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Look what arrived at 7 AM on my doorstep today! (I swear I never jumped out of my bed faster, even though I barely slept for 2 hours since I was too excited to fall asleep xD)

I couldn’t even get half of the things I wanted, I am especially sad that I didn’t get the Collector’s Edition of Key Art 3, the Imaishi doujin, and Sushio’s “Talking about Composition 3″, but I at least got Art of KlK 3 and LOVE LOVE KLKL and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER BECAUSE BOTH BOOKS ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AND FANTASTIC AND AJSHLAKJKAJSK AND MAKO’S STORY IS SO HEARTWARMING WITH AN ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ENDING AND I JUST AGHSKJLAHJLGHHK AHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU NEED TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words cannot describe how awesome the two books are, SUSHIO IS A GIFT FROM GOD AND I LOVE TRIGGER SO MUCH FOR KILL LA KILL!!!


Sadly only one page, but still!! And young Ragyo/Isshin designs:


also can we please talk about this adorable Satsuki sneezing face???!!


JFC THIS BOOK DESTROYED ME!!! Especially Mako’s story, damn!

This book is scannable despite its thickness so expect Mako’s whole 44-paged story in the next hour or so! 

There will be lots of updates from LOVE LOVE KLKL and Art of KlK 3 today, I can’t answer any of your asks or anon messages tonight because I am completely and utterly overwhelmed with KlK feels, and am unable to form any clear thoughts any time soon… 

Prepare for a KlK picture spam! And please block the tag “Kill la Kill” if you mainly follow me for One Piece!

Ichihime: short fic

Request: I have a request for like, Ichigo family when they found out he was proposing. maybe they saw the ring or he shyly asked his dad for help picking it out

I hope this was what you were looking for! (Please excuse any grammatical errors, it’s late heh~)


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To everyone who keeps saying that Kubo foreshadowed IH by making Orihime resemble Masaki. Stop being stupid. Do you know what an art style is? In the beginning not a lot of characters looked a like, especially not Orihime and Masaki. Their only resemblance was their similar hair color and their body type. However, as the series progressed Kubo started losing his touch with making characters distinct from one another. That’s why most of his characters towards the end, end up looking very similar. Grimmjow, adult Toshiro, young Isshin, Ryuuken, Ishida, Ichigo, Renji, Renjis’ gay lover (Bazz B?), the bad albino guy, Byakuya, Tsukishima kinda, etc all have pretty much the same look (different hair/eyes but overall same bone structure as in strong defined jaw and cheekbones, sharp weird-hook-like nose). While for the females Giselle, Rangiku, Orihime, Kirio, Masaki, Yuzu, even Ishidas’ mom etc look the same (big eyes, long and most of the time weird colored hair, soft oval face, same nose/lips/eyebrows, exact same body type). It’s not because Kubo did it on purpose. It’s because his art style became so weird during the end where the characters had 0 individuality. In the beginning none of these characters looked a like, the only ones who were MEANT to look the same were Ichigo/Kaien and Yuzu/Masaki or Ichigo/Isshin. Those similarities were done on purpose to either 1) have Rukia go through certain emotions when noticing their resemblance or 2) to show similar features between family members cuz…..genes ya kno.

Since we’re on the subject of resemblance. Do you know what else has obvious similarities? The IsshiMasa and IchiRuki rescue scenes. They’re so similar Kubo went out of his way to draw them in the exact same poses and saying the EXACT same things. The whole IsshiMasa love story is a direct parallel to IchiRuki, whether you like it or not.