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Young Justice Halloween Costumes 2016

Dick: Sexy Cop

Kaldur: Dracula

Wally: Flynn Rider
Artemis: Rapunzel

Conner: Conner from Hello Megan!
M'gann: Megan from Hello Megan!

Zatanna: Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls

Raquel: Cat

Roy 2: Peter Pan with Lian as Tinker Belle

Roy 1: Shark attack victim with one arm

Garfield: *Changes into every animal he sees the whole night*

Mal: Fred Flintstone
Karen: Wilma Flintstone

Barbara: Kim Possible

La'gann: Frankenstein

Cassie: Elsa

Jaime: Ash Ketchum
Bart: Pikachu

Tim: Brain Surgeon

Jason: (assuming he’s already back to life by now) Zombie, but just wearing his normal clothes and making everyone cry

Virgil: Batman

Billy: Werewolf

(Couples costumes are grouped together)

someonefantastic  asked:

To go with the Raven outfit ask, what are your favorite and least favorite Beast Boy looks?

Ah, with Beast Boy, it’s a bit more difficult since his costumes are more or less similar xD 

Still, my favourite is going to be the original red/white combination from NTT and most comic variations of it. It’s just classic Beast Boy, and he looks great in it almost all the time. 

All of these rank as top Garfield Logan designs, imo. 

Second place goes to the purple/white number he donned in the 2003 comics. It was different in terms of colour scheme, and I think he looks good in purple ;) 

Third place is tied with the purple/black he wears in both the 2003 cartoon and briefly with the Doom Patrol in vol 3, along with his DCAU red/white costume.

Fourth would be his Young Justice costume. I’m not nuts about his design here, as I do prefer a more human looking Gar, but it was still well executed and grew on me throughout the series.

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The next one is based purely on aesthetic so refrain from judging me but.

This is such a cute concept? Like, I know it’s the cool thing to do to hate on TTG, but regardless of how anyone feels about the cartoon, this design was really rad! I’d love to see something like this adopted in the comics in maybe a spin-off or something. Punk!Biker!Gar is pretty unique and I can so see him pulling it off.

Okay, that’s it for the good, so now time for the bad. 

Let’s kick things off with N52 Gar (after he’s green again because red!gar is gonna be way further down this list). 

I love Rocafort’s art, I do. But this design? Somehow…lacking. It’s like they took the purple/white concept and…ruined it. Like, they found a way to make it dull and less Beast Boy, which…is sad, because it had potential. He just looks weird, and like he could easily blend in with the background when that’s very much the opposite of what Beast Boy should be.  

Next is Rebirth.

Kind of like how I feel with Raven’s Rebirth design, this concept might have been better if Jonboy had been drawing the series. I’m not digging his more animal concept, unlike in YJ where you could tell Gar was ‘monkeying’ around, this is just…unfortunate. I said I liked most red/white designs. This is the exception. I think it was a good concept not executed right, and the fact that we’ve got Pham drawing it now, it looks so much worse. Yet again, despite being this colourful beacon, Gar is dull and muted, much like Percy writes him. I’ll admit, I’m probably biased as I actually loathe the characterization of Gar in Ben Percy’s run, so any hope of this one growing on me is pretty much lost. 

Doom Patrol Beast Boy is my second to last choice. I know the reasoning behind the outfit, and I know the comics are very dated, but it’s still ugly as all hell, even when newer artists try to reimagine it. His characterization was still impeccable, but not even that can save Garfield from this atrocity.

And last, as you probably all saw coming, would be N52′s red!Beast Boy. Yeah, no, I don’t care what costume he’s in. If he’s red, I hate it. He looks awful in general and literally nothing looks good on him, no matter what. That’s probably why they retconned it later because DC realized how shit this idea was. 

Before anyone gets on my case with the whole “oh you just don’t like retcons! you’re just being a nostalgic baby!” 

Let me get it out of the way and explain that yes, I absolutely am, and I won’t deny it in the least. This comic run still gives me anxiety thinking about it, that’s how traumatized I was as a kid when I saw this. 

The N52 was initially this shiny opportunity for me to finally start buying comics, knowing it was okay if I hadn’t followed anything before religiously. A fresh start. I thought I wouldn’t be lost, and that I could finally support my favourite DC team, with one of my favourite characters. 


I saw this. 

I saw Starfire in RHATO.

I saw Raven.

And I knew there was no way in seven hells I could ever support this trash. It was the hardest thing, having to walk away from something I wanted so much to love, and when I found out just how BAD Lobdell would ruin this team and these characters, it made me hate everything about it even more. Including stupid red Garfield Logan. 

So yeah. My hate might be a tad bit irrational, but this look still sucks, and it’s also associated with one of the worst written comics in the N52. I’m zero amounts of sorry for ranking it as the worst look for Garfield. It 100% deserves that title in every way. 

anonymous asked:

Do you like the new young justice designs? I find it weird that Tim had Damian's outfit.

let’s review, shall we? (okay I’ve tried starting this post like 3 times)

Going left to right


I like this, Virgil as a character has been around a long time to have never gotten a costume change. His classic look was always very Freshman who thinks he’s super cool but really is a big dork, and this looks like that kid in Senior year having learned how to be pretty cool. It does violate my rule that a costume shouldn’t just be clothes but Static always looked like his costume was put together with what he found in his closet. Even so it’s still clearly a costume and not just some clothes it’s different but invokes the old look. If I have one major issue it’s that the vest looks very NorthFace, like why are you wearing a down jacket to fight evil? 

Kid Flash

If there’s an outfit I straight up hate it’s this one. The random black parts for no clear reason places, the bright red lines on the dark red and the ugly mustered yellow. Also the shoes aren’t boot boot like sneakers on a skin tight costume? Any ways it’s pretty clear Young Justice dug the Kid Flash uniform from Judas Contract (Picture) but that was a lot less busy with clearer colors, also no stupid goggles. Also that worked since it made Wally look like a skinny kid, the point of that whole flash back was to show how ugly they all were. This is Bart suppose to be “growing up” and it makes him look very small and skinny. Also I love Impulse, I love Bart, I like Bart’s long messy hair, him with short hair is sad. Any ways I thought he should wear Wally’s uniform with basically no changes, like Wally did when Barry died. Last thought, Bart is the only person being touched by the other characters, two character in fact are touching him, and neither of them are Jaime who he had the most connection to in his season, idk read whatever into that


They haven’t changed much he seems to be wearing more low key gloves without the spikes on the sides, I think that’s not great. He’s got a hood, which is fine. I always object to any Robin outfit that has no green in it. Dick’s Season 1 outfit was better because it had short sleeves and detached gloves. I always thought that Tim’s outfit was just okay, and since this is the same thing plus a hood, it also is just okay

Wonder Girl

Cassie has always had pretty shit outfits. This… I mean she looks like she got a t-shirt at Newberry Comics and is wearing track bottoms to fight crime. This is in no way Young Justice’s fault I mean they drew her like this in the comics, but maybe Young Justice could steal some of Donna Tory’s old looks? I mean her second Wonder Girl or the Star outfit would be good also what does she have on her feet? is she wearing toe shoes to fight bad guys? 


Pretty close to what she wears in the comics now, oh and what is with the too short capes? any ways not my favorite Steph outfit, my favorite is her Batgirl both clearly part of the Batgirl Legacy and distinctly her. Now of course Young Justice felt that two Batgirls would be confusing. Though there are two people named “Flash” and two people named “Wally West” in DC comics right now so…. in any case I like this Spoiler much better, the big kinda alien eyes in the full face mask a lot of cape etc. This is okay, it’s a lot less fun then I think Steph should be and makes her look kinda scary

Blue Beetle 

Not much has changed, his back things are more pincer like and Jaime seems bigger, taller and more beefy than before. I wonder if these are meant as hints that the whole reach/evil blue thing isn’t over? in any case since this is 99% the same as it was before and I like it before I like it now, it’s a good look

Traci 13

Your street clothes aren’t a fucking costume! that’s about it, though both her and Arrowette have REALLY weird necks/heads like they look almost alien 


Distracting head/neck issues aside this is a good costume, I question some of the black red coloring, why is her and Kid Flash’s crotch randomly black I feel like it just draws the eye and that’s strange. but otherwise I like it, the chest symbol pops and draws focus, I like the kinda messy in her face hair. I would like to see a bow, and also given the coloring (black red more red) and business of her outfit it kinda has a low-key villain or anti-hero vibe to it. 


As with some of the other’s not much has changed, I liked Roy’s look in the show, the buzzed hair and more combat ready thing. It fits the character and the story really well. I wish his suit was rocking a chest symbol the black in the middle is a little distracting like the symbol is missing. Also I wish they did soething to make his robot arm stand out more make it red/red-orange, just something so it’s clear that he’s not wearing glove you know? but other all I think it fits him very well and is a good outfit

Beast Boy

The more I look at this the less I like it. Beast Boy’s long hair, sideburns, furry arms and tail made him clearly distinct from Teen Titans Beast Boy and DCAU Beast Boy they seem to have ditched the hairy arms and tail, and now he’s wearing an outfit that looks very much like DCAU’s uniform with shorter hair like Teen Titans Beast Boy, should make future fan art a fucking nightmare. Any ways I like the hair cut I’m a little worried that he looks more teenage and less kid, I don’t want an annoying harass “flirts” with girls teenager in anything ever. The outfit is okay, but I liked the choice to put him in shorts, shorts are pretty rare in uniforms and him being barefoot made a lot of sense. It’s a good look but not better than what he had going on before

The scary squad, Artemis, she looks okay I’m happy to see a bow (something the other two arrow people are missing) The half mask works on her (in part because it’s linked to her neck. All that said I’m a little let down, I was thinking she’d keep the Tigress outfit like she said she would. It was a little goofy but I liked it and it was really switching it up for her. Nightwing… um… no, the beefier build and short hair makes him look like Conner and while that’d be an interesting look for Superboy, for Nightwing it makes him look like he’s gonna break into your house and kill you. I really liked the outfit he had before and I don’t like him wearing something that in no way invokes Nightwing. Now at first people were saying this was Aqualad, but now I hear Black Lightning. Gonna go with Black Lightning because he looks older. Kinda let down, Costumes in comics have a lot of Yellow, Red, and black, but not so much blue, I want a nice blue and yellow outfit for Black Lightning. finally Superboy…. *sigh* boi… what you doing? like… it was bad when it was literally a t-shirt and some pants but at least the shirt had a logo! fuck man you’re in a shirt and some cargo pants! Cargo Pants the worst kind of pants! Young Justice missed a great chance to stuff him into a classic Kon look, like this someone please get this boy a costume? 

anonymous asked:

WAIT A SEC?!? JAX did you say that if Young Justice came back you'd Cosplay Aqua Lad :) Time to get that dye out

Yup  a While ago I said if Young Justice Season 3 came back I’d cosplay Aqua Lad since we both have widow’s peaks, both black both musuclar and insanley handsome xD lol Time to dye my hair and get the contacts out and ive been meaning to try on that red spandex suit

Inktober Day #30: Kid Flash

Wally West is Iris West’s nephew and a huge fan of The Flash–he becomes an even bigger fan when he finds out that his Aunt’s boyfriend is his hero.  Following a similar incident that gives Barry Allen his powers, Wally is imbued with superhuman speed and joins Allen in crimefighting as Kid Flash.  During the Crisis on Infinite Earths miniseries in the 80s, Allen sacrifices himself to save the world, and a now-adult West takes on Allen’s identity and costume as The Flash.  He gains more abilities by tapping into the speed force, such as vibrating through matter and creating a costume directly from the energy source.  I used the Young Justice show’s costume design for Wally in this picture, mainly because I flipping love that series.