young john cusack


I want

Matthew Broderick
to sing “Twist and Shout” to me in the middle of the streets of Chicago

I want

Corey Haim
to smile so big when he asks me to be his girlfriend

I want

C. Thomas Howell
to look at me with his dreamy eyes the way he looks at sunsets

I want

Leonardo DiCaprio
to notice and admire me walking down the street

I want

Ralph Macchio
to became shy and flustered when he asks me out

I want

Anthony Michael Hall
to be embarrassed and blush when I look over at him

I want

River Phoenix
to go on long walks outside with me

I want

John Cusack
to blast music through a boombox outside my house to win me over
Why was I born in the wrong generation?
Brand New

a requested part 2 to ‘The Sound of Reverie’ 
Read Part 1 Here: ‘The Sound of Reverie’ 

I feel like new sunglasses, like a brand new pair of jeans
I feel like taking chances, I feel a lot like seventeen

“Wait, you’re doing what?”

“We just need you to stand there and bear witness,” Jack adds.

“Wait, I’m still processing,” your best friend Daisy is staring at you like you’ve each got multiple heads. “You’re getting married?”

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Since I won’t be able to see the show, getting to see this little tease of John Lloyd Young and Carmen Cusack of For The Record: Scorsese doing the tango while performing the song “Takes Two to Tango” is such a delicious treat!  Thank you Melissa Prophet for posting this!  October 8, 2016