sort of a third dad (after his father and Uncle Barry). And after finding out about Kaldur being Black Manta’s son, he tries to be a better influence on him and accidentally adopted him too. There’s also Roy, who would stay with Bruce and Dick whenever Ollie was busy and still spends the night every once in a while when he’s too tired to go to his own place.

Then Superman decided to be a deadbeat and ignore his son, so Batdad filled a role and started treating him like his own child. M'gann’s family is back on Mars and J'onn can’t be around all the time, so she hangs out around him and Alfred more often. It didn’t take long for Bruce to take notice of Artemis’ need for a good parental relationship and some love, so he lets her stay at the manor every so often. Then there was the promise he made to Zatara, and Dick was absolutely thrilled to be around Zatanna more often. And Raquel always seemed like an outsider compared to the others, so he unofficially adopted her as well so she could get closer to the other members. Eventually they all start staying over at the manor if a mission ends late or simply for a team bonding sleepover/movie night. And one or two of them might have made the mistake of slipping up and calling Batman “Dad” on occasion.

And that’s how Bruce woke up one morning and realized that he somehow managed to take custody of an entire group of mostly superpowered crime fighting teenagers without even meaning to. Now he’s stuck with a household complete with an acrobat, a hyperactive speedster who doubles as an insane eating machine, two aliens, an Atlantean, a magician, a pair of grumpy archers, and a teenage girl who already has her own baby to take care of (Amistad is canon in the YJ universe I checked). Plus, he has Jason, Tim, and Barbara to worry about. Honestly, he’s just so tired and at this point he not only has to deal with these crazy kids on missions, but now he has to make sure they go to bed on time and provide emotional support since they have more baggage than he does. He stills loves them though and can’t help appreciating the occasional card or tie on Father’s Day.