young justice confessions

I really hope the news about Raven appearing in the new upcoming season of Young Justice is true because I’m really looking forward to that now. I may not be a huge fan of Young Justice but I sure will watch any episode with Raven in it in a heartbeat.

I’m curious to see how the writers of the show handles her and I would love and I mean love to see her and Beast Boy develop a close bond that develops into something more. Pardon my fangirl thirst.

One Step Forward

     You knew your ass was going to hit the floor one way or another, how long that would take was only a matter of time. The single advantage you had was that you could teleport but that would take a toll on your body with each use. Tim is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, something you were an amateur at. As you both waited for Dick to commence the match, your eyes wandered to Karen, who gave you a thumbs up. You hoped you would manage to survive a significant amount of time, without too many injuries. Your eyes trained back to Tim, who was watching you closely, most likely thinking about the quickest way to take you down.

     Dick gave the word and Tim didn’t hesitate to act. You teleported away as he got closer and tried to find a way to retaliate. He would most likely be trying to find a pattern in your teleports and he knew your weaknesses. You decided to buy as much time as you can by teleporting away from him and keeping in mind the strain on your body. Tim maneuvered his way to you with each teleport and you hoped your plan paid off. Once you felt your body about to give, you turned to defending yourself physically. Tim noticed the change and immediately went for the finishing blow. Using every ounce of energy, you teleported behind him as he made a move towards where you had been.

     Swiping his feet underneath his body, you tried to pin him down. However, due to the exhaustion, your grip wasn’t strong enough. In no time, Tim had flipped you two over, pinning you to the ground with his body. You flushed involuntarily at the closeness.

     “Y/N, you all right?” You nodded to Tim, not trusting yourself to speak. Thankfully, he got off you and offered you his hand. You took it, noting how warm his hand was before letting go, hoping you weren’t holding it for too long.

     “That was a good plan.”


       The conversation died there and you walked away to allow the next fight. You slumped against Karen, telling her all she needed to know.

     “You chickened out.”

     “He said I had a good plan! And all I could say was ‘thanks.’ I couldn’t come up with a way to keep the conversation going.” Karen patted you on the head, a sigh escaping her lips.

     “Looks like I have my work cut out for me.” Your spirits had dampened.

     “I’m a hopeless case.”

     You spent the rest of the time watching the others fight, your thoughts darkening at your lack of progress with Tim. But, what could you do? Holding a conversation was difficult as of late and finding reasons to talk to him was worse. At this rate, you were most likely to die first than confess your feelings. Once the training was done and everyone was going their separate ways, you finally found the courage to do it.

     “I’m gonna go tell him!” Karen looked at you, surprised by your outburst.

     "You’re going to tell him what?” Before she finished her sentence, you had scurried off towards Dick and Tim’s direction.

     “Hey, Tim!” Both Tim and Dick turned, Tim surprised that you had called him out and Dick looking a bit smug, knowing what you were going to do. You flushed and all your courage had left you at the sight of it.

     “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Dick chuckled and excused himself, going to stand beside Karen. Your mind was working overtime to come up with responses.

     “Uh..n-nothing’s wrong! There’s just something I needed to ask you!” You could do this, you would confess your feelings to Tim. Well, that is until your eyes met Tim’s.

     “What do you need?”

     “Could you help me train?” You wanted to slap yourself now.


     The following conversation consisted of setting up a time to train with him, when you both weren’t busy with missions. Tim bid you a good day and left as you numbly walked towards Karen and Dick. Dick snickered, having heard the conversation while Karen patted you on the head to try and to comfort you.

     “I’m doomed!” Dick left to give you two some privacy and Karen gripped your shoulders.

     “You aren’t doomed, think of this as a first step. You managed to have a conversation with him and now you have a reason to talk to him.”

     “But the whole point was to confess.”

     “I know sweetie but you aren’t ready to take that step. To gather courage, you should think of this as training for you to get comfortable around Tim.” You didn’t really believe that it would eventually lead up to you confessing but it’s better than having nothing planned. Karen patted your head affectionately as you both went to go hang out at her house.

     “Don’t worry Y/N, you’ll get there eventually.”

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I want another young justice season, this show is one of the few which deseve recognition and a sequel. The creator in twitter said to watch and buy young justice or watch on netflix, spread the word and show how popular it is.

I remember those leaked pictures before the time skip, where star fire would have been there-please! the only thing i was disappointed in the second season was that tim drakes character got pushed back , I assume because he was another robin but everything else had soo much feels….so let’s us fans unite and try our best.  Even if it is difficult for that to happen, it is at least possible.

If there ever would be another season though(before the time skip), I hope it would at least be 30episodes long, the first ten episode focusing on the old cast more (dick Grayson(learning his true identity thingie since he would have learned with Starfire already with teen titans), Starfire entry(who keeps Grayson in check, tells her origin to zatnna as they become bff and learns to accept idk), I honestly hope for Diana wonder girl and cyborg entry, Superboy , aqualad, Wally West (PLEASE! Let him settle of what he chooses, his dream or normal life, how letting reality not get the optimism away from him) , megan(her true family ), Artemis (her sister bond, making peace with her dark connection), and even Roy and zattanna Harper here and there) showing Superboy and robin rivalry because in the comics robin is blue due to superman influence, so if there would be a rivalry which evolves in a better bromances between Grayson and superboy-hell yeas! Although aqualad seeemed to be the one to be able to approach Superboy the most. Hope they show their friendship

Would love to see Artemis playing peace maker between Wally West and Grayson although they are Bros already. Megan and Artemis bond would be cool since nothing is stronger then sister bond (pretty sure they can manage just as well as frozen xD) Megan and Superboy bond should be shown other than romance as well:/ Roy being bros with aqualad (i mean if someone would have pushed roy to go with cheshire. It would be aqualad who understands love for his gf)it was so cool in the first season, would love to see more again plus a few scenes how he knows Wally and dick Grayson and how they are cool with each other. Diana playing peacemaker between Superboy and robin and telling them shut up and being a badass girl would be cool. But her being her own girl obviously.

And then next ten episodes focusing on both new and old cast equally.  Tim drake who has met a girl who seems to have good powers (aka wonder girl) and having already met a Superboy clone (aka match) who seems to have damaged his brain and has memory loss, and a guy zipping here and there from the future(aka Bart). Yes Bart before the time skip, I mean are you honestly telling me such a young boy would be able to build a time machine without tests drives and screw ups? Nu uh. And yes but after the time skip how comes no one remembers Bart ,I’ll come to that later.

Anywya, I assume Bart comes in the past but something went wrong., he lost his machine and he fades between time travel where he floats in a while and then appears in the time with Tim drake and stuff again , and this keeps on happening until he is fully back in the future and does some readjustment to use them properly again.

Yeah but while that I imagine Tim having a catchphrase like “I have a hunch” and guessing who Bart is immediately, forming slowly a good bond with him . match acts more like the comic Superboy (forms a rivalry with Tim but becomes a best friend plus with Tim who believes he has a soul plus friends with wonder girl and Bart) and wonder girl learns the dangers of a superhero but doesn’t matter as long as friends like these idiots are with her. I imagine Wally West (kid flash)stumbling on impulse from time to time in these ten episodes, once where he touches him when Bart fades away so they spend a month together floating in space trying to use their speed but when they come back, it’s like they never left.

Superboy is propably the only one who k ows about the little group cuz he was searching match and realised their bonds, he kept it a secret uninetentionally because he doesn’t know what will happen to match.  So he guides the smaller group in away and befriends himself with Tim and wonder girl and match and Bart.

But I have many ideas, (Psst…don’t tell anyone…while Starfire Dianna and cyborg want to go in space , Starfire dies, Grayson left with a heartbroken) and for the next ten episodes it should focus on the new cast .Tim and wonder girl and kid flash and Superboy think as it seems as though match and Bart died (but they actually survived ) but while the end fight happens a weird flash light blends in to everyone and that is why Tim drake forgets , wonder girl can’t remmeber either.

Grayson arrives   and is confused why no one remembers, (note Bart and match are already gone who have forgotten everything as well, ) and sees wonder girl and invites her in the team, and that is also why it explains why we see more concern for Tim (who better gets more cute moments with Barbara Grayson and batman)in the second season. Maybe aqualad and his Atlantic problem should be involved in this with the original aqualad helping the young team out as well while aqualad is concerned and then his depression ofnloosing everything and for a serious few minutes considering to actually give everything up…if darkness is better than light as it is the reality but Roy gives him grudgingly (but on the inside he is a big softi and he means it) the advice awualad gave him back then. And then goes away after a vro fist bump to search for the original Roy harper.

Anywayyys….that is what I wantto happen at least…and it got way too long which means I got carry away, my point basically we need more so bg justice!!!! Give justice to us and give us what we need !yaaaaaasssssss!