young justice intervention

Young Justice Re-Watch: 1.18 Intervention

The Team saves Jaime and B’orz from the Reach and M’gann breaks up with La’gann.

Saving the Beetles

  • Bart’s mission is to stop Blue Beetle and the Reach at all costs, but he desperately wants to save Jaime.
  • Blue Beetle sure is crowded. It’s Jaime’s body, but the Scarab and the Ambassador both can control it. The Scarab seems to be in charge of movement and tactics, while the Ambassador sets the agenda and scripts the (crappy) dialog. Who does the talking when the Ambassador has better things to do?
  • Jaime keeps trying to get the Scarab to help him, but Scarab repeatedly insists he most follow his programing and mission parameters. His resistance takes more subtle forms, like deliberately using ineffectual tactics against the Team and stalling when ordered to kill them.
  • The Ambassador feels that making Jaime watch as his body murders his friends would be a good lesson. Presumably on his own powerlessness.
  • A return to Bialya with FORESHADOWING PAYOFF. 
  • The Beetle cleansing spell is epic. Not only does it restore a damaged archeological site, it also frees the Blue and Green Beetles from Reach control. 
  • The Scarab thinks the Team is willing to kill Jaime to destroy the Scarab, but Jaime knows better. Jaime thinks the Scarab would prefer they were both Reach slaves, but the Scarab sets him straight by recycling their earlier dialog. 
  • B’orz had been a Reach puppet so long he could barely remember what it’s like to control his own body.  ::sob:: Poor guy. Get him some therapy.
  • Explanation flashback. Batgirl and Bumblebee found the cave and worked with Robin, Zatanna, and Fate to figure it out and find a way to use it if needed.
  • Jaime didn’t think Bart had it in him to keep quiet about the project. I guess he doesn’t realize the extent to which most of what he knows of his friend is actually a carefully constructed persona masking a hardened trauma surviver and undercover operative.
  • The Ambassador fails because he’s too damn arrogant to take advice from the Scientist or the Scarabs or anyone with sense.
  • Oh look, the Bialyan response was a set up designed to get the Beetles off-mode. ::sarcasm:: I am shocked, just shocked. 

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  • Fucking finally. It’s not just that I ship Conner and M’gann; M’gann and La’gann are just sickening.
  • M’gann dated La’gann because he made her feel better about herself with his unquestioning worship. Conner used to make her feel that way, but then he started to call her on her shit and broke up with her.
  • Aside from briefly asking if she was still hung up on Conner, La’gann took the break up really well. As annoying as I find him, he really does deserve better.