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Can't Believe CW The Flash Just Pulled A Young Justice Season 2 Episode 20 on Us All.

Like I didn’t need these feels.

I hope we have another timeskip when we get Young Justice season 3, where Bart is 17 or 18 so people can finally stop bitching in the Bluepulse tag about the 3years difference between him and Jaime.

And the sad part is: the people who are against this ship are the ones who sexualise it the most. It gives me some uncomftrable vibes because there seems to be a double standard when it comes to gay and het ships. If we take Aang and Katara from Avatar as an example: they have a similar age difference and they became canon when the series ended. And from what I remember it was always obvious that Aang had a huge crush on her. And he was 12.

Why do you feel the need to sexualise gay ships so much? If Jaime was a girl I doubt there would be such an uproar about this.

As for me personally I’d love it if this ship became canon but I would also like it to take some time, make it so at least a year passes and they slowly bond (even more) and go from bffs to boyfriends.

Where to start reading for Cassie Sandsmark

Her first appearance is is in Wonder Woman vol. 2 #105

  • From there she’s in Wonder Woman vol. 2 all the way up to #226. Some recommended specific issues are #105-113, 140 153, 156-158, and 171. 
  • Cassie is in all 100 issues of Teen Titans vol. 3  but specific plot relevant issues are #1, 7, 49, 55, 71, 75-76, 94
  • She’s in most of Young Justice (1998) and is even leader of the team for a short time. It’s one of my favorite comic runs and I recommend reading all of it tbh.
  • Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day
  • Wonder Girl #1-6 is her solo run
  • Wonder Woman: Secret Files and Origins
  • Young Justice: Sins of Youth
  • Wonder Woman vol. 3 #1-4, 11-13, 17, 26-29
  • Teen Titans vol. 4 #11-14
  • Teen Titans vol. 5 #17-19
  • Robin #145-147
  • Not comics but she appears in the animated show Young Justice in Season 2

(I’m leaving out all the final crisis/infinite crisis and reboot nonsense, but if there’s anything you think i missed let me know!)


It’s been confirmed season three of Young Justice IS HAPPENING! We’ll finally (hopefully) know what happened to Kid Flash (Wally West) if Jason Todd (Red Hood) makes an appearance, and the whereabouts of Dick Grayson (Nightwing) after he left the team. Personally Nightwing is one of my favorite DC heroes, and Jesse McCartney voiced him beautifully. We’ve come this far as a fandom to get our season three, now let’s make sure we get Jesse back as Nightwing!

Absentminded Advice

Nightwing /Dick Grayson x Reader

Based on the Young Justice Nightwing

Warning: This is set after the Young Justice Season 2 finally, Spoilers!

Y/N = Your Name

Y/LN = Last Name

Summary: It is just after the Endgame, and you are sitting at Wayne Manor worrying about the fate of Dick and Bruce, when the two of them come home. Bruce tells you some bad news and Dick is taking hard. You try to comfort him and you absentmindedly made him feel better. He then tells you his feeling about you.

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[Image: Jaime holding up three fingers. The text in the background says: Season Three! #SaveYoungJustice]

(Wow! I can’t believe that Season 3 is finally happening for Young Justice!!! I’m so excited and happy for all of us!

Although it does raise the question: should I continue with this storyline I have running…? I do admit, I was sort of playing it by ear, so I was just having fun with some concepts…but if you all enjoy it, then I will keep going! However, I do notice it doesn’t have a huge amount of reception for it, so if you would rather something else or a return to the blog’s old format, then I will do that! Please drop an ask in if you can!)