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Iris West Week // Day Seven: Iris + storyline or au
↳ Iris + things I would like to see happen on the show Part 2

The Flash Rebirth Comics + Young Justice Animated Series (Failsafe)

What I actually love about this scene

Wally’s fucking face - look at it! He’s like, “and thats how you get the girl.” He just needs to look at the camera and wink. 

The way Artemis is whole-heartedly trusting him - Look at the arm on Wally’s back. She’s like, “please hold me.” Also, she’s so smol and tiny and he is carrying her so easily! 

The way he holds her - So protectively and safely against his chest.

My babies are babies.

I know that Failsafe was one of the saddest episodes in Young Justice and that it traumatized the team to the point where they all needed therapy, but I really love that episode for a pretty good reason. Throughout the show, we have repeatedly seen Artemis being ostracized from the team. She was the last of the original six to join and Wally pestered her constantly. It always seemed like she was more distant from the rest of the tightly-packed team. But when she was the first to die in the failsafe exercise, it broke the whole team to the point where they couldn’t control the simulation. For the first time in the show, we finally see how much she means to the entire team, especially Wally, the one who was the meanest (despite the obvious crush they had on each other). It made me really happy to see that everyone actually loved Artemis and valued her on the team even though she was the outsider compared to the others. That and Wally’s reaction are the reasons I loved that episode so much.

BUT CONSIDER a Young Justice crossover but after the series ended. After Wally disappeared it’s just like Artemis was in Paris for a week or something for a surveillance mission with M’gann and Conner (Kon what language can’t you speak like seriously). And so they’re doing a recon mission when an Akuma attacks at night and they don’t really know what’s going on, think it’s magic related or something.

Then LADYBUG and CHAT NOIR come in and then they’re seriously like what the damn hell is going on and the Parisian heroes think they’re villains. After a mini fight ensues they leave after M’gann summons the bioship and the next day Artemis and M’gann are visiting the Eiffel Tower and bump into Marinette, have a little conversation and plan on visiting the bakery because “Artemis, FRENCH pasteries! It’s been so long since I’ve baked something too and I’ve never made these c’mon it’ll be fun!”. And Conner is going around, somewhere I guess, maybe he’s trying to find a lead on kids they bumped into yesterday or he’s in the park brooding idk.

And that night they go out again hoping to come across the heroes and find out more about these villains. Is magic involved? Are they a major threat? Sent by Vandal or the remains of the light? KLARION FOR GODSAKE?! And they eventually come across them again, explain their biz and Tigress is just looking at Chat Noir kinda angrily and sad at the same time or whatever because he reminds her of Wally who’s gone. And M’gann is comforting her through the mind link.

And if Conner and Adrien met he’d just be like a big brother type guy because he knows what it’ll like to feel like you’ll never live up to the expectations of your father figure and/or (If he IS HM) coping with the fact you’re related to the enemy. And if Artemis is hanging out by the school at their lunch time and witnesses Chloe and Adrien and everyone, she it reminds her a lot of Gotham Academy. Like Chloe is like all the mean girls combined, Adrien is like Dick in his later years after she found out he was Robin, Alya supports her like Bette did and Babs always had Dick’s back whether she was Batgirl at the time or not. And the kids just kinda see her, maybe someone recognizes her or she name drops Dick, but there’s just a scream like “YOU KNOW DICK GRAYSON?!”

And she’s like “Yeah, we went to GA together” and Chloe just kinda scoffs her cause she’s a scholarship and she’s like “WELL this girl got into Stanford while Dick went to police academy, life’s strange ain’t it?”. Mari kinda asks her about it later “My dad and sister are criminals, my mom went to prison for taking the fall for my dad, I was mistrusted by some of my friends for with holding secrets I thought would ruin our bond, and had people who made fun of me for my background. I’m a tough girl but I’m glad I had friends to have my back in times of need, have a second family” and Adrien overhears and is like “yeah my friends are my family”.

Bonus: There’s a blue streak running around Paris. (SPEEDFORCE ENERGY CHRYSALIS AINT GOT SHIT)

Also AU on the way  ಠ◡ಠ 

Failsafe XD
  • M’gann: And although we know all seems lost, the one thing CN cannot destroy is DC Nation.
  • Superboy: DC Nation survives because the battle is not over. Not as long as even one of us is willing to fight.
  • KF: It doesn’t matter how many attempts fail, for new complaintees will always rise to carry on. Bringing all their resources, their skills, their talents, to bear to defeat the enemy.
  • Robin: The people of the fandom will survive this. DC Nation will re-air and it will thrive. Never doubt, and never forget. The fandom will never surrender.