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No, bulls would gum it. They’d flash their dusty standards at the wide-eyes and probably find some yegg to pin, probably even the right one. But they’d trample the real tracks and scare the real players back into their holes, and if we’re doing this I want the whole story. No cops, not for a bit. (Brick, 2005)

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Was there any syndicated Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV that never got a proper conclusion that you'd like to see?

The 1991 Dark Shadows revival is worth a second look, because, among other things, it captured the weird, moody, gothic ambience of the original perfectly, and also because they brought back the creator of the original series, Dan Curtis, to be head writer/showrunner of the current show. It had great costuming, impressive special effects for 1991, the scripts were moody and interesting, and it had a great cast (including a young Joseph-Gordon Levitt). It was way past the standards of the usual TV revivals, chintzy nostalgia pieces like “Wild, Wild, West Revisted.”

The 1991 Dark Shadows was ahead of its time in two ways: 1) it was a reboot, before that was a common thing, and 2) it used the fact it was a reboot to go in a totally different direction. The finale ended with Victoria traveling back to the year 1795, where she found Barnabas was very much alive. By the end, she returned to the present and saw he was still around, so she knew he was a vampire. This was a totally new status quo, and since they already burned through the two most famous and obligatory storylines of the original series (the 1790s time travel arc and the introduction of Barnabas), we were now in Terra Incognita and anything could happen. 

I also thought that “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.” ended with Brisco’s quest for justice unsolved, too.The funny thing is, the creator of Brisco County Jr. was Carlton Cuse, the head writer on Lost, and I kept waiting for a callback to Brisco that just never came. 

WARNING: I used the strobe-light effect three quarters of the way through the trailer. (Also if this video is not functioning, try here.) 

“Young Wolves” Trailer Premise: an adlock-inspired idea, watch in HD

Consulting detective Nero Wolfe is asked for by a joint request from the world’s most powerful governments and their respective secret services. Their target - an elusive criminal mastermind known on file as ‘Aelia Augusta’. However, as the investigation goes on, the faith placed in the young detective begins to waver when questions of his ambiguous past and his loyalty rise to the surface….. 

Nero Wolfe - Cillian Murphy
Aelia Augusta - Eva Green
Archibald “Archie” Goodwin - Joseph Gordon Levitt
Olivia Watson aka 005 - Rosmund Pike
Irene Adler - Helen Mirren & Lara Pulver
Sherlock Holmes - Sir Ian McKellan & Benedict Cumberbatch