young justice costume

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tbh I think that dress for bumblebee fits queen bee more

Yeah, I actually considered having it for Queen Bee but I feel like it’s closer to Karen Beecher, at least in Young Justice.

In the comics their costumes are relatively similar.

This is Karen/Bumblebee:

and this is Queen Bee:

In Young Justice, Karen’s costume is pretty similar too:

but Queen Bee’s is very altered:

I’m not sure why the YJ creators left out the black and yellow motif but I just felt that the dress was better for Karen, but feel free to disagree. To each their own.

Thanks for the ask!


Rewatching Young Justice, Season 1, Episode 18, ‘Secrets’, and I gotta say, not my favourite episode, but not that bad. I loved the Artemis and Zatanna plot. And I ADORED Arty’s motorcycle outfit. I mean, look at that jacket. It’s awesome. So I’m uploading pics of it. Because it’s so cool.