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African entrepreneurs need to be “extra innovative”

Vickie Remoe is a young, ambitious media entrepreneur who views Africa’s national borders as a spur to corporate success rather than an obstacle. DW meets a determined diplomat’s daughter from Sierra Leone. 

Vickie Remoe is a great believer in mobile offices. “I never buy office space. We camp out in hotel lobbies,” she said. “They have constant electricity and they have internet.” Renting office space, Remeo explained, is an added cost you need to avoid as an young entrepreneur.

Born in Sierra Leone, Remoe left the country when her mother, a diplomat, was posted to the Sierra Leonian embassy in Ethiopia in 1994. At that time a civil war was raging in Sierra Leone, it would later end in 2002.

After completing her university education in the United States, Remoe decided to return to Africa. She settled in Ghana in 2012 and began creating the magazine Gowoman, one of the few publications in the region that promotes women’s issues, which first hit the newsstands this year.

Remoe also publishes a news and entertainment blog called Swit Salone which covers stories from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia and other West African countries.

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From Great Black Speakers: Corvida Raven

A natural pioneer at grasping the rapidly changing landscape of technology, Corvida Raven is known for talking technology in plain English. Since the age of 19, Corvida has consistently captured the tech world’s attention with her award-winning blog, Translating the value of social media services and how to utilize them in tandem with innovative devices and mobile apps is a natural passion for this digital native. 

 Corvida has served as an Intel Advisor, Social Media Specialist for General Motors, technology writer and community manager for ReadWriteWeb, FastCompany, and TED. Along the way she’s collected numerous accolades and recognition by Fast Company as an Influential Woman in Technology (2009), Essence Magazine as a Power Player (2011), Glamour Magazine as an amazing young woman of 2011, MSNBC’s theGrio as a History Maker in the Making (2012), and a 2012 Women Interactive Digital Vanguard Award recipient. This young, innovative entrepreneur is a viral digital force to be reckoned with.