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Mharti’s the Rick/Rick’s the Mharti

I thought the Citadel of Mhartis would be more fun. You figure, they’re young. Probably inventing new forms of lube or making video game walkthroughs… But instead I got dragged to the Lost and Found, or as I like to call the SAP’s corner (Silver Alert Pickup). Those Ricks looked half-scared and lost.

You Think It Was a Dog, It Wasn’t a Dog

There’s a reason “Hounds of the Baskerville” is right under “Redbeard (see file)” on Magnussen’s list of Sherlock’s pressure points, and I think I know what that reason is. Redbeard was never a dog. Sherlock only thinks that it was. Redbeard as a dog is the symbol of Sherlock’s repression over his lost sibling. Sherlock does exactly what Henry Knight did when he suffered trauma at a young age. Sherlock “invented this to account for it”. 

 But what could be so bad about that loss that a young Sherlock would have to repress it in order to cope? Losing a sibling is hard, yes, but there are causes that children die from that aren’t so traumatic that one sibling would have a much harder time coping with the loss than the other, so much so that repression becomes the only option. One child wouldn’t necessarily be that much more traumatized than the other. Unless it was that one child’s fault. Whatever happened to The Other One, it was at least partly Sherlock’s fault and he invented Redbeard to account for it. 

 Where else have we seen trauma manifest itself as the memory of a dog? Sherlock genuinely believes that he lost a dog named Redbeard, just as Henry Knight believed that he saw a gigantic hound. 

What we can learn from Henry Knight/HOB: 

-The pub owner says “demon hound", and Henry says that Louise “thinks I have to face my demons” which aligns perfectly with the s4 trailer’s focus on demons. 

- They never found his dad’s body. The Other One is still alive, that’s why there wouldn’t be a body. 

-Sherlock explains the chemical aerosol dispersal as “pressure pads in the ground” which sounds an awful lot like “pressure points”. 

-When they’re leaving the Baskerville lab, Sherlock tells John that “it’s time to lay this ghost” in reference to the hound. We all know how much Mark has loved talking about ghosts lately.

-Before Sherlock goes into his mind palace he says that the answer “has to be something, something very deep”. This is not only how repression works, but it is also exactly what he says/does in TAB. 

 -Sherlock tells Henry that “It wasn’t an animal, not a monster, a man” While Henry remembers the hound as the thing that killed his Dad, Sherlock remembers Redbeard as the thing he lost. What’s important is that if Henry’s wasn’t an animal, but a person, then so was Sherlock’s. 

 -“Couldn’t cope, you were just a child so you rationalized it into something very different” is what Sherlock says to Henry as he’s trying to get him to remember. Whether Sherlock realizes it or not, he’s familiar with this because it is exactly what he did. 

 -At the end, John says that the inn owners didn’t put down their dog because they "couldn’t bring themselves to do it” and Sherlock says that he doesn’t understand the sentiment that would prevent them from doing so. So, he never actually had to put a dog down. Or rather, he doesn’t have the latent emotional connection because didn’t actually care about it because it didn’t actually happen. He only reacts emotionally if the actual name Redbeard is said.

Sherlock’s reaction to the entire hound case is intense. He thinks that it’s because he can’t trust his senses, which is a valid thing to unhinge him. However, I think there’s more. I think his subconscious starts to get to him, because a part of him realizes that the further he goes into Henry’s case, the deeper he goes into himself. His panic attack by the fire and his desperation to figure out what causes the hallucinations are defense mechanisms, distractions, so that he doesn’t get too close and accidentally unravel his own, extraordinarily similar, circumstances. If you think about Sherlock comparing himself to Henry and his repression, it gives a whole new meaning to “There is nothing wrong with ME”. It could be as if Sherlock is defensively saying “I’m not the one with this problem, it’s Henry, this is about him not me!” 

Finally, while there is a lot more that I could say comparing Henry to Sherlock (and many other metas far more detailed than mine have already done so) this last bit is, in my opinion, the clearest clue the show has given us that Sherlock’s traumatic loss has manifested itself in the form of Redbeard. John says to Louise “I have another friend, who might be having the same problem”. There we have it. Sherlock is having the exact same problem. 

tl;dr Redbeard was never a dog, Redbeard is Sherlock’s “childhood trauma, masked by an invented memory”.


Ayanda dir. Sara Blecher (2015)

Set in the vibrant, Afropolitan community of Johannesburg’s Yeoville, Ayanda is a coming-of-age story of a twenty-one year old Afro-hipster, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery when she has to fight to save her late father’s legacy – a motor repair shop - when it is threatened with closure. She’s thrown into a world of greasy overalls, gender stereotypes and abandoned vintage cars once loved, now in need of a young woman’s re-inventive touch to bring them back to life again.

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hii, do you have screenshots of worshippedlove saying larry is louis' only redeeming quality?

Oh did she delete that………?

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[Interview] Lee Kwang Soo Is Praised for His Selflessness by Park Bo Young and Lee Chun Hee

The stars of the new film “Collective Invention” have joined up with Cosmopolitan for a fun and fresh photo shoot!

Lee Kwang Soo, Park Bo Young, and Lee Chun Hee are currently promoting their comedy film “Collective Invention,” which just hit theaters on October 22.

During their interview with the magazine, the stars are asked if this is the first time they’ve all gathered together since they wrapped up filming. “Although it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other, it seems like we just met up a day or two ago,” says Park Bo Young. “It doesn’t feel like ‘Oh, it’s so good to see you!’” adds Lee Kwang Soo. “Instead it’s like we saw each other yesterday and are meeting up again today.”

In the film, Lee Kwang Soo plays a man who suffers from a terrible mutation after taking an experimental drug. The interviewer asks him whether it was as difficult as it looked to act without being able to show any facial expressions due to the large fish head he had to wear.

“I worried a lot because of that,” says Lee Kwang Soo. “If you’re acting with your body, it’s really easy to make it look like overacting if you overdo it. At the same time, if you don’t use your body much at all then you don’t get the story across. So I practiced a lot in front of my mirror at home.”

The interviewer mentions that they’d heard it took Lee Kwang Soo five hours to get into his fish-man costume, and that the fish head weighed 7 to 8 kilograms. They’d also heard that because of the costume, Park Bo Young used to feed him at mealtimes during shooting, and when a scene was over, Lee Chun Hee would help him hold up the fish head.

Lee Chun Hee explains, “Because Lee Kwang Soo seemed to be having a difficult time, not only the two of us but also the staff would pay a lot of attention to try to make it so that Lee Kwang Soo could act even a bit more comfortably. When the director would call cut, he’d also right away say, ‘Lee Kwang Soo, you can take it off now.’”

He goes on to add, “But since it was cumbersome to take it off and put it on again all the time, Lee Kwang Soo purposely tried not to take it off. He’d always say ‘I’m okay’ because he was worried that the people who’d have to take his mask off and put it on again would get tired out.”

“Lee Kwang Soo is the kind of person who doesn’t want to say they’re having a difficult time or show it, even when they are,” says Park Bo Young. “For example, even on a cold day, when he took off his fish head his face would be soaked in sweat. He’d have to be hooked up to an oxygen tank because it was so heavy he couldn’t breathe properly in there. Despite his situation, he’d always think about other people first. That’s why we cared for him.”

“But thanks to that fish head, I got to be taken care of like I was a small child while we were filming,” laughs Lee Kwang Soo.

Are you looking forward to seeing this trio in “Collective Invention”?

Source: Soompi

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Hello! I really like your blog, especially your OC's. There's a lot detail in their stories, like how did you actually come up with all this ideas? These are really small things (like Moon having her womb removed or Quill's fear of mirrors-really impressive). Also, how come such young girl invented Moon's character? Like, you have to be very mature to be aware of such tragedies she's been through. Was her story different at the beginning? Or were this fragments involving abuse always there?

Hi! This is actually really nice, you made me smile. ^-^ Thank you~ 

Moon’s story has always basically been the same, apart from details like her having her womb removed. She’s always been unable to have children though, that much has always been true. And her story has always involved her going to the Institute, and something happening there that caused her to be infertile. At first it was the same idea as Shadow being allergic to water; some chemicals they injected into her fucked with her body and made her unable to have kids. But then later on I decided to change that to being the reason she doesn’t change at the full moon despite being a werewolf, because her body is permanently stuck between her two forms (why she has a wolf’s tail and ears). I guess I just thought along the lines of having a much MUCH more physical reason for her not being able to have kids any more, so I just went with her having her entire womb removed in an extremely cruel method of torture. I sort of wanted to make a point of just how cruel of a place the Institute actually is as well. They will remove organs to spite you.

Quill being afraid of mirrors stems from his schizophrenia. Because the voice he hears in his head, Master, doesn’t have a physical manifestation to him. He’s just a voice. So when Quill looks in mirrors it scares him because he hears two voices in his head, but only sees one person there. He doesn’t realise that, though. Master’s constructed a reason for him to be afraid rather than realising it’s because of his condition. When in doubt, blame it on the Intergalactic Space Dwarves.


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who dares talk shit about you (ง'̀-'́)ง I'll fight them (ง'̀-'́)ง

haha, it’s okay!! no worries, it can’t be helped :’)

taekook invented young love.. no young people fell in love before actually no one ever fell in love before until tk invented it god bless

stan true love

the tk bubble thing is so real sigh,,, it’s just lonely, yk? like I know there are lots of ppl who prob ship tk too but I just get scared I’ll be annoying or whatever so I just put my twt on private and scream alone. but it’s just.. so lonely… sigh.

yeah, i know what you mean ;;;; but honestly!! you just gotta find the right people with the same interests and then everything will click, so don’t be scared you’ll be annoying or anything like that

Hey~ just wanted to say I loved your positive response to the whole ship thingy! (It’s midnight here and my brain isn’t working so thingy it is lool) I’m not a taekook shipper but I appreciate all ships anyway and it’s nice to see that it’s not that deep for you either! Much luvvvxxxx

aaah thank you! yeah, i just found it ridiculous that their friend dropped them over ships??? like… c’mon, you know??? but anyways dsiakjfnkasdf you should go to bed!!!
Young African Invents Touch Screen Medical Tablet
A Cameroonian engineer has invented the Cardiopad, which connects patients with heart disease who live in rural and remote areas to doctors in the city.

“Arthur Zang, a 24 year-old Cameroonian engineer, has invented the Cardiopad, a touch screen medical tablet that enables heart examinations such as the electrocardiogram (ECG) to be performed at remote, rural locations while the results of the test are transferred wirelessly to specialists who can interpret them. The device spares African patients living in remote areas the trouble of having to travel to urban centers to seek medical examinations.“

for young k’s birthday:

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One of the munitions we had in Vietnam was filled with small sub-munitions about the size of a D-cell flashlight battery. Each munition had 256 of these small sub-munitions. When dropped from a helicopter, each one would cover an area the size of a football field with a thick cloud of [riot control] agent. The munition was so popular with the fighting troops on the ground that we couldn’t get enough of them to fill all requests. 

Being a bright young guy, I invented a munition made from RCA [riot control agent] grenades (grenades weren’t in great demand because you had to be within throwing distance from the enemy to use them, and soldiers don’t like to get THAT close to the enemy if not necessary!). I filled wooden boxes with grenades, each of which had the “pin” pulled and the handle held in place by it’s packing container. I rigged the box so it would fall apart just above the ground when dropped from the right altitude in a helicopter. The grenades would then spill out, fall out of their packing containers, and start burning. Each of these munitions, which I called a BFOG, pronounced “Beefhog” for “Box Full of Grenades,” would also cover a football-sized area. 

I received an Army Commendation Medal for inventing that munition, and we had a hard time making enough of them to keep up with demand.

Captain P.F. Brake, US Army Chemical Corps