young innovators and entrepreneurs

Because we have put so much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere over the last two and half centuries, there is a great fraction of climate change that’s coming no matter what we do today. A certain amount of global warming and weather disruption is baked in; in a word, it is unstoppable. But you know what? So are we. Humans, and human progress, are also unstoppable.

We have made it through millennia of disease, famine, drought, and even an ice age. Until this modern time, we humans had little control over what became of our Earth, our home. We were along for the orbital-oscillating, axis-tilting, snowcap-cycling ride. But today, we have the technical means to watch over our home planet and take responsibility for our own fate. No generation before had the weather records on the scale we have today and the computing power to crunch those numbers. No generation before us could use geospatially tracked buoys and submersibles to know the ocean’s currents and ecosystems as we do now. No generation before us had the assets in space to look down and see the atmosphere as it really is, thin and vulnerable. In short, no generation before the one coming of age today could so readily be unstoppable.

Right now, today, we have among us the Next Great Generation, the one that will carry this process forward to the places that it must go. The young people, the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the engineers, and the just plain hard workers are among us. Together we will accept the challenge of creating clean energy and providing clean water to everyone on Earth. The Next Generation can, and will, change the world—for all of us together.

—  Bill Nye, Unstoppable

Inside Nairobi’s Tech iHub

In a four-story building on the fringe of Kenya’s capital, “Ninjas” and “Pirates” are working on finding solutions to problems. The young tech entrepreneurs, laptops plastered in stickers, dress casually and sit around big tables, on couches and sometimes on the floor at the iHub, a tech incubation center that has spawned 150 startups and created more than 1,300 jobs. Photographs by Waldo Swiegers.

by Sophie Mongalvy