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Young Justice Halloween Costumes 2016

Dick: Sexy Cop

Kaldur: Dracula

Wally: Flynn Rider
Artemis: Rapunzel

Conner: Conner from Hello Megan!
M'gann: Megan from Hello Megan!

Zatanna: Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls

Raquel: Cat

Roy 2: Peter Pan with Lian as Tinker Belle

Roy 1: Shark attack victim with one arm

Garfield: *Changes into every animal he sees the whole night*

Mal: Fred Flintstone
Karen: Wilma Flintstone

Barbara: Kim Possible

La'gann: Frankenstein

Cassie: Elsa

Jaime: Ash Ketchum
Bart: Pikachu

Tim: Brain Surgeon

Jason: (assuming he’s already back to life by now) Zombie, but just wearing his normal clothes and making everyone cry

Virgil: Batman

Billy: Werewolf

(Couples costumes are grouped together)

anonymous asked:

WAIT A SEC?!? JAX did you say that if Young Justice came back you'd Cosplay Aqua Lad :) Time to get that dye out

Yup  a While ago I said if Young Justice Season 3 came back I’d cosplay Aqua Lad since we both have widow’s peaks, both black both musuclar and insanley handsome xD lol Time to dye my hair and get the contacts out and ive been meaning to try on that red spandex suit

This is my 7 year-old daughter. We have been reading comic books to her since she was very little and she has well and truly caught the bug. This is a Kid Flash (Young Justice) costume I made for her last Halloween. Although she  loves Miss Martian and Artemis, she wanted to be Kid Flash because she loves to run fast!