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Okay - CLEARLY Flug has been with Black Hat for a VERY long time. Assuming Villainous takes place in present time, we can assume that Dr Flug is immune to aging just as Black Hat is. In the “Anti-Gravity Device” episode, there’s a picture of Al Capone kissing Black Hat’s hand with Dr Flug in the background. While it IS possible Flug could have been alive at that point, that would make him old now, considering Al Capone was around early 1900s, that would put Flug at roughly around 100 years old. Dr Flug doesn’t look to be anywhere near his 90s and seems quite able bodied. Thus, my case, Dr Flug doesn’t age and must have been with Black Hat for much longer than it would seem.

yet another edition of art-slump induced redrawing!!! this time it’s phineas flynn and his brother ferb fletcher, those cool young inventing boys. it’s a redraw of this that i did in 2014 but i took the power drills and spanners out of their hands and swapped them out for some nice and much more non-threatening double thumbs ups 👍👍 + 👍👍

Yura’s Name and Nicknames

Yurij/Yuriy: yes, that’s how it’s actually pronounced in Russian. It’s super formal to use it, none of his rinkmates would. Some Russian reporters might.

Yura: standard nickname, what people who know him would generally call him

Yurachka: an actual diminutive, basically for kids. It’s expected from his grandfather, presumptuous from Yuri’s Angels (kind of like fans calling real people their “son”), indicating a particularly affectionate moment from Yakov, and condescending and annoying from his rinkmates. 

“Vitality! What a wonder. I have never seen such a beautiful spirit before.”

Her name is Bo.

She’s blind to the waking world but she can see past the veil and into the dreaming. Like astral projecting. She could be awake and still traverse the dreaming. She’s an expert in OBE. She got into some trouble with Templars and that’s how she lost her eyesight but then a spirit helped her and restored it, but only into the dreaming.

Now, she’s kind of a psychic… or medium. She can actually see and communicate with spirits and demons alike.


So here are the kids for my character’s, Jonathan and Belle. Their name’s are Rosanna and Simon. Rosanna is 10 and Simon is 6 in a half. They’re very bright kids and they know about both their parents business and mafia group. They were taught to protect themselves just in case they were attacked while Jonathan and Belle weren’t there to protect them. However, let me tell you about these two munchkin’s. Rosanna, is a Daddy’s girl. She admires her father so much, especially her mother as well. But she always wanted to grow up as a leader like her father and she wants to make a difference. She’s very quirky and clumsy. Very soft spoken, loves to read and dance.
Now it’s time for the youngest, Simon. He’s very animated, lots of energy. Speaks his mind with confidence. He’s also the same like his older sister: clumsy and quirky. He loves to be in action and he just LOVES to fly. He’s a big fan of aircraft’s and whenever he meets someone who can fly (sppzz! Abel!) He’ll out right ask them right away, if they can fly! He’s also a big fan of science, thanks to his father and mother. He has a high intellect at a very young age, making inventions and reads almost all time. While he runs around everywhere. So that’s it! I hope you all enjoy and thank you so much! This is for @eliana55226838 and @animal-guardian! 🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤

friendly reminder that the trope of the ‘older, predatory gay man’ propagated by shit like King Cobra or neighbourhood watch meetings was first introduced to mainstream media in 1895 during the Oscar Wilde trials.
back then, mlm relationships followed a more classical format of the young, beautiful student and the old, wiser teacher, so many of Wilde’s lovers were between 18-25
the press and prosecution sold the guilty testimony on this concept of the evil sodomiser corrupting these innocent YOUNG boys; lots of emphasis on their youth to try and smear him as a paedophile without any evidence to support that claim; and this image spread rapidly as Wilde’s public image tanked.
remember that this image of every older gay man being some sort of pervert preying on underage, naïve young boys was invented by straight people to further ruin the public image of gay men.

The Many Escapes of Anders

Okay, so it was played with before, today is ‘Anders On the Run’ day of Anders appreciation week. So here’s a proposed timeline of Anders’ seven escapes:

Escape #1: Swam across the lake 

Anders’ first escape attempt, not long after arriving at Kinloch Hold, was a simple matter of jumping off the dock and striking out across the lake. The Templar attempting to follow him forgot that plate armor is not buoyant and sank like a stone. Especially impressive for the stamina involved in a 12-13 year old swimming between five to ten straight miles across Lake Calenhad to the nearest shore.

Escape #2: Climbed out a window on a rope of senior enchanters’ undergarments 

The doors were all watched, and so were the windows on the lower floors, but not the upper windows. Anders got himself assigned to laundry duty and filched undergarments until he had enough to braid himself 100 meters of rope, which he used to climb down the outside of the Tower to freedom. When asked why he had specifically chosen senior mage’s undergarments, the young apprentice replied they were “bigger ‘n tougher.”

Escape #3: Makeshift hot air balloon

Possibly the height of young Anders’ inventiveness; after many months staring out the window and daydreaming about being able to fly, he read a book about an innovative Antivan design for an airborne vehicle supported by drafts of hot air. While initially planning to build an entire hot air balloon out of stolen materials, Anders eventually resorted to just grabbing a large canvas tarp by all four corners and jumping off the Tower roof garden, using fire magic to heat the air enough to provide lift. Impressively, he managed to get all the way to the other side of the lake before the canvas caught fire and he crashlanded in the trees.

Escape #4: Hid in a crate 

Apparently abandoning the air routes, Anders’ next escape attempt was to conceal himself in a crate among a shipment of potions due to be transported for sale. Protests of ‘No I’m not, I’m an elfroot’ were not believed.

-Hiatus of several years while in a relationship with Karl-

Escape #5: Drugged the Templars 

Anders’ first escape attempt after Karl was transferred to Kirkwall showed a definite step up in ruthlessness over all previous attempts. He stole herbs from his potionmaking class until he was able to fashion a very powerful sedative, which he slipped to the Templars on duty at the gate. (Several years of good behavior had led the Templars to let their guard down around Anders, a mistake they would not make afterwards.)

Escape #6: Just fucking rabbited 

Technically, this could be considered an extension of Escape #5, since the Templars didn’t actually get him all the way back to the Tower before he tried again. While escorting him back to the Tower after recapture, the Templars made the mistake of thinking him considerably more incapacitated from his injuries than he actually was; he managed to slip the cuffs and run for it in a moment of inattention. Several Templars were injured in the ensuing scuffle, which undoubtedly compounded the severity of the punishment that was to follow.

Escape #7: Disguised self as a Templar and walked out the door 

Anders’ seventh and final escape was aided by the chaos at the Tower following the rout at Ostagar. Since many mages and Templars were away accompanying the King’s Army, normal patrol and guard schedules were disrupted. Anders was able to lay his hands on a set of Templar armor, which he used to disguise himself and pass among the other Templars with long practice of their training and mannerisms. He left the Tower only hours before Uldred and his co-conspirators were to return, which led to the significant delay of any pursuit or recapture efforts.


Ayanda dir. Sara Blecher (2015)

Set in the vibrant, Afropolitan community of Johannesburg’s Yeoville, Ayanda is a coming-of-age story of a twenty-one year old Afro-hipster, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery when she has to fight to save her late father’s legacy – a motor repair shop - when it is threatened with closure. She’s thrown into a world of greasy overalls, gender stereotypes and abandoned vintage cars once loved, now in need of a young woman’s re-inventive touch to bring them back to life again.

"Something of mine to last for your ever.”

Vampire!AU | Non-Idol! AU | Female Reader

Genre: Angst

Member: Jung Jaehyun

Warnings: Character death, anorexy, blood mention.

P.O.V: Second person.

A/N: I spent my whole afternoon on this and i thought it would be a lot longer than this, maybe i just think it is sad because i just wrote it and maybe i will regret posting? yell heah. But i hope you will cry??? also i want to make this vampire au a series thing, like, i have a lot of ideas to go on this same au so it’s really important to me that you would send me a message and tell me what you think other than just give an heart. Pretty please <3.  English is not my first language so let me know if there is any spelling mistakes.


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AU INTRODUCTION: The vampire shall only drink the blood from the same human from the day the vampire born to the day the human die.

Different from an human, a vampire already born with fangs, and when they born they are taken to an area with humans so the baby can choose someone, and when the human is choosen, they are taken to live with the family of vampires. Normally the humans are buyed, or, have their whole family killed. Depends on the carater of the vampire family.

So the human is created with the vampire, who will be drinking the blood of the human whenever they please. After certain years, the vampire finally cannot age or die from sickness, becoming an “immortal” to human causes. The human however, won’t become an vampire as everyone thinks so, it will just have a weaker body and die a lot sooner, so having an baby is the only way of keeping the vampires still alive.

After the human die, the vampire still cannot drink the blood of anyone else. Not because it would be bad to them, is just a matter of morals between vampires. They can sense when another vampire drinks the blood of more than one person, and consider them impures.

When you were just a small kid you were taken away from you family, actually, you were sold from you parents to live inside an castle away from everything with a bunch blood-sucking creatures. They put a baby on your arms to suck your blood whenever it wanted and you were told “You’re gonna marry this kid and won’t ever leave here to the day you die” So of course your wasn’t exacly a very smiley-happy person to start with.

But you weren’t exacly a very angry or sad person either, because as a kid, you could still see the good side of it: You were living in a castle, having everything you wanted in your hand as if you were a princess, and were going to marry your best and only friend.

When the baby grew to an age were you too were similar enough, you two got along more than well. You two were always playing and finding out things together, even without leaving the castle. There were a lot of people working on the castle, including kids your age that you two got along with but you two were the greatest match.

Even trought he grew up by you side and he has a lot stronger than you would ever be, he saw you as an goddness.

It’s very uncommum for vampires to be in love with the person they were married to. They are already married before they know what love is, so it’s not like they were told why love and marriage are something that goes together like humans do.

But Jaehyun were already in love with you before he knew what marriage was. Everyone in the castle thought it was a very unusual sight to see. The people who served the castle that has served Jaehyun’s parents when they were kids, and some of the ones that served Jaehyun’s grandparents too never saw nobody like you two.

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